Today we move the developer stream to 24.0.1534.0. We have several interesting changes for this version lined up, which we will announce over the coming weeks. To kickstart 24, our first big change is support for automatic loading of Pepper (PPAPI) Flash.

Introducing Pepper Flash

Pepper Flash allows for a more stable method of running Flash, since each plugin is sandboxed. Opera has been working with Adobe to provide a PPAPI-based Flash solution for Opera users. This effort is not yet complete. Further work will be needed from both Opera and Adobe before Pepper Flash will be available to all, out of the box.

Testing the Flash 14 Beta

If you would like to try the work in progress, head over to Adobe Labs Downloads and grab the appropriate Flash 14 Beta package. Currently, Pepper Flash is only available for Windows but the code is in place for this to work on Mac as well.

Private Mode

One small visual change you might notice on Windows is that the main window is darker when running Windows in private mode.


As always with a new release, we have updated our rendering Engine. Please make sure you give this careful testing on your favorite sites and let us know if you find any issues.

Known issues

You do not need to report any of the following:

  • Icon problems with Geolocation, Microphone and Camera on Mac
  • Version 24.0.1534.2 on Mac (the changelog remains identical)
  • Search suggestions are cropped on Windows
  • There is no indicator to show which search engine is selected on Windows


Full changelog

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  • DD64

    Darker private mode window is a good idea.
    But indeed it’s sad that again, there a no significant new features implemented (bookmark-manager, tab-handling and lot more)


      Those are not new features…

      • Olav

        Not new for other browser, but for opera. Better than darker private mode would be a private tab like o12.

        • No it is not a feature, nor did I claim it was. It was just a minor change I mentioned on the end because I am sure the eagle-eyed would pick up on it. I couldn’t put it in known issues because it is not an issue, it is intended.

          I suppose I could have just left it for the changelog but they someone would have complained about that. 😉

    • This is the first 24. Not every feature we have planned for 24 is visible yet. Hence my reference to the coming weeks.

      • Cryio

        I can bet you now that no other feature will come in O24.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the new Developer 24!
    Where’s the third, long awaited friend? 😀

    • SQL

      Apparently not here……

  • Dave-H

    Update worked OK this time, but it did a full download straight off instead of trying a fast incremental download first, which failed on the last two occasions.
    Will feed that back to the bug trackers.

    • Marcin Mitek

      No need to. We didn’t upload diff update this time. So there is no bug, only full autoupdate was provided.

      • Dave-H

        Thanks Marcin, I did feed this back to the bug trackers (as they had asked me to) and they confirmed what you say, that this was a full update only. I’ll wait until the next incremental update is offered to check whether that works or not before I give any more feedback.

  • Vux777

    -crashing on loading Disqus comments with Turbo mode ON
    -AdBlock Plus completely broken
    -can’t type in address filed

    win7 x64

    • Vux777

      it’s some combination of flag and turbo… when I reset all flags to default, no more crash
      before that, 100% crash with turbo on

  • Emil Huber

    Where is the “big thing” announced in latest post?

    • Vux777

      I wonder that too 🙂


      Is this P.E.P.P.E.R. the big thing?

      • It is a big thing. At least in my eyes. I’m pretty sure it is not the big thing that Mateusz had in mind.

        I once wrote the following:

        … there are a few variables at play that could greatly affect when we release something

        That point holds true here. We are not yet ready to unveil, the big thing but I reckon we will very soon.

        I did say the following:

        We have several interesting changes for this version lined up, which we will announce over the coming weeks.

        This was my attempt at a hazier reference to what Mateusz had in mind, along with some other cool stuff.

        • II_ARROWS

          As much as I want that big thing to be at least the old bookmark manager, if they still can manage synchronization, I think this is still a big thing…
          Stability is a great point…

          • bwat47

            Yeah, if it at least had sync I’d use it. Stash would be a heck of a lot more useful if everything in it was accessible on all my devices.

        • Emil Huber

          So the big thing is coming soon?

          24 = 12 * 2
          Maybe Opera 24 will get the new Opera 12…

          • II_ARROWS

            I already said this in the past: Opera 24 will be my last Opera browser if at list one big thing is not reimplemented.

          • PaulW

            We would be so lucky but lets face it Opera has over the past year been a dumbed down browser compared to Opera 12

        • escruting

          You are your worst enemy Opera, please try to communicate better. Unveiling things as a big surprise is not very useful, as we already know your working pace in the last year and we know what to expect (or not expect).

          Be open and tell us what it is we should expect, you’re always trying to be a ninja and not tell anything, this is working against yourselves and i think you don’t see it…

          • We trial lots of things that we decide not to go public with or continue. If announced every idea or internal test we had you might be more disappointed when decided not to continue with them.

          • escruting

            Don’t be so radical, i didn’t say to tell us everything. Just things that you’ve been working for some time and you are certain will end up on the browser. Of course you will say that you aren’t certain of anything…

          • Cryio

            After what we’ve seen in the last 12 months, you don’t trial anything. You are barely crawling.

          • I was referring to internal trials

        • Rafael Luik

          Common Pepper Flash was in Opera 23, you just had to enable it in the flags… And no PPAPI changes listed in the public changelog so it didn’t take any real work…

          • Yes most of the work was done already before this build but there was little point talking about Pepper based-Flash when Adobe provided no installers for Pepper Flash.

            Automatic detection of system installed Pepper Flash is relatively new.

          • Rafael Luik

            So staying in this thread of comments, you’re trying to make us believe the change of a flag from OFF to ON is the “big thing” promised for this week?

          • Without something public to test and the flag flipped what would be the point of an announcement?

            We want people to be able to just download the Adobe beta and test.

          • Rafael Luik

            Is that an answer to another question or you simply didn’t read my question? Wow…

          • Ruari already wrote:

            I’m pretty sure it is not the big thing that Mateusz had in mind.

          • Pretty sure he was talking about tab improvements and not PPAPI last week…
            I guess that was moved to next week then…?

        • Nekomajin42

          So the conclusion is you have to think before typing the post, so you won’t have to explain yourself in the comments. 🙂

        • DataZByteS

          The big thing is Opera 13 on presto right and abandonment of chropera?

        • Onaj Tamo

          Well you said that Linux will be released only in a big number update.So I am not expecting anything.In fact,why am I still on this blog since I don’t use Opera or even have the option to use it?

          • We have not had a big number update. This is a developer release of 24. It is not the final/stable release of 24. Support for more features and platforms could land in 24. That is not impossible.

            Some people seem to expect Linux to arrive in a minor update to the stable version.

          • Onaj Tamo

            ok,i guess that is ok.

        • How do you know wheher Pepper is installed or not? is it included in the regular Adobe binaries from Labs site? I always install those, and I enable that feature in flags, but I have no idea if I’m actually running it.

          • Vux777

            open O-menu>>Developer Tools>>Plugins (if you don’t have it, enable dev. tools from Omenu>>more tools)
            On plugins page enable “show details”, and you will see if you have two or one and which one of flash plugins.
            I have latest flash installed (and Chrome Canary portable), but O-dev 24 is showing only NPAPI flash plugin (flag enabled)

            I disabled NPAPI in Canary

          • Guest

            I have been trying to find any information on this for a while now a still have no clue.

        • Brandon Heat

          since opera uses blink and chrome uses blink, why didnt opera have pepper from the beginning?

          • Anonymous

            That’s because Google had an agreement with Adobe for the PPAPI plugin to be included. Previously, this plugin was not made publicly available (apart from downloading Google Chrome), but now Adobe has included the PPAPI plugin along with detection for browsers which support Pepper.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Pepper Flash, maybe?

  • SQL

    Where is the 64 bit version you supposedly already had?
    Where’s the big promised thing?
    I think you betrayed your users once again.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      As always…

    • See my first comment in this thread.

      • SQL

        By the way I really think you should mention your Linux patches too in the changelog, people would like that

        • They will be mentioned when we go live with Linux. In the mean time I think they would be a distraction as at certain points in time we made quite a few changes in bulk and people’s hopes would have been raised, expecting a release in the next blog post.

