The Windows and Mac versions of Opera make for a fast, safe and fun web browsing experience. Our latest offering is Opera 21. If you are already running Opera you will receive an update automatically. If you are new, you can download Opera for Windows here or Opera for Mac here.

So what’s new?


With Opera 21 we made the jump to using Aura, a technology that allows us to hardware-accelerate the entire browser, including the user interface.

The team here put a lot of effort into getting Aura to work properly with Opera and the benefits are already paying off. Aura allows for smoother, snappier animations with a more responsive feel. So far, we have only scratched the surface of this technology, and Opera 21’s primary intention was to get Aura working and stable. In the future, you will see further benefits as it allows us to give everything that little extra bit of polish!

Opera for Mac does not use Aura but Mac users needn’t worry. Our Mac version makes use of Apple Core Animation technology to enable us to achieve the same snazzy effects.

Address field option

This feature might seem small but we feel we should highlight it, as it has often been requested. We now provide an option to make Opera persistently show a page’s complete URL in the address field.

Why hadn’t we done this before? For most users, our simplified URL field is the best option. We have removed all of the distracting clutter, focusing on the most important information (the domain) and use a small badge to show a page’s security. Doing so helps users to quickly and simply identify that the site that they are browsing is the one they expect. It makes it a lot harder for the bad guys to trick you!

Opera 21 Default URL

For more technical users who need to quickly see the entire URL at a glance, go to “Settings | Advanced: Show always full URL in address field” to view all of that “important” information.

Opera 21 Full URL

Key fixes and improvements

  • Updated Chromium to 34.0.1847.132 for even better site compatibility.
  • Opera will now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows. No more tiny fonts!
  • We have reworked our Mac keyboard handling slightly to allow for better support of web apps such as Google Docs and GitHub.
  • Off-Road mode (Opera Turbo) is explained when it is enabled.

For a full list of all the hundreds of changes, improvements and fixes, refer to the Opera 21 Changelog. Beware, it is long!

Download Opera for Windows  /  Download Opera for Mac

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  • Michael Pürmayr

    Dear Opera team!

    Thanks for all your work in building a browser I love to use every day. I hope you will continue delivering stable and good user experience while not forgetting all the “advanced” and “hardcore” users out there who want to have all the options available to them.

    • Dear Michael,
      Thank you very much for your words.

      What scenario of your every day usage is not satisfied yet? Please talk about what you want to do, and how you do it now. Please avoid naming particular feature names.

      • Dear Opera team!

        I can tell you what is annoing for me.
        Missing “open link in new tab” gesture.
        And no possibility to change shortcut for default search engines.

        But i thing that you know about it 🙂

        • ricksper

          Why is it so hard to make a link actually open in a new tab from the context menu? Sure a new tab gets created but I have to go find it and click on it.
          Pretty much the same issue with the QAB. It just reuses the currently active tab or I have to do as I just described.
          Needs a setting

          • of course that i can use context menu instead gesture. I tried to get used to, but i don’t like.

            There is many thing which i can do in other way, but I see no need to change my habits. I prefer to change the browser.

        • Rookie

          I missed that too, but since you use mouse already because of mouse gestures, use just mouse-wheel middle click on a link? It’s even faster…

          • yes, but gesture in opera 12 open link in foreground. Middle click and context menu open link in background.

      • Roman Di

        Thank you for implementing full-url option.
        The things I miss:
        – open frame in new tab (not critical, but was useful in Opera 12);
        – Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc hotkeys to open most used speed dial bookmarks;
        – customizable hotkeys (I still cannot get used to use Ctrl instead Ctrl+Shift to open tab in background);
        – customizable UI (for example, I always remove New tab ‘Plus’ button and move Opera button to url panel to get more space for tabs; also, I turn off tab close buttons, etc.);
        – Trash button, so I can reopen closed tabs without going to menu;
        – and, of course, precious Dragonfly 🙂

      • Roman Di

        Please return list of opened tabs when Ctrl+Tab is pressed.

      • Roman Di

        Private Tab is also feature I used very often. Private window is not convenient to use if I only need 1-2 tabs.

  • blackcoder

    Thank you for the great work. 🙂

    • You are welcome. Thank you for your words!

      • reesmichael1

        Seriously, though, Mr. Beisekov, thank you very much for patrolling these comments and explaining things to disgruntled users. It’s refreshing to have someone like you taking the time to answer all of these redundant questions, and I’m sure the people who are asking them appreciate it as well.

  • Ste

    Ok, everytings great, but please give us Opera Sync. Is the general option, and any other browser have it. Yes, I know its in opera;flags.

    • We know it is important. It is high priority for us to make it available for everyone. But we need to do it properly to make it work for everyone not only geeks, so it takes a lot of time (more than we expected).

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Well, when I used Opera I didn’t have any problems with Sync, so I think you can “push it” to stable version. But, heh, I’m not developer, so… 😛

        • @Piter432:disqus, what are doing then for living? What devices do you have to sync?

      • Nekomajin42

        It must be the most perfect software ever written since you’ve been working on it for almost a year…

    • shani

      They included tab-cycling a long time ago!

  • Sent from Linux

  • Esteban F. Pérez

    What about Linux?

    • If you read this blog regularly, you will be the first to know about it 🙂

      • SQL

        I’ve been reading regularly without anything Linux-related. Not sure how long can i spam F5 anymore.

  • Your name

    Oh, boy. I keep wondering if the original Opera developers find this joke even remotely funny.

    • There are quite a few old timers still here.

      • Your name

        So do they?

        • Well I’m not sure I get what “joke” you are referring to.

          • Your name

            Sadly, you people generally don’t get it 🙁

            Your “hundreds of changes, improvements and fixes” changelog shows the two weeks old update, BTW. But then again, it´s only been an hour since this post, so by all means take your time.

          • Sadly, you people generally don’t get it 🙁

            Well I am a long term Opera user (I have 3 licenses back from when Opera was a paid for product, one for each platform) and I have worked at Opera for over 5 years.

            I think I understand Opera better than most.

          • Your name

            Then how can you let all these happen?
            I gather many of all modern browsers features were devised by Opera forward thinkers. Many of them.
            Now you removed practically everything that makes a browser browser and you call it “innovation”. You brag and brag about improvements no one sees, about features that are just annoying, useless gizmos.

            I see an unusable something with an address bar.
            I needed three extra add-ons just to have a shadow of what bookmarks are supposed to be, for example. And still no actual practicality.

            Maybe you truly believe in your hearts you are again ahead of your time.
            But I’m afraid you went into a complete parallel universe.

          • Many people do value the simplicity. In modern world you don’t need to have tons of features in the software.

            Thanks for sharing your opinion.

          • Your name

            Well, thank you for your patience while listening.
            I hope I’ll be able to honor your passion by using your product sometime again.

          • Nekomajin42

            Simplicity is not equal to having an empty shell. Simplicity is equal to having tons of features hidden so everyone can decide what to turn on and use.

          • nsivkov

            Try comparing opera 12.5 to current version… 12.5 is wayyyy better. I’m not talking about the rendering engine or js compatibility but all the cool features that got trashed in the switch. It’s the little things that made opera awesome. It’s still awesome ,but less so. Opera user since V9 came out.

          • Fhury

            I hope you understand your users as well. I for one still enjoying using Opera. But like other active blog readers here I am constantly thrown back and forth between great expectation and disappointment. I think this is largely due to the fact that Opera development is just one black box to me. For example they way bookmarks have been handled over time is just one big mystery. By keeping us in the dark all the time I think you can not blame users for wondering what kind of development is going on if any.

          • icetom

            what do you expect him to reply? that Chrompera is bad? They wont reply that.

  • Thanks.

    • We do appreciate your words 🙂 Please let us know if you meet any troubles.

      • One question.:

        “Off-Road mode (Opera Turbo) is explained when it is enabled.”

        Is that mean a popup will show to user explaining Turbo? If so, doesn’t work…Pls confirm.

        • Yes, Opera Turbo is way too enigmatic now. Specially, it does not work for https websites as for now. Plus in the UI it is not so obvious that it is turned on. We are aware of it, and we are going to fix it.

          Opera Turbo is made with congested network in mind. So when you are on paid traffic or poor WiFi.

          How do you use Opera Turbo?

          • @zhenisbeisekov:disqus Thanks for explanations. I know how it works. My question was about the help page needs to be opened. But it seems a bug and you know it. Thanks.

          • Nekomajin42

            What about a static statusbar with a turbo status indicator on it? Just like the old times…

        • Vux777
  • Vux777

    working sync with bookmarks and passwords should be priority, especially when there is no simple way to export/import them. Login data file often become corrupted when transferring it between builds.

    • It is high priority. Things take time. It is big thing 🙂

      • Jakob Müller

        Too little, too late.

      • Vilikke Sinavnetmitt

        Not that big a thing. You should have had this as a number one priority while developing, so it would be finished by now.

        I left Opera for Chrome some years ago, due to problemes with bookmark syncing. Now I try Opera again, and I discover that you have removed bookmarks! Why??

        That “Stash”-feature is just silly; I want to group and organize my bookmarks.

        I also want to sync my bookmarks across units (phone, tablet). This works for Chrome, and it works for Safari. Apple has even made an extension to Chrome to sync bookmarks to iCloud (and Safari). This is what you should have done.

        In particular, you should consider syncing between Opera and Coast.

        • Grouping and organizing is very reasonable request. One of those we’d like to satisfy.

          BTW How often do you use Coast? What occasions?

          • Vilikke Sinavnetmitt

            I use it on my iPad when I feels for a different browsing experience. I think I would have used in more if there were some way to sync bookmarks with my other browsers.

          • Mehedi Hasan Nahid

            did you bring back the the bottom bar to select cached/no/yes image preference for every page? when there is a plugin for mozilla “imgLikeopera” here you guys left this huge bandwidth saver thing? or its just a useless update? still bookmark thing isnt fixed? we are stuck in opera 12 for very long time.

          • Nicolas Lopes

            i agree this is just another update we wont even realize its nothing like opera used to be it has no new functions its a crap

          • ayyosalli

            I’m still stuck on opera 12 . without bottom bar , bookmarks , notes & sync feature its useless. I’ll chrome if I need useless browser

          • Guest


        • Svetli4

          Im still waiting to fix the bookmarks, being able to import from other browsers (FF in my case). Till then – i won’t use Opera browser. 🙂

      • bwat47

        I hope its coming in the near future, I’d switch back to opera if it had sync + bookmarks 🙂

    • iemand

      Couldn’t agree more… I’m using opera on my desktop, laptop, work laptop, tablet and phone. Missing sync is REALLY annoying although it is a feature that is currently on all other browsers. Find it weird this is missing since the biggest market share is on mobile devices and it could be a great way to migrate users to the desktop version.
      Now you’re just keeping the die hard users in the cold…

      • Cryio

        I would love using Opera on my Windows Phone but I don’t know if WP supports other rendering engines

        • iemand

          Firefox was building a version for Windows metro interface with their engine so I don’t think there is a restriction in it. Microsoft is not as bad as Apple on that part 😉

          • Cryio

            Firefox tried to make a metro version for Windows 8 x86.

            They cannot build for RT and I’m not sure about WP8.1

            And W8 != RT != WP8.1

    • Ry

      I’d like to be able to import my bookmarks easily from Firefox.
      Upon installing Opera it should ask me to import from other browsers.

      The stash is cool for short term bookmarks.. I really want a list and structure like Firefox has.

    • MisterC

      Have you seen the last notes about Firefox Sync account?
      It seems Firefox will catch up Opera 12.16 faster than Opera itself.

  • sfikyfgy

    Does it have bookmarks and the ability to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers? Two basic features of all modern webbrowser

    • As for now you can use stash and speed dial. Automatic import is very important, I agree. Once it is done, we will let you know through this blog.

      • sfikyfgy

        Fast track bookmarks please! No matter what the developers do the browser is totally unusable without them! Why can’t you use the Chromium bookmarks until you figure something out? Listen to your users.

        • We do not share UI code with Chrome, so we cannot use it from the technical perspective.

          We see that there are two groups of people:
          1) don’t care about bookmarks
          2) treat them very seriously and keep them for years.

          as for now, there is:
          SD, bookmarks bar and stash.

          We see that each of them works for various scenarios. And still needs of the 2. group are not satisfied fully. We will be there at some point, it will take some time (longer than shorter).

          • Кostadin

            I just wait for the moment when all other browsers will try to “visualise” bookmarks as Opera now tries to achieve this with Speed Dial. What would all the guys complaining now say then? I think that the proposed new way is much more intuitive than the old one. My only problem is that the Bookmark Importer option is not active for me and I have the old Presto 12.17 installed.

          • Nekomajin42

            In an ideal word the SD is just one shell of the bookmark backend. Another shell should be a bookmark tree.

          • klasnic

            Try “visualizing” hundreds, if not thousands of bookmarks each with its colorful chaotic thumbnails on the Speed Dial.

          • Кostadin

            Well, speed dial folders do the job for me. But you are right that opening new SD tab each time could be annoying.

          • klasnic

            Stash at its current form is useless. You should have provided customization and grouping options so that people would use it as THE BOOKMARKS PLACE, contrary to

            Speed Dial that should and is the place FOR EVERY DAY USE with the most visited sites. If you do it your way, having hundreds of Bookmarks in SD not only clutters it too much but it is also hogging down the browser (performance wise and visually), since too much and not really 1st access useful stuff has to be loaded every time.

