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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Haavard, thanks for the info and fixes 😉

  • Cryio

    We’re closing to final aren’t we?

  • bwat47

    Thanks for the new build, must be getting close to final now 🙂

    I’ve got a few suggestions (not specific to this build or next, but I thought I’d air them).

    1. Could you guys consider adding a mouse gesture to switch tabs (hold right click + scroll wheel). Its very inconsistent right now that you can do some tab management with gestures (open/close tabs), but cannot switch tabs with a gesture!

    2. Make middle clicking on back/forward/speeddial buttons open previous/next/speeddial pages in a new background tab. currently opera just opens them in current tab, as if you left clicked, which isn’t expected behavior (other browsers open in new tab when you middle click back/forward/home). Having it open in current tab is pretty jarring.

    • +1 to your #1!

    • Marcin Mitek

      Number 2: opera://flags/#extended-toolbar-buttons-handling enable this one.

      • bwat47

        cool, thanks 🙂

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    What about links to download Linux version? I mean links which are next to any news (see “Latest builds”).

    • Rafael Luik

      “The blog sidebar” is the expression you’re looking for. 🙂

    • Nick Schaedel

      Linux hits in v24.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        I already know that, but there’s no link to download Opera Dev. for Linux next to any news.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          They are on the posts about Opera 24.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            But some people don’t want to search for this posts -.-

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So they will need to wait until Opera 24 reaches Stable channel when, i guess, links to download the Linux version will be more visible.

          • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

            No, So they will need to wait until Opera 24 reaches Next channel! 😉

          • Search? just open Opera blog, is the third entry from the top.

        • Guest

          Or you mean this?

          • This comment was mine, and a screenshot was attached, it didn’t upload because my connection sucks at my work and I deleted the comment, but it persisted as a guest comment. Please fix this problem.

        • Do you mean this?
          (Screenshot is attached, may not work due to stupid disqus system)

  • Guest

    Finally a new Chromium build that fixes the annoying crashes on OS X Yosemite! Thank you!

  • Olli

    Finally a new integrated Chromium build that fixes the annoying tab crashes on OS X Yosemite. Thank you!

    • Marcin Mitek

      I deleted your doubled post.

      • Olli

        Actually I deleted it, but ok.^^

        • Marcin Mitek

          Discuss <3 😉

      • I have deleted comments in the past, but later they appear as guest comments.

        • blackcoder

          I can confirm that.

  • NoName

    Pointer lock does not work so well.
    It says “Press Esc to exit”. But ANY key seems to exit it.

    In WebGL games you can’t walk around at all 🙂

  • Kevin Thompson

    Please implement mouse gestures on links!

  • naranjaa

    32 bits linux version coming in O25?

  • Mister

    Dear developers! Can you convert this menu item to button, and place here? Like in Opera 12. This is very useful, especially function already is in Opera, but it isn’t presented in the form of button.

    • ooblv

      no please don’t.

      • viqw

        c’mon, it’s just a button. Look at that opera 12 image, a simple arrow below the x(close button):

        • Onaj Tamo

          They may add it,but first they should reduce the vertical size of the menu bar for all of us with widescreens.

      • NoName

        We got more buttons now because we need Extensions for “everything”.

        • Keiv M. Salmon

          sadly, to damn true.

      • Alex Parker

        Oh yes, please don’t. Keep making a retard-friendly browser. OF COURSE add the damned “recently closed” button there, it should have been there in a first place!

        • Marcin Mitek

          Language, gentlemen. You sometimes wonder why we delete your comments. No need to be aggressive.

          • kokolo5

            It’s sure often the reason, but not always. My comment were deleted when I asked harmlessly for the logo speed dial feature.

          • jjk nm.,nb

            Tourette syndrome?
            He should go to a psychologist!

          • Alex Parker

            I should go to a psychologist for speaking genuine English language? You are clearly unable to think logically. Psychiatrist can help with that.

          • Alex Parker



            This is a genuine word in English language according to Merriam-Webster. Not slang, not insult. We’re starting to censor normal English language now?

          • reesmichael1

            There’s a difference between denotation and connotation. You know very well what the connotation of that word is, and what the intent can easily be read as–even if you know the literal denotation.

          • Marcin Mitek

            I could use the same normal English word to describe your person and it wouldn’t make you happy, for sure. I just want to keep the conversation clean.

      • Raylan Givens

        Exactly! The UI must stay as Windows native as possible!

        This is the reason on my Windows 8.1 don’t have Chrome anymore and am almost ready to make Opera default instead of Firefox. Need a little more work.

        I believe in about 3-4 more versions this will happen ( Opera become my default browser ).

