In today’s release, we provide an important Chromium security update – more on the update in this Softpedia article.

Also, if you take a look at the changelog, you’ll see that it breaks the record of brevity. There’s only one entry there – we fixed a crash on dragging a pinned tab.

Unfortunately, the fix for DNA-47405 “Monitor won’t go sleep when Opera has animated theme” proved to be more complicated to backport than expected (yes, these things happen sometimes) and didn’t make it to the release. Truly sorry for that.

The Chromium version with the security fix is now 48.0.2564.116.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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  • Im parter

    The installer says it’s still …68

    • Aneta Reluga

      That’s weird, any machines we try get .82. What is your OS? Thanks in advance.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Aneta, thanks for the update and fixes 😉

    • nanana1

      Lol, this build holds the brevity record and you can’t do any better than this : single changelog entry 😉

      • Aneta Reluga

        Well, actually I can think of one specific instance: the one where Chromium is updated but no internal fix made. The changelog would have 0 entries then 😛
        But I admit it’s highly unlikely.

  • SLR

    Ah the monitor issues. I wanted to report that but thought it could be a Windows 10 problem. Good thing some one is following up on it. Thumbs up!

  • Колька Однорог

    Hi! Opera 35.0.2066.82 on Windows 10×64 still hangs while trying to listen audio preview here:

    Default advanced settings, all of my extensions are disabled.

    Thank you!

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for reminding. The fix for a similar issue (internal DNA-49372) has been prepared only recently and was tested in the developer stream. We are hoping for backports soon.

      • Колька Однорог

        Thank you!

  • oic

    could you do something about fixing live updating websites e.g twitter. I keep crashing at live updating websites

  • ShintoPlasm

    Does anyone else have this 3-4 second delay before any new tab gets loaded? Clicking links on a page in the existing tab connects and opens them instantly, but new tabs (including system tabs like Extensions and Settings) always have this horrible delay before anything starts moving in the new tab. I’ve had this problem with a number of Stable versions already, I think since version 33 or so…

    • Pavel Aleksandrov

      Yes, ever since version 35 opera has gotten very laggy and weird. New tabs take time to open, when I open a bunch of pages they show as white when they’re actually loaded, and i’m running on a good desktop computer with an SSD.

      • ShintoPlasm

        How is this even possible? Latest stable versions of Chrome have never behaved in this way… Any suggestions? I’ve tried fiddling around with the Flags but nothing seems to make the tiniest of differences.

        • Pavel Aleksandrov

          It’s possible because it’s Opera. Always two steps forward one step back. My laptop was behaving this way on version 34, but it has a weaker processor and no SSD so I always thought it was just slower. Now my desktop is behaving the same way on the following version. No idea how to fix or help it. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when a page is loaded but not showing (all white) you can make it show up by scrolling your mouse wheel.

          • Aneta Reluga

            I have a request to you both – could you please give more info regarding your hardware and OS? We would like to be able to spot and reproduce the root cause of such behavior, and believe me, for the amount of time we spend on all build streams, we would already have noticed and press for a fix.
            Probably some basic info about the CPU, GPU, RAM amount, maybe SSD vs HDD would be useful.
            Thanks in advance.

          • Pavel Aleksandrov

            When I get home tonight I’ll give you detailed info on my 3 computers running Opera.

          • Pavel Aleksandrov
          • ShintoPlasm

            Here’s my computer info:

          • ShintoPlasm

            Hi Aneta, any news on this?

    • Tried the option for “Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware” in Opera Preferences > Browser then near the bottom?

      Other thing to check is that the OS is updated, and if you have not restart the computer in a while try a restart

      • ShintoPlasm

        Have tried and done all of the above, but nothing seems to make a difference. Thanks anyway…

    • led9ru

      I run Opera from the ramdisk = almost no delay.
      Once i launched Opera from the hdd – the delay was about 5 seconds (many extensions, scipts). Try ramdisk.

  • Spideymang

    Thanks for the update opera team hope we can have the 36 stable version soon, great day 🙂

  • yigido
    • Do you have any antimalware program that might be blocking the install?

      Are you on an admin account?

      • yigido

        I had no AV installed while I was trying to install Opera. Now, I have Comodo Internet Security and still have the same problem. I do not think that the problem is AV solution because Opera’s digital signature is in the Comodo’s trusted vendors list.

        • I know Comodo had a security bug in recent times (make sure it is updated)

          Tried with a fresh download of the installer, after a computer restart?

          • yigido

            This bug was not related with Comodo Internet Security, those bugs related with Chromodo and Geekbuddy. I am an old Opera user with Comodo Internet Security (CIS). I have never seen a problem with CIS. I saw no user who has a problem with Opera while using Comodo. I already had this problem before Comodo installation.

          • yigido

            I solved the isnatllation with online installer. I got the same error but Opera is working now. Problem solved. I will write this on my post. Thanks.

  • CPU spike of 100% (multicore system) on where the .png image is trying to load constantly (the outline flickers a lot)

    OS X 10.11.3

  • ParakeetTurd

    There’s been a strange PDF bug for the past many months and many versions of Opera. My bug reports have also never been answered about it. It only occurs on my Windows 8 laptop (8.1 Pro 64 bit). Now I’m on Version 35.0.2066.82 of Opera, but it has been an issue for many builds prior to this one.

    The scaling of Opera’s built in PDF Viewer is off. For example, when I search for keywords in the PDF, the locations it has found the words are way wrong. For example, at:

    when I search for “Lie Group” and cycle through what is found, the position of the bar and the location of the words do not match. Moreover, there seems to be like 15% “excess PDF length” when I scroll all the way down – the bar keeps scrolling even though I’m at the end of the PDF. I have reinstalled Opera many times, too.

