Today, we launch Opera 40 with our new free, unlimited, no-log browser VPN service. With this launch, Opera becomes the first major browser to release a built-in VPN service. When turned on, the browser VPN creates a secure connection to one of Opera’s five server locations around the world. The VPN lets you choose where to appear on the internet, giving you online privacy and security a boost while making content easier to access.


We strongly believe that if more people knew how the internet truly works, they would use a VPN – and we hope that by making our browser VPN free and easy to use, it will become an essential tool for everyone.

Until now, VPNs have largely been used by people who have a good understanding of how the internet works. Only every second person we asked in a global survey knew what a VPN was. Still, more than 80% of the people questioned in the USA and Germany were concerned about their online privacy. More than 70% of people who knew what a VPN was but still didn’t use one, when asked why, said it was because they found VPN services difficult to use and were not willing to pay for the subscription.

Using the free VPN in Opera

After downloading the browser, enabling VPN is easy. Go to “Settings” (or “Preferences” on Mac), choose “Privacy & Security” and then toggle the free VPN. An icon labeled “VPN” will appear in the browser, from which you can toggle VPN on and off, and choose a location.

Users can also let the Opera browser intelligently select the optimal server location based on factors such as network speed, latency, location and server capacity. When in automatic location mode, browsing via the VPN is always at maximum available speed.

Under the hood

Our free browser VPN secures all traffic through Opera (but not other browsers or apps you have installed).

Since the initial developer release, Opera has added some new features to the browser VPN. In this version, you can choose whether to turn VPN on for everything the browser shows, or only use it when browsing using private windows. Also, new virtual locations – Singapore and the Netherlands – have been added to bring you even more privacy options.

More features in Opera 40

Automatic battery saving

You’ll be able to enjoy the power saving mode automatically whenever your laptop is unplugged. We’ve also added new power saving settings, so you can configure the threshold for when automatic mode should kick in. We’ve added the estimated remaining battery capacity to the user interface so you can keep track of your power.

New Power Saving

Chromecast support

We love using Chromecast, so we found a way to make it work with Opera. To use Chromecast with Opera, first download and install the Chrome extension from the Opera catalogue. Then you will be able to install the Google Cast extension from the Chrome web store. Once it’s installed, and you have the special device attached to your display and are operating on the same Wi-Fi network, the device should be detected and you can begin streaming. Chromecast works for YouTube videos only for now.

Video pop-out improvements

Further improvements have been added to the video pop-out feature. Even more video sites and players are now supported. We have also tweaked it so the video pop-out button is less intrusive, and is disabled for short videos. Closing the video is now much simpler – just a single click.

Improved video popout

Newsreader with RSS support

The personal newsreader now has support for RSS. This means you can add any RSS-based feed as well as our selection of sources. Custom RSS can be read in both timeline and stacked view, the same way other news is displayed in the personalized newsreader. The only difference is that the estimated reading time will not be available for those sources.

To use the personalized newsreader, click the News icon on the left-hand side of the Speed Dial and then click the “+” button. You can then paste a URL into the search field. Once the URL is recognized as valid source, you can add it.


Updated browser engine

As you probably know, the underlying engine that renders web content in Opera Desktop is called Blink. Opera works very closely with Google and other contributors, committing heavily to improve web standards support in the engine to make it more efficient.

Opera 40 runs on Chromium 53.0.2785.101. Some under-the-hood improvements include:

  • Improved to allow unicode
  • Shadow DOM v1 to allow developers to make their own custom HTML elements and ensure styles are encapsulated. (This is part of a wider suite of specifications collectively known as “Web Components”.)
  • Promise-based getUserMedia. The navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() API, which returns a promise, is now supported.
  • Unprefixed CSS filter. The CSS filter property is now supported in its unprefixed form. A demo featuring SpongeBob SquarePants is available. For now, -webkit-filter is still supported as an alias for filter to aid backwards compatibility. The prefixed version may be removed in future.
  • HTTP/0.9, the predecessor to HTTP/1.x, is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Its replacement, HTTP/1.0, was standardized 20 years ago, and HTTP 2 is just around the corner, which will mean a faster web.
  • Support for DHE-based TLS ciphers has been removed after being deprecated in Chromium 51 & Opera 38. Servers should upgrade to ECDHE ciphers instead.

An even more comprehensive list is available at

Download Opera 40 and let us know what you think about the built-in VPN and the rest of the new features.

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  • skt.diaz

    Wow. Hope opera for Android is improved too. Doesn’t perform well on mi5

    • Ruth_opera

      Got some important updates coming to the mobile browsers soon 🙂 but keep sending those bug reports in the app when you find them, big help to us

  • Casting doesn’t work with Twitch if you go into a channel, in the home page it works.
    Casting of Netflix and Youtube works fine 😉

    • BK

      Thanks !

  • I just hope Opera would sync Add-ons, Search engines and RSS subscriptions. It’s the reason why I still can’t switch to Opera from Firefox. Which does all these things. Anyone who’s using more than 1 computer and wants the same browser and data on all of them knows what I’m talking about. Because it’s just so much more convenient and productive. And for the love of god, add ability to re-arrange Add-ons in the toolbar. Chrome has this, but for some stupid reason, Opera doesn’t. It’s irritating as hell.

    • I’m still waiting also for speed dial sync on desktop…

      • cicciazzo

        what do you mean?

      • It’s already there, just navigate into bookmarks > speed dials.

        • It is not a good solution, in the old Opera Presto was on the speed dial, not in bookmarks.

          • ratamies

            There is a workaround. Copy the same Opera USB installation and use it at different places (you need also remove other speed dials the first time you launch Opera in new place). Then these Opera instances will synchronize the same speed dial.

    • Mikolaj Boc

      *edit* Just re-read your post 😉 Will check everything.

    • Personal news configuration (including subscribed RSSes) is coming in Opera 41.

  • fra31

    Cat works only with youtube. Every page that I try to cast shows me error. Even this page shows me “Unable to acquire media content”.

    • BK

      Yes, this is known issue, we are working on improving it.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Yes, this is a known issue at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • iYuzver

    Need a South Korean vpn.

  • Freedom Freedom

    Opera vpn is slower than the other vpn extensions that i’m using(browsec,privatix). And please add U.K vpn location.

  • lyallchazen

    I’m pretty sure Netflix detects it or will very soon.

  • Tolga Aydemir

    hello, i have a question.
    why the newsfeed in opera misses some articles from a specific source?
    when i compare the newsfeed and – for example – the rss feed of that website or their normal website view; the built-in newsfeed misses some articles. how is that possible?
    thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Would you mind sharing that specific source? There are potential various reasons. We would need to investigate.

      • Tolga Aydemir

        sure. it is a german tech website:

        for example the story about “Battlefield 1” is in the RSS but not in the opera newsfeed. i don’t know how you implemented that internally but i would expect that you actually take RSS feed and “beautify” it?

