We have no release today. Instead, here is a quick follow up to previous developer release, which prompted quite a few questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is synced data stored?

All synced data is stored on Opera-controlled servers.

What data is synced?

At this stage we are only syncing bookmarks. In the future, it is likely that we will sync further information. As many of you have already noticed, we have a flag to synchronize open tabs (currently disabled by default).

Are my synced bookmarks encrypted?

Everything is encrypted in transit between client and server. However, non-login data is not stored encrypted on the servers. If we later decide to sync sensitive private data, such as passwords, we will encrypt that as well.

How do synced bookmarks relate to bookmarks saved via Opera Link?

Any data you have synchronized in Opera 12 is still available on the Opera Link web interface. Additionally, bookmarks from Opera 12 installations can be imported locally via our bookmark import tool.

Can the accounts button be hidden?

The accounts button allows you to access our new syncing feature. Thereโ€™s more in store for syncing data in Opera, so stay tuned for future releases.

How does this new feature relate to the previous syncing experiment?

The previous experiment (introduced in Opera Developer 19.0.1324.0) has been discontinued and replaced with this new implementation.

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  • jho

    you should enable encryption for the bookmarks, because some urls are maybe more private than others.

    • P0lip

      Definitely. The sensitive data should be encrypted in the best way possible. In my honest opinion most of our data sent to Opera’s server should be protected.

    • cgebhard

      Is there actually a reason not to encrypt them on the server? Since I’m not a specialist in this field, I’d be happy for any explanation whether this makes it significantly harder/more expensive for the ones controlling the servers.

    • They’re encrypted in transit, that’s secure enough.

      • TooLongName

        Why does Opera Software need an unencrypted copy of my bookmarks to sync them?

        • Stupid question, where is gonna Opera store them until I sync?

          • Eroticus

            What the point of encrypt data ? ur ISP company any way know about ur child porn and going to give it to the cops if they ask for.

          • Emanuele

            start from here: http://www.ted.com/search?cat=talks&per_page=12&q=nsa

            Privacy matters. Always. You don’t need to be a terrorist or to have something to hide, to pretend your privacy is respected. It’s your right, so I can’t see why you should give up on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Cjcr

            You aren’t polite. You don’t know what freedom word mean.

          • Only someone named Eroticus worries about this.

            Now, am I deciding what’s encrypted and what not?

            And watching porn is not punishable in Mexico, AFAIK, and I’m a lawyer so YES I KNOW!! I gues you live under a conservative dictatorship like that of Iran or NorthKorea.

    • Cjcr

      If there’s not encryption on server, thanks, I don’t want to use this feature.

      For me doesn’t matter if you want to create a web-ui for it and you need an unencrypted data.

      Opera can be different from others, but at the end of the day, you’re like others. Sad.

      • Unless Opera’s servers are breached or are located in the USA, you don’t need internal encryption.

        Anyway bookmarks are but pointers to a URL, no issue here. And about passwords I use Last Pass, it stores and encrypts you passwords in your own computer, never online, it couldn’t get more secure than that. This means I wouldn’t sync passwords even if Opera offers to, and even if they offer to encrypte them on server.

        • Emanuele

          I use Last Pass, it stores and encrypts you passwords in your own computer, never online

          What? no! Maybe you wanted to say that it stores PLAIN TEXT passwords only on your own computer, but obviously your passwords goes online on hteir servers too (encrypted)

          Reading your comment someone could think that it works as Keepass ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Unless Opera’s servers are breached or are located in the USA, you don’t need internal encryption.

          I don’t agree at all, sorry

          1. USA are not the only ones interested in these kind of actions (we’ve discovered how other countries do the same)

          2. Internal encryption ensures me that no one even in Opera (or who manages the servers) can access my data to view what I store in it… yes, (for now) are only bookmarks, but are MY bookmarks ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • P0lip

            He wanted to say the data he sends to Lastpass is encrypted and decrypted locally -> https://lastpass.com/how-it-works/

          • Emanuele

            OK, that is right… that “stores” was a bit ambiguous

          • Point 2 is childish and nonsense, they don’t care and they have far more important things to worry about.

            Check this:



            All sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing
            with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared
            with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you. “

          • Emanuele

            Point 2 is childish and nonsense

            In that case there is no reason to encrypt your passwords on Lastpass servers … They should have something more important to worry about ๐Ÿ˜› … It’s a simple matter of principle… you can trust or not who physically has access to the machine (that is a person, not a company ๐Ÿ˜‰ )… Generally I don’t trust people I don’t know… but that is my opinion, you have yours … no problems I suppose

            About LastPass: I know that, but the word “stores” you previously used caught me in error, thinking you mean a local copy of your passwords are stored locally ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • David_Gould

            Since Opera have access to your password, they could decrypt it anyway.