      • Nekomajin42

        It’s SOOOO important that you haven’t implemented it since v15. REALLY important for you.

  • Przemko Mx

    On http://www.opera.com/download/requirements/ You should info so Opera won’t run on non SSE2 processors.
    I’m using AMD Sempron 2800+ 1GB RAM and can’t use Opera…

    • The support has been dropped by Chromium team while ago:
      “On Windows we no longer support non-SSE2 machines since Chrome 35”

      Sorry about that.

    • I agree! There was no public notice from Google or Chromium team or Opera that I could tell. Stuff just quit working. I spent the better part of an entire day installing and uninstalling various Opera versions, thinking there was a bug in the installer and filing bug reports. It wasn’t until Chrome started throwing up a warning message on browser start a few weeks ago that I figured it out. It sucks that I have a perfectly capable system for my needs but I’ve been abandoned by the Google people and my favorite browser people at Opera. (Edit to add) Unless people add a switch to disable the auto-installer in their current Opera version, it will continually and daily try to download the update, and fail. That needs to be fixed.

  • =Skor_Pion=

    I wonder what’s the difference? C ftp 21 version and the official site link downloaded different distributions! Hashes do not match, and digital signatures are different!

    • We run various tests to improve our servers. I hope it explains the status. Nothing to be worried about in security aspects.

  • kabforks

    It seems that Google is sniffing the User Agent string. I’m being served a very old version of Google search when using Opera. Changing the string helps. Very annoying.

    • Yes, we know about it. We are in contact with G to fix it.

      • Mladen Mladenov

        Google Maps also doesn’t work as it should – no vector maps and no Tilt and 3D support in Satellite mode. When I switch the User agent string to Chrome 31 it works.

    • Francisco

      What string are you using? I got the same problem in Search and Maps

      • zakius

        Clone string from chrome or chromium, as chropera uses the same engine it HAVE TO work in 99.9% cases

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s not the same string, that’s the point.

          • zakius

            that’s why I told to clone string from chrome or chromium, right?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Oops, sorry. I misread what you have writen.

    • Davit Babayan

      yes ! looks like google hate all browsers whithout chrome

      • saakeman

        Using firefox makes the new Google appear…

    • kbz9001

      how change the string?

  • Kurt Zon

    well done opera team – keep them coming!!!!

    • *blush* Thank you for your words. Let me know if you face any issues with newest release.

  • littledoremi

    Great work Opera Dev Team. We know it’s not easy on your end to deliver these products. So don’t fret and keep up the good work! *As always, crossing my fingers on Linux builds*

    • My fingers are also crossed 😉

      We really appreciate your words. Thanks!

      • MarshallRaylanGivens

        Does the Directwrite work in this version or next?

  • For more technical users who need to quickly see the entire URL at a glance, go to “Settings | Advanced: Show always full URL in address field” to view all of that “important” information.

    The quoted “important” sounds like you don’t consider all the defaultly-hidden stuff important. :/

    Also, does this means there will be Opera Developer 23 soon?

    • For people who understand it, it is important, so now you can see it. It is not definitely big feature, but I hope it helps some users.

      Yes, O23 is just around the corner.

      • That was not my point — my point was that the quoted “important” sounds sarcastic, like if the writer thought full URL is a useless feature. 🙂

        (Which it is not, at least for webdevelopers, but whatever.)

        And will there be fixed google search in O23 Dev? Because not seeing “10 eur to usd” conversion _sucks_ really hard. 🙁

        • I quoted “important” because in this specific example enabling the feature showed my search was for “marty mcfly” which was perhaps not the most important search.

          I was mocking my example rather than the setting itself. I realise the setting is important to many, which is the reason I highlighted it in the blog post in the first place.

          Sorry for the confusion!

          • Oh, I see — no biggie then! 🙂

          • Nekomajin42

            Among what other features could you choose to highlight? I’m just curious.

    • pekikuubik

      Indeed, when I read that part I thought it sounded rather condescending. It’s little things like this that don’t do Opera’s current image any favours in my eyes.

      • In that case my apologies. I had intended to mock myself not the people who want this feature. Especially as some of those people are my friends and colleagues!!

  • cgebhard

    There is a problem with plugins on Win8.1 x64:

    To reproduce:

    1) Open tab with plugin-content (I tested both flash and silverlight)

    2) play content

    3) close tab (the problem only occurs after closing the tab)

    4) Now when you switch to another maximized program window (any other program) and want to change back to Opera (either by Alt-Tab or the taskbar icon) it’s not possible. The Opera window won’t be brought to the front.

    But: It is focused. So if I change – say from Editor to Opera: I can still see the Editor but can “blindly” enter stuff into the URL bar of Opera in the background. The result is that opera opens the search-suggestion drop-down in front of the editor whereas the rest of the Opera window stays in the background. (see attached image)

    This error stays until you restart the browser. After that you can again handle the windows as usual.

    • @marcin_mitek:disqus could you please have a look on it? The scenario is way too crazy for me to reproduce 🙂

      • Marcin Mitek

        Yeah, sure, on it now.

    • lassekongo83

      Can confirm this. Opera window loses focus and other apps start to show above it until you restart Opera.

      • Carson Coyote

        Same here. (Win7 x64)

    • Marcin Mitek

      Right… So I cannot reproduce it on my machine. That doesn’t mean of course that it’s working as it’s supposed to 🙂 I will try on other PCs. In the meantime, could you please record the video when you are reproducing the issue? This might help us a lot.

      • cgebhard

        How can I send you the video? it’s ~100mb big.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Upload it somewhere, if you can of course. Share the link here.

          • cgebhard

            Okay, here’s the link:

            I reproduced the problem with a youtube video (flashplayer) and the windows text editor.
            But it works equally with the silverlight plugin in opera while using other programs (e.g. office)

            I did all as described in my first post here.

            And sorry for the slow typing…the screen recorder somehow slowed all down.

          • SQL

            OH THE IRONY :DDD

            “This video can not be viewed with your browser” ::DDDD

  • littledoremi

    One problem I’m having now is that Menu bars are no longer scaled with the Display Scale (Change the size of all items) in Control Panel > Display. I scale my display to 125% but the Opera Menu bar is still small. (This is in Windows 8)

    • Do you have a high DPI device with Win8 running on it?

      • littledoremi

        Nope, it’s a one yearish old laptop. It’s a Lenovo T520.

    • Dacha204

      same here! win7, lenovo y500 with full hd screen

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        Full HiDPI support is still in the works, for now HiDPI is only enabled if you have a 200% HiDPI device.

        • for %150 screens, HiDPI issue is continiouing. Pls check DNA-19192 for details.

  • Alex Parker

    So the main drawbacks of this release are SSE2 requirement and the absence of smooth scrolling, right? Anything else I should know about?

    • I am sure, where is my previous comment. Maybe some lags…

      Both are dropped by chromium in 34. I cannot guarantee with 100% sure, so let me know if you find something else.

  • John

    “Updated Chromium to 1847.76”
    Typo? 1847.76 is 2 security updates behind latest stable.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi John, yep it should be 34.0.1847.132.

      • Yeah some weird copy and paste mistake on my part. I have corrected it now. Thanks for the heads up!

        • L33t4opera

          Thanks Ruarí, and many thanks to all of the Developers for their hard work, and congrats on the Opera 21 release!

          By the way: I keep my fingers crossed for this next, long awaited cool thing, for that of what many of us have hope, that this will come soon 😉

      • John

        Thanks 🙂

    • Rafael Luik

      Hmm, the Opera 21 UA-String says .132.
      Also, sometimes security issues in Chromium do not affect Opera.

      • John

        Yes thanks 🙂
        Though a security update usually fixes quite a few security issues at once, so even if some do not affect Opera, there are others.

  • Mayhem


    Is it just me or Google shows old interface for every Opera 20-21 user?
    In images search there should be tiles (like in IE on my computer) and in regular search black line on top of a page is removed a long time ago.
    Please, confirm.

    • I have the same problem.

      • bwn

        Change user agent to chrome one and everything will be fine. It’s workaround, but it works.

        • Thanks, helped.

        • icetom

          hi, where can I change it? I do not see that option in my 21. (extended options activated)

  • Bartosz Cwajna

    Hi there !

    After update most of my speed dial thumbnails just disappeared. If I try to refresh them nothing happens. They’re replaced by some kind of standard thumbnail.

    Does anyone have the same problem?

    Win7 x86, latest stable update.

    • BK

      Thanks, it’s tracked as DNA-19861

      • Sky

        All my speed dial thumbnails are gone!!! I turned off my laptop last night and when I turned it on this morning, all my thumbnails are wiped out, even if the links are working. I do not recall any update, although it is now v.21, did it update itself secretly as soon as I turned on the PC (my firewall is interactive AVG)? This is CRAP! I have been using Opera for ages and nothing else, recommending to and converting everyone I know, and resisted upgrading to v.20 for a long time, and a few weeks ago when Opera started crashing the PC, I gave in and now I am SORRY! I will soon start using something else, I reckon. Where are the bookmarks? Why do you have to DESTROY a perfectly working piece of software by upgrading it through DOWNGRADING IT’s quality and advantages? THANK YOU FOR helping me fix my speed dial ASAP! (PS: The fonts on the menu have become ant-like as well! Why?)

        • BK

          Sorry for the issue. It’s fixed now internally.

          Also we’ve got some notes that thumbnails are back for the users after a while, when you restart your browser few times. Was that the case for you?

          • Sky

            I don’t know if this reply will reach you as the intended recipient as I am very new to disqus, but before I post this online, I will try it by email first. No, my speed dial is NOT fixed. I restarted it many times, then downloaded v.20 again and tried to use that but it turned out to be broken (no address line visible, no [X] visible to turn it off, etc.), so I updated it again to v.21 and still no thumbnails. (And as a consequence, I am left with a lot of rubbish in my Opera folder, I dare not delete or uninstall anything, in fear of losing all my speed dial links totally as a result, as well.)
            And there is something really wrong with your new version, as I am typing this, after every 10 words or so, the pointer starts turning, the screen becomes nearly white and I have to wait about 5-6 seconds, before it normalizes and I can continue typing. What DID you do with Opera??? I will switch to Chrome or something, if you can’t fix all this soon. And as I was your best promoter, you can bet, I will become your best anti-Opera propagandist, too, if I am forced to do that. I have over 300 links on my speed dial and 1/3 of them do not even show names, let alone thumbnails, so I am half blind when looking for my SD links. PLEASE fix this soon. SKY

    • aminiesta

      Same problem here in Windows 8.1 + update x64.

  • Tim

    Thanks for bringing back the features one at time 🙂
    I still miss an option, that warns me if I have an active download running and I want to close opera. It often happens to me that I close the browser and forget that I’m actually still downloading. As a result the download is incomplete.

    • Jaroslav Majera

      Yeah that annoys me too.

    • Now I look for more user details about downloads. So your scenario is very valuable to improve download experience in general.

    • Nekomajin42

      There should be an option to confirm exit even if no downloads running at all.
      When you work with lots of windows, you can close the browser by accident easily.

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Hello. I have a small strange… problem(?), not sure about that.

    So, I have configured in WXP a sounds. I mean, when I will maximize the current window, I will hear sound I’ve set. Hovewer, when starting Opera I will hear this sound when Opera starts. This… bug(?) was from about version 20, I’m not sure exactly. Anyone can confirm that? This can be done only in new Opera.

    Thx, if you will fix that 🙂

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Any Opera Devs or someone comment here? 🙂

    • Guest

      @marcin_mitek:disqus, @zhenisbeisekov:disqus

      Hello? I NEED answer 🙁

      • Marcin Mitek

        We will have a look at it.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      @marcin_mitek:disqus @zhenisbeisekov:disqus
      Hello? I NEED answer 🙁

  • Moris299

    Hmm? Speed dial thumbnails not work 🙁 I refresh them but still not work… 🙁

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Known problem.

    • ayespy

      I got most of mine back after closing and re-opening the browser a number of times.

      Live refresh rarely (but sometimes) works.

      I have some hundreds of speed dials in 17 folders, and only now after several instances of closing and reopening the browser routinely, are almost all of them back.

  • zakius

    where are:
    configurable gestures
    bookmark manager?

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      In Opera 12 😀

      • zakius

        yeah, I know and I’m using it, but it’s pretty slow unfortunately, and all the websites designed to work only on webkit/blink tend to break on presto as it is too strict

    • Configurable gestures. We won’t add it, because we believe it is too geeky feature.

      Discover may be your source of news, but we won’t add rss reader into the browser, because you can use a 3rd party website for it.

      Bookmarks manager. What we know that some people love grouping and organizing their links, and go back to them. It does not mean we will make bookmarks manager from O12, Chrome or any other browser.

      • zakius

        If I cannot configure gestures then what’s the point of feature? Default set is impossible to use

        web based readers are still impossible to use properly: no natural interaction, no notifications and no native code allowing to get good performance and integrate with browser and possibly OS

        Bookmark manager: well, I don’t really group bookmarks, but dragging them one by one on the bookmarks bar is pain, really

        With such roadmap you will lose all old users and possibly get few percent of chrome addicts tired of chromes slow frontend, you can belive me or not, but you are going down this way

      • Jakob Müller

        Why not remove the developer tools as well then? Better remove everything that might confuse people to make it the perfect mum & dad browser.
        Hiding stuff in “Advanced Options” menus obviously isn’t going to work either, as you can clearly see with the failing competition like Chrome.