    Strangely, this does not happen on my Linux 32-bit laptop (which, thank you for finally releasing it…)

  • Not getting the main content to load on

    in both Opera & Safari, Safari the outline loads but no content, in Opera no content nor outline for a voting area. Already checked extension, also it does not load in Vivaldi (no extensions)

    OS X 10.11.3

    • RafaellaG

      Cookies enabled? Seems not to work quiet right without cookies.

      • Cookies are enabled

    • Olli

      Can confirm, also OS X 10.11.3, cookies enabled.

  • John Boehner Vaegina

    Cool, now can we get DNA-45607 fixed!!!???

    • Huh, I think you have the wrong number; “Extensions not shown when only new private window opened.” (which is that bug number) was integrated back in november 2015.

      • John Boehner Vaegina

        When you open Opera with the “–private” switch, the extensions (that are set to show in the toolbar and in private windows) do not show up in the toolbar. It hasn’t been fixed.

  • Uncertain Certainty

    Please fix opera ,it hangs and crashes in windows 10, its so annoying.My event log is full of opera bugs

    • Kornelia

      Could you give us more details about those crashes? Any specific sites? Do you have any extensions installed?

      • Uncertain Certainty

        Its not about extensions it happens anyway,it crashes on facebook while trying to watch videos,maybe problem with html or similar ? Similar problem someone posted below on some music listening site.I am using windows 10 x64

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        For me it crashes on pages with HTML5 video in general, like videos on google drive, but only if I have multiple tabs with such videos open. Its reproducible for me.

  • Jito463

    Are you ever planning on adding right-click+scroll-wheel tab switching back? It’s one of the major reasons I still use Opera v12. Yes, that simple little feature is keeping me from switching (not that alone, but it’s important enough that it bears mentioning first and foremost).

  • Royi

    Could you make Google Hangout to work out of the box?
    Why is it working in Chrome yet not in Opera?

    Thank You.

  • MariuszD

    So, I have no idea if that’s a known issue, but at least few times a day it happens. No idea why, but suddenly both mouse gestures and hotkeys stop working and to fix that I have to restart the browser. Literally, I’ve tried to connect it to something but couldn’t find any cause nor fix.

    I use Win 10 and mostly use gestures and cltr+f, cltr+1/2/3 shortcuts. It occurs for two months or so.

    • Vux777

      any flags changed?
      opera://flags/#extended-suggestions perhaps?

      • MariuszD

        That one is off. Just to be sure about the rest – I’ve just restored everything to default. Will see if that helps but I’m sure I haven’t changed there anything intentionally.

  • yigido

    While Twitter or any other https website loading.. I clicked on the green lock icon. I saw a glitch in the UI.. The lock icon seems in low resolution. I released it and it turn back to normal looking. Is it a interface bug? Please check screenshots.

  • SGRZ

    The performance is going down with new releases. It’s been crashing many times, the browser opens but does not accept inputs on the address bar. Sometimes, it is very slow to load websites, so the Microsoft Edge is already faster than Opera. And the biggest problem for me is that I use Bing to search for images and Opera is not compatible with many features from Bing such as the filters and the layout. I don’t know how to report this compatibility issue with Bing. Chrome and Edge work fine.

  • Caleb

    I’ve have been having an issue persisting through several versions of 34/35 where webpages would freeze up on loading, if three or more tabs are open. I’ve reported about this problem back in December on the forums, around the time I upgraded W10 to the current build, with several other users following. (I’m positive that the 1511 build had to something to do with this problem, because this never even occurred prior.) So, it definitely isn’t an isolated case. I’m really hoping the devs took notice and tackled this by stable 36’s release.

  • .pdf attached in gmail can’t be downloaded in Opera (can’t save to the desktop)

    OS X 10.11.3

  • Nasty bug in Opera 35 (might be a few versions old bug) with corrupted cache files, I had to delete all cache files that had in them to visit (I was getting a broken can’t sign into Microsoft account page)

    I have now fixed 3 sites failing to load right due to this bug with corrupted cache files for a site (the fix is in the “Cookies And Site Data” (opera://settings/cookies) in Opera preferences, and deleted all with that domain when looking via the search)

    OS X 10.11.3

  • stiankross

    Is it possible to export bookmarks from Opera to another browser, if it is possible where can i find it?

    • Vux777

      to HTML?
      only with the extensions

      • stiankross

        thank you

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 35.0.2066.92 😉

    • Pavel Aleksandrov

      Nice, but this update still doesn’t fix the horrible lag (pages loading but not showing, CONSTANT random freezing and crashing). Can I install opera 34 over opera 35 without screwing up anything?

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Pavel, it should be fine, but sometimes some of extensions might not work after the update, and need to be disabled and enabled again, or reinstalled, and some require changes in the code by the author of an extension, to make it work with the new version.

        Regardless of the above, it is always good, and even recommended to make a copy of the Opera profile, before you perform the update 😉

        Regarding the freezing, you can try to disable hardware accelertation: go to Settings > Browser, scroll down to the “Advanced settings”, and tick the checkbox on the left of the “Show advanced settings”, then under the “System”, untick the checkbox on the left of the “Use hardware acceleration when available”, restart the Opera, and see if it helps in your case.

  • ktxgio

    Could you help me please? Can (and how) i manage (and add) frequent sites here?

  • Causes a cpu spike

    OS X 10.11.3

    • Aneta Reluga

      Does the .92 build work for you now? Or still the same spike?

      • nope still huge CPU spike of about 340%

  • I like Opera for sure..@

  • sastry gunnu

    love opera its nice browser –

  • saikat halder

    very good article