Care to help test our beta channel?

This update is mostly focused on fixing AU problems on Windows XP.
And, we’ve also turned off MSE for now as it has caused crashes of renderer when watching HTML5 videos.

On the Mac side we’ve fixed the issue with freezing NPAPI videos in Full Screen mode.

You can also see the full list of fixes in the changelog.

Have fun using these builds!


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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Mateusz, thanks for the update, and fixes 😉

  • Predrag

    On opera on XP SP3 flash is not working.

    Something is preventing loading of component.
    On other browsers this is not the case.

    • Marcin Mitek

      If you use NPAPI Flash please update it to PPAPI.

      • Predrag

        We use PPAPI Flash 18

        • That as of this comment is a beta version of Flash Player (version 18)

          Do you have click to play turned on?

          • Predrag

            Yes, we have to click to play. But Opera is having problem to load flash component.

            I have fixed problem reverting Flash Player 18 beta to ver.17

  • SQL

    I was hoping for the MSE issue to get fixed, not the option to get disabled 🙁

    • Marcin Mitek

      Fix for it was proposed today. Before it lands on the beta branch we usually test it on dev before.

  • Kurt Zon

    Thanks for the update..

  • Cryio

    Youtube is going haywire these days regardless of browser or if you’re watching in Flash or HTML5. It’s quite maddening.

    • it seems to happen only if the source is 720p or higher. but for sure that’s wired.

      • SuperTommy

        Yep, noticed it too. 720p is playing fine.

  • Michal

    A little unrelated question, but how can I enable the start-up dialog.. Or does it even exist in the new Opera?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There is no start-up dialog.

  • Lorenzo Franzini

    Ctrl + Tab cycling completely gone here

    • SuperTommy

      Try Settings > Browser, scroll down to Shortcuts > Configure shortcuts, then Reset all

      • Lorenzo Franzini

        It worked, thank you Tommy!

  • Павел Шут

    Can you please fix tab auto reloading after wake-up?
    When I close my macbook at work and open it at home all tabs suddenly show “Unable to connect to the internet” message.

    • rrzepecki

      Turn on “Delay loading of background tabs” in opera:settings. This should help you.

      • Павел Шут

        It’s already on. Seems that this behaviour happened at about time when they added a feature to chromium/blink/whatever that reloads pages after network connection is restored.

  • Alacran

    Funny how you claim to be supporting Windows XP.
    If you have a processor without SSE2 instructions (Athlon XP for example), There’s no way to get Opera running on Win XP.

    • Hecc-MA

      They support XP, not pre-SS2 CPU’s, no contradiction.

    • bwat47

      SSE2 support is unrelated to xp support as Hecc-MA mentioned. Doesn’t matter what OS you are running, without SSE2 support it won’t work.

      It should also be noted that SSE2 was introduced way back in 2001 on the pentium 4, many processors that ran XP are capable of SSE2.

      • ayespy

        I will mention that ALL the formerly-XP systems that I own are SSE2-capable. I have five of them. And NewOpera runs on all of them just fine, unless they still have XP installed, in which case the overhead of the Windows system means that NOTHING runs fine on them, but everything is instead incredibly slow and laggy compared to the modern systems I have grown used to.

      • ayespy

        The systems I think I might still use from time to time, I have put very lightweight Linux systems on, and now they run like scalded dogs – including that they run NewOpera, now that 32-bit Linux has been added to the menu.

    • 7thGear

      Opera 29/30 is running on XP.

      But there is a OS-detection for the Offline-Downloads on and desktop-blog. If you’re on XP, there is no download for the 29 (and 30 beta here) Offline-Version, you will get the old 28. But changing OS via “Custom User-Agent” works.

  • Jin

    Endless loading of YouTube videos when the player is set to HTML5 player in
    Tested by generating fresh user data folders.

    This issue affects:
    – Latest Opera beta as well as latest Opera developer (30.0.1835.26 / 31.0.1857.0)
    – Windows 7*
    *On Linux (Debian8 i386, Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 amd64) I don’t have this problem.

    Maybe a known issue related to MSE?

  • SuperTommy

    If you quickly hover back and forth over tabs when the audio indicator is playing, the animation of the indicator speeds up. Happens in stable, beta and developer. I made a .gif to illustrate:

  • mikemanger

    Password manager for old school basic authorisation popups would be a time saver.


    Starting with version 30, there is a very annoying problem with password manager; all user/passwords are shown via settings…”manage saved passwords”, but when I login to, for example, gmail, I can use only one autocompleted user/pass, cause drop-down to select user/pass is not shown anymore when clicking on a form field. So, I can use only ONE user/password per site.