          So yes at the moment we intentionally remove them from the changelog. This is also technically valid since they are not changes for you.

          • I’d very much request a faster Dev release pace, let us test things more frequently please 🙂

          • SQL

            Yeah but that would indeed make people understand that Linux is actually getting stuff added too, know what i mean?

            It’s more relaxing to read “DNA-xxxx Linux not building locally” get fixed rather than your empty sounding comments about making food (I’m sure you are great cooks, no offence)

          • Linux stopped building locally and we got it working again multiple times. This is also true for Windows and Mac. The changelog is already not showing every single thing that happened internally.

          • SQL

            (That being an example, even a small addition to Linux would make people smile a bit, you’re already teasing some of your upcoming features for Win and OsX, why not tease Linux too?)

          • Perhaps I have dropped a hint already and you just missed it. 😉

          • II_ARROWS

            You have dropped hints for a year and more, every time they were not what people expected…

      • Vux777

        well, at least you fixed this

        also, some other sites were affected by it, presenting mobile site instead of desktop version

    • Try not to be too hard on the 64 bit client thing, even Google themselves took forever so it wont be trivial, maybe a few months at BEST for a 64-bit version. I’d much rather a simple bookmark manager… not like its rocket science using the bookmarks API lol

    • YemSalat

      I think the 64bit is quite over rated, I’ve been using 64bit Chrome for the past few days and there is no noticeable increase in performance, but it sure eats a lot more RAM now.
      64bit is great in the long run, but it’s not something you absolutely need at the moment.

      • SQL

        64 bit is A LOT more secure option, has better registers for tight memory loops etc. Also larger physical address space capability, larger virtual space capability…

        • YemSalat

          We all read the announcement on the chrome blog 🙂
          I’m just saying that it’s not a complete necessity to switch now, especially for the users who don’t have loads of RAM.
          I’d let the chrome team polish it a bit more before adapting.

  • minimize / maximize / close buttons not working @ Win 8.1

    • NoName

      Works here, same OS.

      • It’s working for me if I open new windows, but my main one is broken even after restarting it.

        • cgebhard

          works for me as well on 8.1

        • Marcin Mitek

          Any peculiar settings in OS? Two machines on my desk work fine.

          • Not that I was aware of. Standard.
            Restarting my machine doesn’t fix it either. So there is something wrong.

            (HiDPI maybe (alt. solution))

          • Marcin Mitek

            Even on clean USB installation?

          • Yes, that’s it!
            HiDPI is causing this (if I disable flag, it’s working, enabling it again, broken again).

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I have hidpi support enabled and those buttons are working here.

          • Strange. But it’s 100% related to Opera’s HiDPI-flag over here…

          • Marcin Mitek

            No repro here so far, and I’ve been using it on HiDPI machine as my primary build for quite some time. But I will try. One more question, is it laptop with touchscreen or regular PC?

        • ColinB1

          Not working for me on main window with 8.1 on desktop. HiDPI flag has no effect for me.

  • helsten2

    Unable to run the Peacekeeper benchmark:

    “An error occured during your benchmark run. Likely causes for this are
    Hitting back/forward/reload during the benchmark run
    Network connectivity issues during benchmark run
    Issues with the Peacekeeper server
    Cookies are disabled
    This should be a temporary error, so please try again in a bit and make sure cookies are enabled.”


    • Mateusz Madej

      Must’ve been some issue on their site. It works now.

      • helsten2

        Well, it still doesn’t work here. I get the same error every time.
        Works fine with IE and Chrome.

  • Tore

    Tore • 5 days ago

    — “expect something very interesting next week” —

    Bookmark manager, working Sync function or a Linux version? Taking all bets! 😀

    Mateusz Madej (Mod) -> Tore • 5 days ago

    Then you will like it 🙂

    Ruari Ødegaard (Mod) • Today

    To kickstart 24, our first big change is support for automatic loading of Pepper (PPAPI) Flash.

    Tore • Today

    Wait, what?? O_o

    Are you telling me that “which we will announce over the coming weeks” is this post’s silver lining?

    • SQL

      just as i thought something nice of opera..

    • It is, see my previous comment.

      • Tore

        I see… Since Mateusz did say “something very interesting next week”, and this Pepper-update came today, I have to ask:

        Is it within possible that two updates for Opera Dev is released during the same week? Is there any historic precedent for such an occurrence?

        I.e., can I maybe hopefully expect “something very interesting” during this week?

        • It is possible to release two developer in a week but we probably won’t. I have not asked Mateusz what he was referring to. He could have meant this (don’t underestimate Pepper Flash support, in really helps with stability) or he could have meant something else.

          We aren’t yet ready to unveil that something else but I, like Mateusz, would have expected it this week based on what I knew last week. Things change though:

          there are a few variables at play that could greatly affect when we release something.

          • Krasen Ivanov

            This sounds like you guys are Not in the same building 🙂

          • we aren’t. we aren’t even in the same country. 😉

    • Kamen Minkov

      To me, bookmarks and sync aren’t something “very interesting”, but rather basic functionality I’d like to see reintroduced.

  • vinczej
  • SQL

    Come on this literally says nothing

    DNA-20910 [Windows] Tab peek

    • It says something and it will mean something to your later. 😉

    • NoName

      It does to me. Opera 12 had it 🙂

      • Opera 12 did not have what that bug references. 😉

        • NoName

          Hmm, maybe a peek of the whole content instead of a thumbnail on tab-hover.
          If thumbnail preview is not an easy task, that would be a nice alternative.

        • Cryio

          I bet you have a lot of success with the ladies, with all this mystery going on.

          • I wouldn’t say a lot but some success. One liked me enough to marry me.

          • Cryio


    • it’s something secret, but you can…

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Still useless ****.

  • Well, the Adblock Plus and Checker Plus for Gmail extensions are broken, they attempt to load but die after a second or so after trying to enable them.

    Also this code still returns undefined no matter what for embedded iframes which DO contain a password field for my extension I’m trying to reduce permissions for (like disqus comment sections).
    'allFrames': true,
    'code': 'if (document.querySelector("input[type=password]") !== null) {' +
    'hasField: true' +
    }, function(result) {

    Hope it’s fixed soon so I can submit my PasswordMaker Pro extension to the opera extension gallery for one of your internal Opera guys who requested it here: 😛

    • João Gonçalves

      Yes, my Adblock Plus is also broken. I’m not able to activate it.

      • SiMcarD

        Here too. ADB broken.

  • pseudo555

    Flash is no longer in beta since last week…

    Please, check library status before posting…

    • Rafael Luik

      The standalone PPAPI Flash is still beta if I’m not mistaken.

      • Mateusz Madej

        And you’re right!

      • pseudo555

        My bad, but it might worth to precise that point on the post…

  • bgh251f2

    Still no Linux, so still a year without an update…

  • nanana1
    • Vux777

      you should correct direct download link

      • nanana1

        Why need to correct direct download link ?

        • Vux777

          because it starts download of win setup automatically …maybe ppl don wan’t that

          • nanana1


    • L33t4opera
  • Łukasz Darzki

    Will Pepper Flash be available on linux too?

    • bgh251f2

      When Linux version is launched(can be anytime from next week to the end of time though).

      • Cryio

        If only we’d had the Tardis.

    • to get Pepper Flash on Linux, you just need to install either Google Chrome or “pepperflashplugin-nonfree” package

    • error

      Pepper Flash on Linux doesn’t work with DRM content so don’t expect same functionality as you had in NPAPI one. Windows and Mac chromium/chrome have reconstructed NPAPI support for aura but Linux don’t and whole NPAPI was dropped here year earlier than on other platforms. So don’t expect anything plugin based (java applets, silverlight vods, amazon/google play drm content, streaming game services, some bank/government apps, pdf forms, etc.) working in opera for Linux. In other words Opera for Linux won’t have the same capabilities as Opera for Windows or Mac. If you need plugins on Linux just choose Firefox or other browser.