            Nobody goes to the extent of using eg Java to do client-side authentication — though that would be nice.

          • Emanuele

            It’s something a bit more complex IMHO ๐Ÿ˜›

            But yes, every cloud service (as LastPass or Dropbox) could decrypt your data … But I’d like to make they do this effort at least instead of giving them my data without any protection ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • “Any data you have synchronized in Opera 12 is still available on the Opera Link web interface. Additionally, bookmarks from Opera 12 installations can be imported locally via our bookmark import tool.”

    I uninstalled Opera 12.x after you guys released Opera 15. Now, should I reinstall Opera 12.x to recover my bookmarks? It’s not acceptable.

    Why this explanation waited that long if you want me to import them locally. Opera Link still says: “We’re working to improve synchronization and make it more integrated with our next generation of browsers.

    But, for now, you can use this web interface to access your bookmarks and other data.

    Thanks for bearing with us.”

    • Sidney Guioy

      If even the website provided an export that could be good, but that’s not the case..

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      “…should I reinstall Opera 12.x to recover my bookmarks?”

      Of course not! If you have ever synced your bookmarks with Opera 12, they will still be there. I know this, because I can still reach all my synced bookmarks with Opera mobile, without having Opera 12 installed for a long time.

    • Sidney Guioy
    • I uninstalled Opera 12.x after you guys released Opera 15. Now, should I reinstall Opera 12.x to recover my bookmarks? It’s not acceptable.

      There is no reason to reinstall Opera 12.x. Your old profile (including your bookmarks) will still be present on disk after uninstall, unless you specifically deleted it. The migration section of the help pages going all the way back to Opera 15 clearly stated this:

      During your upgrade, your Opera 12 profile was left unaltered.

      Opera 26 can locate this profile and import bookmarks from it. Opera 12.x does not need to be installed at the time.

      Additionally, as already stated, you can also access them via Opera Link.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        There should/must be a way to tell where Opera should look profile folder because I’m not only one whose computer has reinstalled couple of times since times when Opera 12.x was installed. (Of course I can install Opera 12.x and copy profile information to that but you guys can give us so much easier way…)
        And I have never used Opera Link because I just use same one computer at work and at home.

        • Emanuele

          I agree… the point is that it should be very easy to simply add another option “Import from…” and selecting it you choose a location

          All the logic is already implemented, so no need for any effort… a very small addition doable with easy, to make that tool simply perfect

  • Gruia

    how about speed dial? and extensions
    PS: please allow me to move tab bar from TOP to SIDE. and add a simple Notes feature.

  • Oskar

    Nice info! Waiting eagerly on the next Opera sync update, which I think is the most important part of a modern browser that Opera is still missing.

  • Emanuele

    Great post, thanks … maybe my comment in the previous post has not been so stupid as other fanboys said

    Thanks Ruari ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Appleland

    Does sync works only servers -> client way?

    I mean, I can sync bookmarks from those I have in Opera Link (those previously saved by Opera 12) but if I create a new bookmark or if I rename a folder in Opera 26, those changes are never shown in Opera Link web interface, so I guess the changes are not being uploaded.

    • Sidney Guioy

      it’s 2 differents databases, link.opera.com looks data in the old sync, and opera 26 looks into the new one

      • Appleland

        How do you know that?

        • Sidney Guioy

          Because they told it and that also sound logical to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I would recommend to sync with the old account to get a copy of all those online bookmarks down to your profile, then create a new account and sync everything again to the new account, the old and the new.

      Then delete your old account.

  • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

    Opera 12 is the best browser ever…
    Why you doesn’t support it anymore?
    I don’t want any other browser…

  • Nekomajin43

    Thanks for this post.
    I like sync button, because I like to know about my online status.

  • Speed Dial and extensions please!!

  • sgunhouse

    The previous version synced speed dials, plans to add that here?

  • Sunny

    Video Playback and Music in the backgroud(desktop) lags with the last Opera developer update. It never happened before and doesnt happen with with Opera Stable. This issue had made the browser completely non-usable. I cant listen to Spotify while browsing because of the stuttering. All this started happening with the last update. Please fix it.

  • icetom

    will you synch web-formula autofill data? If yes, those should be encrypted too as they contain privata data such as adress, name creditcard etc.