        • Thanks. I’ve just tried it. Both Opera 40 and Opera 41 seem to work fine. I got the news about Battlefield 1: “Dice: PC-Systemanforderungen für Battlefield 1 veröffentlicht”. Is that the one you’re talking about? I checked the news against raw content of the RSS (curl no problems there either.

          Yes, you’re right we’re taking raw RSS and show it using personal news styling. No special processing involved.

          • Tolga Aydemir

            i don’t want to waste your time but i cannot find this article in the opera newsfeed.

            i slowly looked through the news. and i found the articles before and after the “battlefield article”.

            here is the pastebin with the three articles:

            and here is my opera newsfeed at the position where it should occur:

            opera –version 40.0.2308.54; Fedora 24

          • No worries, we’re here to make product better. Thanks for screenshots all clear right now 🙂

            In Opera 40 we have added support for custom feeds. This means you have an option to use source from our catalog or custom RSS (for instance if we don’t have it in our catalog). There’s an advantage in using sources from our catalog – they are more user friendly and provide information that you can’t find in RSS feeds, for instance reading time.

            In your case you have added right from the catalog (good choice) however you spotted pretty peculiar bug that we haven’t seen so far. Some items are missing. I’ll file the bug internally. In the meanwhile you can add to your feeds. It will not look as good (limited capabilities of RSS), but you will not miss a single news.

          • Problem already fixed. Try now 🙂

  • Hetai-Na

    The title in video pop-up is ugly:

  • Celesta

    Excellent! Is there any possibility for UK location?

    • BK

      Thanks !
      UK, and many other countries are available in OS wide, paid version of SurfEasy VPN.

  • Konstantin

    Nice update! Please don’t break Opera and stick to the roots acap!
    Any chance to add Russia (vpn)?

    • Denis Moskalenko

      agree we need russia location 🙂

  • SeeDeadPixels

    Laggy, slow, cpu-hungry page scroll on Does anybody else experience this?

  • Shion

    These chromium-based browsers are so heavy, that even simpliest of optimisations can be made look like features, and opera is a clean example of that. Yes – battery saving mode is nothing but an optimisation that should have been there from the beginning. Lazy developers are lazy and all this PR is just a fraud.

  • Karel

    After disable VPN is not possible connect to web page with https:// on Linux Mint.
    Only shows “Sending request…”

    • peter_sl

      I can confirm this on Ubuntu 16.04. After I turn off VPN, https pages that have not been accessed while VPN was on, fail to load.

    • I confirm this. Fedora 23, Fedora 24. Butt other browsers that use Chromium code base work well. For example or any Github page.

  • Btransparent

    Why cancel the page transparent?it’s really ugly when the inner-page only white and grey.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      ‘Page transparent’?

      • Btransparent

        enabled opera://flags/#no-theme-in-start-page-views
        you will know what I said.

    • Gordon Freeman

      You can deactivate it here:

      • Btransparent

        Thanks,but I think they will remove this flag.

        • Gordon Freeman

          I hope not because it really looks much better this way !!!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Any flag sooner or later will disappear.

  • Chrome cast is only working with supported websites like youtube and netflix. This is great but still need support to cast tabs and desktop.

  • Joe438

    Silly question, but let’s say I wanted to add an RSS feed for . Where would I find the link to add the RSS feed to my custom RSS feed list?

    • Btransparent
      • Joe438

        I understand and appreciate the link. I should have clarified that what I was looking for was a way to find the RSS feed links. Not many people will be able to locate the RSS feed links on websites that do not visibly post them. It looks like it is coming in 41, which is great 🙂

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can copy and paste the site/page link into the search field in the news reader to get the rss source if it has one.

    • RSS discovery is much easier in Opera 41. Stayed tuned 🙂

    • Vux777

      Opera 41 (dev version) will recognize RSS feed behind that link

      Opera 40 still doesn’t (soon it will)

  • yigido

    I feel some heaviness… My fan never screamed that much. Over all, great release!
    Thanks devs!

    • BK


      Fan screaming? It might be due to some sites you visit. What platform do you use?

      • yigido

        I had 8 or 6 tabs opened. Windows 10 Home 64bit OS
        Those sites are newspaper site, full of read.
        No problem for me but please keep this browser’s lightness

  • Clap! Clap! Very useful as always. I started using it since early version and all functions works very well.

  • amiron carro

    I would say Free VPNs like Opera are not safe for users because of the level of protection it provide is less although mostly people love to use free vpns but they don’t know the cons of it, it has less features comparatively to paid VPN service like PureVPN – which has bunch of features with low cost and i must say it would also provide an extra layer of protection with it’s best encryption feature of 256-bit Data Encryption and Multiple Protocols and other bunch of features.

    • redfox

      Opera VPN has 256bit AES. Stop advertising here or you will be deleted.

      • Dark Magician

        And AES 128 is unbreakable, unless you have a quantum computer. There are other factors and easier ways to break VPN.

        • amiron carro

          Yes it’s not safe when it comes to online privacy

      • amiron carro

        it’s not about advertising it’s about making a clear picture so that others can understand or get better solution for their problems.

      • BK

        ups, he’s gone? 😉

        • redfox


  • Lukasz

    Missing two options so far:
    – can’t move extensions icons in taskbar
    – Couldn’t authorise to google calendar if using this addon

  • redfox

    Is there a functional difference between VPN in O39 Stable and O40 Stable?

  • Ctrl+backspace doesn’t work in the address bar anymore… Instead of deleting a single word now it just takes me back a page. Please fix.

    • redfox

      Confirmed here (Win7/32). The Backspace (with or without Ctrl) bug has not been fixed yet. Keyboard shortcuts should be disabled for URL bar.
      This bug existed since the Opera Dev version… a very long time.

  • Vladimir Buzdygan

    Opera VPN service doesn’t work in China (Tianjin).

    • ratamies

      I expect it will not. China has built advanced firewall that uses DPI and it blocks VPN services that are not in their white list.

      • Vladimir Buzdygan

        I use different VPN providers in China (including Free of Charge). I think they aren’t included to the “white list” because they allow me to have access to any websites which are blocked for Chinese internet users.

  • Denis Moskalenko

    Thanxxx i love it i also have waited for this for a very long time now no chrome opera only 100%

  • Apis Bull

    You wouldn’t be able to add Spain to the VPN sometime?

    • BK

      No defined plan on this yet.

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    Please fix touchscreen support ang GPU video decoding on Linux.
    Text selection from touchscreen doesn’t work – only one can be selected by long tap, and then I can’t select for example two words.
    Popup menu doesn’t react on touch events.
    GPU video decoding on Linux can be enabled in Chromium (while it disabled by default) – please do so in Opera. Without it video playback will drain laptop or tablet pretty damn fast.

    Please look into this.

    • proffibra

      Agree about the video, my laptop’s fan goes into Nitro mode when I start watching any video on Opera.

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    Using VPN for the first time and had amazing experience thanks Opera. But one thing I didn’t like is with VPN we cannot get country specific contents.

