We are approaching the time when Opera will finally support Netflix properly.

You can already test this out in our latest developer version. Assuming you have Netflix account, just make sure you have latest Opera developer build, visit netflix.com and verify that the Widevine plug-in is installed (it should download automatically once you visit Netflix site).





Happy watching!

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  • Links and Changelog?

    I got http://help.opera.com/opera/Mac/1857/en/private.html#localIssuers message for a bit what I was on the about:opera page in the previous dev build about page

  • Will Opera ever support Chrome Cast?

  • Kev87

    Hi devs,
    Thanks for this new build!
    Could it be possible to add the functionality to Opera to reload all the tabs (option when right clicking on a tab)? It is a simple feature that is supported in most browsers, but not yet in Opera.

  • niks2456
    • They are testing doing Netflix with only HTML no plug in for the video content

  • Vux777

    32.0.1910.0 is from June 30

    leaked out article?

    • Sometimes the posts are written and not published until the build it ready for testing

      Tho this one is missing changelog link and builds link

    • BK

      there is no new build here really. We have delivered updates under the hood so now you can test recent build that has been delivered earlier

  • Владимир Старков

    probably something wrong with opera if opera need new release to make sites work

  • do no help to the non-Netflix user – just kidding 🙂

  • Gloriam

    Request for the new Discovery tab, could you give us the option to hide the sidemenu that it has, it takes up a lot of space especially if you’re using one monitor (Laptop for example) with two Opera windows next to each other, I like watching some videos while browsing the news.

    • BK

      Hi, we are working on making opera much less space consuming. First iterations of this are incoming in next developer version. Discover is also on the agenda.

      • Gloriam

        Looking forward to it. 🙂

  • How will the plug in stay updated?

    • Dark Magician

      I assume by visiting the site.

  • bwat47

    Not working here, win 8.1 64-bit Opera developer 32.0.1910.0

    I’ve verified that Widevine Content Decryption Module is present and enabled in opera:plugins, and I disabled the silverlight plugin. When I try to watch something on netflix I get the standard message telling me to install Silverlight.

    EDIT: It works if I mask User agent as google chrome, seems like netflix is still browser sniffing on their end.

    • BK

      Thanks a lot for checking. Have you maybe restarted the browser to get all the components updated correctly? It should work without masking from your side.

      • bwat47

        I tried it again this morning with the user agent extension disabled, and now it does seem to work fine without masking.

        • BK

          Perfect 🙂 Thanks !

  • oic

    Where could I find info on how to back up opera e.g bookmark.settings, speed dials etc. What I’m after is an official info page that tell me which specific file is needed for backup

    • BK

      Hi, go to opera:about, check for your profile location. There Opera stores everything you ask for.

      • oic

        that only show the directory and my profile location is like 800mb. What I need is which specific file to backup and important and which each file does e.g what is stash.db and is that important anymore
        which bookmark file do I keep. There’s bookmark, bookmarks.bak, bookmarkextras. What is the difference between? favourites.db and favourites.db-journal etc

        • BK

          Hm.. There is no such sort of documentation.
          If you backup your profile, and then clear all the browsing history, should you have some smaller profile, possible to backup?

          • Actually BK there is documentation for this, “O-Menu → Help → Find solutions → Backup” lists all the important files.

          • BK

            Thanks Ruari

          • ayespy

            Ruari is, and always has been, The Man.


  • oic

    How do I get screnshot of webpage speed dials back, instead of simplified text/color background speed dial. I thought they were “HiDPI Speed Dial tiles” but it didn’t work when I enable it

  • Andres

    please add a screen shot of Netflix site whit this plug-in

  • Andriy Uhrynuk

    Do you can return settings as opera 12.xx, and opera dragonfly?

    • BK

      Sorry, no.

  • abc123

    I am using Opera 12.17 and Windows XP 32-bit , I can’t download the new version Opera online or using the offline pack. There is error occurred everytime at the start of the download. Is there anything I can do to download the latest version Opera?

    • BK

      Hi, I’m not sure : do you try to install Opera 30 or Opera 12.17 ?

      • abc123

        hi, I am successfully installing Opera 12.17 but the problem is when I try to update to Opera 30/Opera Beta/Opera Developer, the error occurred and I can’t install the latest version Opera.

        • BK

          Do you have XP service pack 3 ? We don’t support XP SP2 any more.

          Do you download installer from opera.com ?
          Doesn’t the link to offline package work for you ? http://www.opera.com/download/get/?partner=www&opsys=Windows

          • abc123

            Thank you very much! The link is work and I have installed Opera 30 on my XP SP3 computer.

  • pacorramos

    Any fix to the DPI issue discussed in https://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15220776#Comment_15220776 and https://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15220775#Comment_15220775?
    Any fix via settings or flags would be very appreciated.