  • TooLongName

    Can the accounts button be hidden?
    You did not provide a real answer to this question.

    • ABDX

      yes, disable the sync flag
      >> type: “opera://flags/” in the address bar without the quotation
      >> search for “Synchronization” flag
      >> set it to disabled
      >> Restart Opera

      • Fhury

        The question is how to hide the button, without disabling sync…

        • ABDX

          thats why i wrote “in case you dont want it”

    • In the early testing phase you kind of what to see the indicator of whether or not its working at all times. It could possibly maybe be changed at a later stage.

      • Emanuele

        reasonable… but please take in real consideration that option in the final ๐Ÿ˜‰ (or simply make a customizable GUI as programs have always had in history… Opera above all others ;P )

  • Janghou

    Will or can (in the future) the unencrypted bookmark info be collected/analyzed anonymized by Opera to make stats about the most popular site bookmarked or top ten etc or to help Opera enhance user experience, like you do with feature usage.

    Will the Opera respect the setting `improve Opera by sending feature usage information` in this matter?

  • I could not sync my two Opera installations before (one laptop, one PC, both on the dev channel) and still cannot… any ideas, anyone?

    • ayespy

      Go into flags and disable sync on both of them, restart browser, go into flags and re-enable it, restart browswer, sign in.

      • Thanks for your reply; unfortunately, I’ve done that a zillion times with no result… ๐Ÿ™

        • ayespy

          Weird. do you have a my opera account?

          • Yeah, it’s utterly weird. Sure I have an account, and login is always correct (I use LastPass)… ๐Ÿ™

  • Biohazard

    Presto open source plz

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I think that things would be really better here on this blog if people could stay on topic.

    • I cleaned up those off-topic comments.
      Guys, let’s stay on topic (for those of you who don’t know that’s “Sync/Link”)

  • Olli

    These answers are not sufficient.

    What are Opera-controlled servers? Akamai? In which countries are these servers positioned? And which encryption is used?

    • Lacedaemon

      I was about to ask the same thing. Place of servers is the most important.

    • David_Gould

      Bumping this for Ruari.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Hmm, bumping how?

        • tom5345

          most likely in Oslo, Norway at telenor or opera software.

          • Leonardo Gomes


            I asked how and not where. And i asked because you don’t bump a comment by replying to it.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Can’t login to disqus from Opera developer, must do it from Stable.
    Very good news that sync is available for bookmarks. I’m also eagerly waiting for alphabethical ordering, without that it is difficult to find the bookmark you’re looking for. Also looking forward to sync to Opera mini (and maybe even Coast).

    • Bjarne Bertelsen

      In the meantime I store my bookmarks on Google bookmarks, available from everywhere.

    • ayespy

      Logs in from developer fine, here.

  • Cjcr

    I like the new Opera’s target ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • dflyra

    I’ll repeat myself, but …..
    1. No ‘stored’ pages outside bookmarks. Once in speed-dial, automatically in bookmarks. That ensures a single database. Speed-dial must only be a ‘skinned’ presentation of preferable bookmarks.
    2. For me sync ultimately means that I’ll have a working ‘carbon copy’ of Opera, no matter what, as long as I am connected. That goes for the ‘essentials’ (bookmarks, settings, sessions, extensions etc.), as well as for the browser appearance (speed-dial, themes, etc.)
    3. Since the sync data are stored in Opera servers, there must be a way of erasing them if someone wants to. How can it be done?
    Having said that, I can only admit that the devs are in a good path. Slowly but positively they are heading in the right direction. Only a blind cannot see the difference between the raw, crude Opera 15 and the slick Opera developer. The last sync and the reassurance that there are more to be synced, are enough for me for the moment. I’ve seen that, sooner or later, they deliver!

  • tlb^nnc

    how can I import (post install) my local opera 12 bookmarks to opera 24 ?

    http://help.opera.com/opera/Windows/1116/en/migration.html is for opera 15 and the “More tools > Bookmark importer” is missing in opera 24.
    where I can find the “our bookmark import tool” ?

    • Nekomajin43


      • ayespy

        O 24 doesn’t have that setting. It first appears in O 26.

        • tlb^nnc

          +1 for O24, but also missing in O26.
          what should be there ? an option ?

          • ayespy

            In O26 under settings/default browser there is an entry “Import bookmarks and settings” (at least in Win 8.1 there is)

          • tlb^nnc

            ok, now I see it. but there is no option for O12 only for IE, Chrome, FF and bookmark-html-file. O12 uses “Opera Hotlist version 2.0” file with “adr”-extension.