    • BK

      Thanks. Re the other effect – that’s not a bug, that’s a feature, by design 🙂

      • K. K. VinayKumar

        Just a simple request. Do you have any plans to change the title of Menu from “Menu” to “Opera” or at-least an option to change it back to “Opera”? Because I like “Opera” name more than just “Menu” text.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Finally VPN has come to stable Opera! For Russian users (and users from another countries with internet censorship) this will be killer feature 🙂

  • Max

    I don’t see the personal news icon in the left bar. Is it a setting that needs to be enabled? I remember not seeing it in the previos version as well.

    • You need to disable News on SD.

      • Max

        What is SD?

        • Vux777

          speed dial

          • Max

            Ahhh, thanks a lot 🙂 It works now. I had to disable News under SD settings, and then under the same settings, expand navigation settings and enable News there. Needlessly complicated. May be the News checkmark on SD should be renamed to be more clear.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          ‘Speed Dial’.

      • Max

        Thanks. I had to disable that, and enable News under SD->Navigation. I would say it makes it a bit confusing.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    I’ve heard that Google will integrate the Chromecast extension in Chrome, will you do the same?
    P. S. Any info about DNAWIZ-5170?

    • BK

      This is being evaluated atm.
      DNAWIZ-5170 – there are two things here. One are rules that are not parsed properly, also by uBlock. The other things is – we need to implement additional feature to get it working the way you expect.

      Thanks for the report, btw 🙂

      • Alex Wazovskiy

        Glad to hear that adblock will be improved, I’m staying tuned 🙂

        “This is being evaluated atm.” – what this phrase means?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I guess it means that the Chromecast thing is being evaluated and after that they will make a decision on what to do.

          • Alex Wazovskiy

            Maybe. Now I guess “Atm” can mean “at this moment”.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Yes, that’s it.

  • Андрей

    so nobody from devs cares about ugly fonts after removing GDI in Blink?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Fonts seems OK here.

  • buzz

    Did You fix bug when dubble tap on touchpad didn’t appear search-popup? And i see some apps and Opera too crashes on my iPhone 5c working on iOS10, but this is Apple bad, must wait for iOS10.1 i think…
    Did you include something like Chrome xTranslation extansion inside Opera with future relase? It will be huge.

  • Zin

    “Support for DHE-based TLS ciphers has been removed after being deprecated in Chromium 51 & Opera 38. Servers should upgrade to ECDHE ciphers instead.”

    That doesnt mean that Opera 12.18 is now unsafe? How many others inside 12.18 are unsafe now too? A new version should come to fix those issues. 😉 – Also, a small update to make cache storage going from 400 MB up to 10 GB wouldnt be bad. 😉

  • pratikindia

    Crashes instantly when accessing URL bar or Setting on OS X.

    • BK

      OS what version exactly? Have you tried to install on clean profile?

      • pratikindia

        El-Capitan latest update. No, I did not use a clean profile.

    • Red San

      Same problem with you on my macOS sierra on rmbp 15 mid-2015. When I click Opera on the Menu or press up/down key when I typing in url bar. It crashes

  • Yura

    thank you for free vpn. this is awesome ))) and i using opera all the time, i think this is the best browser. But honestly not everything is perfect. I have a little problem with audio playback, when i listen music time to time it is seize

    • BK

      Thanks for good words, really appreciate!
      What OS do you use? We are working on improving videos playback, but it’s ususally cat and mouse game. New codes and formats appear all the time.

  • Fhury

    Is open a link in a VPN tab a future possibility? Woud be handy I think…

  • SteUeRunG

    Thanks for O40 and for VPN!

    Found a small translation issue in the german version. Speeddial Options: “Show suggestions” should be translated i guess. E.g. “Zeige Vorschläge”

    • BK

      Thanks !

  • kaamir

    I don’t see the News icon on the left-hand side of the Speed Dial. I only see the news option in the Menu, but only if the news are disabled under the speed the dial.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      In Start Page settings > Navigation, make sure that ‘News’ is checked.

      • kaamir

        Thanks, it works now!

  • Thestorm

    I was wondering if there is a way to disable the VPN settings on the opera browser using a preferences file, where the users can not enable it on their own. If so is there a link to preference file options? I tried googling that information but it did not work

    • BK

      Are you XP user? VPN is available only on O40, while XP handles up to O36

    • Krystian Kolondra

      Are you asking if you could enable/disable VPN from outside the browser? Guess devs would have to answer that; I’m pretty sure you could disable VPN by disabling flag from the command line…

      • Thestorm

        Yes. We are looking into the possibility of deploying this in our enterprise environment, with the VPN feature disabled by default, and want to ensure that users can not enable it.

  • iPristy

    Well yeah VPN works now on Linux, just the first time has problems. The connection is great i pick Germany, that’s the closest to Slovenia, optimal location gives Netherlands i think. Speed test gives about max speed and 40ms ping that’s very good if primary is lower than 10ms.

    • BK

      Thanks for sharing connection details. Happy secured browsing !

      • RussianNeuroMancer

        Can you please look into Linux issues I mentioned earlier? Is this issues tracked in internal bugtracker?

    • redfox

      I live in CZ and the German VPNs are often much slower than the Netherland ones. So the “optimal location” was correct.

  • Joe438

    Would some kind soul post the link to the First Opera 39 Stable release? I see to be having trouble locating it in the desktop blogs.

    I also see an interesting bug on my website: where the list items are overlapping the image when the page first loads, but if you click on the link that is overlapping on the image it goes to where it is supposed to go. It is new with this release. It could also be that I was just using poor code all this time too 😉

    I notice the new blue color when clicking on the address bar is not listed in the changelogs. Probably not all that impressive a change compared to all of the other big announcements with this release ;), but I like it 🙂

    • BK

      If you are on win 10, it got some updates in regards to addressbar and OS style colors.

      • Joe438

        Whoa, fast reply! I should have specified that I use Windows 7 and am very grateful to have Windows update turned off by default. Ever since I discovered the wonders of having Windows updates turned off my computer has been running smooth as butter. It has been about two years now where Windows update has not been on.

    • redfox
  • ratamies

    New settings for Battery saver are confusing. How will it work when only ”
    Enable battery saver” check box is checked? It will not be turned on automatically and there will be no icon to turn it on manually when other two check boxes are not checked. So what is the point?

  • Nico

    VPN seems to have some issues, because it keeps reconnecting for me. Also, Opera crashed twice after I disabled VPN (I’ve clicked on the VPN button in the address bar and turned it off). Windows 10 x64 here with all the latest updates.

    One more thing: After Opera crashed and restarted itself, all my extensions are disabled now. Maybe that was because of my TunnelBear extension, but nevertheless, this shouldn’t have happened. I’m not impressed so far by this update.

  • Spideymang

    Thank you for the update Krystian and Opera team!!! I like the new improvements, wish you can have any section to suggest extensions that are very useful with examples. I’m a heavy user of extensions and would like to share recomendations or known the newest one in the hood

    • Krystian Kolondra

      Thanks! We are very glad to hear that. We are going to carry on and bring even more cool things and pure performance in the future.