      • Rafael Luik

        No need to have DRM on Flash anyway… HTML5 video (H.264 and EME combo) got you covered…

        • error

          So why am I seeing big black box when I am trying to read drm book, comic, watch movie, sport broadcast or play drm flash game on Linux chromium 35+? I don’t see DRM in browser html5 implementations now, it is in plans, how long it will take we will see and even after that sites will have to switch to html5. For now using chromium on Linux has disadvantages and that is a fact. The same will be true with Opera for Linux (if released in this year or at all).

          If drm is not needed on flash then why it is in pepper flash plugin on Windows and Mac and if plugins are not needed why NPAPI was reimplemented on Windows and Mac platforms when switching to aura?

        • bwat47

          Last time I checked, even google chrome isn’t able to view DRM’d html5 content on linux though :/

          For example, so far the only ‘desktop’ browsers I’ve seen that even work with HTML5 on netflix are IE11, Safari 8, and Chrome [only on chromeOS] :/

    • Yes our Linux version supports Pepper Flash as well.

      • Łukasz Darzki

        And that is an answer I was after. Thank you.

      • which Linux version? where?

        • Cryio

          Their magic Linux version.

        • bwat47

          They have one, its just not released to public yet

  • Check the url to fix version number.

  • The HiDPI changes are appreciated!

  • Shacha GC

    Make it look like coast
    Speedial / Bookmanger
    (with pages and folder like your Brillaint coast browser on ipad)
    Notes to replace stash
    Better Password manager with the user info when u fill up forms
    Opera 12 custom buttom (to put my tab side by side)
    Better custom theme
    Update old opera extentions to new opera ( Zippy search …)
    Offline backup method & better portable version
    Hide extention bar when you have to much extentions or move it (87 extentions)
    hey why do u even bring back the email and rss of opera

    • Just realized the last days how totally useless Autofill is! It ist staggering if you compare it to the simple but flexible forms feature in O12! 🙁 (But I don’t use the password manager functionality.)

  • nom4d3

    gimme private tabs plz! 🙂

  • RX-3200

    extensions randomly close them process and show “update” button …
    if downgrade to 23Dev – them all work fine
    fix it please

  • Nekomajin42

    It’s fine for a first build of the new version, but this post is really stupid. You deserve the hard comments.

    • We put out the builds to help with stabilisation. Putting out less would only mean less people testing and make stabilisation more difficult.

      • Nekomajin42

        Come on, don’t pretend you don’t understand my comment! Show me one proper post on this blog from the last year! You won’t find any. In every post you (plural) highlight something minor or old, and we have to read the full, messy changelog to find the actual improvements. (If you think that people who want to test like to read the changelog then whom you write the posts? Noone else reads the desktop blog.) All the posts are silly, like some shitty daily newspapers.

        You like usecases, I give you one. Mateusz wrote last week we can expect something big. Furthermore he teased it would be something from the bookmark – sync – linux trio. We can see it’s not here.
        You could write that big thing is not yet ready, please wait, and we would write that it’s OK. Instead you started to deify this PPAPI stuff, which could be interesting for you as a programmer, but on the user’s side noone gives a damn. So you got this shitstorm. Do you get it now?

        We (most of us at least) don’t have a problem with minor updates. I (personally) would be glad to get an update every day, even it would contain only a few bugfixes. But it is really irritating when you want to sell these minor stuff like we were waiting for these for ages. And you do it every time!

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          Also, just for the record, the list of JIRA issues that have been resolved between the previous release and this is _not_ a proper changelog.

        • reesmichael1

          While I certainly understand your frustration (and share some of it myself), Ruari has been very active in these comments explaining that “that big thing is not yet ready.” See

          • Nekomajin42

            After he got the shitstorm. That’s what I was talking about. The whole explaining and half of these comments would be spared if he would have written a proper post.

          • Guest

            I can definitely see that.

          • reesmichael1

            Wow. I’m sorry–I don’t know why Disqus didn’t recognize me. I’m the person who left the Guest comment below.

        • You could write that big thing is not yet ready, please wait, and we would write that it’s OK.

          In the real world I don’t see things playing out like that.

          For example, every time we have said “Linux is coming, please wait” we got the reply “it’s OK” from all you guys. Oh, no wait, we didn’t. 😉

          Instead you started to deify this PPAPI stuff, which could be interesting for you as a programmer, but on the user’s side noone gives a damn.

          They should all the major browser vendors are trying to deprecate NPAPI. I would expect this to be the only game in town very soon if you want plugins like Flash.

          You will note that Chrome have already dropped NPAPI plugins on Linux and will drop support for the other platforms shortly.

          • Nekomajin43

            Well done! First you answer me then block my account preventing me to answer. I was about to apologize for my hard words (my opinion hasn’t changed), but with this you’ve proven that you are not capable of keeping the contact with the users.

          • I can assure you I have not blocked your account nor have I requested or encouraged anyone else to do so.

          • Nekomajin43

            OK, I believe you. And my words were too hard, so sorry.

            But you guys really should listen to us. I’m not here to troll but to help, as others, but you never listen to us. We said month ago that this style of writing is irritating, but you kept doing it.

            This testing thing should be some kind of partnership. Yes, you are the core, you know the roadmap, the plans, the potential, the resources, but we are not stupid kids (at least some of us). We test your code, we write articles on several language to promote your browser, we develop extensions to enrich the functionality, and we do it for free, because we want to help.

            You say always that you listen to us. Tell me one thing from the past year what you changed because we asked it! There were several small requests. Most of the time you don’t even answer. It seems you listen to us, just ignore everything. Then you don’t like when we are angry at every post.

          • SQL

            You addressed just 2 points given, but still; Last week you gave us a somewhat accurate date, delaying that by a small margin wouldn’t mind most of the users, because they know it’s not going to take that long anymore. But with Linux you’ve only told that it’s coming. That says nothing you know? Of course people find it irritating.

            What if i told you that the world is going to end soon, but not tell you the actual date, would you like that ? I think that’s accurate example.

            And yes we’re losing NPAPI support, but still dedicating the first release of O24 just for explaining that is even more depressing since WE ALREADY KNEW that was going to happen at some point.

            You could’ve started with “We’ve faced some issues with the big thing we announced last week, please wait just a bit more to see it yourselves 🙂 On another note, this version finally brings the PPAPI support etc….”

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Maybe if the way you (tried) to say “Linux is coming, please wait” had been closer to “We’re sorry this is taking so long, but we _are_ working on it” rather than “Oh, quit your whining: it’ll be done when it’s done” you would have received less hostility and negativity.

            Frankly, I think that Opera’s communication on several of the hot-button issues in this forum has been piss-poor, with a tone and timbre that’s at times approached outright hostility and belittlement.

            Certainly, a lot of the negative comments have been unfair, uncouth and steeped in harsh sarcasm and vulgar entitlement, but a) it’s an open web forum, so what exactly were you expecting, and b) you’re the professional part here, so you have to rise above that.

          • I do not recall any Opera employee saying anything even remotely close to:

            Oh, quit your whining: it’ll be done when it’s done

            In fact it has been a lot closer to:

            We’re sorry this is taking so long, but we are working on it

            For example, here is a quote from my own blog (the final sentence in fact).

            And yes, I am really sorry it is taking so long!

          • error

            Shortly huh? Well in Opera Dev team time sense year (plans of dropping NPAPI support on Windows and Mac) is short amount of time so that makes sense.

            PPAPI adoption is non-existent right now. We have only one slow flash plugin (it has serious problems with performance where NPAPI one worked quite good, even stupid fullHD films stutters on it, CPU is almost always at 100%) which can’t even display drm content on Linux and that’s all. Nobody is doing PPAPI plugins and I don’t see other browsers adopting it. Look at IE, they have great flash implementation, fast, stable, using hardware acceleration why would they want to change it? Firefox don’t have plans to do it either and at least they have better initiative than writing another non-compatible with everything plugin API and seriously thinking of throwing away plugins (shumway initiative). We don’t know if PPAPI will become standard (I seriously doubt it) and it’s possible that dropping NPAPI will take much more time than chromium devs think (or maybe they know it that’s why they’ve reimplemented NPAPI in Chromium on Windows, Mac with Aura).