        P.S. Also, please do the Speed Dial Windows Native as well some day…

    • SLR

      ^THIS, please.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Mister, you can install the “Classic Context Menus” extension, which among other features, provides a list of recently closed tabs.

      Alternatively, you can install the “Recently Closed Tabs” extension – to install it, you must first install the “Download Chrome” extension, or the “Extension source viewer” extension, or you can install it directly, using this link.

      • Alex Parker

        I know I can install 1.023.573 extensions. I want a normal, full-featured browser. But thank you for helping out anyway.

      • Mister

        thanks, but this extension isn’t so good as built-in function in the Opera. and I don’t know why, but such tendency is observed that extensions become the very low-quality.

      • Cryio

        Since Opera-Blink I haven’t really looked too much into the new possibilities to extensions. I know Opera now supports most of Chrome’s extensions but I just didn’t bother.

        After seeing some stuff now … I’m curious again ^_^

    • AlexBrtn
  • The ugly black bar is still painted across the address bar on start-up. :-{

    • Joana Silva

      Same here. 🙁

  • AlexBrtn
    • It would be nice if you could add a brief description to your link. It is not entirely clear why you are posting it.

      • AlexBrtn

        Now there is no mistake. It was written about any failure in your browser. I updated today a flash 14ver., probably it corrected an error.

      • AlexBrtn

        here’s the error

    • RmG152

      My IE with custom settings pass all “Mixed Content Handling”

  • FoxkidMCF .

    Why don’t you add a + (plus) inside the heart, in the heart menu, so the icon isn’t the same as stash.

    • We discussed this quite a lot and we think the current solution is the best balance between consistency and confusion. Stay tuned, there will be exciting changes in this area …

  • cgebhard

    Did you guys do something about Sync? My Speeddial just got flooded by a number of entries I deleted half a year ago 🙂
    (I know it’s still experimental, but I wonder where all the old entries came from)

    • This happened to me too, I deleted an account and created a new one, but I got all the older entries, funny thing is I wasn’t even using the same email account.

      No I have another problem. I supossedly deleted an account of the old system, the email address is the same I use for FB and now I want to connect using my FB account, it says I already have a MY OPERA account with that email, and that I should use that account.

      Somehow Opera can’t understand that My Opera no longer exists, or haven’t got over it.

      • bwat47

        I tried deleting an account and re-creating it to clear all the old opera link info from it, but now I can’t recreate an account with the same name because it says the account is ‘banned’ lol, had to create one with a different name :/

        • Hahaha, Opera is nuts, I went trought that too. Your email can’t be used because not being available, you want to use another but same account name and it is “banned”.

  • Lacedaemon

    1.In History, there is no way of deleting a group of visited urls. Same in Stash. Are we going to see some improvements there?

    2. We got shortcuts for Extensions and Settings (like they are used every day so often…) but no shortcut for the Stash?

    3. Mouse gestures: Down then up for cloning, RightClick+Wheelscroll for quick browsing tabs, and mouse gestures on links. Do we get something there?

    4. Like RmG152 and others said: “master password on password management (encrypting all passwords)”

  • RmG152

    Add master password on password management (encrypting all passwords).

    Or integrate KeePass =)

    • SuuperTommy

      I’d also like to see an integrated password generator. Then you wouldn’t need any third party password managers at all. Depending if Sync is up and running of course… 😉

      • RmG152

        Keepass is open source, opera developers can implement directly in browser without start from scratch.

        opera implement tons of open source implementations:


      • Last Pass integrates and is pretty secure, also and obviously it syncs.

        • SuuperTommy

          “Then you wouldn’t need any third party password managers …”

          • Pros and cons to it, extensions can fail to provide the best functionality, or can supply a functionality built-in devs wouldn’t.

            In this case Last Pass is available to Chrome and Firefox too, in some cases that’s useful, for example Opera doesn’t connect to most sites in my work, for some reason a moment comes when it becomes completely useless to me, and Firefox works in the same condition. Today I even had to download an Opera extension with FF and install it manually, because Opera wouldn’t even open their own add-on site.

            Built-in password manager would be comfortable as long you don’t need any other browser. Like in Prestopera.

          • SuuperTommy

            Yes, I see your point regarding the use of several browsers. 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    Feature proposition: Ctrl + Click on tab adds tab to the current tab, creating a stack.

  • zeke


    OperaNext 23

    was watching this vid on youtube. (PPAPI NOT installed > using HTML 5)

    vid started running. press + on tab to open 1 + tab.

    error message> vid stopped.

    repeated: same result > error > vid stopped

    Extensions: Disconnect installed.

