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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Giorgi, thanks for the update and the stability fixes, at least together with the official announcement 😉

    • Marcin Mitek

      But there is one on Dev channel. And we fix bugs there 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Ok, I see, thanks for your reply Marcin, but my point is, that this change is mentioned in the change log for the stable version b1522.72 😉

        • Marcin Mitek

          OK, I’ll explain it. So, there was a fix on our mainline branch (one that we are working on a daily basis, we release Developer channel from there). Windows and Linux share quite a lot of code right now, because of Aura. We fixed a crasher that appeared on both platforms on the mainline branch, and then we decided to take it also for our stable branches. There you go, that’s how Windows+Linux fix can end up on the branch where there is no Linux builds.

          • L33t4opera

            I see, thanks for the explanation, Marcin, I appreciate it 😉

          • Marcin Mitek

            You are welcome 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      The id is now as follow:, it would be nice, if you change it as I asked abouit it above:, and as it for other ids e.g. – thank you for listening 😉

  • Mister

    Dear developers, say please, how i can disable automatic update in Opera? I want to update the program manually.

    • sbs73000

      Yep, the same for me. Not that I want to update the program manually, but each time there’s an update (yeah, I’m sorry about reading this blog…), I have to go in Opera menu, click on About Opera, to verify if Opera is up to date. So, 2 clicks and 12km with the mouse (me, exaggerating ?!) instead of one in the little window like before.

      Autoupdate is usefull for those who don’t care ; for the others, it’s a pain. A good compromise could be automatic update by default and a power-user (lol) option to disable it ; is this stupid ?

      • Marcin Mitek

        You are aware that there is a scheduled autoupdate task and it will happen for you even if you don’t go to the opera:about? It will apply itself on the next restart, no need to force it every time.

        • sbs73000

          Going to opera:about not to force the update, just to verify if it’s done.

          But maybe I’m the only one to do that…

          • Marcin Mitek

            There is a problem with “little windows”. People (maybe other than you) tend to click No. They treat it like a harmful popup window. They are not even checking what’s in that “little window”, just click No and get outta my way 😉 We really wanted to avoid that.

          • sbs73000

            I know : my girlfriend does that everytime… 🙂

          • Nekomajin43

            Three words: power user settings

            It’s OK if you want to make sure the average user gets the latest update, but you have a hidden section by the konami code to give options to the non-average user.

          • I requested this addition, too.
            I also suggested limiting it to beta and/or dev channel which normally doesn’t even get installed by ordinary users.
            But it looks like nobody seems to agree with me so far…
            (DNA-21519 if you want to write an email to support this request 😉 )

          • Nekomajin43

            It should be in stable too.

          • Yeah, it should, but if they don’t even consider adding it in dev (and beta) channel(s) only, it’s never gonna happen in stable channel.
            I wanted to start less greedy 😛

        • Mister

          AutoUpdate is very inconvenient when I’m on the road and I use a third-party Wi-Fi. I need to quickly make a deal, and not to do software update )

          So please make an option to disable the update. Or make an update in the form of a notification icon in the right part of the program – where are the icons of extensions. And until I click on icon, the update will not be installed.

          I don’t want to use the firewall to control it manually)

          • Lacedaemon

            your better chance for now is to go to the task scheduler and edit some values there…

        • senja1

          Make like in old Opera. Update is ready, click to install…

          • A. R.

            Opera devs are working hard with every release to remove all options, and they are also removing features. I guess that’s they’re new way of achieving a bigger market share.

        • A. R.

          Well this is quite in accordance with Opera’s new policy: The less options and features = The better.

    • Alex Parker

      Yeah, I don’t want to be auto-updated to the latest bugs, thank you very much. I’ll choose the version I want to run, I have at least that much brains.