          • ayespy

            How odd. Mine specifically had an “Opera 12.x” option, and I used it. This is both on Win 8.1 x64 and Win 7 x86.

          • tlb^nnc

            thx for the help … I’m running Win8.1 x64 … strange … I installed O15+ way back, where O11 was “stable”. With time I updated O15+ stable/beta/devel over build-in update to O24/25/26. O11 to final O12. sad to see even after 1.5 years so many features missing. O12 is still my mainbrowser 90%, FF 5%, Chrome 3%, O15+ 1%, IE 1%. I’m waiting for opera migrating old-sync to new-sync and adding more of the old features, that are “mission critical” for me. yes, I can understand operas switch to another renderengine to cut costs for a free product, but this situation now is bad.

    • ayespy

      For 26, you can import directly. For 24, you have to use something like XMarks Extension or import them to Chrome and then move that file to your Opera profile folder.

  • Jorton

    You see, we need to decide to whether bookmark the site or add it to spead dial by ourselves when we click on the heart icon.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Offtopic. Please post your comment on the latest Opera developer related post.

  • name siname

    Need to do to open a bookmarks in right, as Speed Dial_

    • This has been asked for a few times in previous threads, from myself included, but so far it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

    • Nekomajin43


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Offtopic. Please comment about it on the latest Opera developer post.

  • ะกะตั€ะณะตะน

    Sync does not work. Version 25.0.1614.35.
    Sync enable, sync test-server enable.
    After authorization popup-message: “The connection to the server time synchronization is not possible. Soon attempt will be retried.”
    What am I doing wrong?

    • SQL

      Sync can only be used with version 26 currently.

    • ayespy

      Sync for 24 and 25 appears to be on one set of servers, and 26 on another – and they sync different things. 24 and 25 sync only speed dial and 26 syncs only bookmarks – and then only to other instances of 26.

      The test servers for 24 and 25, as far as I can tell, don’t work any more. Don’t enable that flag.

      I am synced across all of my instances of 24 and 25 for speed dial, and synced across two instances of 26 for bookmarks.

      If you install 26 and were already synced on the developer stream for speed dial, you have to go into flags and disable sync. Then restart and go in an enable it again, restart and sign on. Then you will be syncing bookmarks across instances of 26.

      NONE of the above syncs anything to the old Link servers.

  • Tomรกลก

    I’ve found a bug that crashes Opera 26.0.1646.0. If you drag any Tab straight to a Folder in Bookmark Bar, which should add a bookmark to the folder. It crashes as soon as you move the cursor with the tab to the folder content.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s related to sync? If not then it’s off-topic.
      Please post your comment on the latest Opera developer post.

    • tdudziec

      thank you for info. We are already fixing that bug.

  • ลukasz Janik

    When will I be able to, take my hand, the new Device Manager, in the stable version of the Opera 25?

  • IllusionMH

    Feature request:
    Change synchronization notification bat to changes for sync icon on toolbar.
    For some reasons connection for sync servers is lost frequently and page content moves up and down every few minutes.

  • PlonPlon

    I do not like the new start page and its tiles. I prefer to see an actual icon of the website rather than what I find a dull representation. It may be a visual thing, but I find it easier and faster to find what you want in the “old” start page. Thanks for giving us the option to still use it.

  • Paul

    The answer to “How do synced bookmarks relate to bookmarks saved via Opera Link?” doesn’t answer everything for me. Will the newly synced bookmarks and the Opera 12.x synced bookmarks always remain separate? Also, will they both be editable via the Opera link interface?

  • al_ghul

    ok, THX devs for sync and importing features – I really like it – good job:))

    one question which I asked already, but in earlier topic – are bookmarks from opera presto (opera link) stored in the same place as new opera sync data, or they are different (separated) data?

    I also have another one: e.g. I want to synchronise new bookmarks from new opera, but want to leave old ones in opera link from opera12.x. what means: synchronising? does it updates local bkmks from the server or updates server ones from local opera? or cumulates them/check for differences?

  • Frank

    Can the accounts button be hidden? So the answer is NO?
    One of the reasons I like Opera is because it has the cleanest surface of all browsers. Now there’s this big fat and (for many people like me) useless thing. Can’t wait until you fix that little flaw too.
    Thank you

  • Shion

    Post author kinda didn’t answer the question, so let me ask it again:
    Can the accounts button be hidden?

    In case you are forbidden or unable to answer this question, try to answer this one:
    Why won’t you move this button to window menu like it was in 12?