    • Vux777

      I think that’s the Google thing, not Opera.
      You just didn’t see it before (maybe you cleared your history/cookies, maybe clean install etc…)
      You need to click add another account, there you will find on drop-down your other logins and passwords. I suggest you stay logged first time, so that avatar is saved.
      For any later logins (if you log out), Google will offer you choice for all yours acc’s

      I’m seeing this situation for more then a year, at least. In Chrome and Opera….


        Gmail was just an example, this bug is reproducible with all sites.
        My profile is the same, probably since Opera 22; all passwords (and bookmarks) were successfully imported from old Opera 12 with command line ‘–with-feature:import-presto-profile –presto-small-prefs-dir=”E:…profile” –presto-large-prefs-dir=”E:…profile”‘.
        Password manager worked fine with same old profile until Opera 29, but stopped working with version 30 Dev/Beta.
        Also tested with other PC and problem with passwords is the same.
        I tried launching Opera 30 with “–with-feature:import-presto-profile” command line only to pickup two clean “Login Data” and “Login Data-journal” files, and password manager auto-complete seemed to work again, BUT, if I add a new password or login once to a site, something gets broken again and auto-complete drop-down fails again.
        I’ve found a workaround changing “Login Data” and “Login Data-journal” files attributes to “Only Read”, to avoid damage caused by Opera 30 to this files. The only problem with this workaround is I cannot add any new password anymore.
        Probably it is a Chromium bug; unfortunately I still couldn’t reproduce it upgrading a Google Chrome 42 to 43.

        • Vux777

          so your passwords are working in Opera stable (29) but not in beta/dev (30/31) ?

          did you try just simply to copy login file from stable to beta/dev?
          I just tried from stable to dev 31, and logins are recognized in settings and working on google acc (both accounts in drop down list)
          note that I deleted login data file and journal file in dev, and I had to clear private data (cookies, history etc… ) so that google login page resets to initial state….
          I only have double acc on google…so couldn’t test it on other sites
          btw. you can check path to your profile in “about opera” from O-menu…

          btw2. don’t transfer files other way around, from dev to beta or stable, probably won’t work

          btw3. google couple of days ago changed some things in login procedure
          not directly your problem, but just to mention if ppl who read this think they have problem with login

    • bwat47

      I haven’t tried beta yet, but this works fine for me in opera 31 dev.

      edit: works fine for me in opera 30 beta too, tested on reddit and gmail, clicking username field brings up all accounts that are saved like normal.

  • sgrandin

    At Amazon, percentages not showing to right of customer review summary table or mousing over rating stars at top of page, e.g.,

    • SuperTommy

      Edit: Scratch that, happens here as well.

  • escruting

    It seems that Opera 29 and the multitude of features implemented and what seemed a change of direction in the development for Opera were all a mirage.

    It seems we are back to the slow and stagnant development we were used the last two years.

    • bwat47

      All new feature development happens in dev channel, not the beta channel. The beta channel is just where the last dev version goes for stability and bug fixing until it can be released to stable channel.

      We’ve only had the first release of opera 31 dev so far, and new features generally don’t come in the first dev channel snapshot, the first release usually starts with a chromium engine update and any new feature/enhancements come later in the cycle.

      • escruting

        I know, i just posted on the last blogpost because its normally where the most recent posts/debates/discussions are made.

        I was just pointing out (in a bit rude way) that the development during Opera 29 showed such promise that then Opera 30 and 31 (on 31 i’m guessing next week will only we an update introducing opened tabs sync or another sync related little feature and then just bugfixing until Opera 32).

        Just look at the pace and feature stacked updates they were putting out on February (after Vivaldi launched), updates on feb 2, feb 5, feb 10, feb 11, feb 12, feb 13, feb 17, feb 19, feb 20, feb 24 x2, feb 27. And the in march almost the same.

        Now look at the pace and fattines of each update the last month or on a lot of months last year and compare them.

        • bwat47

          Sync improvements are some of the most highly requested features so I don’t see the problem with them focusing on that. And in any case those aren’t the only improvements in opertra 3130, they also have improvements to the tab menu and heart menu for example.

          Not every release is going to explode with brand new features, they also need to work on refining the ones they’ve already added.

    • Rafael Luik

      Oh look, a troll we’re used to see in the last two years.

  • LoverOfLife

    Opera is blocking one of my extension, how to prevent blocking it ?