  • Mister

    Dear developers, please consider this function: Activation of the button “Opera” when the mouse cursor hovering. Instead of mouse click. This will allow to reduce time of access to the functions that are in the menu “Opera”. According to your new concept all features are hidden in the menu “Opera” and are not exported in the form of buttons on the bar. To quickly access features such as “History”, “Recently closed”, “Extensions”, and others, will need to just put the cursor on the button “Opera,” and that’s all. And of course, this feature can be disabled in the settings. Do it please if it short and easy work )

  • Mister

    Dear developers, please consider this function: Activation of the button “Opera” when the mouse cursor hovering. Instead of mouse click. This will allow to reduce time of access to the functions that are in the menu “Opera”. When the cursor is moved aside from the button, the menu closes. Opening and closing occurs instantly, without delay.
    According to your new concept all features are hidden in the menu “Opera” and are not exported in the form of buttons on the bar. To quickly access features such as “History”, “Recently closed”, “Extensions”, and others, will need to just put the cursor on the button “Opera,” and that’s all. And of course, this feature can be disabled in the settings. Do it please if it short and easy work )

    • Vux777

      what about touch devices (tablets) ?

      • 1. as said, it can be optional
        2. if a click happens without hover (touch) than it should behave as usual of course 😉

        • Vux777

          yea, but creating such events that will be next to tabs ( tab preview) would fire menu accidentally…and it’s a hassle…for what?… just to avoid click on main app button? :/

        • reesmichael1

          I’m with @Vux777:disqus on this one. I don’t get the advantage this idea provides (what does it cost me to click–a tenth of a second?), and I think it has inherent disadvantages like accidental opening.

          • Mister

            For example, I often use the “History”, “Recently closed”, and “Extensions”. That’s why I asked for this feature.

            Also, I was asked to do this as an option, and if it is not difficult to implement. Because I understand that this feature will benefit not all.

          • reesmichael1

            If it was an option, and disabled by default, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

          • Well, I probably wouldn’t turn it on either. I just wanted to point to a possible solution for the touch-issue 😉
            As you said by yourself: If it’s optional and turned off by default, it’s totally fine.
            However, I am most certainly sure that this will never get implemented anyway.

      • Mister

        I don’t use touch devices ) at least for now.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      I dont think its a good idea… Somewhere was even said, that hover effect UI in browser is bad or something. But with disable option, I wouldnt mind…
      But about this icon. I think that hover effect is somehow buged. When you hover over it, its flashing twice… And its like this several versions now. I think it should looks like hover effect over nonactive tabs, if you compare it, it feels buged.

    • Herr Pietrus

      No no no, what about fixing it in simpler and better way – by giving us customized buttons on toolbar? 🙂

      BTW – Still I have hope that opera button will become red, as it was many years ago… 🙁 There was a time when I was changing it, but I suppose that in new Blink-Opera it’s no longer possible…

  • Paweł

    All my speed diall pages disappeard, after update. Any one can help??

    • Vitaly

      Check your profile path at opera://about/

      • Paweł

        I think path is ok, it’s in location where i’ve got instaled portable opera:
        Installation: OperaPortableOpera
        Profile and cache: OperaPortableOperaprofiledata
        Im also using bookmarks and stahs but only my speed dial i empty after update.

        • Giorgi Chavchanidze

          What exactly disappeared, default speed dial entries, the ones added by you or both of them? Did they disappear after today’s update?

          If you look at opera://about in Browser identification section, does it end with OPR/23.0.1522.75 or with (Edition Something). Do you see custom_partner_content.json or other JSON files in profiledata folder?

          In profile folder there are couple of folders with version numbers, what versions are listed there?

          It would be nice if we could reproduce it and see why they disappear to prevent if from happening in future.

          • Paweł

            Befeore update I do not have default speed dial entries… so I can only say that added by my speed dial entries dissappeard.

            My browser identification section ends with this OPR/23.0.1522.75

            I don’t have custom_partner_content.json but have json files named: map, manifest, messages

            My versions in folders are:


            I will try install previous version then update and see what happen.