        • klasnic

          “Why not remove the developer tools as well then? Better remove everything that might confuse people to make it the perfect mum & dad browser.”


      • zakius

        The things I like in chropera are: fast rendering (blinks magic), really fast interface (chrome looks sluggy when compared) and stash
        but it’s easier to emulate stash on prestopera than to make chropera The Opera unfortunately

      • LoverOfLife

        Sorry, but i cannot understand what do you mean about bookmark manager. It’s a paradox for me. You know that users (or most of them, like me) want bookmark manager, but you’ll not do it like any other browsers.. I said it many times, it is a minimal requirement for a decent browser.

        • I say that it won’t look like exactly the same, because I don’t want to promise delivering anything we don’t have yet.

          • escruting

            Crossing my fingers hoping that what you are developing is not a web-based bookmark interface like stash or the settings page. I hope its more on the direction like the Task manager (type of UI wise).

          • kapsi

            What do you have against web-based? Not native enough for you?

          • escruting

            Its nos as responsive and surely will need more clicks because they will combine it with the speed dial and we will have to click several times just to find what we want.
            Also web based means i have to stop seing the website i have in front of me so i can see the web based bookmark interface.

          • LoverOfLife

            Thank you, i understand, It doesn’t have to be the same, it can be just a simple manager, with export/import options. Maybe my wish will become true someday, cause I love my Opera browser 🙂

          • Firefox has added an Opera12-like bookmar sidebar after years of lacking anything of the sort. One of the first extensions I installed in Firefox at work was a slow, ugly, bug-ridden addon that put bookmarks and other elements of the interface in a sidebar, to make it more like Opera.

            Now, sadly, it’s the other way around: Firefox has a fast, native solution and I need to install an extension for Opera to do sort of the same thing. Luckily, the extension in this case is not bug-ridden but a really good piece of software (Simple Bookmarks). But, anyway, I miss the old days with the native panel. Please bring it back in some form. 😉

      • Nekomajin42

        “Configurable gestures. We won’t add it, because we believe it is too geeky feature.”

        WTH?! If it was sarcasm, you should consider your words. If it was not, then I rather don’t write what I’m thinking because I would be banned.

        Anyway, Discover is a useless feature. You should not give preselected content to the users. You should give them the option to select content on their own. (Yeah, RSS reader.)

        • > If it was not, then I rather don’t write what I’m thinking because I would be banned.

          If you haven’t been banned after months of incessant trolling, you won’t ever be. Please speak your mind.

          • SQL





          • Nekomajin42

            If I remember correctly, you were the one who said you don’t reply to my comments anymore. So how about keeping that promise?

          • Sorry. I was trying to trick you into speaking up and being banned for good. 😉 Have a nice day.

      • SQL

        I have to mention this again; The reason i use a certain browser are the BUILT-IN features of it. Not some random user created extensions, i want the quality provided by an actual company (Opera) because only then i’m sure it’s actually “good” and supports the values of Opera (just kidding i don’t give a damn about your values)

        But seriously why should i install Opera to have a 3rd-party rss reader which most likely will break with a future update and i have no idea whether or not it’s getting updated to function again.

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          I _particularly_ don’t want to rely extensively on third-party extensions for an application with a bi-monthly release cycle (and, on Windows at lease, silent updates.)

      • Just so you know, the “too geeky feature” of configurable gestures is what converted me to use Opera in the first place many years ago. If what you say remains company policy, I’m afraid you can forget about me *ever* switching over to the new Opera. I’m not saying this to be dramatic. I recognize that change is necessary and that you’re a business and have to have priorities. I was willing to say goodbye to MDI, IRC, and M2 because while neat, they weren’t really necessary. I was willing to try getting used to the lack of a sidebar with bookmarks (it’s not the folder structure I care about, it’s the keyboard shortcuts!), notes and a feed reader because at least some of that functionality could be brought back via extensions. I have, in fact, been trying out the Developer version of the new Opera as a secondary browser for some pages that are screwy with old Opera (opened from the main Opera installation via context menu, another neat bit of jury-rigging made practically impossible in new Opera).

        But my workflow is so completely dependent on the mouse gestures I’m accustomed to (which are very different from the default ones and *include wheel gestures*) that I take a portable Opera installation with me everywhere I go. I literally cannot work properly with a browser that doesn’t have decent mouse gesture management either built-in or as part of an extension. If one day I have to switch because Opera 12 is too old, I will simply not be able to switch to the new Opera. Whether I want to or not, I’ll have to pick Firefox with FireGestures (Chrome doesn’t have a decent gesture extension anymore, sadly).

        And to tell you the truth, with the attitude you’ve continually displayed (you the company, not you Zhenis), I don’t even *want* to support you anymore. “Customization isn’t a priority because we want to focus on casual users, but maybe we’ll include it in the future and hide the option somewhere normal people can’t break anything” is a reasonable response. “Customization will not even be considered because it’s too geeky” is extremely condescending to exactly the kind of user that gave you whatever small amount of success you had on the desktop.

        I’m not a programmer. There’s no way I could create an extension or even a Hello, world program. But I picked up how to customize old Opera within days, and it would have been trivial to add a GUI for many of the most common customization options. *That* would have been the way to attract more casual users, not by dropping everything and pretending like nobody wants it.

        Because I could so easily change so many things to fit me and my workflow instead of having to adjust myself to the whims of anonymous programmers, I used old Opera myself on every single machine, and I recommended old Opera to friends and family and clients. I was fiercely loyal. And yes, both geeky I and not-so-geeky they were fine with Opera sometimes not working with certain websites, because Opera could give us what no other browser could: a customizable environment suited to what they needed (and, also, a workaround in allowing a page to be opened in another browser from within the main browser).

        You’ve apparently decided to focus on the casual user and are willing to lose people like me to Firefox and even more obscure alternatives. I wish you luck, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet that casual users who want both outward and inward simplicity will probably stick to Chrome and Internet Explorer. Browsers that tell users what to do and how to use them already exist, and they are made by companies with pockets much bigger than yours.

        Sorry for the rant, but old Opera was and, for now, remains so good that it inspires quasi-religious fervour within me. New Opera is not for me and will, apparently, never be for me, and that makes me sad.

        • forseti99

          You really need to try out Maxthon

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        People like to go back to their bookmarked links? Who knew?

        (And while I understand why you don’t want to integrate an RSS reader in the browser — I don’t like it, but I understand — it’s a _little_ silly to excuse that with “you can use a 3rd party website [for that]” in the very same sentence you mention Discover. What, won’t Feedly or StumbleUpon render properly in the new Opera or something?)

      • tonyrulez

        If this is true I lost my hope in Opera. It was a good browser in the past, but now everything is gone: no rss, no conf. gestures, no notes, no bookmark manager, nothing! I mean what the hell?

        User satisfaction? Nope?

        As you wrote on your Twitter account: “Passionate about users and products at Opera Software.” Well, no comment…

      • nochjemand

        i cant understand the point of removing the gestures. it was a very powerful tool to enhance your browsing experience!

  • Sidney Moraes

    When I open the browser, I see a black line on the top.

    • Screenshot?

      • Sidney Moraes

        Look. After that loads normaly.

    • Nekomajin42

      Every time I open the browser since v16 or 17.

  • Alex Parker

    Wait, what the hell is going on? Where is a normal, full installer? Links provided are only for Net Installer, and from the opera download page I downloaded some “Opera_21.0.1432.57_Campaign_47_Setup.exe”, but the size is a 10 megabytes smaller than Opera 20, and what the heck does “campaign” mean? Where do I get the normal, damned installer?

    I assume that “campaign” is the full installer? Still, I want to know what “campaign” stands for. Not some AD campaign, I hope?

  • marinespl

    So now I can watch smooth animations of empty menus. Cool!

  • Vux777

    O-menu >> “help” opens old Opera help page

    • Definitely bug, but works for me. Anything specific about system, location or anything else?

      • Vux777

        win7 x64, off-road on (same without it), interface lang. eng (us), same for preferred language,

  • pidgin

    Opera FTW
    Firefox is the new IE, the lag is unbearable

    • We are in free world, so people can choose what to use.

      But we know what is the best 😉

      • SQL

        Why aren’t you giving us the best if you know what it is then.. ?

        • escruting

          Maybe this is the best they can do. We think that they are realeasing things very slowly and not progressing with what the users need and that they’re not hearing us… but, maybe we are seeing it in a wrong way. Maybe THIS is the best thing they can do and THIS is them doing hard work and delivering their absolute best.

          If THIS is the case then we are screwed.

          If this is NOT THE CASE then…put your dicks on the table, show us what you have and deliver SOMETHING already, because the ladies are getting tired of half solutions, half baked ideas, no direction whatsoever and turtle-like development.

          • Please, watch your mouth. http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/comment-policy/

            No warnings after that.

          • klasnic

            You should have said: low voice: “penises” 🙂
            I agree with what you ‘ve said with the ladies, it was the perfect example 🙂

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            lolwut 😀 srsly? 😀

      • Nekomajin42

        Then it’s high time to show it, because what you’ve showed is very far from the best.

    • The new old IE or the new new IE? Because IE has improved a lot. I’m sorry didn’t catch you, you’re praising or loathing Firefox?

      And what is FTW? I know WTF!!


  • Magnus

    Thank you Opera for continuing updates, I know they are a bit slow, but let’s hope it get better after integrating vital aura.

    On unrelated note, how long does it take to automatically update extensions when there is a new release in the cataloge? How often does the browsers check and install new updates?

    • Andreas Bovens

      Yes. Extensions are updated automatically when there is an update in the catalog. If there is an increase in permissions, you will get a prompt asking you to manually update the extension (if you agree with the widened permission level). Opera checks for extension updates at least once a day.

  • Sergey

    The two existent extensions for working with bookmarks are not working now. One of them doesn’t update from summer of last year.
    Opera’s internal Bookmark panel is useless and uncomfortable at all with more than 10 items in it. And there is no way to quick show/hide it.

    And there are still no any in-built tools for quick (or at all there is no) get access for specific settings for separate site (enable/disable plugins, scrips, java etc.)

    There is still no quick “show/show cached/hide images” option with ability to load separate image on the page. It is important for many users with slow connection rate and with traffic limitation. As example, I have only 150 megabyte traffic limit per month at work and I have to use Firefox now with “ImgLikeOpera” (like Opera 12.x certainly) extension.

    And I can’t reorder extensions icons in the toolbar.

    • What is the name of the extensions?

      Does Opera Turbo works for you for the limited traffic?

      • Sergey

        Currently i use “SimpleUndoClose”, “AdBlock Plus”, “Ghostery” (that show icon in toolbar). Is there way to reorder their placement depend each other?

        As for manage of web-page content and manage exclusions I find this preferences but it’s not comfortable to setup them using current address templates. I tried as example to add to rule that allows external cookies for http://www.opera.com with disabling this global option but without success. Also there is no quick access to this preferences from the page viewing at current time.

        As for OperaTurbo I remember there was some trouble with loading some pages at least in Opera12.x for me (via system settings proxy). It compress traffic but it load all images and if disable all images in settings then:
        1. There is no way to load separate image on the page;
        2. clicking on “unload” image by right mouse button and choosing open image in new tab then image isn’t shown in opened tab. There is just blank page.

        • Do you know how popular is to have limited traffic at work? Is that changing at all? Are you allowed to install your own software or do you USB version?

          • Sergey

            At first Thanks for reply.

            I am allowed to install some kind of own software and use local installed versions of browsers.

            At least it will be a good possibility to load separate image on the page

            Some opera users stay on the 12.x versions or run to firefox including for this feature.
            I don’t know how it’s popular to have traffic limit at work over the world, but I work at Moscow/Russia. Otherwise many of my friends have no such limitations. On the other hand in the many russian’s regions traffic is rather expensive. And I suppose in some countries of “Commonwealth of Independent States” and Eastern Europe the same situation.

            As for popularity of Opera in CIS contries of Eastern Europe (data by statcounter.com):

            Belarus – ~26%
            Ukraine – ~18%
            Russian Federation – ~13%
            + Kazakhstan – ~12%

            where rather big opera’s user base due to slow and expensive connections appear during 200x years.

            As for “ImgLikeOpera” Firefox’s extension – it exists from 2004 to present time (with more than 150000 of users: https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/imglikeopera). Opera’s extensions for swith off images doesn’t work with cached images and just reload page.

          • Sergey,
            We are observing very carefully the situation in Russia on daily basis. Your insight is very valuable.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Is there way to reorder their placement depend each other?

          You can do it by manually editing the file Preferences. Close Opera and backup it first! Under the node extensions -> toolbar. There is an array of IDs of the extensions installed. Re-arrange them as you like.

          • Sergey

            Thank you! It works! I hope in few next releases there will be Drag’n’Drop feature for rearrange of icons.

