In today’s beta update release, the most important changes are listed below:

  • Sidebar extensions on macOS have regained focus and are working correctly again
  • We made tweaks and improvements for live videos in video pop out

The changelog contains full list of changes.

Installation links:

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  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Hi Kornelia! In this version unfortunately there is the same bug as in the previous version: I click an image in Facebook, it opens in a pop-up window, I press ESC or click anywhere on the screen to leave and close the pop-up and the complete page is reloaded. 🙁 This bug is not present in the latest 45.x stable versions.

    • Albert S.

      Same issue here!

    • RCarvalho

      And here. Running Win7x64.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks, we also noticed that and it’s reported.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

  • Артем Виноградов

    1)The radio is loaded for a long time, and then plays 1 second at an accelerated pace.
    Helps to turn off the flag : opera://flags/?search=media-windows-mf-demuxer
    In browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox this radio plays without problems
    2)If you enable the “Bookmarks bar”, then the video window on the site of Youtube becomes smaller. Opera 44 did not have such a problem.
    The problem occurs : Opera stable 45.0.2552.888 (PGO) ; Opera Beta 46.0.2597.11 (PGO) ; Opera Developer 46.0.2602.0 (PGO)
    Windows 8.1 x64

  • Fonts still look jagged. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

    • I have updated Opera just now, and fonts here look quite smooth in Windows 7. Maybe you mean the fonts on another page, could you please provide a link and screenshot? Then it would have a sense to compare a look in different browsers.

      • Thanks for your reply, Slavik. Please, follow the link to a screenshot comparing the same text as rendered by two different browsers, Opera and Chrome:

        • I should agree, I compared this page one-by-one and saw the same. The difference isn’t very significant, but noticeable.
          Chrome oversmoothes the small fonts, making them a bit too blurry. But large fonts, like a header, look fine. On the other side, Opera doesn’t blur the small fonts, as a result, they look better (in my personal opinion), more close to pixel-tuned bitmap fonts. However, the large fonts are noticeably jagged. So I would prefer the Opera-like small and Chrome-like large fonts, if that would be possible to switch somewhere in the settings. What would you like to see?

          • To be honest I like the overall way Chrome renders the fonts; for some reason I’ve always been very sensitive to font smoothing; in general, the more, the better. I like them dark, bold and smooth. I remember my joy when a very old version of Opera (maybe Opera 12) implemented —what I think it was— DirectWrite; it was so great looking.

            The strange thing is Chrome and Opera are using now the same rendering engine. Don’t know why the disparities.

            In any case I understand what you mean regarding the relation between smoothing and font size, even if I don’t agree with your preferences. Of course this is a matter of personal taste and I’m not sure there’s a definitive response to this issue.

            But: I must disagree here: “The difference isn’t very significant, but noticeable.” I fear that I find the difference significant and too noticeable, specially in the case of big fonts. Again, just a matter of personal preferences.

  • Regnas

    Any news about the hardware acceleration fix?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What fix?

      • Regnas

        If it’s enabled, a lot of Opera features doesn’t work, like the little copy popup, download panel doesn’t show up, history doesn’t show up in the address bar and so on… It’s a known issues, I guess, a lot of people complained before..

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ah right, I remember have read some comments on it. It seems to affect just some specific configurations and/or graphic cards.

          Here I have no problems with hardware acceleration.

          • I have an Intel HD 520 and I have the problem with hardware acceleration

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And here with a HD4600 I’m not facing it.

          • Regnas

            You’re lucky…
            But that problem only happens with last Windows version (Creators Update).. Before,Opera was running fine on the same machine.

      • Chawoobie

        Seems to occur with Developer, as well.

    • Chawoobie

      Just installed Developer 47 and problem seems resolved, so far.