            Is there any way to get back my speed dial entries? It’s important for me.

          • Giorgi Chavchanidze

            If you have backup of favorites.db and thumbnails.db files you can try to restore them or drop in profile/data of clean installation. If not then it’s hard to say whether your data is still in favorites.db or was overwritten.

  • Izer0

    Still no Direct3D, so HW acceleration is unusable on machines with Intel HD graphics cards with poor OpenGL implementation?

  • nicks

    Thanks for update but when u finally fix problem with twitter? Problem is when you want to open link to twitter page then opera crash everytime for few sometimes several seconds

    • Is the link to the same page every time?

      Also they will want to know what Operating System you are on

      • nicks

        No, different pages. I’m using newest Opera stable and Win 7

        • Any different with the new Opera 24 stable?

          • nicks

            I think now it’s working good, thanks.

  • Shion

    >and making sure that underlying Chromium is up to date.
    That should have been your priority a long time ago, but still thank you!

  • Data Keeper

    Yeah, another unusable release.

    Please fix operas processes priority to Normal level, so we could work with opera when another program is running on PC.

    • On Windows you can set that in the Windows Task Manager under processes, right click Opera and set priority to normal

      • Data Keeper

        Yes, I do, but it is frustrated for do this (for every open tab to open task manager and find the right opera subprocess associated with tab up the priority manually).
        There should be settings or flag to keep opera child processes with normal priority. I am not sure why they do that. I am have Intel i7, 16Gb RAM, SSD Disk and Nvidia GTX 770, but opening a new link and loading a tab with new opera takes about minute (when there is a another program runned into background which takes all CPUs).

        • Marcin Mitek

          Hi there 🙂
          By any chance, do you have tab hibernation flag enabled in opera:flags?

          • Data Keeper

            All opera:flags are in their default state. (After each release I press Reset all to default button). I also tried with tab hibernation enabled or disabled state, but this does not affect the issue.

            The problem is that the computer is used with other process which takes 100% of each CPU core.

            If computer is not used (there is not process that load CPU) browser works perfect, but 70% of a day computer is loaded and I cannot use the new opera.

            Decision for now is to use old opera (o12.17) and it works in this situation. Chrome also does not work in this situation (same child process priority issue). Dragon and Maxthon browsers works (they child processes are in normal level). Maybe because the child process share different CPU priority than others processes they do not receive the wake-up request or they reaction is sluggish
            by OS.

            So maybe we need the flag into opera:flags that will on and off the logic with child process priority?

          • Another question is plug ins and what webpages?

          • Data Keeper

            All tabs (including opera://settings/, opera://flags/).

            Just run a CPU stress application in background (like IntelBurnTest or any other stress CPU tool that will overload the all cores) and try to open any tab or browse with the opera.

        • Does it happen after clearing the browser cache?

          Might it be an extension?

    • It’s being investigated 🙂

  • Ryuu

    Is it just me who have this problem with youtube playlists. As you can see there are shadows from the first videos of the playlist.

    • Intiroso
      • Alex Parker

        Same. I think YouTube is to blame, since reverting to the old versions of Flash and Opera doesn’t seem to help. But I’m not fully sure.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We are looking into it! Might fix it with browser.js

  • And the bug associated with videos is still present. It is 100% reproducible. Just open the tab with the movie in the background (eg. one of sites with YT movie), wait to load, switch to this tab and try to use the flash player.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve opened then clicked on the video to start it, paused it to wait it to load, come back to this tab and the video worked fine.

      • 1. Issue affects YT videos
        2. Try to press CTRL and click link
        3. Wait for the site to load in the background (until the animation disappears)
        4. Go to the tab with movie
        5. Enjoy the error 😛 (make sure the YT player is a flash version of player)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Still no problems here, the video played fine.
          Using Flash 15 and Win8.1 here.