          • Sergey

            I don’t know is it issue or not (sorry for not exactly manes of menu items as I tried to translate them):
            I went to Preferences – Security – Cookies. Chose “Allow local data storage (recommended)” and “Block external cookies and site’s data”. Then I went to “Exclusion manage” and add “[*.]opera.com” – “enable” (to enable cookies for http://blogs.opera.com). But cookies from Google+ are not accepted and I can’t answer this blog until I uncheck “Block external cookies and site’s data” again. Does it right behavior of preferences? Is it exist a possibility to allow external cookies for individual page?

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Add Google+ cookies as well. If you’ve decided to block third-party cookies, all auth engines you’re using—Google+, Disqus, FB, etc.—must be set in the exclusion list.

          • Sergey

            Thanks for quick responce. Now it’s alright 🙂
            I misleaded myself that exclusion allows external cookies for site but not cookies from external sites at all.

          • al_ghul

            thx for that info, I’ve searched for it, useful:)

      • Sergey

        I rechecked the OperaTurbo function of new Opera (v20) at work and it doesn’t work at all for me (the internet access is available only via internal proxy of my organisation) – a proxy error appears when I to open any web-page. At the same time there is no problem with connection under the same condition in Opera 12.16 with OperaTurbo switched on . If I turn off OperaTurbo in new Opera the internet connection is available again.

      • Sergey

        I also had to install “Classic Images” extensions that has option for viewing image properties by right-click context menu (this option was added 5th may 2014). I don’t know any other way to see image properties (resolution, size).

        As for extensions for “bookmarking” managing, they are
        1. Bookmarks Manager (last update 29 june 2013)
        2. -o-bookmarks (last update 28 january 2014)
        and both of them don’t work for me.

        Using native bookmark’s panel is senseless when number of items is more than about 10. So the meaning of such tool is incomprehensible. “Collect-box” is more sensible tool but there is no possibility of structuring and rearranging of items and access into this box is not such quick as to bookmark manager. As many others users I hope that in future relases there will be implementation of such feature.

    • klasnic

      show/show cached/hide images. That was and is indeed very useful (in O12). Example: Sometimes you buy 500 MB of traffic when you are on vacation for using it for like 15, 30 days or so. You don’t want images, ads and videos taking all of that pool. You just need to read the news and check some mails.

  • zakius

    Hey, maybe you can just release two separate builds as “real opera is too geeky for most of users?”
    exclude few things by compilation flags providing a bit faster and lighter chropera and release also The Opera with full power as alternative?

    • We actually do it 🙂

      • zakius

        Well, not sure if you unerstood. I don’t mean bugfixed 12 and development of blink based, I mean one build of what you give us now, and another blink based with configurable gestures and newsfeed at least. My typical use scenario includes checking 70 websites for updates, includeing at least 15 that are really spammed so I just glance at headers and am like del del del del middle click del del del thrash scroll down middle click empty thrash, using mouse to quickly change tabs, scroll top/bottom, close tab, go back and forth in history using gestures I chose years ago and are imprinted in my hand for good.
        Notethat not all of these websites support atom, and using RSS feed with external reader is really messy, all that switching to browser and back to reader. I know about smart rss extension, but it have one bug that makes it impossible to use for me, laso I have used chropera for some time, with smart rss (that bug wasn’t THAT bad back then for my use scenario) and pig toolbox, unfortunately pig toolbox is no longer working as chroium team dropped API used by it

      • zakius

        well, I’mnot sure if someone removed my comment or disqs is buggy but
        I mean blink based opera with configurable gestures and newsfeed AT LEAST
        my typical use scenario includes checking 70 websites for updates, not all of them have atom feeds so I use rss, so in browser reader is must-have
        And my gesture set is imprintend in my hand already, I feel almost like without hand if I cannot use MY gestures

        And as smart rss is bugged (won’t load some images that are essential for me to keep my speed) and pig toolbox is not working cause API was dropped new opera becomes just faster chrome for me

  • Hi. Will I ever again be able to open a tab from speed dial using “ctrl+number” in Opera? Or have back good old “open closed tab”? It’s been months and nothing of that is back in my favorite browser. It was very useful and I think you should consider it.

    • Hi, Daniel,
      What about when you have dozen or so elements on SD including folders? So simple answer we don’t plan to add it.
      Why ‘recently closed’ does not for you?

      • Daniel Lamotte

        Thank you for your answer, Zhenis.
        True, then it couldn’t work. But when I don’t have folders or big amount of elements then that’s essential for (maybe not just) me. How about having enabled this feature when not having folders? Still better than opening a new tab with speed dial and mouse clicking.

        Thing with recently closed is that it’s not too comfortable. When I want to reopen a tab which I closed 2 minutes ago I need to click several times and go through all other tabs and – open them by the way. Would be great if I just could choose which one I want to reopen. Just like in Opera 12 I guess.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Ctrl+number would be great if it worked with any number and traversed Speed Dial folders as well. For example, pressing Ctrl+13 would open the first SD item (a folder) and launch the third item in it. I’m not asking Opera to implement anything that can be done by an extension, but this one can’t.

  • Thanks for the belated birthday present 🙂

    Marty Mcfly 😉

  • Marek

    After update opera Stable is not starting. Only luncher.exe process is active.

    Fresh install ( with deleted AppData/Local/ & /Roaming directory ) still only luncher.exe

    Opera DEV 22.0.1471.8 is working

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Did you try to reinstall?

      • Marek

        Pierwsze co zrobiłem to reinstalacja, następnie całkowite uninstall z usunięciem danych użytkownika.

        Czysta instalacja i nadal tylko luncher.exe, a przyczepiona do paska Win 8.1 ikona po 5 sekundach od uruchomienia jest z powrotem nieaktywna

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          Hmm… strange.

          PS English only, pls 😉

        • Mega dziwne!
          Nasi testerzy już próbują to obczaić.

          Really weird!
          Our QAs are already on it.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            LOL, you are pole? O.o I thought you are from Russia, because of your name and surname O.o

          • You know 🙂 globalization and things like that.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Yeah, I see 😉

        • @disqus_nwttIK6gDz:disqus please try to write in English, so other users can benefit from that. I have no problems to understand Polish, but not many of our users.

        • al_ghul

          heueuhue, widze mala przerwa na polski oddech?;) straszny szok po tym caly angielskim drzewku;P

      • Marek

        Bellow is link for log from Win Sysinternals Process Monitor for launcher.exe


        Whats interesting when i start opera from some other app for example link in about menu in Process Monitor opera starts.
        But still from taskbar/start menu only launcher process is working.

    • Anything what can help us to reproduce this bug?

    • Marcin Mitek

      Does it start when you install it as stand alone (USB) ?

      • Marek

        Yes, USB install works OK.

        I have try to install Opera in other directory and now it works.
        (C:Program Files (x86)Opera2)

        But installation in default directory still stops on launcher.exe

        I still have Opera 12 in the same directory, so maybe this is problem?

        No more problem for me, i can work with opera in another directory.

        Dzięki za podpowiedź z USB 😉

        • Marcin Mitek

          It shouldn’t be a problem but it may be helpful in reproducing it. 🙂

          • Marcin Mitek

            One more question, did you remove any files manually from C:Program Files (x86)Opera or did you uninstalled it through Control Panel?

  • A. R.

    I would want to ditch 12.x already but Tab Stacking missing from the new Opera – this is where I draw a line, this is where I’m putting my feet down.

    Please at least add Tab Stacking, Tab Grouping… whatever you want to call it.

    No upgrade in sight until this signature feature is added.

    Could you for Opera 23 focus on getting 12.x users to upgrade? You know what the community has requested for long.

    * Also, as in Chrome, there should be an option to run all tabs in one process.

    * I also miss Notes.

    * As in Chrome, there should be an option to run all tabs in one process.

    * Customization too should be as good as in 12.x. But I’m willing to wait.

  • busyjay

    Opera had many features in the past, though it was ugly. Now opera becomes more ugly, and with less features. Am I the only one that changes to use chromium/chrome?

  • VladdSerbia

    Thanks for the new stable release!
    I noticed a few new annoyances that did not exist in Opera 20.
    1. Sometimes on opening a new tab, address bar is not empty (it shows “about:blank”) so when I enter the address I also must remove manually that about part before I can visit any website.
    2. With this release, Opera menu button and Tab captions have very tiny fonts on my 22″ monitor. Never happened before, also unpleasant for the eyes.
    Is this a feature? Can it be turned off?
    3. Also new with O21 – when using adobe flash and switching between tabs, weird glitches can appear in flash player content window.
    Latest stable, Win7SP1/WinXPSP3

    • x a

      I confirm issue #1. It’s quite annoying – maybe folks with faster machines don’t get bothered by it. Also applies to Opera 22/dev.

    • ayespy

      The large-enough-to-read font on on menus and captions was, oddly enough, a BUG according to developers. I liked it, too.

      The tiny menu fonts on my rather large monitor are an irritation here, too.

  • Steve

    haven’t you been way further with your own Webengine? all the features that made Opera unique an like tab-stacking, synchronization with all related Data (password, Bookmarks, personal data, opened Tabs, etc) are the things people are now missing. And some things you or Chrome are now claiming to be ‘new’ like the simplified URL field were there already in Opera a long time ago, even with the option to always show the full URL instead of the short one.
    So please bring back the old features like Tab-stacking, bookmarks and synchronizing (also with the portable Opera version) to make Opera stand out of the other browsers again like it used to.

    …and don’t name them “New” but “brought back” or something like that 😉

    • Our webgine made us to maintain team of 13 people hacking JS every day to make Gmail, FB and other working. Spend a while and check browser.js for hacks we must to do. Most of them were really crazy!

      • darkflame

        True- but in doing so you helped the web. Presto, from what I saw, was very good at standards support. I am pretty sure a fair amount of the hacks necessary to make it work was due to the webpages not technically meeting the standards themselves.
        While I understand Opera’s decision, in some ways the web is becoming not so much a W3C standard, but a webkit standard.

        • It is more mono culture now. If you have a choice to be right or survive, what would you choose?

          • Nekomajin42

            If you have a choice to be unique or be one among the others, what would you choose?

          • darkflame

            Hay, I am not disagreeing with what Opera did, I am just mourning the loss still 😉

          • Hunk

            Now you have Blink and it’s pretty good at opening pages. So why you can’t concentrate on new features that old Opera has? I can understand if you scrapped Presto because Google or whoever didn’t want to support your minor browser (is it now?) but with new engine you have much more time to implement new cool features. No more hacks, browser.js, youtube is not working and etc. Many old users and fans of Opera just don’t understand why Opera 15+ looks like a stub. There is no bookmarks, no sync, no customization, no site preferences, no side tabs, bars and more. It’s painful to look at new versions and changelogs. This all looks like a flout.

          • zakius

            probably most of opera desktop team is developing blink, they are big part of blink team

            but some of features are like few hours for one person to make them work probably, and these rae not present because “they are not needed and confusing chrome users”

          • bwat47

            They couldn’t just drop chromium into opera 12. The opera 12 codebase was heavily integrated with presto, to switch engines a re-write of opera was necessary. Creating entire browser from scratch (even if you already have a rendering engine) is no easy task, a browser is a very complex piece of software and the new opera hasn’t been in development for very long. Like others I am disappointed with this current version of opera, and will not be able to consider using it until it has bookmarks + sync, but I can certainly understand why its taking a while.

            They’ve said they are working on bookmarks and sync, it will be ready when its ready. I imagine the first priority was to make the new opera stable and usable, not feature-complete.

            I remember google chrome being similarly featureless when it was first released 😉

          • shani

            As a matter of fact, you can turn on site preferences in the experimental settings, although it’s not that comfortable like in Opera 12: Enables site preferences that will be read from the siteprefs.json file in the profile directory.

            The same goes for sync, you have to activate it in experimental settings.

            What I’m really missing is the sidebar!

          • klasnic

            You are telling us here that the 1-1.2% of internet browser users that use Operea is your survival? Financial reports say other things, like operators, mobile market etc, etc.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So the revenue from mobile has grown more than the revenue from the desktop, what doesn’t mean that Opera’s revenue comes only from mobile.

            In fact, mobile and desktop consumers seem to contribute with a very similar percentual for the revenue with an advantage for the desktop ones.

          • klasnic

            “In the quarter, Mobile Publishers and Advertisers (Opera
            Publisher Partner Members) was the largest source of
            revenue (MUSD 31.7 in Revenue and 36% of Revenue),
            followed by Mobile Operators (MUSD 18.6 in Revenue and
            21% of Revenue), Desktop Consumers (MUSD 18.5 in
            Revenue and 21% of Revenue), Mobile Consumers (MUSD
            13.7 in Revenue and 16% of Revenue) and Device OEMs
            (MUSD 4.3 in Revenue and 5% of Revenue).”

            Mobile Publishers and Advertisers: 36%
            Mobile Operators: 21%
            Mobile Consumers: 16%
            Device OEMs: 5%
            SUM: 78%
            Desktop Consumers: 21%


          • Leonardo Gomes
          • fanboi punisher

            ROFL… by MOBILE you understand only the mobile consumers. As I said, your case is really uncurable.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Nope, i was juts showing you that desktop consumers aren’t negligible compared to the mobile ones as you think. In fact none of the revenue fonts are.

            But i guess i just lost my time because your acts clearly shows that you are here just to trolling and cause trouble.

            In fact i guess you are probably one of the old trolls just with a new name (and no, i’m not talking about the most recent change on your name).