      • Regnas

        Yep, it’s fixed at last… 🙂

  • woot

    There seems to be a bug where if you have a detached developer tools window, you can no longer dock the window. If you have a different tab and the developer tools window is docked, if you detach it, you will see the docking options, but if a window is already detached, there is no option to redock it.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Consider extending the new dark UI mode Including ALL settings pages, Basic, Browser, Websites, Privacy & Security. About Opera, Extensions page. Experiments, etc
    None of these change to dark when the dark mode is turned on. Just the main UI outside frame and around the tab and add-on bar. Having the settings pages also be dark to match the UI frame would be really easy on the eyes late at night or in dimmed rooms. A full proper dark mode covering everything.

    • redfox

      … and change the blue folder icons to a more suitable color…

  • romath

    This version still doesn’t recognize suffix of startup command here:
    “C:Program FilesOpera betalauncher.exe” –alt-high-dpi-setting=90 -noautoupdate — “%1″”

    Is recognizing such commands now a thing of the past or is it in the hopper to be corrected (last two betas). While it affects web pages and requires setting zoom at 80%, which is not as effective, the most serious effect is on the Speed Dial, which now shows fewer rows (of 6) than before.

    • Grzegorz Gacek

      We’ve changed the DPI implementation and the “alt-high-dpi-setting” argument no longer works. To achieve the same result please replace it with: “–force-device-scale-factor=0.9”.

      • romath

        Thanks. It doesn’t quite work as well in reduction on the Speed Dial as before, but it does work elsewhere. In any case, glad I asked because I posted about it last beta and it was deleted, and a bug report went unanswered.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Bug reports are not answered unless it’s necessary for them to fix the problem.

          • romath

            Did they announce the change? In a way that would be noticeable to those using the dpi setting?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t remember any post mentioning it. Most probably it’s not a common setting to worth mentioning the change.

          • romath

            Probably not with the turnover of personnel. How to maintain scaling was part of the transition from Opera 12 to Chromium, and the command I was using came from a posting on this blog by an Opera developer two or three years ago.

            So you’re probably right in noting it’s a level of detail that wasn’t seen as worth mentioning. That’s indicative of a major problem as I see it, all the more since the replacement has a major bug!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And what major problem would it be? And what bug?

          • romath

            Read the thread!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The cursor also disappear in Chrome with the same parameter, so it’s probably a Chromium issue.

          • romath

            Thanks for checking that. Your tests suggests it would affect Vivaldi and SlimJet similarly. Whatever the source, Opera developers made the change a beta ago in the way it handles DPI settings, and without their saying anything there was no way to find out that the replacement doesn’t work correctly. I had previously reported the initial DPI command unresponsiveness as a bug, not knowing any different. I updated it yesterday with the cursor problem so they can sort it.

      • romath

        Bug report: That new setting eliminates the cursor at this site – this box! – and at some other sites, such as The cursor shows at discussion boxes, so there’s something that it’s not jelling with the programming at all sites. That “force” command is also messing with the browser window size, forcing it to be resized on first opening, something the “alt-high” setting never did.

  • Best opera:about relaunch to update I have seen in awhile

    macOS 10.12.5

    • Kornelia

      Happy to hear that! 🙂

  • ive

    A bug got reintroduced recently, present in this version as well.

    To reproduce it: Open a folder in the Bookmarkbar -> rightclick a bookmark -> press v (on German interface) on your keyboard to delete it

    Opera crashes and restarts. I think I tried it one or two more times after it initially happened, to confirm it. After that Opera started with all Extensions disabled.

    Clicking it with your mouse works just fine.

    Some months ago we already had this bug in the beta, I reported it and it got fixed, but I don’t know which version that was ..

    Windows 7 x64
    Opera beta 32bit 46.0.2597.11

  • Paul Smith

    All my problems seem to now resolve around Opera’s inability to support MP3, I can’t play music in browser on Google Play Music, BBC website wants me to install insecure flash, and many other websites are horribly broken.

    Now it’s out of patent, can Opera include it? It’s the only reason I go back to Chrome (that and proper browser sync between mobile and desktop)

    • Vux777

      all formats on your test page works on my side in Opera (Win10)

  • romath

    My cursor is not showing in this box! Cursor shows on some other sites’ discussion boxes, such as, for example. OTOH, it doesn’t show at the site.

    Update That “–force-device-scale-factor=0.9” you’ve changed to for DPI settings is the culprit! I’ve turned it off right now and the cursor is showing.