  • Domydima


    I have a folder with sub folders on the bookmarks bar.
    Go to a sub folder and choose open all. (right click)
    When loading, go back to same or other sub folder
    This makes Crashing Opera every time. Crash-log is send several times.
    Please confirm.

    Using clean usb install
    windows 7 x64

  • Using Flash 14 for a while now. The flag allowing Opera to detect and use pepper was turned on way before 😉

  • rufu2

    About the bookmark importer, IMHO it should work like this:
    1. On first start, it’s OK to do a silent search if there are other browsers installed and if they have bookmarks. But you really don’t need to do it then, it could wait till after the next step:
    2. On the “welcome to opera” screen, ask the user if Opera should import any bookmarks.
    3. If yes, present the user with a list of the detected installed browsers and a button to find other bookmarks (e.g. from portable installations or backups)
    4. Now you can ask if the bookmarks should be turned into something else (i.e. speed dial)
    5. After import, give a message of success (or failure) with a button to start the (still to be programmed) bookmark manager.

    The bookmark importer should always be available in the menu. It makes sense that an USB install does not get an automatic import, but there should be a way to get your old bookmarks into a new USB install!

  • pekikuubik

    Honestly, private mode is completely useless to me as long as I have to open a window for it. It baffles me that Blink, which has its multi-process architecture as one of its major features, can’t do private mode in tabs. Shouldn’t that make it easier to implement? If not, why not? Get an engine guy in here to explain.

    • Nekomajin42

      One of the devs said earlier that it was not a question of technical matters but a user friendly consideration. Which was a semi-valid point then, and becomes more and more less valid with this color change.

      • pekikuubik

        That makes more sense and I guess I should’ve expected something like that from the current Opera.

        To which I’ll say: UX designers – the scourge that plagues every browser these days.

      • Couldn’t the two features be combined to give the best of both…

        Meaning, if a new Private Tab is opened, why couldn’t the UI color change be made as it is for a new window? Maybe even make it more obvious by coloring the tab red??

        • Nekomajin42

          I think it could work with a single icon on the tab like in O12. It’s up to the devs…

          • My understanding is that the O12 model was canned because the icon change wasn’t visually differentiated enough for the typical Joe to notice between private and non-private.

            So, my suggestion around the more distinct tab coloring and the UI color change was to find a solution that addresses that without getting rid of the single window option some power users want.

          • Nekomajin42

            It’s just an excuse. They just don’t want to do it.

          • Could it be more obviously?

          • Rafael Luik

            Eh the problem isn’t at this point, it’s after pages are opened in private and regular tabs all mixed…

          • Point is… In normal Opera, you have CHOICE either you’ll use private tab or private windows, but in this abnormal Opera, you dont’ have that choice.

            I tried, really tried to use ChrOpera, but I reverted back to 12.x. How long will I have to wait for the same functionality that 12.x have?


      • I know. And I think it’s b***s****.

        AFAIR I suggested sth. similar to this ( ) when Opera 15 was in beta.

        So now you tell me you can get confused with that?
        Hell, it could even be a combination of 1 & 2 to make it even more obvious…

        • Vux777

          darkening address field would be much better solution than current one…I hardly can see the difference in dimming the private window buttons

    • naranj


  • still no linux 🙁

  • Well, let’s see how Opera is in around 2 weeks when it 1 year since killing Presto… In my now growing use of Opera 15+ I almost encounter NO feature yet which isn’t missing or worse than in Opera 12! 🙁

  • serendipity1002

    the cursor behaves weirdly on this site 😕 like it cannot recognize which part is the text box, which is link, where it should turn to tiny hand with finger on…

  • Niformal800

    Opera R.I.P. for PC!

    • Cjcr

      Opera for Android is another piece of s*. You can see it in action. Any other browser works much better. I don’t expect nothing good from Opera anymore … but I still do.

    • Ksnoo

      These comments was boring one year ago but have become really annoying and disturbing. If opera is dead what are you looking for here?

    • Cryio

      It’s so annoying that Opera Mini on dumbphones, Opera on Android and Coast on iPhone/iPad are all GREAT.
      Too bad their desktop version is useless.

  • andluc melive

    I know is the wrong place, but…. Opera Mail is a dead project?

    • ayespy

      Opera Mail was separated from Opera permanently, and has apparently been excluded from all future development efforts permanently (with the possible exception of a security update or something if that comes up.)

      In the process of separating it, a few things were broken (like being able to properly configure toolbars as to labels/no labels, or have something exotic like a “print” button) and will apparently never be fixed (I’ve asked several times). The ability to set Opera Mail as the MAPI client was broken and no one can be bothered to fix that in the program or the installer. My MAPI client is now Opera 12.17 with the UI configured to be as nearly as possible a pure email client, but I have and use Opera Mail on IMAP. I’m still using it, but if EMClient ever gets proper conversation view, I’m probably going to jump to that – because it syncs my contacts and calendar.

      The abandonment of what was one of the better mail clients ever, is one of my HUGE disappointments in Opera. IF THEY WOULD EVEN FIX THE FLIPPIN’ MAPI SETTINGS in the new client I would be much mollified. As it stands, if you use Opera Mail, you have NO CHOICE but to have a minimum of two mail clients on your machine, just so you can have MAPI. That monumentally sucks.

      • andluc melive

        THANKS! I’m disappointed too…

      • David_Gould

        Worthy comment, deserves a response from Opera Software methinks.

        (unbiased as I don’t use Opera Mail)

        • ayespy

          I would hope so, to. But since Opera Mail “final” was released, I have gotten exactly zero responses from Opera to any of my comments on the subject. This is why my impression is that, since it was “finaled,” it was cast adrift.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            If so, one might hope that they’ll consider open-sourcing the Opera Mail client at some point.

          • ayespy

            Not while they are still building and selling presto-based products – which they are.

      • Oh dear, I didn’t know that such things are broken :-(. So a change to, eh, Opera 35 (hopefully with some features from O12) and Opera Mail is not really an option then. Is it that hard/expensive to send one developer for one week to Opera Mail to at least fix the bugs?!

        PS: Why do you have to use OM for IMAP? Where there improvements compared to O12’s mail client?

        • ayespy

          Long story. I like the OM interface. I just do.

          I use IMAP so that my available email record is the same across the web and all devices.

          But I ALSO use POP3 so that I have a permanent archive of all my negotiations, assignments received, finished jobs delivered and bills sent going back to 1999. If I had the choice, I’d use IMAP for everything routine, including MAPI traffic, and just save off the current state of the mail server(s) once a day to my permanent POP3 archive (I only use this paranoid storage method because of that one time GMail lost everyone’s email).

          But it happens OM12 is not only my decade-plus POP3 archive, but has to be my MAPI client as well, because new OM won’t do MAPI.

  • Sander

    *sigh* still no proper bookmarks support? It’s been almost a year since Opera 15 (July 2, 2013) but I don’t see it coming…
    The blog post dated July 4, 2013 says “Edit 10 July: we’ve announced that we’re prioritising building bookmarks functionality after hearing your feedback.”
    So when?!

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I’ve noticed those new flags:

    Dark private mode window frame
    Enables darker window frame for private mode

    Enable HarfBuzz for UI
    Use the cross-platform HarfBuzz engine for UI text. Doesn’t affect web content.

  • ukbeast

    Since I am on Linux, flash’s last version is 11.2.
    I however have been using Maxthon with chrome installed, which gives me the latest Pepper flash, and have been using that for around 4 months.
    Difference is you are using a higher chrome version.

    • anonym

      there are several distros (ubuntu, arch, suse among them) which do have a pepper-flash or something similar in their repos. just search for it, works fine with chromium.

      • They don’t need Chrome installed. They do need Chrome. Those packages work by pulling down the latest Chrome package in their post install scripts, ripping out Flash dumping everything else.

        • anonym

          well… 4.6mb (chromium-pepper-flash) compared to 44.6mb (chrome) doesn’t sound like extracting it after download 😉

          • 4.6Mb install. Chrome was (or at least should) have been downloaded.

            There is no other source for the Pepper Plugin on Linux, than the one bundled with Chrome. Adobe do not provide it standalone and it breaks Google’s license to rip it out and offer it entirely on its own in a separate package. If your distro is doing it they may find themselves in trouble.