      • Kai Ockendorf

        pure performance sounds excellent 🙂

  • Nico

    By the way: Where can we get this Speed Dial background?

    It’s not one of the preinstalled Themes (there is one similar, but it looks quite different).

    • BK

      Hm.. We will try to post it on addons

      • Krystian Kolondra

        will be difficult – Olaf’s hand might be off-screen 😉

        • Nico


      • Nico

        Great, thank you!

  • Red Raleigh

    I notice that when running Opera’s VPN Ports 22, 80 and 443 are open. They are otherwise closed. Issue?

  • Bali505

    Thank you, Opera Team! ♫ ☺

  • sara

    Adds automatically open when i visited any website on my browser. I dn’t know what it happens. When i use vpn my system speed too much slow. when i open my website adds auto open a link with you if adds also open with your opera browser then tell me how i resolve it. But When I start vpn system speed slow but adds will not be opend. How I solve this issue..

    • BK

      Hi. You must be having some malware installed on your PC. Try to clean up your system, or reinstall the system. Usually malware is hard to be deleted.

      • Krystian Kolondra

        Agree seems like malware; But before going radical like reinstalling the system – please try disabling all the extensions and please create new shortcuts/links from which you start the browser. We noticed some malware is changing the shortcuts to the browser to open some crazy pages when browser starts; Using some malware cleaners or antivirus is recommended.

  • F Scan

    Thanks for automatic battery saver mode. This is what I was waiting for)

  • Sometimes Opera make some problem, – This is my site, but when i open it by chrome and when i open it by opera, two types of visual effect provided

    • Krystian Kolondra

      Can you provide us with screenshots? Just tried the page and could not spot the difference :/

  • rpsgc

    I can’t connect to VPN, it says:

    “VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem”.

    • Krystian Kolondra

      Hopefully that was just a temporary glitch – works with all locations now. Unless something is blocking our servers on your side…

      • rpsgc

        Other people are having the same issue but to be fair I was never able to connect to the VPN from the beginning (dev/beta versions)

        • Inayat

          @rpsgc:disqus I had the same issue, it turn out to be my Kaspersky Internet Security, once i disabled it, VPN Connection established instantly. so you should check your Internal/external firewall, & allow Opera Internet Browser

          • IT Troll

            To stop Kaspersky blocking Opera VPN do the following:

            1. Open Kaspersky.
            2. Click on ‘Settings’.
            3. Click on ‘Additional’ on the left.
            4. Click on ‘Network’ on the right.
            5. Uncheck ‘Scan encrypted connections’.

  • Kalvinator

    Only 6 country available for the VPN? Please include more like France.


  • Abdoo Rofa

    please upgrade opera turbo feature, and add meter for bandwidth usage

  • VirtualFM

    I wish I could try the new features… actually, I just wish I could launch Opera AT ALL!

    Because after I, foolishly, rushed to install the new version, I was never able to launch Opera again. First I clicked on the top-left button, which had a flag and a message saying something like “Click here to update to version 40.something and relaunch”. I clicked, it closed all the windows and then nothing happened. I thought I had to relaunch manually, so I double clicked on the Desktop Icon and… nothing. Then when to the “OperaNew” directory and clicked “Launcher” and nothing, then inside directory “40.0.2308.54” clicked “Opera.exe”, still nothing. (I checked the Task Manager and sometimes an “opera.exe” process appears momentaneously and then vanishes again). I’m stumped.

    • BK

      This is some very bad crash going on here. You can try to install USB version in new folder and see if it works for you?
      What OS do you use? Any specific software you have, like custom antivir running?

      • VirtualFM

        Using W7 and the antivirus is “WebRoot”. Everything was running smoothly with previous version 39.something. Will actually try to find that one and reinstall it over as soon as I have time for that.

  • MarkymarkF

    How about UK country for location?

  • SomebodyBlack

    “VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem”.

    yeah Not working for me…

  • firuz_u7

    vpn connection does not work

  • Whipme

    Blah, and they did nothing to fix the stupid News. No sections = no fun.

  • StuOld

    Just trying Opera now. I like it. The VPN is ultra useful, but I’d like to see the availability to Cast more than YT really soon. This will make it my go to browser.

  • Tauque

    You intentionally block the VPN function for chinese users don’t you? The option displays in grey colour and can’t be activated. After changing the system location to anywhere other than China, it works fine. I don’t know why you are doing this, maybe it’s because you are a chinese company now.

    • Ariane Lu

      You should know Opera download page is blocked in our country with TCP reset.

      • BK


    • disqus_Kz1AUmJrXm

      Yup, I’m trying to use in China, but the option is grayed out and says “coming soon”

    • BK

      Our backend service is blocked in China, so we are disabling it in UI.

    • Firdaus Islam

      dear, which system u r talking about? OS system or opera location?

  • Page crash on while playing the video

    macOS 10.12

    • No crash on Windows 10.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Did you have battery saver turned on? If so, it’s a known bug and we’re working on it right now.

      • I do with power plugged in

        • Radek Rzepecki

          OK, thanks, I will investigate

          • I can still get it to crash with the battery saver off on any Twitter video with Opera 40.0.2308.62 on macOS 10.12

            Looks to crash on Twitter videos near the last second of the video

            Opera itself should have sent about 4 or 5 crash reports for the page crash now

          • Radek Rzepecki

            we fixed the bug already 🙂 it should be working again in the next stable update. Thanks for your report.

          • I repeated the crash in the new build, Opera sent the report I hope

          • I reproduced it on Youtube today with the current version of Opera, using the HTML5 player

            Mime Type:video/mp4; codecs=”avc1.4d4020″

  • Ariane Lu

    Opera will stop accept keyboard input in web page after use DevTools > Mobile Emulator(try right, left click, repeat serval times, or open a new page, try again, it will reproduce in one minutes), I need switch between Opera and Chrome every day, because i need use this feature almost every day.

    • Ariane Lu

      @disqus_YDJhOQt4lR:disqus @xenon16k:disqus

      • BK

        Dev is already on this, thx for the report.

    • Mikołaj Boć

      I’ve seen this happen, will record and fix.

      • Mikołaj Boć

        Could you try O dev? I think the problem doesn’t reproduce there.

        • Ariane Lu

          Look like fixed in last one update of dev version? i will try again tomorrow, if it still have this issue i will reply to you.

          • Mikolaj Boc

            Thanks. Looking forward to the reply.

          • Ariane Lu

            I can reproduce it with Opera Dev 41.0.2349.0.

          • Ariane Lu

            Hello, did you see my reply?

  • lea

    Hi, using opera 40 in linux (Arch linux) works fine, im using vpn a lot of thanks for including it to the browser, thats make me decide to use opera over all other i hope you keep improve the browser. Thanks.

  • Firdaus Islam

    Im in china now, i downloaded in both mac and pc but vpn is not working on anyone of it. can anyone help me pls.

    • disqus_Kz1AUmJrXm

      seems like it is not enable in China.

    • Boobven

      When you are in China, you can use FlyVPN.