          • fanboi punisher

            You are the one that rushes all the time replying to everyone without even thinking beforehand and then you say “oops, sorry” and whatever. As it is also in this case, where

            73% of revenue comes from business for the MOBILE MARKET
            5% from TV’s and other devices OEM

            and 21% from the Desktop Consumers which is in fact money from the DEFAULT GOOGLE SEARCH DEAL

            now please stop getting on my nerves will you?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Unlike people like you, i know apologizing when i make a mistake.

            Could you please stop repeating the same thing ad eternum like if it would convice anyone that you are right?

            No matter if Opera gets most of its revenues from the mobile market, it does not turns the desktop market into something thta can be despised.

            Most of the revenye from the mobile market comes from partners that pay to install Opera on their devices or to have their logos included on the SD. And it even before a single consumer download and install Opera.

            But those partners can go away one day and Opera will need to rely on the revenue that comes from the real users and that’s why they are important no matter if using desktop or mobile.

          • Louise Towers

            When I got my new pc with Windows 8.1 IE was installed and I hated it and wanted to go back to Opera. I tried importing…gave up and opened each “favorite then bookmarked it in Opera BUT what is with the bookmarks across the top???? These taskbars and toolbars take up enough screen space. I want my bookmarks down the left side where they have always been…hidden till I need them. Please bring that feature back!!!!!! This makes Opera no better than a lot of others I have tried and it used to be really good!

          • Cqoicebordel

            I would choose to be right, and battle for my survival.

        • zakius

          presto was good for nonmainstream websites, most of mainstream ones are hacked to work on webkit/blink an dpresto becomes sluggish/crashes or just display things “improperly” (exactly how it is expected in standard, but “mainstream browsers” do it other way)

        • shani

          You mean Blink (or Chromium)? Webkit is dead…

          • SQL

            LOL Webkit dead? They’re actively developing WebKit2 and WebKit too still.

      • Hallvord R. M. Steen

        13 people hacking on browser.js? Every day? Hm 🙂

        I wrote most of the stuff in Opera 12’s browser.js myself. Fact is that about half of the patches were temporary workarounds against Opera’s own bugs, half were workarounds against site issues. So whether you blame the Presto engine or the quality of website coding for Opera 12’s compat problems you’re half right.

  • _NemO_

    Where is smooth scrolling on windows?

  • DhulKarnain

    Would’ve been far more useful if Opera actually made some contributions to fix several longstanding issues with the underlying Chrome engine like the one in the picture below. But I guess accelerating the already fast UI takes precedence over reading text on web sites.

  • Nekomajin42

    “This feature might seem small but we feel we should highlight it, as it has often been requested.”
    Or because it is the ONLY new feature in this version. Well done, well done.

    • SQL

      Only feature the users benefit of*

    • icetom

      And I dont understand why they say short URL “It makes it a lot harder for the bad guys to trick you!”.
      I immediately activated the long URL function when I read about it.
      What for do I have the fullHD resolution with huge widescreen – for an empty URL bar? no

    • Some releases are small, some are big.
      Aura is important for us, because we can do more with it and have less bugs. More releases are just around the corner.

      • Nekomajin42

        Yep, You’ve done with Aura, then v22 came along, which has uhm, let’s see, silent update. TONS of new features again.

        • We don’t have focus on adding TONS of features. I hope you already got it 🙂

          • Nekomajin42

            And when will we get one of those “big releases”? Because every one of them was small since v15.

          • The funniest thing is things that could be better promoted like hibernation remain flags forever, but showing the full address is big.

          • Nekomajin42

            You are absolutely right.
            Since it is a developer blog, they should list every news and features not just highlight one or two. I don’t want to read through hundreds of lines in the changelog every time.

          • I could never get my mind around changelogs, long and boring.

            I usually explore flags and see what’s new there. I found things like “Enable Direct3D 11”, I don’t even remember how long it has seated there and somehow the Opera team never considered it relevant, any other browser would have used 72p fonts in their front page to announce this.

            “Speed Dial extensions compositing

            Enables hardware accelerated compositing for Speed Dial extensions.”.

            Have you ever see this in a Desktop Team Blog entry?

          • Nekomajin42

            They may be too geeky, and even mentioning them confuses the users. 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe because tabs hibernation is not considered ready and stable yet?

          • Well but things like Pinned Tabs are quite stable and never made it to the settings UI.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t think that everything on opera:flags will be moved to settings someday.

            Some will just remain as a flag, just enabled by default.

          • klasnic

            You said you are going to ask us to upgrade to the new Opera from O12 when you will have those very important features to us back. When will that moment be? Cause a year has passed and until now all we got is “Pin tab”, a lousy horizontal bookmark bar and the option to show the full url……
            Are you reading the comments here since O15 or are you new to Opera?

          • Some people even answer.

            And nope, we won’t satisfy all the requests from this blog.

          • klasnic

            These are no requests, those were PROMISES made in July 2013

            We have neither asked nor forced our 12.x users to upgrade to Opera 15, as we know that some features that are important to you are still to come. So, while you are very welcome to test and use Opera 15, Opera 12.x will still be alive for some time. You can expect that we will keep Opera 12.x up to date and secure. In the future, once we are comfortable with the feature set, we may ask you to upgrade.

            -Sebastian Baberowski, Jul 4, 2013


          • “Some”, “in the future”, “may”. You guys have a way of reading…

          • klasnic

            That’s what I am asking.
            1. Do they still know after so many months what those important features are or did they forgot?

            2. What happened to those important features cause we are not seeing anything yet.

            2. When will they ask us to upgrade when until now we got 3 lousy features? In 5 years?

          • “We may ask you to upgrade” doesn’t mean that they will. They might never do it. So…

          • klasnic

            “We have neither asked nor forced our 12.x users to upgrade to Opera 15, as we know that some features that are important to you are still to come.”

            This is a promise in case you didn’t know. “are still to come.” is a promise -> That when the features will come, Opera 12 users will be asked or not (by being persuaded by them) that it is worth it upgrading. Until now, no features are there for that.

          • You can continue cherrypicking all you want, but the text that you are quoting: (1) doesn’t specify which features are yet to come, (2) doesn’t promise anything at all. The devs have also said repeatedly that not all Opera 12- features will come back. So, it would be better for you to start reading things according to what they mean instead of maintaining the illusion that everything has to do with what you want.

          • I know the post. What exactly was promised in your opinion?

          • klasnic

            Please see the post below to answer your question. It consists of 3 questions. Also it is not about me, it’s about how Sebastian Baberowski knows and “the team”, (he wrote “we”) knows and any other newcomer already should know by now, by the thousands of comments since O15 what features are important for the Opera 12 users in order to upgrade.

          • Cryio

            You are focusing on tons of bug fixes, which Google and the community are doing anyway.
            And some stuff that happens only on Opera’s version of Blink for some reason.

    • Also tab hibernation and some options for GPU rendering came but for some reason they are only avaliable as flags, som other things like Pin Tabs have been flags since O17, never made it to the settings UI, same for Themes.

      Maybe that’s why so many people complain about not getting new features, and I have to say Opera Team hasn’t been very smart to promote somethings.

      • For hibernation we still look for optimal set of flags. Not trivial, because each approach has some significant visual drawbacks.

        • And Pin Tabs, does that have a significant visual drawback too?

          And Themes?

          • I don’t get about pin tabs… Pin tabs are enabled by default.

          • I mean Pin Tabs and Themes never made it to the settings UI. They’re still only flags, I got nothing against flags, but they’re the opposite to user friendly and discoverable for most people.

            I’m talking about very basic concepts in regards to ease of use.

          • Rafael Luik

            What are you talking about? Both tab pinning and theme creation are enabled by default for all users.

          • I think I made a point, read my other response to you.

    • klasnic

      It’s not even a feature… it is a ********* OPTION.

      • Marcin Mitek

        I wanted to blacklist you this morning. But I didn’t. Please don’t make me think about it again.

        • klasnic

          If you can’t admit that it is just an option, a “standard” as another one wrote, and you advertise it as a feature then you have some serious problems.
          Also… do whatever you want, I don’t give a shit. Read all the comments since O15 to have a clue how upset your user base is, having me or not here, won’t change that.

      • zakius

        it’s not even an option, it’s standard
        hiding it needed extra work actually…

  • herrpietrus

    Why, why do you have to always spoil something?! Dear God!

    Could you explain why doesn’t Opera scale with screens that use e.g. 125% DP anymore?! it’s very important to me. I have poor eyesight and I must slightly tweak DPI settings to use my computer easily. (that’s why windows 8.1 with it’s lack of possibility to use 125% or any different custom DPI is completely useless for me)…

    Will it be fixed or leaved as it is forever? It’s because of Aura?

    Second thing – PERHAPS HERE someone will try to explain or guess why I have such strange problems with google sites.

    First of all – since I updated my Opera 12 to Opera 20 I’ve been having problems with loading google search results. Sometimes the website loads immediately, sometimes i have to wait while other websites appear with no delay.

    AND the more important thing – I;ve noticed that for a few days there is a problem with going back to google search result site from any website launched via link from google site. It works only when i hit “back” two times very fast. II don’t know whether to blame google or opera but something is definitely wrong!

    I’ve tried to be tolerant because Opera still has a few advantages like biuld-in speed dial , quite useful (but unable to replace bookmarks! – they serve different purposes!) stash and mouse gestures, I’ve installed an extension to use bookmarks, I’ve started to use notepad again… But I’m loosing my patience…

    • L33t4opera

      “Full HiDPI support is still in the works, for now HiDPI is only enabled if you have a 200% HiDPI device.” http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/05/opera-21-desktop-released-aura-powered/#comment-1371644669

    • Google situation I also explained a lot in this thread.

      • cgebhard

        Many people enter this blog later or just every now and then. So some questions will keep coming.

        You could make a FAQ-Page where all those topics are answered as possible…like
        Linux – when it’s ready
        HiDPI – currently worked on (atm for 200%)
        Sync – currently only as flag for limited sync-content
        Bookmarks – …

        tab stacking – …

        I’m not talking about a roadmap but just the status quo, so people don’t have to look through all the posts in all blog-posts

        • Sounds like a good idea. Maybe a separate post about it. I will give some thought into it.

          • Nekomajin42

            It should be a static and up-to-date page linked somewhere in the sidebar.

      • Herr Pietrus

        Do you mean that problem with coming back to results page? I’ve checked how it works on IE11 and it works flawlessly,

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I have poor eyesight and I must slightly tweak DPI settings to use my computer easily. (that’s why windows 8.1 with it’s lack of possibility to use 125% or any different custom DPI is completely useless for me)…

      Just an offtopic comment: Here i use Win 8.1 with 125% DPI and also can set a custom one.

  • xen

    Ha, cookie storage now works properly again.

  • A. R.

    Actually the new Firefox seems like a good move from Opera 12, As Opera Next isn’t progressing the way Opera’s user base wants it. I won’t ever use Chrome, nor IE.

    MS, Google, Apple, Opera – they all have browsers serving organizations, not people – the users.

    ZDnet makes a valid point: http://www.zdnet.com/now-is-the-time-to-switch-back-to-firefox-7000028641/

    “The main reason for switching to Firefox is that, overall, it’s better than Chrome. But there are other reasons. The most important is that Firefox is the only major browser that is written to serve users and the open web. Other leading browsers may sometimes do that, but their primary function is to serve the needs of giant corporations — Apple, Google and Microsoft — none of which has any interest in preserving your privacy. Usually the reverse, in fact.”

    • Please check contributor in about section internet.org

      Yes, we need to earn money to pay our bills.

      But we do believe that Internet is the universal right. We do a lot for it: Opera Mini is the only possibility for million people to access Internet at all; so Opera Turbo is used in many more cases than ever expected.

      • A. R.

        Yes, it’s absolutely ground braking and record setting what Opera has previously done for browser development and open web. Many browser features, such as speed dial and much more, originate from Opera.

        There is a lot to thank for Opera, and I will always remember that.

        And I’m very sad by the situation that have to instead of moving from Opera 12 to the new Opera, I’m looking at Firefox. Me too am hoping the functionality and features would make back to Opera, that’s why I still use O12.

        I used to check this blog almost daily, then weekly, now few times a month, hoping for some good news. But there never aren’t those. I cannot wait much longer.

        I’ll give it few months, that I think I can hang on with Opera 12. But as the web is constantly changing people really do need an updated browser.

        I’m still hopeful, but more and more skeptical too as time goes by releases come and go – but nothing for those who would want to ditch Opera 12 and move to the new Opera. It’s sad.

        I will start to use the new Opera if it meets the basic requirements of Opera 12 users. If people temporarily migrate to eg. Firefox – a lot of those people wont be coming back.

        Opera 12 users wont be waiting another 6 months.

    • darkflame

      I am quite critical of what we lost when we went away from Presto – but criticizing Opera’s privacy track record is insane. Opera does not serve organizations and more or less then FF.

      • It’s an organization and it’s private investment, but it’s stupid to compare Opera with G, MS or A.

    • Elzo Lubbers

      I agree with you. I switched to Firefox about a week ago now. I didn’t bother reïnstalling Opera on my home pc after I upgraded it (used IE for a while and now on FireFox). On my work pc I still have it installed (but then again, I have all major browsers installed there), but since Firefox syncs bookmarks I’m using that as my main browser there as well.