            The current workaround (at least on Debian) seems to be grab it in post install, extract Pepper Flash and dump everything else.

          • anonym

            yeah, but at least opensuse does the extraction before uploading the package into obs. so 4.6mb was the download-size (couldn’t check the install as my laptop with suse crashed 1 month ago 🙁 (and i dont have a linux atm) )

          • Then they are likely to get themselves in trouble. Google’s license does not permit that.

  • zakius

    more stable

    yeah, and like 50% slower, and fully compatible with normal version
    GG, WP

  • Mandrew

    After 8 “major” releases there’s still no sign of Linux version, bookmarks, interface is getting really old (just move the menu button where it is on other browsers already). Customization is practically none as compared to Opera 12.
    Are you guys even trying? I’ve been a daily user of Opera since version 6, but now I can’t make myself to use Opera for my every day tasks.
    Of course, there are some good things, like great developer tools and none of that privacy invading Chrome stuff.

    • Cryio

      Even IE11 is more customizable than Opera now.

  • MartinezZ

    Nice. And basic features from Opera 12 are still nowhere…

  • Onaj Tamo

    I wish I could time travel to the time when O15 was released and tell my past self who was hoping to get a Linux version by O16 to not hope for anything because even now there is still no Opera for Linux.And tell myself to stop watching this blog.

  • FoxkidMCF .

    so, this is the big thing? ugh, so disappointed.

    • ayespy

      No. It’s not.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    510 points at

    • ABDX

      505 for me …..strange,no H.264 support
      do i have to enable a flag or something ?

      • Nekomajin42
        • ABDX

          thnx man !

      • Leonardo Gomes

        You need to enable some flags to get that score.

        • Sidney Moraes

          I enabled that flag however I got the same result 505.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It’s more than just one flag. 🙂

          • Sidney Moraes

            What is the other one?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            That’s four or five maybe. I’m not sure but try these ones:

            Enable experimental canvas features

            Enable Experimental JavaScript

            Enable experimental Web Platform features

            Enable WebGL Draft Extensions

            Enable Web MIDI API

            Support for ServiceWorker

          • Cryio

            You can get 508 in Next with all flags.

  • askuhn

    Am I the only one excited for h264 support? Videos without Flash 🙂

    • H.264 has nothing to do with Flash, it is just the player. You will still use Flash, whenever the site requires it.

      • askuhn

        Sure, but there are many videos encoded using h264 that currently fallback to Flash when native h264 playback isn’t available. Unless I’m misunderstanding the changelog (which could easily be true), then that’s what I was looking forward to…

        • Fallback because HTML5 player ain’t available, nothing to do at all with H.264. You’re comparing a car to a house.

          • askuhn

            These same videos load just fine via HTML5 in Firefox. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t dug into why these videos fall back to Flash in Opera, but I was just assuming it was a lack of h264 support because WebM and Theora videos play just fine.

  • Lacedaemon

    Still complete broken

    • ayespy

      Useless post. Doesn’t say what’s broken, or how.

      I’m not a gamer, because I have a life, but the front page at least, loaded with no problems.

      Have you checked your extensions?

      • Lacedaemon

        I have a life too and I’m also gamer so that’s plain bullshit. Here is what it looks like with or without extensions (which are ghostery,https and adblock fyi):

        • ayespy

          ghostery and adblock have broken plenty of sites

          • Lacedaemon

            Even when disabled? Fyi it looks fine in O22, Firefox and Chrome with those extensions enabled.

          • ayespy

            Here’s what I know: On my machine, Win 8.1 x64, the front page of the site looks IDENTICAL in Opera 22, 23, 24, Otter, PaleMoon, Firefox and IE

    • Mateusz Madej

      I see no issue with this page on Win7 or Win 8.1. Even with ABP and Ghostery

      • Lacedaemon

        Deleting preferences file fixes it, so it must be something related to it.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Well, yes. Same in Canary and FF.

          • Lacedaemon

            FF (30) works fine here and I’ve changed almost every possible variable in options so it happens only in chromium I suppose.

          • Marcin Mitek

            I increased the minimum font size in Firefox 30 to 9 and ended up with the same result.


          • Lacedaemon

            This wasn’t happening until the moment I’ve changed the “Fonts for: Western” to something else.

  • knoelli

    I tried the pepper flash plugin and must say, I’m rather disappointed. The ppapi plugin seems to be much slower than the npapi one, resulting in higher cpu usage combined with an unpleasant user experience (i.e. pages like online games and the like that heavily rely on flash seem to react much slower, have a lagging UI).

    I already noticed the same problem on a Linux machine where I use Chrome – with the drop of npapi support in Chrome 35 flash content (with pepper flash) used much more cpu time while making the user experience much slower.

    Although I’m sure ppapi is the way to go in the future – with google pushing away from npapi – I hope that Opera will not make the same mistake (as did Chrome on Linux) and drop npapi support before ppapi becomes equally (if not better) usable, stable and fast.

    • error

      Won’t happen. Opera is using chromium as it’s base, NPAPI was dropped on Linux chromium and devs don’t have plans to reimplement it like on Windows and Mac. There won’t be NPAPI plugins working on Opera for Linux. All plugins except flash (which is slower and isn’t feature full compared to NPAPI one on Linux) don’t have pepper implementations so they won’t work (Java, Silverlight, Acrobat, Air, etc.). If you need plugins in your everyday browsing just use firefox or other browser.

    • bwat47

      Since PPAPI is sandboxed there’s some overhead increase, according to this somewhat recent comment from a chromium developer:

      “The plugin is not going to use your GPU “directly”, as it is not allowed to do so for security reasons. The plugin is using Pepper API to communicate through the sandbox with the hardware to shield users from malicious software. Going through the sandbox involves some overhead. Now, when “Stats for Nerds” shows “accelerated video decoding” the Pepper hardware decode API is used without doubt. The largest relative benefit of this feature is seen when playing high definition videos.”

      And until recently hardware decode wasn’t enabled for all users with ppapi flash, but it looks like it should be now according to a more recent comment (june 6th) on that bug report. However I’m not sure if this applies to opera’s ‘system’ pepper flash, or just the one built into chrome.

  • Herr Pietrus

    UI is now bigger, and as I see, with my 125% windows DPI setting nothing changes when HDPI support is on (and vice versa, when it’s off…)

    BTW – I see that in 24 dev chrome extensions doesn’t work again, like in last 23 next.

    • Marcin Mitek

      It’s not yet ready (HiDPI), latest Chromium update broke couple of things, and we need to fix them. It will be announced on the blog that it’s ready to test by you.

  • ABDX

    BUG: when opera 24 window is maximized, auto-hidden windows taskbar wont show, this was a very old problem that was solved and it returned now

  • Cryio


    Seriously, enough. Do something for the user. Something that we see. The browser works well enough.

    People don’t use IE because it lacks extensions.
    People don’t Firefox because it still isn’t multithreaded so it hard locks pretty often.
    People don’t use Opera because …. IT LACKS FEATURES. It lacks everything. It can render web pages. Boring.

    If I want speed, I’d use IE/Chrome
    If I want all the extensions in the world, I’d use Firefox.
    If, for whatever reason, I would want ONLY a proper Speed Dial, I would use Opera. That’s the only reason.

    So stop this bullshit with under the hood improvements.
    Maxthon changed its UI completely some 2-4 months before you guys did. And look at how feature complete the whole thing is now. They may have at max a half of year ahead of you, but they are doing real improvements. You guys aren’t doing jack important.

    For the love of God, ignore everything under the hood related and BRING:
    – proper bookmarks
    – tabs, like they where in Opera 12
    – proper synchronization

    Concentrate on those three (ONLY THREE) things there. After you are done with those THREE things, you can do whatever fancy stuff you’d like.

    Just please, listen to reason.

    PS: A Linux build wouldn’t kill you, also.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Which file should I download from Adobe Labs to use Pepper Flash? I tried two here and nothing happens. Windows 8.1 here.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Download plug-in for Windows – for all PPAPI based browsers <– This one.