    • BK

      our VPN is not working in China, so we have disabled it.

      • Firdaus Islam

        Thank you for your response and so no way it will work in china out of great wall box! 🙁

        • Ariane Lu

          You can try change system country(area) to US or other country.

          This will not help you pass GFW. but you can use it if you have a router with “smart proxy”

          • Firdaus Islam

            Thanks but my router is not smart one 🙁

  • calacala

    Thank you so much guys, i was looking for an alternative to Zenmate cause thatsa broken mess with forced registration now. VPN works perfectly.

  • Suresh Kumar

    I have a weird bug. I cannot open websites which i had opened in past, I can only open those websites which were never opened on Opera.

    After enabling VPN, I am not able to open a website which i had browsed in the past, like Facebook, youtube, etc. But, if I can open website like hulu, ebay, etc which I had never browsed before (of course after installing windows 10).

    Please fix the bug.

    • BK

      Hi, in case you are not able to open the website, what do you get? A crash, or unable to access the site message?

      • Suresh Kumar

        This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

        Checking the connection
        Checking the proxy and the firewall
        Running Windows Network Diagnostics

        • BK

          Win 10, right?

          • Suresh Kumar

            yes, Win 10 64 bit. Also, I created a new user account on my system. And there too the same issue. I could not open the sites like facebook, youtube which I browse often. But, I was able to open which I had never opened on Opera before.

            Then, i created another use account. In that account, I deleted all browsing history (though new account would already have no history). AND VOILA! I was able to open all sites with VPN on in this new user account.

            So, I think some old files are messing with VPN. I dont want to delete my browsing history on my current account.

            Also, i was previously on Win 7 64bit. Before formatting my windows drive, i had backup (copied as it is to another location) the opera folder from “Roaming” folder under my user/app data folder. After installing Windows 10, i copy pasted this backed up folder to the “roaming” under my user/appdata

    • taghoter

      I am experiencing a similar bug but with the Linux 64 bits version. When I try to open a page from a new site it gives back an error stating that I should check the proxy and the firewall settings, then I activate the VPN button, then it gets the page and then I can get that same page once again or some other located in that server.

  • 7vyshl_6

    [newsreader-feature-request] is there no option to add/create categories to “my sources” to make it more manageable? can you add that option please 🙂

  • bitlock

    How to make a short menu like in the movie?

    • BK

      For a start, you have to find someone with photoshop 😉

  • Shaheer Ahmed

    there should be an option like that in ublock origin if one wants to unblock or block certain web elements for all domains or current domains

    • cop346

      agree, i m still using ublock origin as my adblocker, at least until opera add the feature as you mentioned above

    • cicciazzo

      +1 for this feature! (and pls add custom adblock lists on opera mobile)

  • firuz_u7

    yesterday and today does not work vpn

    вчера и сегодня не работает vpn

    • BK

      Hi. Are you using some custom antivirus software?

      • firuz_u7

        Yes antivirus Kaspersky and my location of Tajikistan

        да антивирус Каперский и моё местоположения Таджикистан

        • BK

          OK, so the VPN is not working with some AV software, probably Kaspersky is on that list. Try to disable it for a test.

          • firuz_u7

            yes thank Kaspersky fault but I do not want to cancel it , and then use the VPN (
            whether it is possible something to fix it?

            да спасибо виноват Kaspersky но я не хочу его отключать и потом пользоваться VPN (
            можно ли как нибудь это исправить?

  • Leif Arne Storset

    What does “Improved to allow unicode” mean? AFAIK Opera already allows Unicode. :p

    Also, where are the changelogs? stops at version 37.

  • yoSachin

    it’s just awesome 😀

  • scam

    Crash which was in RC still here. I thought had been fixed in release.

    • BK

      Sorry, what crash you mean ? What use case, what OS?

      • Kornelia

        Do you mean crash on dragging tab out when page is loading?

        • scam

          seems yes. when drag tab with youtube video for example. I have opened two opera windows always (two displays, Windows 7 OS). So drag tabs sometimes from one opera window to another.

  • kapsi


  • Jean Racine

    I just installed the new stable version, wow, Opera developpers are lucky to support multi-touch for my Surface pro 2 because this browser is so unstable… As usual, i removed hardware acceleration and click to play plugins but when i click on the ad blocker at the right of the search bar, opera hang and crash, again! Windows 10, post anniversary, fresh system here. At least Opera beta is stable. Annoying thing with the beta, cookies are not working well with secure sites, i have to re enter my credentials frequently.
    Edit: it crash anywhere…
    Edit: I disabled battey saver in windows, seem better now,
    Edit: Nope. Not responding and crash again.

    • cicciazzo

      did you try to recreate your profile from scratch? maybe it is corrupted.

      • Jean Racine

        Its the first time i install opera stable on this computer. But i can try. Is Opera beta profile will be affected? Could you help me recreate the profile?

        • Vux777

          stable , beta and developer are separate installations
          they wont overwrite each other
          you can install portable version in any folder you like, if you don’t want to run classic installer

  • Ariane Lu

    It’s possible to enable video pop-out on flash object?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, it only works in html5 videos.

  • Paul

    Each time I trigger an Opera update via Menu/About, and if there is a pending update, I see the download progress indicator got from 0% to 100%. I am then asked to relaunch Opera by clicking on the “Relaunch” button. Opera duly shuts down & restarts and opens the About page. The version information displayed is actually the same as it was before the restart, and I am again immediately prompted to relaunch Opera in order to update to the just-downloaded version. After the 2nd relaunch the correct version is displayed. This has happened for at least the last 6 or 7 Opera updates. I do have numerous extensions enabled. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    • I’m pretty sure this is not really a problem. I have seen this a number of times before. I think you just restarting Opera faster than it can update.

      • Paul

        If you mean it does not inhibit my browsing in any way, you are correct. But small things that don’t work the way they should does indicate a problem that should be investigated and fixed. In this case, once I click the relaunch button Opera does the browser shudown as well as the restart.

        • Krystian Kolondra

          Very strange – we will look into this. What’s your OS?

          • Paul

            Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, 8GB RAM. I appreciate your looking into this.

    • J T

      This is certainly a real problem, and not because you are relaunching too fast or anything like that. There is a bug somewhere. This happens on my Mac but not on Windows. And it happens only on a major version update.

      If this starts to happen, the built-in update function will never work. What I do is, I would go to the Opera web site and download a new copy for Mac, and install over the existing version. This successfully upgrades the browser. All the settings remain intact.

      Hope this helps.

      • Paul

        Thanks JT !

  • Dark Magician

    Changelog is not available, if you click the link on the RC post it says not found.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 40.0.2308.62 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That was quick. 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Yes, it’s quick, and small update 😉

    • redfox

      Please, post a link to changelog.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    I have three windows and a lot of tabs. Sometimes Opera did not shut down properly. I suspect that some tab is waiting for login or something. I must force Opera to close. This can occur both Windows and OS X and I have seen it in every channel. I wonder are there any debugging mode or something that could give me a hint what tab/windows/something prevents Opera to shut down. It’s very hard job to find it manually. But I’m not willing to give up my precious tabs either.