      It’s a shame how long it takes for the (in my opinion) most basic features (next to looking at a webpage) to return to Opera. When 15 was released and there was no bookmarkbar that didn’t take up height and no sync I trusted that they would make a comeback soon. But now I have given up. Somewhere I still hope all the missing features make it back, else I wouldn’t be reading or posting here.

    • Onaj Tamo

      Actually Opera before they moved to chrome was very supportive of the open internet.

      In fact Opera together with Mozilla started what later became html5 and css3.
      I am only using Chromium right now because its fully open source and there is no Opera for Linux yet.Though I am thinking about switching to FF,but so far I don’t want to because in KDE the interface of firefox takes up more vertical space.I am also considering other browsers.

  • mitra-

    A new version released and still Linux users are left with the ancient version 12 😐
    There are Linux users like me that would like to use Opera browser! It can’t be that hard, if google can keep the same version synced in all operative systems.

    • Once we have it ready, we will let you know. No worries. And yes, it is difficult to support different operation systems.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Ha, my comment was deleted from this build’s announcement post on Facebook! I guess it’s because of a C-word I had used: Chrome. Someone complained that there was no EXIF reader in Opera, so I said there’s an extension for that, and included a link to EXIF Viewer, Chrome store. Seriously guys, you consider a Chrome-related link on FB a threat to your PR campaign? :

    • It must be some mistake. Please post it one more time there.

    • veralb

      Hi. There must have been a mistake. We very much welcome your comment in Facebook. Please add your comment there again. Rest assured, it will stay there. Thanks!

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Oh, I see… It must have been taken as a spam, which somehow is attracted to any post in your page.
        Thanks to you and Zhenis for the answers! 🙂

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Um… I guess not only the post has been deleted, but I’ve been banned from commenting on the Opera page…

        • veralb

          Your profile name in Facebook is also Dmitry Kirin, right? Can you please try again? Thanks 🙂

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Works now. Thanks! 🙂

  • IamPoor

    Some of us have old, less powerful computers. Is there any way to disable those “smoother, snappier animations”?

    • Unfortunately not. I would like to be more eco friendly in this area, but it is very difficult to support those devices from technology point of view.

    • klasnic

      If you are looking for performance and memory usage, chromium-based engines like the new Opera is a bad choice for you. Just look at how many processes and memory these engine-powered browsers require… I can’t use it for example on my laptop machine with 2GB RAM. Opening a few tabs and getting the message “Close some programms or the PC will crash”

  • Hoyt Ridge

    No bookmarks, no notes. Moved to chrome and added speed dial & notes.
    Good bye.

    • It is free world. You can choose whatever you like. I hope you will try next time.

      • klasnic

        You have disappointed him too much since O15, I don’t think that he will do that in the future…

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        You don’t think that comes off as a passive-aggressive rebuff?

      • You really work like a banking institution, one client goes dissapointed but another comes dissapointed of others. Keep the customers bouncing ’till they get tired.

  • darkflame

    I’ll be still using a combination of this and 12, as theres still stuff in 12 that I am more comfortable with (Sidetabs and fast content blocking mainly).
    However, this is a great step forward. I was interesting in the hw accelerated opera for long time and its wonderful too see it finally here.

    I understand Opera’s switch from presto, but we still need more of Opera’s USPs back – but with this, I think its got a new one!

    • I agree that it is difficult to migrate. Habit is second nature.

  • Davit Babayan

    it take error when i try to install Opera 21 on my Win XP.
    How can i install Opera manualy.. please help!

  • kbz9001

    mac 10.9, tab handling is broken. when grab a tab it switch automatically to the left side. cant move it to the right or only grab without position move.

    • I cannot reproduce it, since I use Win. Asked QAs to play with it.

    • rrzepecki

      I can’t see the problem on my mac. Are you seeing this after upgrading to Opera 21?

      • kbz9001

        yes, after upgrade, opera 21.0.1432.57, mac 10.9.2.
        on windows all ok.

        • rrzepecki

          would you be able to record and upload a video and attach the link here?

          • kbz9001


            same in non private mode.

          • rrzepecki

            did you enable or disable anything in flags by any chance?

          • kbz9001

            i never change anything in opera:flags.

            BUT found a solution by deleting the file “Local State” in “/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/”

            now it works. thx for help.

          • rrzepecki

            when you deleted it, new one got created with default values. Would you still have the old one? I would like to see what caused the issue

          • kbz9001
          • rrzepecki

            great, thanks! I will investigate this and log a bug internally.

          • rrzepecki

            are all your flags set to default?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Looks like some purposeful tab switcher extension: you’ve read a page, click on its tab, and it goes to background, leaving you with the next tab to read…

      Edit: Nope, it wasn’t an extension, since it had been cured by deleting Local State…

  • I really really, would love to know what is it you understand by stable.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      The second picture looks like some DIVs have been hidden by a CSS hack. I’m doing things like that with my own extension, hiding ads and other unnecessary elements on FB. Are you using any extensions, e.g. Stylish?

      • Nope, I have:

        Classic Images.
        Magic Actions for You Tube.
        PDF Viewer.
        Smart RSS.

        Opera 20 was fine just yesterday. And clearly none of them have anything to do with how elements are rendered/presented.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Hmm… Strange. FB looks completely fine here, in both Stable and Dev.

        • cgebhard

          Facebook looks good here as well. Do you have any custom rules in AdBlock? (e.g. to block the ads/suggestions in the right column)

          • I don’t have custom rules in AdBlock and I don’t see how any custom rule would ever interfere with the way “allowed elements” are drawn on screen.

            There you go, have another one.

  • Dima S

    Pages like Twitter with lots of scrolling are impossible to use after lots of data was loaded. Works fine in the first ten-twenty minutes. There was the same ossie on previous versions on Chrome and Opera, but never happened on Firefox. Using OSX with new Opera Stable.

    • Dima S

      It looks like new message gets stuck and doesn’t scroll down for some time.

    • rrzepecki

      Tried it with facebook but I can’t see any problems. What’s the exact issue you’re experiencing?

  • Is there a way Opera can tell the sum of memory used in its task manager? It’s a bit annoying to have to use the Windows calculator to get an estimate.

    And talking about that, this sole tab uses 225 MB!!! I have 4 Tabs open and the whole is 781 MB consumed.

    Seriously boys!!!

    • nicks

      I agree after update Opera takes some more memory usage than before update

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Use SysInternals’ Process Explorer, it shows the total memory for the entire set of opera.exe’s.

      • klasnic

        Where does it show it?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          When the list of processes is sorted and grouped by name, right-click the opera.exe group and choose Properties, the tab Performance.

          • klasnic

            It still looks like not the sum for me… If you add the individual processes with the calculator you get another result. And I’m not talking about slight differences here.

            Apart from that, Chropera’s (chromium’s) task manager shows the real “private working set” memory, what is the properties of that sorted list supposed to show me… the virtual size?

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Oops, my bad… I really thought it was grouped. Don’t know what I must’ve confused it with.

            Another thing that came to my mind was to use command line. The result was afwul… 😉
            perl -e "@a=`tasklist`;$s=0;for(@a[3..$#a]){ if (/^opera/){ $x=substr($_,64,10); $x=~s/[^0-9]//g; $s+=$x;}} print $s;"

      • Have that program at home, will try in my work too. But Opera should offer that info.

    • What websites do you have open?

    • Wando Schneider

      Welcome to the BLINK world. Chrome does the same thing.

      • But there should be a difference between what you do and what you can do, is there something preventing Opera from implementing things?

        • cgebhard

          have you tried the tab hibernation flag? Does it actually reduce the ram consumption?

          • It does after 40 seconds of inactivity in a tab, and that includes no background activity, like loading a page or a video. Once it is completely loaded it’s reduced to something like 500kb until you click on it.

            But now Opera is using like 300 to 400 MB before you open anything.

    • A. R.

      In Chrome there is an option to run all tabs in one process. I expect this feature in Opera too. This and no tab stacking – here I put my feet down, I’m already looking to switch from Opera 12.x to Firefox….

      • Old Opera was all tabs in one process, and everyone complained we didn’t have separate processes, like Chrome did.

        The world is really mad!!

        • Cryio

          Actually people complained that Opera Presto wasn’t multithreaded, not that it only ran in one thread.

  • I have a persistent issues with Opera that forces Google to use old lay out. http://i.imgur.com/pROjYjp.png It’s really bothering me because I hate this lay out. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It’s a known issue on Google’s side, already being looked into. A temporary workaround is to change the browser identification with an extension like User-Agent Switcher.

      • Joana Silva

        Why this problem occurs only with Opera? Google persecution against Opera? 😛

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Unfortunately, yes. Google has always done browser sniffing.

          • klasnic

            So it is Google that it is afraid of the 1.0-1.2% of Opera users and want to sabotage them…

          • Not sure if it only happens to Opera users or if they do the same to anybody using chrome derivatives, but as Opera is the most important of underdogs, yeah probably it’s only us.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You are the one saying it.

        • klasnic

          Yeah Opera are the saint ones and it’s everybody else’s fault!

      • How do you install it? I can’t see an option or button to do it. Besides look at the Opera agent in opera:about

        You’re telling me the solution is rather hide Opera name from it. Anyway it’s kind of ridiculous the solution comes from a extension meant for Chrome, so even Chrome users suffer from this? Perhaps not from google right, that’d be too much.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yeah I know it’s a lame solution, to hide which browser you’re actually using. Chrome users don’t suffer from this, I think the extension is made for other purposes, not this particular issue with Google.

          As for Chrome extensions, to install them, first you install
          Download Chrome Extension
          . And I’ve just realised there’s a similar user-agent switch in the Opera store.

          • The Opera version gets disabled without warning and doesn’t work, the other option worked after I chose Firefox 15.

            This is depressing.

          • You know what? Nevermind, now Outlook says my browser is outdated, hahaha!!!

            Will stick to Bing I guess.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Interestingly, the UA string for IE 9 works well with both Outlook.com and Google search.

      • klasnic

        Lol gg to Opera team switching to a mess of an engine called Blink. So many bugs, disfunctions and problems it’s not even funny anymore.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I think it’s funnier than many other issues: it’s been a year since Opera introduced its new browser’s identification, so Google could not have been unaware of its existence. Still they decide to change the way their site is represented for Opera, gaining what? make me move to Bing Image Search?—I’ve no idea…

    • Rafael Luik

      Opera that forces Google to use old lay out

      Hahahaha, are you kidding?

      Google that forces Opera to get old lay out. There, fixed for you.

      • Buddy, I don’t give a flying fuck who’s issue this is. Opera made move to Chromium so these problems don’t happen. So far I have been having more problems with broken sites than in Opera 12. Usually it’s problems with extensions breaking sites which never happened in O12. This shouldn’t be my problem…

        • Rafael Luik

          Buddy, I don’t give a flying **** who’s issue this is.

          I’m sorry about the way you think.

        • You should because you’re posting your claim in the wrong place, you should tell google to fix that… oh wait.

  • Awesome, so basic HiDPI support!

  • Joana Silva

    I had to(one more time) manually unlock the Opera at the firewall(create a new exception rule). Each update of the Opera is always the same issue, again…again…again. Very very annoying!!! I wonder how ordinary users(mom and daddy)are dealing with this situation, since they do not even know what is a firewall…Opera is the UNIQUE browser with this problem…:(

    • Dmitry Kirin

      They’d be having the firewall in an automatic mode. Are you using it, or a more vigilant one, requiring explicit rules? It’s interesting, as only today I posted a request to my firewall’s tech support addressing that its auto mode blocked opera_autoupdate.exe.

      • Joana Silva

        My firewall is set to “interactive” mode, not automatic, because I don’t want automatic updates for some apps.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Then I’d suggest creating rules to block those apps’ updaters.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Here when Opera is updated the Windows Firewall asks me about allowing it or not. Maybe your firewall has a similar function? Or maybe some kind of whitelist?

  • zakius

    Ah, and about stash and speed dial: I’d LOVE option to disable speed dial and discover letting me go directly to stash, and not in every new tab but on demand

  • someoperauser

    Is it just me or do the drop-down menus load like the following on http://time.ir and many other sites, for everyone else?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      At least for that site it looks the same here both on Opera 20 and Developer 22.

      Overall the dropdown menus are fine here.

      • operuser

        I checked it. It look like some websites such as http://www.zamanha.com/ perhaps because of kind of language. But I tink in new version it has been solved. Thanks Opera

  • ayespy

    This version is the biggest resource hog so far.

    Almost any/every website, especially if image-heavy or containing videos, to spin up the system fan.

    Without breaking it down by percentages of my 6-core CPU or number of GB out of my 10 GB of memory, just a glance at the “performance” tab on the Windows Task Manager when Opera is open tell you that it east resources like mad.

    There’s GOT to be a way to make it more efficient than this.

    • klasnic

      Sorry to say that but you are out of luck in that department. “Modern times” and “new age of browsing” require 6144 MB of RAM for the browser and 2048 MB for the OS. Or that is what Google thinks. That one uses his PC only for browsing. (for more info check out ChromeOS)

      Not even Photoshop and other professional heavy 3D programs and top demanding state of the art 3D games require so much.

    • Wraith

      I already lose that hope, every version of Opera (15+) is a beast who eats cpu and ram.