  • Vux777

    -can’t type in address field (and other input fields) when “Experimental text input focus manager.” is enabled.
    -and this old bug with default favicon is still here

    • Leonardo Gomes

      can’t type in address field (and other input fields) when “Experimental text input focus manager.” is enabled.

      Same here. And it’s been happening since last build.

      • Vux777

        and favicons?
        default one is shown correctly?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Where? On tabs they seem ok most of the times. Also in history.

          If you are talking about Bookmarks bar, i don’t use it so i can’t tell if favicons are working or not.

          • Vux777

            yea, I was referring to bookmarks bar…
            especially to folder drop down, sites on BB directly have favicon

  • Flash Player 14 is not a beta (went stable 1 week ago)

    • Mateusz Madej

      PPAPI is still in beta.

      • Is there a PPAPI beta for OS X yet?

    • L33t4opera

      By the way, that is interesting for Windows 8 users:
      “Flash Player 14 for Windows 8.x 64-Bit and Internet Explorer:
      &nbspFlash Player 14 for Windows 8.x 32-Bit and Internet Explorer:
      &nbspPlease note that both Flash Player for Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 8 are updated using different mechanisms. Flash Player for Google Chrome updates will occur during regular Chrome updates. Flash Player updates for Internet Explorer on Windows 8 will be provided by Microsoft though the Windows automatic update feature.”

      • That also applies to Windows 8.1

      • Not sure if original 8 or 8.1 still get them (IE flash udpates), I know 8.1 update 1 does

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Chas4, I thought you could also be interested in this.

  • naranj

    There motivation in linux project, at least?

    • Mateusz Madej

      I don’t fully understand the question but Yes, we’ve got motivation and means to make Linux build now. Just need a little bit more patience 🙂

  • WeeZ

    Guys, really, why synchronisation still not work? It’s so hard complete that you started some versions ago?

  • pp03

    the only thing i don’t use opera for mac is “DNA-20488 Popup window should open in new tab while in full screen mode”

  • taneli

    High CPU usage still kills the browser when HW acceleration is on, still staying on O21 where it works.

    Referring to:

  • Kamil Darczyński

    Adblock Plus Version 1.8.3 – Not working on this build, i can’t enable the extesions.

    Solution ?

    • SiMcarD

      Solution is to wait for next build, I suppose :-/

    • Kamen Minkov

      Use Adblock.

  • zeke

    Excellent. A big step forwards.

  • Kamen Minkov

    Running on XP SP3 – I can’t access my taskbar (it’s set to auto hide) when Opera is front-most, no matter if it’s maximized or not. I don’t know it’s Windows-specific or limited only to XP; I know XP is ancient, but I’m still running an old rig.

    • Cryio

      W8.1 runs on 2004 hardware. You’re running XP. There is no point in asking for fixes at this point.

      • Kamen Minkov

        I’m not asking for fixes, I’m just stating the existence of a bug that might manifest on other platforms.

    • Dave-H

      Seems to be fine here on XP SP3.
      The taskbar re-appears if I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen as it should do.

    • ABDX

      same problem here on win7x64

      • josemuk

        Same here (w7 x64)

      • koss_x_treeme

        same here !!!. opera 17 autohide taskbar.. no acces to taskbar on opera maximized !!!!!

  • serendipity1002

    – Pages with disqus like this blog crash frequently and randomly
    – Typing into the address bar and Google instant search suggestions appear in bold font and have its length curtailed

    • Marcin Mitek

      This is known issue, already fixed internally.

  • Raylan Givens

    Peper Flash doesnt support DXVA like the normal (NPAPI ) does, amirite?

  • kingey

    YES! Another feature that nobody cared is on opera, YAY, YAY, YAY!

    Really gone the time where ASA listened to opera’s users…

  • Inquisitor

    I could be mistaken, but isn’t the font rendering in Opera Presto far better / sharper / cleaner than in Opera Blink?

    Please, Opera developers, make the Opera Blink fonts as crisp and clean as you did in Opera Presto. Thanks. 🙂

    • Lacedaemon

      Yes, Opera Presto’s fonts are superior. Chromium’s are so thin and fragile, they hurt my eyes.

      • Martin Fiala

        BTW, if you don’t mind your fonts looking smoother (I certainly don’t), you can try using a user style on all pages that uses font shadow to give fonts a bit more weight and smooth out some edges:

        HTML {
        -webkit-text-stroke: 0.0px !important;
        text-shadow: rgba(0,0,0, 0.2) 0.2px 0px 0.3px, rgba(0,0,0, 0.2) -0.2px 0px 0.3px !important;

        You can of course tweak the values to your liking, this is what gives me fonts that are pretty similar to what my MacType tweaked browsers give me.

        It’s by no means a real solution, just a simple crutch, it breaks pages that do use font shadow, and also some fonts do look a bit too smudged (you really have to find a compromise that works acceptably in most cases, this is mine), but I find it’s still better than nothing.

        • Lacedaemon

          Thx for the suggestion. I would gladly test it but where do I put it?

          • Martin Fiala

            If you don’t know, your best bet would likely be to install the Stylish extension and go from there.

    • Martin Fiala

      That’s because Chromium does terrible things with font rendering, especially on Windows platform, because the developers think they know better than their users how the fonts should look like and don’t really give a rat’s ass about what the people think. They completely ignore any system-wide settings and apply their own rendering and processing to it. Therefore Chromium (and Chromium-based browsers) has easily the worst font rendering of all main browsers on Windows for years now.

      Opera Blink just uses the same code Chromium does, sadly.

    • Well, fonts just look absolutely gorgeous with HiDPI on now (QHD+ screen) 🙂
      So there definitely IS an improvement.

      I guess that doesn’t really help for low-res screens though… But since high-res will be the standard in future…

      • Martin Fiala

        That’s not saying much, though, since you REALLY need to screw things up for fonts to not look great in high DPI. It’s not hard to make fonts look good in high resolution. It’s quite hard to make them look good in low resolution, though…

        With that being said, I’m happy that some day in the future when we all have 4K+ monitors, fonts in Opera will look amazing. Right now, though, they look like crap. And let’s hope that when that day comes and we all have those monitors, there are still at least some Opera users left.

  • Laga Mahesa

    Still getting a crash on browser shutdown.

    • Hmm the Opera crash reporter is not triggering? (never seen the new one on Windows), the crash report will show in the Action Center

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Can you at least tell us estimated (not exact) time of Linux release? I was the one who told that i will be with Opera untill the end, but this beginning to annoy me very much.

  • zeke

    Hello Ruarí,

    when can we expect flash PPAPI out of the box in Op Next and Opera Stable?

    less than 1 year? more?

    is Opera going to maintain support for 32 bit oldies like mine?
    thanks for the browser. 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Depending on how things go with the developer builds of Opera 24, i guess ppapi flash can be included on Next and Stable when 24 reaches those streams.

      • zeke

        Obrigado|Thanks Leonardo.

        Sorry but im a computer ignoramus. You mean pepper flash will be included in 24 next + stable just like chrome, without any more juggling (which i am unable to do).

        thats very kool news. congrats and all the best.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Nope, what i mean is that Opera 24 may support ppapi flash but i don’t think it will be included on Opera installer, you’ll need to download it from Adobe.

          • zeke

            ok then. one question:
            im using an old imac, snow leopard (32 bit), intel core duo 2ghz, 2 gb ram.

            which of the PPAPI plugins should i d-load for Opera 24 at the adobe site????? I checked it but i felt like a donkey looking at a palace. lol lol

            thanks a lot 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            As said on the post there is no ppapi flash for Mac yet:

            Pepper Flash is only available for Windows but the code is in place for this to work on Mac as well.

          • zeke

            ok. i read the “the code is in place” the wrong way. ill keep checking here for the mac release of PPAPI.
            thanks, Leonardo. 🙂
            all the best,

          • L33t4opera

            “However, if you really want to test Opera with Chrome’s copy of Flash, first copy out the plugin itself. To get this, download Chrome, mount it and copy out the Pepper Flash plugin file. You will find it here:Google Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlash/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin/Contents/MacOS/PepperFlashPlayerSave it somewhere you can easily reference later, e.g. your home folder. Then start Opera from the terminal like so:/Applications/Opera –ppapi-flash-path=$HOME/PepperFlashPlayer –ppapi-flash-version=”″Is this convenient? … No! But it will allow you to quickly test and confirm that Opera will work with Pepper Flash.”