    Mac OX 10.6.8
    2 GHz intel core duo
    2 GB RAM
    (6-7 yrs old)

  • kingey

    ASA should pay more attention since chromium is at version 38.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Wait for Opera 25.

      • ayespy

        It may still come into Opera 24…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Opera 24 is based on Chromium 37.

          • ayespy

            We have seen the underlying Chromium versions get updated in both the Developer and the Next (though more rarely) stream. I even recall at least one such update to Stable. It would seem the given Opera and Chromium version numbers are not married to each other.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            They are updated within a Chromium major version. So Opera 24 will receive chromium 37 updates as well as Opera 23 will receive chromium 36 updates.

            When they release Opera 25, it will be based on chromium 38. Each version of Opera is based on a Chromium version.

  • Kamen Minkov

    Same issue like with the latest Dev build – can’t access the taskbar while Opera is frontmost.

  • Do you think we will ever have drag and drop buttons? It’d be cool to rearrange some things.

    • Lacedaemon

      Not only cool but very useful as well, cause some tools like ghostery and adblock or weather-info you want them to be far away, and others like the notepad, mailto and the translator to be next to each other. As it is now it all depends on the order you are installing them, if you forget the right one you are screwed.

    • Azrael

      No, because this isn’t available in Chrome and, judging by Google philosophy of pleasing the most common denominator, it will never be.

      • reesmichael1

        That’s completely irrelevant. Opera’s interface is completely separate from Chrome’s.

        • Azrael

          Actually Chropera’s interface is nothing more than the lipstick on the same pig, nothing more and nothing less.

        • escruting

          Yeah man, look at those menus, the custom search engine page, the task manager, the download manager, bookmarks bar….sure man….its so different *wink* *wink*

          You can solve your own puzzle, but if you’re using the same pieces as the others…the result will be the same…

          • Rafael Luik

            Yes come back next week when you’ll be nitpicking because they’re “reinventing the wheel” instead of reusing this code and working in your favorite feature.

  • OldHickory30

    Lately having issues with videos loading both in Opera Next and Opera 22, even with all extensions off. When I switch to Chrome same video loads fine. Am I the only one having this issue? Suggestions?

    • Keiv M. Salmon

      having problems with youtube videos here.
      some videos i get only 360p others i get an error screen telling me that my browser does not recognize the video formats.

      updated flash and the error message flashes a little before the video plays normally. other videos still restricted to 360p.

      Opera 12.17 works fine

      opera next 23
      windows vista 64

  • honssnoh

    Somebody else noticed that strange behavior of Opera 12.17? It deleted some of my settings and show some page with update notice..Something like “You should update your browser to new version of Opera” (of course this “new” chrome based with download button below) Guys, is this really necessary?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve got that page on i (re)installed Opera 12.17 a while ago but there was no changes in settings that i could notice.

  • Оксана Олексіївна

    Sorry that I write here, but you have to bring this information to the developer. When you install Opera 22 (stable) with the choice of the Ukrainian language (Ukrainian version) is not installed Ukrainian spelling dictionary! I’ve written about this before but no one corrected! And why not when the installation immediately 2 default languages ​​- Ukrainian and English?! Make a choice of languages ​​Proofing (dictionaries) DURING SETUP OPERA!


    To be honest, I noticed long ago that you do not normally want to be engaged in adapting the browser for each country. After all, opera is very popular in Ukraine, and so you do not care for Ukrainian users. Opera on the Ukrainian translation is very bad. A lot of mistakes. Consult with a translator! In Ukraine, almost all people know at least two languages ​​(Russian and Ukrainian) If you are installing Opera Ukrainian orn user chose Russian interface language should add automatic Russian and Ukrainian dictionaries + English. If the user chooses the Ukrainian language when installing it should automatically be added to Ukrainian and Russian dictionary + English. And you (for now) are all very badly! When installing the Ukrainian Opera user in Russian – Opera news shows (section-Recommendation) with Russia! Adds Mortgage (express panel) Russian sites, which is very rarely used in Ukraine.

  • KN

    Why does Opera force Sitecheck (Website Malware checking) on its users with no way to disable? I just discovered this last night when I noticed it in my router logs that Opera is sending all my browsing to its Sitecheck. When I went to disable, it is no where to be found in Opera (not even in flags).
    This is frustrating considering it is easily disabled in Chromium/Chrome itself right in the settings area. So Opera purposely removed being able to turn this off and logs every site visited. I been using Opera for most my browsing but refuse to use it anymore until I can disable this.

  • Jademarisa

    Won’t switch. It is Chrome. I don’t want Chrome.

  • Vux777

    new NEXT