      • ayespy

        Not as badly as this one.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I don’t see any problem here on my Core2Duo 3.0GHz, 3GB RAM, Win7 x86. For testing, I’ve launched a YouTube video, an online TV, and a page with lots of images and animated gifs. There’s no significant difference from the latest Dev build: the same 30-40% CPU, peak 70% on heavy scrolilng, and similar memory allocation figures.

      • ayespy

        I’ve got a lot more computer here than you do, and a much bigger problem. I’ve got a 6-core processor running at 3.5 GHz per core, 10 GB of ram, Win 8.1 X64, and EVERYTHING I run on this is much faster and smoother than on anything else in the house – except Opera.

        There’s some sort of serious memory leak here or something, because it keeps reaching the point where even text entry is seriously delayed, the cooling fan is howling, and all the values in Task Manager are pegged. Then I have to shut down Opera and start over, and it starts again with some sort of “reasonable” resource usage, but slowly climbs and climbs until the system is maxed out and I have to shut it down again.

        So far, my wife’s much weaker Win7 x64 machine does not seem to have this problem. Time will tell.

  • Pablo Lopez

    I just want to know how can I change the tabs size to make them bigger. My screen is 19 inches and with the actual size I cannot see them very well. Any tips?

    • klasnic

      Not possible in strict Chropera. If you want customizing either stay at O12 or switch to another browser. Or keep hoping…

    • al_ghul

      well, I would like opposite – smaller ones, and those horizontal tabs – small, narrow like in chrome – look and compare – opera’s ones are evidently bigger…

  • Mikhail Sklyar

    Opera will now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows. No more tiny fonts!

    And mine has 150% by default and Opera still looks tiny. Why don’t you just use the Windows setting?

  • Test Drive

    After every release this question pops in my head :

    ” You want Normal Users to be able to use Opera without getting lost ? You want simplicity ? then what is wrong with giving what Opera 12.x had before but hiding it in the settings… you know where I’m talking about… the “Place” Normal Users never go to ! ”

    And with every release I’m seeing either Bug Fixes (Being Opera’s own code or Chromium) or new features that Chromium has made…
    Nothing noteworthy from you guys… No Customizations… No Side bar… No Stackings… No Tab Stylings… Nothing…
    It’s sad…

    • Cryio

      It’s like Opera forgot how to be Opera.

      They’re more like a no-name browser engine clone company. Midori for example. Chrome but without the spying.

      Oh the innovations.

  • Please be so kind and tell me if this is the correct config for having Opera save all my passwords, or if it isn’t related at all with that. I’m talking about flags again, it seems everything that’s interesting about a new release comes as a flag and is condemned to remain as such.

    “Autofill HTML forms even if the ‘autocomplete’ attribute is set to ‘off'” is ENABLED

    “Always respect autocomplete=’off’ for password forms” is DISABLED.

    It will ask to save my FB password, which is fine as it is 65 chars!! but it won’t ask to save my Outlook password, which is 16 chars, I copy/paste them from a text file. Old Presto version asked in ALL sites, it got confussed with user/pass combinations from time to time and randomly deleted some of them (which made me go mad), but that’s not the point.

    • klasnic

      And how does it save also passwords from pop-up windows like DISQUS and many, many others.

      • x a

        You gotta hit the “save” button really really fast to save the disqus pw. I managed it after myriads of tries.

        • I went trought that too!! I saw it as a cruel joke and got really pissed, my solution is open a new tab with disqus, login there, and refresh any other tab where it is used.

          • klasnic

            That is really masochistic, I can’t do that all the time and for so many logins. Tired of it. How people are satisfied with this kind of crap is beyond my imagination. Seriously, I can only explain it with masochism coming from fanboyism.

          • Noooo!!, just login once to disqus and after that you remain logged in for good, unless you erase your cookies or overwrite the profile, I have to do so because as long as we don’t have stable and functional sync, I transfer my profile from time to time between work and home, mostly when a new release is out. But you should be fine, log in, close that tab and refresh the others, after that you will appear as logged in to disqus.

            One thing I don’t like between Chropera and Prestopera :), is that in the later I knew what files to copy, here it isn’t as easy and I have to transfer everything.

            Besides in the old Opera when you copy wand.dat to a different PC the new install recognizes your username/password combinations, here it only does so when you transfer your profile from Stable to Next to Dev in the same PC.

          • x a

            One thing I don’t like between Chropera and Prestopera :), is that in the later I knew what files to copy, here it isn’t as easy and I have to transfer everything.

            I use a single profile directory for all three channels, stable/next/dev. Just use “junctions” or hard links to map all three profile dir names to refer to one folder.

            Don’t do it – uh-dangerous, of course! (I sometimes have to SQLite-Edit data in WebData if I choose to downgrade.)

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Hell, that’s reckless! My symlinking session.db* to a RAM drive looks so innocent next to it… 🙂

        • klasnic

          That’s not working for me, the prompt for saving does not even appear…

  • D. Kojic

    What about Oracle Jinitiator compability? Also, some aspx embedded features weren’t working (online reports). Crystal reports?

  • Guest

    Google black line shows on Opera but not in Chrome.

  • Jorton

    Google black line shows on Opera but not on Chrome. I cleaned the cookies. But it didn’t work.

  • Carson Coyote

    This is not that big a deal, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    In Opera 20, I had Wikipedia set as my default search engine, but it was changed to Google after updating to Opera 21.

    • I had Bing and I’m back too in Google, tried to switch back to Bing but combo list is empty and shortly after the tab collapses and I have to reload and start over… to get the same result, the very settings tab!!!


      • Rafael Luik

        My default search engine has been reset in 21 but I could easily re-select the one I was using in 20 without these problems you’re describing.

    • icetom

      probably they get something from Google for doing that – if not pretty weird that after this long time search engine settings are still bugged.

    • I got it!! go to settings, click on the “Manage” button, click the search engine you want and make it Default from there.

      I already set Bing as default and it offers to set google instead, as I hover over it. I can’t stand old google images.

  • Wando Schneider

    I’ve changed to stable channel in order to get a more stable software, instead, the same nasty bugs that bothers me on dev and next, came right into stable channel. On Discover’s page, as i roll down, the page start to blink. Is that a easter egg to joke with the opera engine (Blink)?

    • After I updated all my Speed Dials were a white circle with a world symbol, then I closed and copied my home profile as I have done many times, but still needed a second restart for Opera to show those thumbnails.

  • I found another!! someone tell Opera Team bugs =/ Easter eggs.

    This one happens when I click in the left combo to display contacts, before I type any. Or when I click on the Subject field.

  • FoxkidMCF .

    I load a youtube video, it loads the whole page but… the video/flash area goes black, but I still can hear the audio. It will only appear if I scroll a bit.

    Then I go hover a link/button outside the flash area and it goes black again 🙁
    Then the same thing over and over.
    I’ve tried disabling all extensions and still the problem occurs.

    I don’t know if the problem is from opera or youtube.

  • iG0Lka

    despite the fact that happily listing:

    – Opera will now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows. No more tiny fonts!

    font size bug in the menu, the bookmarks bar, the names of the tabs – as he was and remained!

    when hidpi = disable, all extremely fine!!1!

    when hidpi = enable, all extremely gigantic!!1!

    How much can you scoff? Why in the 19th version of the font everything is OK?

    I went back to the 19th version !

  • When switching between tabs I get a blank square right in the middle of the screen.


    Was reading this site then switched to FB then back, but I just realized it happens with any site, including this blog.

    • Saskatchewan

      OMG! The white square from the old Opera is back! 😀

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Yeah 😀

        • Saskatchewan

          Apparently so many people complained about this old feature missing in the new Opera that they decided to bring it back. 😉

    • experimenting with flags, don’t you?

      • Already detected those that gave me a hard time, GPU Rasterizing and Impl-side painting, BTW I noticed they’re removed from O22 Dev.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Impl-side painting is still there.

          • Don’t touch it.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I know, i won’t.
            It seems to be working on 22 or causing less trouble at least.

  • zakius

    Can you maybe provide two separate changelogs? One for opera and one for blink (with thinks that opera people worked on marked somehow) so we would be able to know a bit more

  • Deus Ex Vino

    I particularly liked the “links” panel of 12 – that way i can download ALL of linked files of certain type from a page at once.
    Did you think about adding some tools for interaction with webpages in more obvious way thn “network” of Dragonfly? E.g. default tools to download all files linked at once, intercept media files loaded by plugins (as it can be done with dragonfly in very, VERY inconvenient way) etc?

    • We cannot download video stream and safe as a file, because it is legal issue. Because of that the mentioned extensions should not exist.

  • I’ll pass. I thought I could return to Opera, but it seems your progress unable to impress me. But don’t worry, all of you still have a quite large fanbase isn’t it?
    Goodluck, my long abandoned browser.

  • And after all day using it, had to close and now I get this again, until restart.

    I know it’s free and I’m a big supporter of this browser, still my primary one over all what has happened, but seriously you’re pushing.

    • Wraith

      it seems that this version still has that bug, by the way interesting way to arrange your speed dial by categories.

      • What do you mean “still”? It never happened to me before in stable channel, or do you mean O21 Next?

        • Wraith

          Yes in next and developers.
          I think that bug is related to the syncronization, in next and developers some site are blank after enabling sync.

    • ayespy

      OK. That’s a little weird. Once mine filled in, it stayed that way.

      • It’s happening that I close Opera and restart, I get blank SD, then restart again and everything is normal.

        Until I restart.

        • ayespy

          I see. Just happened to me, too. Had to restart to get all my thumbs back.

    • Known issue DNA-19861. Thanks! Extremely difficult to reproduce, btw.

  • GyéBen

    The installer doesn’t work for me… well, I guess my old (and BTW, perfectly working) computer isn’t supported anymore…

  • Facebook FROM THIS new version began to display the following message:

    “You haven’t sent your message yet. Do you want to leave without sending?”

    1) Open the example https://www.facebook.com/Opera (on the home page it does not happen)
    2) Start typing a comment, post or message in the chat
    3) Press CTRL + BACKSPACE. Instead of deleting the last word appears show message “You haven’t sent your message yet. Do you want to leave without sending?”

    It’s a bug or feature?

    Similarly it behaves when writing comments HERE. Instead of deleting the last word comes back to the previous URL.

    • Rafael Luik

      I can’t reproduce this on Windows 8.1, are you a Mac user?

      • Thanks, I use Windows 8.1

        • So far, I feel that it’s happening “randomly”. Select “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts” can be on or off. So far, I could not exactly reproduce the problem, but it also resulted in a clean new profile.

    • x a

      Since a few builds ago, the Ctrl-Backspace shortcut is supposed to move one level up in the path, that is constituted by the url. [WinXP]

      • Thanks, if the text cursor in the input or textarea and should have a higher priority on than changing the URL. Or am I wrong?

        The problem happens every time – even when switched off/on “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts”

        • One more note: I use the migrated profile of Opera 12, but I tried to establish a clear profile of Opera 21 and there is also a problem showed.

      • Interesting. Several times I turn on/off “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts” and restarted Opera and the problem seems to be solved yet.

      • One more note: I use the migrated profile of Opera 12, but I tried to establish a clear profile of Opera 21 and there is also a problem showed.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Not confirmed here. Works good in both Stable and Dev. When the text field is focused, the last word is deleted. Otherwise, Opera goes one level up, as it’s supposed to be. Is it possible that some extension does that? We’ve encountered a similar issue before.

    • DNA-20070 and DNA-20069, Thanks!

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Zdenek, as a temporary workaround, you can try this solution.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Wow, I see that on version 20 with properly working custom DPI google maps started to load extremely slowly and street view doesn’t work. Great. User-agent switcher doesn’t help. And I guess that it is of course Google fault, am I right? Opera has now so great Blink and Opera’s programmers can work only on interface…

  • I’m already feeling sorry for you, never before I’ve seen this amount of issues using Opera. Look at the menu.

    It’s almost esoteric.

    • Rafael Luik

      Have you tried disabling your extensions?

      • No but O20 was fine with extensions. So either I take this or forget about extensions? not that I use many, but I use the few ones I use because I need them.

        I’ve been already taking an incomplete experience since O15, after many years of being used to something MUCH better, I still defend this new Opera against whinners, so I will suffer this, but I won’t suffer an even poorer experience.

        • Rafael Luik

          Well that was just a guess. Incompatibilities may happen.

          Nothing to comment about opera:flags? The ones you changed are directly connected to the rendering.

          • That is actually part of my complain, I know flags are experimental, but some things there have that tag and others don’t, if I’m to consider all flags experimental then Themes and Pin Tabs are too, Opera is doing a TERRIBLE job in that matter, it’s aweful.

            These settings don’t have that tag anywhere, and it creates confussion. Are all flags experimental? Or just some of them? If I stick only to those with that tag, the rest are supposed to be stable then.

            e.g. Direct3D 11 has been there like for 3 or 4 versions, Opera never said if it was stable, experimental, beta or whatever. I know my GPU supports ir so I enable it, but I can’t really tell if it even has an effect. And just yesterday everything was ok.