          • zeke

            thanks. im sure it works. would i have to always start it from the terminal?

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Zeke, since the Flash Player 14 beta PPAPI build has been introduced also for Mac OS X, you can try another approach:
            1. Download the plug-in for Mac, and install it,
            2. Launch the Opera, and enable the PPAPI flag in the flags, as follows: go to the address bar, type “opera://flags/#find-pepper-flash-plugin”, and press enter, then select “Enabled” from the selectbox, and then relaunch the Opera.

          • zeke


            it works beautifully. 🙂 really nice!!! smooth as silk.
            tried it out @ bbc and its super dooper.

            thanks guys. wicked. 🙂

            PS: thanks to Leonardo as well.

          • Yep, so I have a beta Pepper and a stable netscape plug in to test

            Watching a Hulu video with subs (tho res is low due to ut be a 90’s show, it seems to be much smother, but a CPU hog 50 to 80% CPU (Opera – Task Manager) and it is using 221 MB of RAM, the PPAPI plug in is not listed separately in the OS X Activity Monitor, shows as Opera Helper it seems

            I have a bunch of tabs and windows open GPU process is at 1.4GB of RAM

            (this is in Opera 22 stable) will test Next and Dev later

          • zeke


            i tested op next with flash 14 beta ppapi at qualysbrowsercheck. when i ran the test, qualys did not
            identify flash at all. it is as if it was not installed at all. zero. (is this the out-of-process thing? dont know)

            i did notice an increase in cpu usage (task manager) as well in both opnext and opdev with ppapi flash installed. the increase varies between + 100>200 mb ram

            flash 14 beta ppapi also works with opera next with no probs, except the click to play prob that requires reloading the page.

            how about security? PPAPI appears to be a standalone (since it is installed in System in Mac)

          • L33t4opera

            “By porting Flash to PPAPI we’ve been able to achieve what was previously impossible with NPAPI for the 99.9% of Chrome users that rely on Flash. Windows Flash is now inside a sandbox that’s as strong as Chrome’s native sandbox, and dramatically more robust than anything else available. And for the first time ever, Windows XP users (specifically, over 100 million Chrome users) have a sandboxed Flash—which is critical given the absence of OS support for security features like ASLR and integrity levels.

            Beyond the security benefits, PPAPI has allowed us to move plug-ins forward in numerous other ways. By eliminating the complexity and legacy code associated with NPAPI, we’ve reduced Flash crashes by about 20%. We can also composite Flash content on the GPU, allowing faster rendering and smooth scrolling (with more improvements to come). And because PPAPI doesn’t let the OS bleed through, it’s the only way to use all Flash features on any site in Windows 8 Metro mode.”

          • zeke

            thanks L33t4opera,

            im using mac os X10.6.8 but that is very good news.

            is it just a safe with mac????

          • L33t4opera

            but a CPU hog 50 to 80% CPU

            Yep, I can confirm this, and it occurs in Windows, and under Wine@Linux as well, so it seems to be os independent, and therefore I think, that it’s the plug-in fault, but since it’s beta, and in early devepment state (PPAPI), so in conclusion, it’s looks like, that the Flash’s developers, need a bit more time, to find the way to fix performance’s bugs, such as this one.

          • The CPU hog bug is also present in the stable Flash on any system with OpenGL (non Windows, no DirectX), it is a very old bug, a 360p resolution video will cause a CPU spike when using OpenGL but not DirectX, I know from at least the OS X side that the Flash Player is very bad with OpenGL, tho when my brothers Laptop with Windows XP plays the same content there is not really even a cpu spike, points to a Flash Player bug dating back to at least 2003 or so (why I first started using click to play (Flash Player is crash happy, and loves to waste CPU, I used the click to play to avoid having Flash Player crash the browser or cause a bug CPU spike), Maybe the Chromium team can find the defect and get it fix

            Strange bug tho is that Opera is IDing PPAPI Flash as Shockwave Flash (in Task Manager – Opera) (same bug in regular Flash (it is going by the old Macromedia name rather than Adobe), and Adobe Shockwave is a different plug in than Adobe Flash player)

  • Kevin Thompson

    Please bring back mouse gestures on links!

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Opera & Vine…
    What about pages like Chrome and FF can play the little scenes, Opera shows only still images.

    • It is a bug with click to play support, Instagram had a similar bug tho I think Facebook finally fix it

  • Gary

    I have found this version of Opera developer the most buggy yet and have to move back to the stable version – I have found 2 main problems:
    – adblock fails to enable, when reload is selected it continues to crash or disable
    – windows on screen keyboard text prediction does not work
    hope these issues do not transfer through to the stable version which I am now using

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Sorry, I can not confirm your experience. I’m also using Adblock and this version runs very stable here. Which version of windows are you using? Windows 7×64 here, Opera installed as USB installation. Have you tried a clean installation into a new folder? Just for testing?

      • Gary

        Yes using Windows 7 x64. I forgot to put the other major bug that I have had with this version is that windows start bar in auto hide will not pop up again – I thought we were over that several versions ago.

    • Inquisitor

      Confirmed! Win7/64

  • Der Herr Nick

    1) Search suggestions are shortened without reason in a very random manner. Bug or feature? With new Opera you never know.
    2) Many extensions are either completely broken (Adblock) other show random crashes. Some can be restartet manually, some cannot. I guess this is a bug, isn’t it?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Just a try: For those of you, who have problems with Adblock: Which version did you download and use, the one from the Opera extensions page or the one from the Google Chrome webstore ( I use the one from the Chrome webstore and don’t have any problems.

      • Der Herr Nick

        Thanks a lot! Adblock from the Chrome Web Store works. I also tried Adblock Plus which neither worked from the Opera nor from the Chrome Store.

        PS. Can you confirm the URL bar search suggestion thingy? E.g. if you look for our famous chancelorette and type “w Angela ” it suggests “Angela Mer…”, “Angela Lansb…” and “Angela Michalo…”.

        • IllusionMH

          Just read known issues 😉
          They are aware of this issue from the beginning. Hope for fix in next 24 build 🙂

          • Der Herr Nick

            Ah! Stupid me! Thanks!

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Even if I wanted and there would not be a known issue, I couldn’t confirm it, because I have switched off the “Forecast service” in the settings (the first point on “privacy and security”).

  • vinczej

    This version “kills” some extensions. (Mostly Chrome Web Store extensions, like Google Mail Checker, Google Calendar Checker Plus, etc..). I can’t Enable them, they become always automatically Disabled. Last O23 version (1522.14) and before weren’t affected with this problem.

  • For several builds already, some fonts (like Calibri) are rendered in a totally fugly way.

    Could you please fix it for next release? :/

  • Adobe now provide Pepper Flash for Mac on thier Labs page!

    • Rafael Luik

      @chasapple:disqus o/

    • Achoooo!

  • zeke


    I set plug-in prefs for “click to play”

    went to youtube

    clicked on click to play (gorillaz dare tune)

    error pops up.

    reloaded page

    clicked very quickly on “click to play” (youtube, same tune)

    loaded with no probs
    on “run automatically” no probs at all.

    Opera Dev 24 on iMac intel core duo 2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM (almost 7 yrs old)

    • cgebhard

      Just tested it and can confirm it for 24. Always had to load the plugin twice or disable click-to-play.

      Also had the same problem when developer was still 23. (Win8.1 x64)

      • cgebhard

        this is the error Youtube prompts:

        • zeke

          yeap. thats it, cgebhard…

          the Print function on online newspaper pages does not work on + sites in both opnext +opdev

          in order to print have to go to Edit > Print

        • That error says nothing, I get that in other browsers too, even in Opera stable.

          • cgebhard

            The image was just to show that the error is provided by youtube and not by flash itself or opera.