          • Maybe the video played fine. But try to do something with the YT interface. Rewind movie or change the volume. Almost impossible. The interface immediately disappears. Flashes. Also before turning the play at the beginning.

            I observe the same problem on three different computers with different configurations. Two with Win7, one XP. Flash 14. Opera 22 was OK.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            No problems here. I’ve tried changing the volume, forward/rewind, changing resolution and everything worked fine.

            Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration for flash?

          • This is not a flash problem. Everything is OK if I open a page with an embedded youtube video in the current tab.

  • icetom

    streaming is very sluggish. I get the message that the shockwave(flash)plugin slows down the browser.
    tested on win7 and freshly installed 8.1 system with 8gb and perfect internet

    • Even after todays update to Flash Player?

      • icetom

        Version ? I will try it. thanks for mentioning

  • Omar

    I had to stop using Opera when you guys removed the integrated Opera Link synchronization. I really, really need this. When is it coming back?

  • Daniel Kit

    What about Opera Sync?
    When will that finally work?
    And Vertical Tabs??

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What about Opera Sync?When will that finally work?

      When it’s ready. Developers are working on it but there is no ETA for this feature.
      And you should notice that you can enable sync, which is on a very experimental stage, on opera:flags.

      And Vertical Tabs??

      I don’t remember any comments on if they were even thinking about readding that feature.

      • Daniel Kit

        Enabling sync in flags doesn’t actually work 🙁
        And it’s really sad news about vertical tabs.
        It was what got me hooked on Opera in the first place 🙁

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Doesn’t work how?

          • Daniel Kit

            It doesn’t sync.

            It logs in but it does not transfer bookmarks between devices.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It never did. Sync in Opera Blink syncs only speed dials, stashes and custom searches.
            But as the changelog seems to say, they are working on invluding bookmarls on Sync.

  • Ron Crafton

    I can’t even update. Every time I click about Opera it says, Failed to download update. Help?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Ron, you can try to download, and launch the off-line installer: for Windows, for Mac.
      Alternatively, If you you are on Windows, you can download and run this patch – it should perfom incremental update, from the previous version .72, to the latest one .75.

  • PlonPlon

    Bug: Sometimes can’t type in the search fields (Google, YouTube, etc.)

    Using stable 23.0.1522.75 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 32-bit

    This is a regression from previous stable version.

    (I had to restart the browser to paste this text.)

  • Shion

    Keep chromium up to date.
    Keep stash.
    Add option to disable download popup (see FireFox’s download-start-event for best solution).
    Make it possible to resume disconnected download.
    Allow custom search engine to be set as default OR add as one of main engines.

    • +1 on as a main engine. Better still: let us choose any search engine as main search engine.

  • Vux777

    new stable

  • I have a small request: (on Mac) Command+1 to activate first tab, +2 the second, and so on — just like Chrome and Firefox. It is damn useful, if you pardon my French.

  • horia

    i tried to install opera 23.0.15 on my windows 7 computer, and it does
    not work at all. The program installs fine, then it starts, and shows
    “loading” at every tab I open. If i try to reach any address (say nothing happens. All the tabs are showing “loading” all
    the time, and nothing else. I allowed opera to reach the internet (in
    comodo firewall, set allowance as “browser”) of course.
    I also could not find any similar case searching the web, to get some ready-made solution for this problem.

  • Alejandro Asalgado

    Bug: The mouse pointer flickers like mad. in container Flash Player (flash player embedded)

    See image sample!

  • Bear Wolan

    I have one old Mac that I prefer to run OPERA as the browser, however I constantly get update notices, but because I am pre OSX 10.7.x I can not install the newer version. The advert seems unaware of this limitation and will allow it to download to the computer which could run 10.7.x but does not because of other software that is not Yosemite compatible and there is not enough basic difference to justify buying another complete application suite of programs just to run the latest OSX release.

    Is there a way that I can block or stop these notices each time I start the program, or worse prevent a family member from simply clicking OK to the upgrade notice?