    • Krystian Kolondra

      Can you tell us what’s happening when browser cannot shut down properly? Is it OS flagging that system cannot be closed because of Opera or you see a process hanging or sth else?

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        OS doesn’t notice anything. Opera just doesn’t close and Opera continues to function normally. So the process doesn’t hang either. I have tried to give close command to every open windows and with keyboard shortcuts. I suspect some page or tab is waiting for something that prevents Opera to close but haven’t found yet the exact cause. Tried without extension also. I have about 150 tabs in 3 windows and some of those are sites which are waiting for login.
        There’s no real reason to spend time on this because it seems not to be common problem. I just thought that if there were something I could use to track things down. (Some state flag of tab etc.)
        Side question: what makes the decision to create new processes in Opera: I just looked Opera process monitor and a lot of tabs are in separate process but many are in the same process.

  • Abdolahi

    the best browser EVER !
    Opera !
    thank you

  • cicciazzo

    bug added bookmark with missing title
    1) add bookmark to bookmark bar
    2) open bookmarks tab (ctrl shift b)
    3) drag bookmark from bookmark toolbar somewhere in bookmark tab
    4) the bookmark is added but it is missing the title
    5) if I edit the bookmark (via right click -> edit) I see that the title is empty

  • kapsi

    “In this version, you can choose whether to turn VPN on for everything the browser shows, or only use it when browsing using private windows.” – I only have one checkbox in options, to turn VPN on/off

    • BK

      Just turn private mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N) to see VPN only UI in addreessbar.

  • David Parker

    “. The VPN lets you choose where to appear on the internet, giving you online privacy and security a boost while making content easier to access.”
    I suggest you say: “… your online privacy and security a boost … .”
    For decades Microsoft exposed their illiteracy with the famous “Windows is starting up” notice. Opera has more class.

  • jho

    VPN helped me to keep on surfing at one evening.

    Suddenly half of my sites were not online. Something with the DNS server I suppose. I switched VPN on and all the sites were working again. Saved my internet evening that day. 😀

  • Mikolaj Boc

    I am deeply moved by your advertisement.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Will there be VPN with location Denmark and Norway some time soon?

  • R v

    In your press release you state that Opera 40 VPN does not log any data.

    However, the T&Cs of SurfEasy, which is used for this VPN connection, state the following (source:

    “SurfEasy will only collect personal iinformation needed for it to properly conduct its business and only collect it by fair and lawful means. Information collected about you via the Service may include:
    • usage data, like web addresses (but not content of the web pages) and IP address locations;
    • a randomly generated identifier used by SurfEasy;
    • Device type;
    • Browser type;
    • Operating system type;
    • IP address with date and time; and
    • Any other information that you may share with SurfEasy through
    communications with SurfEasy via email, telephone, and/or any letters.
    There may be certain other information that SurfEasy may collect in
    connection with the Service for which SurfEasy will seek your consent
    prior to doing so.”

    Would you care to explain the contradiction? 🙂

    • David_Gould

      As I understand it, they are separate schemes. Not even sure the built-in VPN is via SurfEasy.

      Wish Opera Software would make this stuff clear as crystal. Not much point having VPN if it can’t be trusted. Then again, not much point having VPN if you can’t exclude sites which identify you.

    • Chris

      i guess it’s a good thing that the VPN isn’t connecting for me right now. think i will stick to a paid VPN that i know don’t collect anything like the one i use to use.

    • Hey,
      there’s different levels for the different services. It’s Opera’s privacy policy that is applicable for the Browser VPN. You can look at this blog post from SurfEasy where they define some of the differences:
      It’s a reply on the Free VPN for iOS, which does more logging. The browser VPN does not log.
      (This is all AFAIK, I don’t work for Opera anymore) 🙂

      • R v

        Strangely enough the blog states that also SurfEasy does not log which is different from what the SurfEasy T&C says 🙁

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        What, you have left Opera. Not this again…

        • Oh, no, I had simply been quite a long time at Opera and it was just time for me to try something else. I’ve got lots of <3 for Opera and I think we'll continue seeing great things from there 🙂

  • Kari Ikonen

    It looks like window scaling is somehow oddly wrong in windows with version 40. Looks rather bad. Turning off “high dpi scaling” in app launch link fixed issue.

  • xploratorul

    Sorry, but I’m using Chromium x64 on a 8 gb RAM machine and is way faster than Opera while having a way lower impact on CPU and RAM, despite having a lot more extensions installed.

  • Simn Go

    Does not work universal scroll(Open a new tab in background) after update

  • Ole V. S. Mortensen

    According to Security Now (The worlds most trusted voice on security news) Says your so called “VPN” in actuality is a proxy not a VPN!.

    The definition of a VPN is a encrypted tunnel in which all user data is passing through. No one should be able to read the data at end point or intercept data. Plz. Opera Be Honest (and careful) when throwing that term around. People ain’t stupid. They can’t risk T&Cs of SurfEasy or anyone else for that matter, to intercept data and web traffic coming from their computers! I’m using Firefox ProXpn. So I like the Idea of web browser based VPN free or not. But it has to actually be an actual VPN Service!

    • Nekomajin43

      It is a browser VPN. It is an encrypted tunnel for the data of the browser.

  • Roland Tömösközi

    Hi, when the VPN is on I can not open any websites. Without VPN everything working good. What is the problem?

    • Mountainman

      same for me (desktop version), it is stated that opera is working on the problem……

  • MikeF

    Service Distruption Notice – the Linux repo has not been responding this afternoon. Teflon website – no obvious place to report this issue.

  • VPN really slowed down my internet….

    • BK

      Any details on the connection speed?

  • ultraviolet

    the pop-out video player is great.

    is there a way to be able to stop the video being played in the main window and only be played in the pop-out?

  • vedmezhatko

    I love the pop-out video feature but I hate the new update when the video doesn’t stop after I’ve closed the pop-out window. I need to click twice instead of once every time now. 🙁

  • If only the link worked properly? that would be great fortune for testing the new features…the download link won’t open displaying “This site can’t be reached”

    • BK

      Sorry, which link?

      • Download Opera 40 and let us know what you think about the built-in VPN and the rest of the new features. <=-======= The download link at the end of the article leads nowhere………….

        • BK

          Hm? Should be leading to where you have big green button with installer underneath.

          • Yes when I hit the green button then nothing happens the browser wheel keeps “spinning ” the download won’t start even if I click “try again” button…nothing happens

          • Bartosz Wiklak

            This could be a temporary problem with our servers or your browser. Can you please check again and confirm that problem still exists?

  • Oksana Malakhova

    I turned on VPN and now pages don’t load. even facebook. any ideas on what happened?

    • BK

      Try to set different location.

  • I’ve got an idea for Opera. Never force popup windows to push your app. Hat the ‘forced to use tabs’ too as it hinders our business, 23 years now, and understand that a window is easier to deal with than tabs.