  • zeke

    Opera Dev 24

    on new york times website

    prints on File > Print

    but not on Print on page (in More, below Email, Facebook and Twitter)

  • zeke

    @ BBC, Disconnect plugin appears to be interfering with loading of video. once i enable Google cookies > video starts…but i suppose that is to be expected, right?? it is a blocker, after all. dont know.

  • I’ve noticed one thing amongst others. Opera plays Youtube html5 only when flash plugin is disabled? (W8x64)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Since a few months ago, when YT started to send wrong information to Opera and causing html5 videos to not play fine.

      • I am told you do not support the ‘something’ codecs (shows for a split second) then sent to flash player video player

      • Just made a test with Opera Next 12.15 and there this problem doesn’t occur.


      Shows something strange, says Opera 22 does not support

      WebM VP8, but does support MSE & WebM VP9

  • Disable Adobe in Chrome, restart with only Pepper.

    • Enable Pepper in Opera, cross your fingers and pray.

      • Restart everything aaaand… Suck it up, you really fell for it!!

        • It is a beta for teh PAPPI plug in and the Opera find PAPPI Flash player is in testing

          • Not wise to call it the big thing then, if it doesn’t even work.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Hector, you can try this solution this, to work around the issue.

          • It happens with all companies whether the product is in alpha or beta or stable the the new ability is added

  • Footman player does not work on opera

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      You mean, ifyouI click on one of the “play” buttons? Works here. Which adblocker do you use and which adblock lists?

      • Might be a click to play plug issue, a lot of sites broke the code now and so click to play exception has to be added as a work around

      • Footman

        I deactivated all extensions and deleted cookies. Still does not work.
        Using Opera 24 for Mac.

  • Snow of March

    Is there a task to create a setting that allows to show Opera-menu at left of tabs? (in normal window mode)
    I am waiting for this implementation because Opera 12 can it.

  • Michael M.

    I got AdBlock extension crash on this build. Can anybody confirm?

  • Guest

    Opera for Linux: Coming soon in your desktop. It’s real.

  • Cjcr

    Opera for Linux: Coming soon in your desktop. It’s real.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski


    • Hmm … that looks familiar. 😉

      • :penguin: is the word…


    • Great because I never liked Chrome in any platform. Can’t wait to ditch it.

    • Łukasz Darzki

      Whenever I see Opera user agent I just can’t stop laughing. Why so racist? If we include there everyone, add IE/Trident, too!

      PS I know.

      • In IE 11 the default ua string does not even have “IE” in the UA string

        The extra names are to work around defective website coding (broken browser sniffing, which will always break in a few weeks (browsers get updated all the time )

  • trojanobelix

    Might be the wrong place and/or discussed before (tltr, as every time). But wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a public roadmap with the big steps/features and the Oxx version you planed for the release of these features?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      For whom? For the competitors or software spions?

      • eXzentrik

        Mozilla does this, too and calls it “Feature/Release Tracking”.

        • Rafael Luik

          And I remember well the “new tab page” promises they broke by editing those pages while they were developing…

  • Vux777

    about that Linux hype could be next week

  • docwho

    FYI: i use opera and not chrome ’cause i don’t like Pepper Flash!!

    • Jasius

      Pepperflash is THE WORST no joking.

  • zeke

    on this page:

    OpDev 24 keeps on waiting for server. it does not go back nor forth. gets stuck beach balling if you try to go to another page (back and forth quickly)

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Not here. A temporary problem? Or a problem with a special kind of adblocking? W7x64

      • zeke

        could be, Ralf Brinkmann. i was/am using Disconnect.
        OperaN, also with disconnect installed, does not “behave” the same way. thanks

        speed improvements are noticeable in OperaD 24. really fast, loads pages in a snap.

      • zeke

        right you are, Ralf.
        uninstalled & now it runs fine. no probs at all.

  • zeke

    Opera Developers,

    Do you remember Omniwebs adblocker?????? (adblocker that was part of the browser itself = no conflicting “scripts”)

    Why doesn’t Opera include an Adblocker as part of its browser (so that its users dont have to install an extension for that purpose)

    • zeke

      PS: maybe Opera came up with in-box adblocker first. dont know.

  • jeremiedurand

    Adblock Plus doesn’t work anymore with this new version.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      If you want to use Adblock software, don’t use the one from the Opera store, use the one from the Chrome webstore. That works better. And I would not recommend Adblock Plus. The owner of Adblock Plus makes contracts with people and companies for not being blocked in his lists! This is his business. A lot was already written about this scandal. Use Adblock (without “Plus”) instead. And select the right blocking lists: Easylist, Anti Social Filterlist, EasyPrivacy and Fanboy’s Annoyences. This corresponds to the well known Fanboys Adblock lists on “”. Don’t use the Adblock Standard Filter. Probably you also want to add one of the additional lists for your language, for example “deutsch” for Germans. That’s all. The good thing with Adblock is, that you can easily add your own filters or exceptions, like

      Or you can create your own filterlist like the old urlfilter.ini.

      • zeke

        Ralf B,

        i think they all make their money by blocking some/most and letting others obtain info. selective blocking > sell info only to some. thats me speculating.

        now i simply block all images. dont need images anyway. i am not too keen on extensions. i prefer an “organic browser” with all (few) the essentials packed in (non stand alone flash, internal adblock)

        i would only use extensions made by opera, such as PDF HTML 5, which is brilliant and fast.

        i do realise that extensions allow personalisation and that many regard it as essential pre-requisite but i do not like them at all.

        • Lacedaemon

          Just a minor correction: PDF HTML5 is from Mozilla.

          • zeke

            ok. apologies/congrats to Mozilla Foundation.

      • jeremiedurand

        Ralf Brinkmann

        Thank you for your reply, but I don’t want to use any extension from the Chrome webstore. I’m not a Chrome supporter. Opera has its own store, all my extensions will always come from it.

        Besides, I’m really satisfied with Adblock Plus, so I would like to continue to use it. Only this last 24.0.1534.0 build broke it.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    With Pepper Flash PlugIn activated WebGL content is not working. Not in Opera and not in Google Chrome.

    • NoName

      I have no problems here.
      Win 8.1

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems to be working here.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Thank you for all your ansers. With the new version 24.0.1537.0 it also runs here.So the world is ok again.

  • Lacedaemon

    REQUEST: Speed Dial’s individual rows can be locked, so that deleting an item does not mess up the whole SD, leading to 5 minutes of extra, painful work.

  • Leonardo Gomes
  • L33t4opera

    The brand new Opera Developer: 24.0.1537.0 – this time for all three friends!

    • Vux777

      with tabs preview
      when hovering mouse over tab, page preview is shown on current page (sized a little)
      very nice

  • zeke


    OpDev 24

    click on OpDev 24

    it pops up

    Immediately click on red X (upper left corner besides yellow – (minus) and green + (plus) to drop the tab

    Opdev > “opera has recovered from a crash and has disabled your extensions. sorry”

    it is mistaking a tab drop for a crash

    opdev 24 running on imac 2 ghz intel core duo, 2 gb ram (6-7 yrs old)

  • RTS

    When you return the trashbox in the corner of the adress bar?

  • Mohammad Imtianul Haque Dimik

    After installing Opera 24 it always use high CPU (100% most of the time). Speed dial appears as empty after clicking the new tab.
    opera 23 didn’t had that problem.

    • Jasius

      I am having this EXACT issue, this kind of crap happened to me with Chrome, what is the cause of this?!?!

  • HG

    gimme private tab, bookmark manager and customizable EVERYTHING

  • S Shn

    Hello everyone. I’m using linux Mint and its native pepperflash-plugin for opera-developer. Youtube(and few more resources) works fine but instagram/facebook/vine videos not working. Disabling hardware acceleration doesn’t work. Could you please tell me where can I post this issue?

    Thanks you.

  • Way to go with the pepper plugin Ruari at least we’ll get flash to work

  • Freed Back

    wy shoud hi instal peper flasch four operra??? an wath his thee diferance whit normall abode flasch playor??? tanks,,,,

  • Omar farukh

    something new

    need flash game….