  • Maarten

    Which so-called ‘UI designer’ has ‘designed’ that FUCKING UGLY sidebar. I repeat FUCKING UGLY. What have you done? Why did you make such an UGLY sidebar, which colour I cannot change. Why are the sidebar icons not consistent? Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram icons are solid and in colour opposite to the other icons… It’s not consistent, it’s amateuristic. Also all icons (in sidebar, in address bar etc.) are less sharp and look lees good than in Opera 44. Why do you release versions that are a downgrade from Opera 44, because they are uglier, less consistent in UI and do not integrate well with the Windows 10 desktop? Is that Quality Assurance? You are kidding.

    How can I have my Windows 10 theme colour back in the top bar???? Why on earth has this (“Show system color on top bar”) been removed from settings page? Now Opera looks really AWFUL on my Windows with a top bar that does not match Windows standard and a sidebar which ugly colour cannot be changed at all, let alone adapt to system’s desktop theme colour.

    Opera has been my all-time browser since 2004 (!!!), when I paid for it because it was really good. I have endorsed Opera to all my friends, relatives and colleagues during all those years. Now you have fucked it all up….. I simply cannot understand. It’s unbelievable.

    Can developers explain why they have removed “Show system color on top bar” and why the sidebar cannot have a custom colour cannot be changed so it matches Windows theme and therefore not completely mismatches with my desktop. Opera does not fit in with my Windows desktop any more. Does nobody notice? Are you all blind? Have you recently fired your UI designer (because Opera 44 UI is REALLY good) and replaced by an amateur?

    • Nekomajin43

      Completely agree with the content, not the style of the comment.

  • Now Opera doesn’t crash on my Windows 10 64 bit machine like the previous release, but I still have problems with the UI when hardware acceleration is active: the pop-ups in “Tab menu”, “Block Ads” and “Downloads” dont appear

  • Ariane Lu

    Is there a way to debug Opera Mobile with Opera Desktop?

    I have a device with Opera Mobile Beta installed, but i can’t see any device in Opera’s remote device tab. I have platform tools installed, and Chrome works fine.

    opera://debug is no longer available on Opera Mobile

  • Cpa Guru
  • romath
    At the LPGA leaderboard, there’s a vertical tab on the right that says “TOP STORIES.” When that’s clicked on, a right column comes out. The default position of the column is closed, i.e., not showing. With the last two betas it’s been out (showing) all the time, and without the vertical tab, so it can’t be closed. This is the only browser among IE11, FF, Vivaldi, Slimjet (Win 10) and Safari (iPad/iOS) that’s behaving this way. I reported it to the site last week, but since it’s only happening with Opera I’m passing it along here too. The screenshot shows two browser views: Vivaldi on top with the page’s default position and Opera below (right) in it’s incorrect “default” position and no vertical tab.!AqsCKHVTj0ydlFktcjDMQmqAS0cD

  • FluffyBoyo

    Consider extending the new dark UI mode Including ALL settings pages, Basic, Browser, Websites, Privacy & Security. About Opera, Extensions page. Experiments, etc
    None of these change to dark when the dark mode is turned on. Just the main UI outside frame and around the tab and add-on bar. Having the settings pages also be dark to match the UI frame would be really easy on the eyes late at night or in dimmed rooms.

    A full proper dark mode covering everything, all settings pages so they are easy on the eyes late at night and in dimmed rooms.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Flooding the blog with the same comment on several post will not help making your request to be considered.

  • Gun’s

    Hi, please consider adding new search engine – StartPage. It will be great to have it built-in and use it as a default search engine.

    • Ari

      Why not using DuckDuckGo?

    • redfox

      I’d like to add Youtube … I did it recently, but was unable to assign it a keyword “y”, because it is hardcoded in Opera for Yahoo, which nobody uses..

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 46.0.2597.14 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.

  • Caleb

    Opera Neon SUCKS. Some of its features are cool, but is is so buggy, laggy, slow, and lacking in tons of different things. I like to think of it as an abandoned project that was never worth of shit.