    • liger

      No way. I hate multiple windows. They are counter intuitive and messy. The workflow slows a ton with a lot of windows.

      • I prefer the back button. Multiple windows, even in tabs, is messy. What’s so hard about making it optional, allowing each user to select their own preference?

  • My Name

    Why can’t I download Version 40 with the free VPN? Every time I try to download I get version 36.something and no free VPN.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Are you using XP or Vista? If so then 36 is the latest version that support those OSs.

      • Jalil Dragneel

        that is so lame… i will not change my windows xp x64

        • Leonardo Gomes

          OK, it’s your choice. However you should know that the chances of having issues tends to increase.

          • Jalil Dragneel

            of course when everyone starts licking Microsoft’s shoes there are issues, but thankfully there are other options on browsers… too bad i liked opera… seems ill need to find a substitute soon.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, it’s a matter of time for other browsers to stop supporting XP or simply things stop working because of the old OS. Not to mention the security implications.

            However, as I said, it’s up to you to decide.

          • Jalil Dragneel

            security? or surveillance? new Microsoft os… 0 PRIVACY… those apple users probably think theyre safe lol. Plus i dont think VPN has much to offer on new microsoft windows which under perform xp yet, specially beacuse a browser cannot protect a user from all spyware and other stuff mixed in new os made by microsoft… dont worry i dont hate microsoft, im sure they didnt do xp anyway since vista, 7,8,10 poor performance… being 7 the more acceptable of those.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t really think XP grants (more) privacy to its users.

            in fact I guess that since the beginning of times people are spying on each other and true privacy is something that human beings have been looking for since then.

            and yes, security. XP is no longer updated so security issues won’t be fixed and users may be in risk.

          • Jalil Dragneel

            sure how terrifying tot having xp updated… actually ive worked for years with computers and never updated xp… never seen anyone die about it… in fact all microsoft remote software and spayware deactivated. and it works pretty good with latest softwares used for designing and printing. Less freezing than win7… since ive gone to some people with same kind of store than i got… ive notice the humongous difference in performance.

  • Mehrdad

    The VPN was working for a couple of days but now there is a problem with connecting to the vpn locations. The badge is changing from blue to red time to time. Is my ISP trying to disable the VPN ?

  • w_w_wcom

    In China,not work,i want know the reason? The VPN show me about :coming soon

  • K Rado

    Great Idea. Shame it does not work – Setup .exe downloads fine . The Installer starts but does not run. Windows10 OS 🙁 – that is. K

    • BK

      Hi, very strange. can you try offline installer?

      • K Rado

        Ooooo! Thank you BK. That link worked perfectly! loving the look of it already! Thank you again. K

        • Bartosz Wiklak

          Hi, can you please check again if it still does not work. If not, would you be so kind and help us find the root of the problem via email?

  • ipek sezgin

    1) add bookmark to bookmark bar
    2) open bookmarks tab (ctrl shift b)
    3) drag bookmark from bookmark toolbar somewhere in bookmark tab
    4) the bookmark is added but it is missing the title
    5) if I edit the bookmark (via right click -> edit) I see that the title is empty.

  • Theactivechat

    Where do I go to understand the lingo more VPN? Opera browser vs Opera mini?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Understand what exactly? Mini doesn’t have a VPN.

  • Ну когда же вы приблизитесь хотя бы процентов на 30 по удобству и функционалу к классической версии?

  • MissME!

    VPN is not working! Help? Says its temporary unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem.

  • MissME!

    VPN is not working! Help? Says its temporary unavailable. Opera is resolving the problme.

  • Mary Jones

    Russian hackers will love this,easy access to Opera users.

  • PGA

    so newsreader has all posible languages ,but not Romanian,our neighbours,Bulgaria and Ukraine have their sections 🙁

  • Opera is a great browser. I am using it since 2012, very easy to use. It shows web pages correctly.

  • ashraf


  • Yavuz Selim Doğmuş

    Opera bu konuda çok tecrübeli, Teşekkürler

  • keine ahnung

    One should really research which VPN provider he wants to use, because they all have their pro’s and cons. One of the most important things to evaluate is the privacy and logging policy.
    Peter ( )

  • raandremsil

    Thanks for the update! Two problems though:
    – using backspace in adress bar makes page go back – had to delete that shortcut to edit urls normally but can’t use backspace now as a back button
    – first suggestion after typing a letter is now search engine not most visited site starting with that letter; nice but considering the fact we can’t edit default engines and their shortcuts makes it bad – I used to enter one page simply pressing w+enter – now I end up on wikipedia search page

  • MissME!

    Cause I never got my VPN WORKING!

  • Constantin Florin Boșneag

    Opera. Always at the forefront of innovation. First browser to invent tabs, first browser to invent speed dial. Now, first browser with a built-in VPN.

  • venezolano

    Thanks for all your good work.

  • dick_c

    With this update I’ve started to see grey boxes which show “click to run adobe flash player” when I move over them instead of the image I’d expect for flash content. Not all the time, but very often. I turned off the battery saver option to no avail. Any ideas?

    • IWonder

      Do you have opera turbo on?

      • dick_c

        Turbo was off.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Disable Turbo and/or VPN.

      • dick_c

        First thought was the VPN, but that wan’t it.

    • Hendy

      try this:

      go to settings > websites > plugins > and choose ‘detect & run…’

      • dick_c

        Thanks, I don’t recall seeing that one before. It seems to have been my problem.

      • go to settings > websites > plugins > and choose ‘detect & run.

        try this


    Doesn’t work in the latest version 40.0.2308.62. Using it in Windows 10-64 bit. VPN says “connecting” but never connects and while it is trying to connect, no internet activity either !

  • Евгений Смирнов

    VPN service FriGate has predesignate list of blocked URLs. When loading blocked web page, it automatically activates VPN loading, otherwise – loads directly. User can also force to switch VPN on/off. Such feature could be good for Opera too.

  • Maxim Anohin

    It’s awesome.

    • kgbme

      It’s not “awesome”, can’t even remove a simple toolbar button; not to mention other, more important things. Opera had died, a while ago… This new abomination is just “ok” and that’s about it.

  • Alfi Pratama

    Nice improvement

  • -flyxwo-

    The VPN is really slow in Finland, can you add a location closer to Finland?

  • Pierre771

    Good idea but it slowers terribly. I unselected it.

  • Thanks for all your good work

  • Coquake

    I downloaded Opera 40.0, installed it in Windows 10, set my location to Netherlands – I am actually in Canada – and the display said the VPN was working and I was in the Netherlands. I downloaded some torrents of HBO shows. Everything worked fine. A few hours later, I got takedown notices from HBO delivered to my email address! In short, the VPN does NOT work or maybe HBO is clever enough to track me despite the VPN. Is there anything I can do about this to make the VPN mask where I actually am when I download?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      In Settings > Privacy and Security > WebRTC select ‘Disable non-proxied UDP’.

      • Coquake

        It’s already selected Also, says I’m in Holland using an ISP called Worldstream. How was HBO able to tell where I really was?