    • Herr Pietrus

      But generally it’s not a bug. It would be ridiculous if Opera wouldn’t respect DPI settings. My favourite image browser doesn’t do that and that will be a huge problem on Windows 10 because on Windows 10 I can’t set the same resolution I use on Windows 7, and in higher resolution image browser is tiny… But of course if leaving that setting was possible they shouldn’t remove that flag. But as far as I remember, they said that it wasn’t possible… 🙁

      • pacorramos

        Maybe, but given that feature runs properly on some Windows versions but not on others I think yes, it’s a bug, and frankly I can’t see any insurmountable technical obstacles to let users can freely enable/disable this feature via settings or flags as they can in Firefox… Unless Opera developers want a portion of its users switch to Firefox like myself.

  • ezzdean

    Hello team Opera. I am a big fan of your browser due to it’s kindness to my eeepc (Asus 1001px) unlike most of the other browsers, and also because it has great features like the speed-dial. My complaint is about a problem i’ve noticed with Youtube, when i installed Adobe flash player Youtube stopped using it’s html5 player and switched automatically to adobe flash, but before i installed adobe flash player, the youtube html5 player was working fine, i tried going Youtube.com/html5 and enabling it but it wouldn’t work, i am on windows 7 ultimate 32bits. in the end i apologize for my mixed expressions i would tell you i am not an native english speaker and what not but to be honest it’s 4:25 am as i am writing this and i am just too lazy. Again thanks for a great browser and i hope someone can help me at least understand my problem…good day

    • BK

      Hi, HTML 5 version of youtube on x32 platforms should be unblocked this week.

      • ezzdean

        So it’s a problem specific to youtube and x32 platforms! That’s probably why Chrome could play youtube videos in html5 with or without Adobe flash installed, because they all belong to Google. Thanks man it makes a bit more sense now.

  • Lars-Dk

    On Windows 7 platform http://www.rejseplanen.dk does not work in Opera Developer 32. used to work on Developer 31 and before. This site works fine in W8. On w7 platform not possible to login http://www.information.dk and http://www.politiken.dk – this works fine on w8 platform and also used to work in previous developer versions

  • srart

    Looks like Widevine doesn’t exist for Linux, is that right? (No mention in the article)

    • bwat47

      Chrome uses widevine and supports Netflix html5 on Linux, so I’d imagine that it should be available

      • srart

        Sorry for lack of clarity, it doesn’t seem to be in the current dev build of Opera on Linux.

  • s fauske
  • ayespy

    Opera Sync, the function of which I understand you are monitoring at present, has begun to display a troubling new behavior of NOT ONLY multiplying “Other Speed Dial” entries (one of the unfortunate features of which is, if you delete the wrong one out of multiples of the Machine B Speed Dial copy on Machine A, it deletes it from Machine B as well, leaving that machine with a blank speed dial.), but also multiplying entries within folders on the Bookmarks Bar. One of my Bookmarks Bar subfolders is supposed to have about sixteen entries. Instead, it has 65 – that’s SIXTY-FIVE entries.

    Part of the problem, I’m sure, is that since different streams of the browser have substantially different folder structures (a matter which you have GOT to resolve once and for all in favor of just ONE structure and ONE way to manage bookmarks), meaning that it appears you have no choice but to try to treat each version on a machine as an entirely different machine, and to try to run multiple sync streams unique to each build.

    This is untenable. Your sync protocols really need to do what it is that sync as a concept is meant to do, and that is pick a single universal copy and subordinate all other copies to it. The LATEST version of any given bookmark in any given folder has to be the ONLY version of that bookmark in that same folder, across all builds, on all machines. Period. If you continue to try to get cute with how to sync multiple builds, it seems to me that the function will be eternally bugged.

    Look at how XMarks does this. There is an online server copy. There are copies in bunches of browsers on bunches of machines. You change the bookmark in browser X on machine 1, and the server copy gets updated. Subsequently, every browser (W, X, Y, Z) on every machine (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) receives the same change from the server. Surely, such accomplished coders as Opera ASA employs can produce this same level of accuracy and efficiency. PLEASE do it Please?

  • Helder

    How can I restore a deleted speed dial?

    • Mythekos

      Go on speed-dial. Click bookmarks at the bottom. Under the speed-dial section on the left side should be a “trash” tab. Check there.

  • Laga Mahesa

    I am unable to set CTRL-Z or CTRL-SHIFT-Z as a hotkey, and now manual editing the preferences file results in corruption, which it didn’t before in the past. Can anyone confirm?

  • Ezequiel Partida

    I have Opera Version 34.0.2036.25 on windows 10 64bit and still cannot play Netflix.

    I get error code: O7031-1101

    I also teste http://playerhtml5.clarovideo.net and it worked fine. 😉

    I use Linux most of the time and the only way to watch Neflix on Linux is definitely Chrome. I hope that Opera adds Netflix support on Linux too since I like Opera more.


  • Allan C

    i have version 39.0.2256.48 and i’m getting error O7363-1260-00000024 when trying to watch netflix any fix for this yet please tell me there are …

  • anthony kay

    does anyone know how to fix widevine error in opera although it says it is enabled

  • Marthvader

    No puedo acceder a Netflix desde Opera. También fallan los videos en algunas sitios web.

  • Bowen Edwards

    I’m using opera on windows 10 and all i do is disable opera turbo and netflix works perfectley