  • Eyjólfur Kári Friðþjófsson

    So is the new opera beta

    64 bit on windows?

    • ayespy

      There is no Windows 64-bit Opera as yet. There appears little likelihood there ever will be, unless 32-bit systems eventually become the minority.

      • Wando Schneider

        I don’t think so. There’s no huge difference between 32 and 64 bit versions in terms of performance (i know, in terms of security there’s a big difference), so it isn’t a priority right now.

      • Dark Magician

        They will, and 64-bit systems are becoming the norm, since any PC with less than 4GB, is not really for anything.
        And all phones are going to 64-bit very soon.

      • Hecc-MA

        Funny the Linux version works on the contrary logic.

        • ayespy

          Well, same logic, contrary basis. A strong majority of Linux systems are 64-bit now, and many Linux versions don’t even ship in 32-bit any more. On the other hand, due to legacy systems that have never died, the majority of Windows systems in use are still 32-bit, plus 32-bit programs mostly run just fine on 64-bit windows, with little or no performance hit.

          You could have knocked me over with a feather when Vivaldi came right out of the gate, pretty much, with both bit-depths in Windows and Linux.

          • Hecc-MA

            Nope, in the Opera Desktop Blog many Linux users have been requesting 32 bits for almost a year now. In the Windows version we ask for a 64 bit version.

          • ayespy

            I know. But Opera doesn’t count blog requests. They count potential user population – just like they did with bookmarks. So since Linux 32 users and Windows 64 users are in the minority (and because 32-bit runs fine on 64-bit machines), they opted to save on manpower by neglecting or delaying service to minority users.

          • Eyjólfur Kári Friðþjófsson

            But its 64 bit on Android now right? Why on earth not do a 64 bit Windows version? Chromium has a 64 bit version that they can use as a template.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If there is a 64 bits version for Windows, it will be released first on the developer channel and will stay there for a while before making the path to beta and stable.

  • Meo Beo

    How to install flash plugin on opera 29. I followed this article: but it didn’t work.

    • bwat47

      That guide looks super out of date, says it was last updated for opera 11.00, installing flash on linux is much easier to do these days 🙂

      Which linux distro are you using? On ubuntu/ubuntu based distros all you need to do need to get flash working in opera 29 is to install the “pepperflashplugin-nonfree” package from the repositories (sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree)

      • Meo Beo

        Thank you very much!. It works 😀

  • Leonid Sinev

    Sometime ago beta began to lose titles (makes them ???? ???? ????) while saving russian pages in mhtml.


    Result in mhtml (first 3 lines):


    Subject: ??????? ?????? ?????? ? ???????!??

    Date: Tue, 18 May 2015 17:02:08 -0000

  • loxiw

    Seems obvious that since they closed Oslo desktop team the development has become way slower…

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      I doubt that. Comparing for example to Vivaldi which can now put all efforts in single development channel and Opera who has to think stable, beta and developer version at the same time is tricky. Of course it affects and I’m personally sad that so many old time Opera staff has been thrown away. Still at this time Vivaldi is far a way to become my main browser. For me Opera has been (since 5.x) not just a browser but something different with good attitude – Odd & Even videos ( tells something about that attitude. 🙂

      • loxiw

        I wasn’t comparing it to Vivaldi xD but until last week almost every week we had a developer and a beta release…

  • Hecc-MA

    Also stable update today!!

  • Vux777

    none of the codepen content works in this beta

    I see only damn French cook(?!) on embedded content, and blank pages on codepen domain
    works fine in v31

  • michsens

    Hello everybody. I found some issue from my point of view: If you have a pdf file and you download it with context menu “Save linked content as …” you can not open this from the Opera download manager in the system pdf viewer as long as the pdf plugin is enabled. Stable and Development as well as the previous version did not respond this way. I would like you to fix this with the next release. Thanks.

  • Andrzej

    Why import bookmarks from Op 12.17 to the new 29,31 does not import passwords
    When synchronizing also no saved password
    Op 12.17 synchronizes everything correctly. Win8.1
    Is there any solution

    • SuperTommy

      Synchronization of passwords are not done yet, work in progress in developer.

      • Andrzej

        Ok,understand thanks!

  • Hossam

    Is Opera going to have Html5 h264 “hardware” decoding, rather than the current software one ? (You know, better battery life and so on)

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera beta 30.0.1835.47, the change log, and the announcement 😉

  • Auth User

    big thanks for ctrl-tab cycling, hotkey manager & vertical tabs, Opera is back!!!