        What limits exist on the Opera free VPN? In other words, how many MB/GB can I download in a given week or month? What speed limitations, if any, are there? What logging takes place and in what country’s jurisdiction are these logs?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I guess it’s not that hard for a site to detect that someone is accessing using a proxy/VPN.

          There is no limit of data usage.

  • Sharo Kirima

    hello I need to recover data and bookmarks of my opera account delete
    them by accident and I need them back because I have very important
    data. Do you know how to contact opera support? I need to recover my
    data and I am very angry about losing my data. I use a portable version
    of Opera

  • Natsuki Subaru

    Please add servers from Romania! ^.^

  • Johan

    Hi. Is there a portable version of Opera that has the free VPN as well?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes but it’s still in beta version.

      • Johan

        Thanks Leonardo.

    • Bartosz Wiklak

      VPN is working in portable version O41.

      • Johan

        Thanks Bartosz.

  • Arek

    Hi. Do you plan increase vpn locations? I did noticed that there is quite a few people asking for it. Thanks

  • Mustafa Aydın

    Do you know how to contact opera support? I need to recover my
    data and I am very angry about losing my data.
    antalya transfer

  • Mustafa Aydın

    Opera. Always at the forefront of innovation. First browser to invent tabs, first browser to invent speed dial.
    dalaman transfer

  • kosl90

    Come on!!! I cannot even find this feature in opera dev version 44 except a useless flag in flags page. Is it because I download opera in China???

    • Andrew Mane

      If you are in China that is why you download it there, do not wait for Opera to give you that option, why not get a vpn that you can use there like Astrill. Whenever I visit your country, I subscribe with them and it is great.

      • kosl90

        I had tried to download it through some proxy software, but it does not work, maybe I should give VPN a try.

        • Ariane Lu

          You can’t find this feature because it’s disabled for user who live in PRC.

  • Theresa Moore

    Opera is also my favorite browser. It has some cool features.

  • Peter Green

    Any plans to include UK as a VPN location?

    • Nigel Trewartha

      Yes,please – a UK VPN!

  • Nigel Trewartha

    I want to be able to perform the following
    1) USE VPN For the UK
    2) Be able to set the background image to ,say,
    3) be able to send a link to an email address.

    Please advise

  • Jani Sam

    How do sync Opera browser VPN with internet Download Manager for downloads?

  • Mia Nala

    Please include UK as a VPN location. Thanks

  • Howard Beale

    Yes, please include UK as a VPN location. Thank you

  • Eloise Le Santo

    Agree with the other posts please add on a UK location option! Thank you – otherwise this is a great addition 🙂

  • thanks a lot for this future! : ) No i need to back to Opera for a full time – only if You won’t stop to continue that patch.

  • zwutzsky

    When I download files with the VPN switched on, I cannot see the download progress in the progress bar – just 0% throughout the downloading. Not useful.

  • maspik

    I’m new to “modern” 44.0 opera after many years.
    I did notice that using the VPN service opens 3 (22,80,443)ports that otherwise are stealth here on my system.
    Is this is a bug or a feature?

  • Jens Nußbaum

    Hi, is there anything new on a UK server yet ?
    That really would be a major improvement!

  • MyAlan999

    i just started using opera VPN , and there was maybe 5 different locations i could choose , now i have have option of Canada and it wont connected , so it does not work for me !!

  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    * Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    * IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.

  • Chris

    Hello, I m running “Opera developer 46.0.2602.0”. I’ve an issue with VPN service, it hasn’t been working for months and months. What should I do to refresh this function?

  • Mike

    Good Afternoon, Opera ver. 45.0.2552.898 running on Windows 7 ultimate Service pack 1
    Opera VPN will not connect to the Netherlands and hasn’t for several days maybe a week ?
    Any explaination or suggestions ? Thanks Mike

  • TheSeriousGardener

    Hi. Never used a VPN before, so I have a couple of questions. I see there are five country locations to choose from, none of which is Australia. So that means that if I want to watch something in Australia, I can’t until Australia is added as a location? Thanks.

    • Przemek Kudła

      That’s true, we can not offer more location at the moment.

      • TheSeriousGardener

        OK, well, thanks for the reply, anyway. I appreciate it. Cheers.

      • Robin Varghese

        Dear Przemek, any changes made to VPN locations recently? Only 3 locations available and the IP doesn’t change for any and it’s slower than last time

  • JustAnothrAnimal

    Stay away. All Opera VPN countries now result in a Ukraine IP. WTF? Anonymous or not, I don’t want my web presence filtered through Igor’s basement in Ukraine. Lol!

  • I love this feature in Opera browser.

  • H. K.

    I’m using Opera 46.0.2597.39. Using OperaVPN and now have trouble with VPN. I tried all locations. Connecting without any problems but when downloading a file the file stops downloading. That happens randomly. Mostly it stops in the first 10-15% of the file. The browser says download completed. It does not point any error. I uninstalled opera via deleting profile files and reinstalled it again. Same result.

  • Fariz Huseynli

    I want to disable the VPN service and I am able to do that from the settings. But the VPN button is still there when I go to private browsing and it really works. Is not there a way to disable it completely?

    • Seraj Ahmed

      Open Opera vpn app (just touch) see the above right corner a round-verticle icon, touch this to disable vpn

      • Fariz Huseynli

        Hi, thanks for the reply.
        What do you mean by opera vpn app?
        I am talking about disabling it complete so that it does not show up as a button left to the search icon. You can do that by going to Settings -> Privacy & security -> VPN and unchecking “Enable VPN”. But this affects only the normal browsing. The VPN icon is still there in private browsing.

  • Xiao Tan

    why i don’t have a vpn choice in the setting?

  • great legend

    I had the 7-day trial from and it was great.

  • Lester E. Martin Jr.

    if opera does’t respond or work correctly then get the damn thin the hell off of the internet ! ! ! !

  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.

  • Antalya Transfer

    One of the fastest among the browsers is the Opera. Antalya Transfer Companies for our

  • Amber

    I really love the VPN in Opera. i just have this issue with Google not thinking that I am a human and sending a captcha. Is there a way that I can stop Google from doing this? will Google eventually block me from their system?

  • Rodrigo Carpio

    My browser suddenly changed from 5 locations US, Canada, Singapur, Germany, etc… to Americas, Europe and Asia, these wont change, always workd with the ip
    Netflix and Amazon video doesnt work like this. Do this happens to everybody? or how can i fix it? Thanks

    • Kuty

      same here!

    • saravanan

      Same and the vpn provided now is very slow

    • Robin Varghese

      Yeah… Can anyone highlight this to the Opera team?

  • Hannah D. Martin-Brown

    I instructed my parents in downloading opera and starting up the VPN but where the Toggle should be there is a shield telling them to learn more about SurfEasy which then tells them they have 300mb of free data and then will be charged $43. I instructed them to check Extensions but they didnt have any and I can’t find how to get rid of SurfEasy or how to get to the opera VPN toggle. Can anyone help me?