          • Rafael Luik

            When features like tab pinning and theme creator are in alpha state they appear as flags first. Later when they don’t make the browser crash in every touch they’re enabled by default so more users can test it (beta), then when they graduate to Stable a little time pass so they know no one is having

            Others are of other kinds, are really experiments that maybe won’t ever turn stable and will vanish (e.g. the many kinds of tab hibernation introduced). Other are engine experiments present there in Chromium since a long time since they’re in constant slow development. The conclusion is: you should see all of them as dangerous unless the default state is “Enabled”.

            I know that there’s no differentiator between them, but all of them are listed under a big warning about issues.

            When you report issues and don’t mention that you have flags enabled and blame the browser for that, this isn’t of any help as everyone knows the experiments not enabled by default are not in final/stable quality.

            But to the point: resetting the flags to default solve the problems you’re experiencing or not?

          • I just arrived home so I haven’t made any test, need to attend some things as this entire week I’ll be alone at home. Too bad it’s in middle of the week and not a weekend, and with almost no money.

            What I can tell you now is most of that stuff I enabled in previous versions and nothing wrong happened.

          • Yep, it is HWA, but I will leave it enabled on purpose, so I can report as many bugs as I can to Opera, so they have some real world feedback.

          • bruce lawson

            “Are all flags experimental?” – yes. As it says at the top of the opera:flags page, “Careful, these experiments may bite”. That’s why there’s no way to get to that page from the UI; you have to enter the URL directly.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’ve seen such things in Dev. It looks more like a style glitch to me, not a rendering one, like the misplaced white rectangle from one of your recent posts. I also often see Facebook comment section disappear when in photo view. The only pattern so far is that it happens when I move cursor from the photo to comments and the photo is wider than it’s tall (landscape, not portrait). Maybe some Opera html/css ninja could look into it…
      Edit: Yes, it’s a single picture—the comment section is empty.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Opera does not support the standard way of publishing site icons, like link rel="icon" href="...", though that mechanism used to work for some time long ago, maybe in O15-16. Could anyone from Opera tell me whether it was broken or disabled intentionally, and if the latter, why?

    • It sounds like DNA-15055 to me, but it was resolved months ago. Anything specific I should know about it?

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I re-read my post and realised it was sort of misleading: I didn’t mean site icons that become tab icons, but site logos that become Speed Dials instead of thumbnails generated as page snapshots. Currently, such nice SD logos are shown only for specific sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia. So I wanted to know if this feature was still supported or not.

        Of course, this brings us to the old dilemma: nice ‘official’ SDs are cool, but if there are several SDs for different Wikipedia pages, they all look the same, and there’s no way (yet) to set what to show and when…

  • Prevedovich

    Will I ever come to http://www.opera.com and find the best comment to be positive one?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Unfortynately, i don’t think so. The ones that have positive comments about Opera probably have better things to do in their lives rather than keep coming here to post the same stuff all the time.

      On the other side, some people seems to have too much spare time to spend here ranting, complaining and so on everytime, no matter what the subject of the discussion is.

      Instead of just take some time to find another software that better suits their needs and get life go forward, they prefer to waste their energy with rants.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        And then you have the people who prefer to waste their spare time and energy by tut-tutting at the ranters? Sounds _so_ much more like a fulfilling existence.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Ah, and there is also the guest upvote issue. Most are probably fake.

      • Prevedovich

        I do not think they are fake. Switched to FF because “bookmark issue” is not resolved yet. I am tired of 100+ tabs. So, I come here to read some day that they implemented usable bookmarks and sync. But Aura is a big step because I was shocked how FF was smooth in every aspect after using Chrompera for a while. I hope it is better now.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Those votes are a mistake in itself as guest shouldn’t be allowed to do anything but to read the comments.

          And some of them seems to have a strage behavior behind.

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          There _does_ seem to be something fishy going on with guest votes. Some negative posts appears to be getting a large number of upvotes almost instantly, which doesn’t jive with the size and traffic of the board otherwise.

  • Well, I guess we have to thank you guys for bringing back the full address bar. And I really hope that after the Aura update, far more UI features from Opera 12 will come back soon. Please!

    I still can’t really explain why Opera seems totally abandon its former “hardcore” userbase in favour of “casual” Internet users – at the moment there is probably not a single feature which will lure those users away from the far more known browsers like Firefox or Chrome… It makes no sense.

    I won’t bother you this time with lengthy feature requests you have heard since Opera 15 hundreds ot times, but it still baffles me how many even small functions of Opera 12 are still missing!

    If I use Opera 15+ shortly just for browsing some sites, it feels better that O12 (YouTube hardly usable anymore). But after a short period of time I miss sooo much functionality (e.g. the F12 quick options or image properties – cluttered extensions for every more or less trivial function can’t be the way!).

  • Leonardo Gomes

    3Q2013 was the first one after the release of Opera Blink.


  • ayespy

    With a 6-core processor running at 3.5 GHz per core, 10 GB of ram, Win 8.1 X64, EVERYTHING I run on this is much faster and smoother than on anything else in the house – except Opera.

    There’s some sort of serious memory leak here or something, because it keeps reaching the point where even text entry is seriously delayed, the cooling fan is howling, and all the values in Task Manager are pegged. Then I have to shut down Opera and start over, and it starts again with some sort of “reasonable” resource usage, but slowly climbs and climbs until the system is maxed out and I have to shut it down again.

    So far, my wife’s much weaker Win7 x64 machine does not seem to have this problem. Time will tell.

    • x a

      On my machine (only a Dual Core AMD Athlon64 X2) it makes no sense at all to try to work with Opera reasonably expecting performance, unless launched with the --renderer-process-limit=12 flag restricting the number of processes (ie jobs) way below the default upper boundary.

      That does not explain, why your wife’s Win7 x64 machine runs Opera smoothly, however, I admit.

      • ayespy

        I don’t know for sure that it does, yet. She didn’t complain this morning, and has been at a conference all day – so we will see.

      • x a

        Let me add and clarify, though: I’m not in the camp of those, who think many “processes” are bad per-se – the opposite is true. But the balance between theory and machine capability is not well defined yet.

        Same goes, btw, with memory usage: Why equip your computer with lots of memory, if an application shouldn’t use it. But again fair management – probably more a task of the OS than each respective application – lacks.

    • I have much weaker machine, and don’t see such issues. Anything specific about websites, changes in flags or anything else, what could affect it?

      • ayespy

        I generally leave the UI flags alone. I use an extension to emulate some of the old tab behavior, but it doesn’t really work – so I’m uninstalling it today. Only thing I use that might affect resources is Sidewise Tree Style Tabs from the Chrome store.

        I, too, have no trouble on older, weaker machines (one using XP and two using Win 7) – only my newest, fastest one, running Win8.1 X64.

        I will say – the problem seems less today. Part of the trouble may have coincided with the time period during which Opera was trying to rebuild my SpeedDial thumbs (of which I have several hundred, in folders).

      • ayespy

        Further report – the site which eventually gets worst, so far, is huffingtonpost.com

  • ayespy

    Well, I was a little worried about the fact that the latest iteration of Blink requires SSE2, because I have a couple of pretty old machines here, and I need to keep my versions of Opera synced.

    Turns out SSE2 was introduced n 2001, and my oldest (in service) machine is a 2004 HP a450n – so it installed the update, no probs. In fact, it shows the least resource hit of any of my machines running Opera. I guess Opera only maxes out your resources if you have a pretty fair amount of them. Weird.

    Of course running a 2004 P4 3GHz machine with 2GB of PC3200 RAM is an awful lot like watching grass grow in the first place – so it’s kind of Opera not to slow it down any worse…

    • Przemko Mx

      SSE2 issue targets mostly AMD processors (last nonSSE2 intel was PIII) (my is AMD Sempron 2800+ 1GB RAM and old PIII 1Ghz)

      Opera forcing me to switch browser, now I’m checking Firefox (SSE2 recommended, but still working, at least to version nightly 32) with addons: FireGestures, Clippings, Adblock Plus, Element hiding helper, Flashblock, ImgLikeOpera, FindBar Tweak – and it’s almost like good old Opera 12.
      But when I upgrade my hardware and Opera will fix:
      Bookmarks (import and export),
      Sync (with extension sync like in firefox),
      rss add to Discover (like now I’m using netvibes) with working offline,
      more gestures,
      and when will be extensions similar to:
      ImgLikeOpera, Clippings (best if Notes supported by Opera browser with sync),

      I will return to Opera.

  • Steffen

    When will there be an updated Linux-version of Opera? If the answer is “never”, just say it. It doesn’t hurt to be honest.

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        At this point, I don’t think an answer of “we’ll do it when we get around to it” carries any weight at all.

        If you’re not committed to Linux as a platform, that’s … fine. Much as I dislike saying it, there _are_ good business reasons to not be. However, if you _do_ mean to commit to it, you have to actually _commit to it_. For a consumer product, like Opera is, half-arsed support of a platform is worse than no support.

        What’s even the point of a — hypothetical — Linux version of Opera if you’re not putting enough effort into it to actually maintain and grow a userbase on the platform? You’d be better off just focusing on Mac and Windows, and _we’d_ be better off by not having another badly supported product on our hands.

        • Steffen

          full ack, @Leif.

          I must say, that this “we will tell you when it is ready” is not sufficient. Are you, or don´t you? This is the question. If you don´t, it is allright. If you do, then lets ask further: when will we get Opera on Linux? Is there a timing plan or something?
          I mean, using Chrome or Firefox instead is perfectly fine for me. Its your business, guys. Not the Linux users business
          There are millions of Linux users out there. Leaving them beside as, 10 years ago, a lot of companies did, is so stupidly “yesterday”, is so living in the past… but: you are free to travel back in time.
          But if you want to travel back in time, please have a look at all these past companies, who are history now…

          Would be great to know, how you wanna go: forward or backward?

          • bruce lawson

            “I must say, that this “we will tell you when it is ready” is not sufficient. Are you, or don´t you?”

            Yes. We will release a Linux version.

    • bruce lawson

      When it’s ready. Not “never”!

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        Do you at least have an actual time-frame for that internally yet, or is it still “when we get around to it” for the developers too?

        Regardless, you should really at least _mention_ the Linux version in one of your blog posts — something along the lines of “we know it’s been a long wait, we can’t give you a date yet, we promise we haven’t forgotten about you.” A lot of people won’t dive into the comments or personal blogs to find the few scattered, tooth-pulled assurances about the Linux version.

        • L33t4opera

          “For those worried that Opera’s Linux version will never be updated, read this (no new news but it might reassure you somewhat): http://ruario.ghost.io/2014/03/02/linux-and-blink-powered-opera/http://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15168388#Comment_15168388

          “Why do we love Linux? Because so many of our staff are Linux users. Whilst I do not have exact figures, I would hazard a guess that it is the most used platform amongst our technical staff (i.e. excluding HR, marketing, design, etc.). Even our upper management are Linux fans. The head of our consumer browsing division, who reports directly to the CEO has been a Linux user since 1995 and last time I checked our CTO, Håkon Wium Lie (“the Father of CSS”) is also a Linux user. The Linux version will come. Though I am sorry it is taking so long!” http://ruario.ghost.io/2014/03/01/welcome-to-my-new-blog/#comment-1267706030

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            I’ve read it before and, as I work in software development myself, it doesn’t reassure me in the slightest. This is nothing but the kind of good intentions that we’ve seen so many times before turn into vaporware.

            If anything, what I get from Ruario’s post is “We don’t really have a valid business case for a Linux version, but we kinda want to do it anyway.”

            Now, maybe that’s me being a pessimist and a cynic, I rather hope it is, but then again, a pessimist is often just an optimist with experience.

          • bruce lawson

            I’m at a loss, then, to know what to say to you. The team lead for Mac/ Linux says it’s coming. Various other team members have said so. I’ve said so. I’ll repeat: it’s coming. When it’s ready, we promise we’ll release it rather than just use it ourselves. We’ll even tell everyone where they can download it.

      • Old Opera offered Linux builds and pre compiled binaries of all flavors and colors, will it remain like that? can you at least tell that to us?

        Are people waiting all this long for what exactly? DEB, RPM?

  • Scribe_uk

    All very good, but back to basics…this site still isn’t rendered correctly http://theroyalwindsorforum.yuku.com – try to zoom and the image stays the same even thought the text gets bigger. No problem with Opera12, Firefox, Maxthon, Chrome, IE, Sleipnir, Slimbrowser etc…

    The toolbars take up too much space – might be OK on a large screen, but not on a netbook.

    Also, space wasted between bookmark bar items, and of course no proper bookmarks!!

  • Nick Schaedel

    Contrary to just about everyone on this blog, it seems, I quite like the new Opera. I guess I’m just not a bookmark, side tabs kind of guy. But the one thing I miss is the speed dialling of speed dial – CMD+#. It’s not really speed dial without a keyboard shortcut, is it? 😉

    • You can have more than 9 SDs and folders.
      What should we do about Cmd/Ctrl + 1 (pause) 3?
      How big should be pause that Ctrl+1 will work as expected as well as Ctrl+13? What should happen to folders?

      • Nick Schaedel

        Simple. You have 1-9, as is. People can prioritize their most desired hotkeys into those slots. Those below the cutoff don’t get a shortcut.

        With a folder, take them to the folder. Maybe investigate whether a release of keys and another press activates the links within the folder, and allow the option of CMD+# to either open a new tab or replace current tab.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        Start loading page #1 on the first key-down (CTRL + 1), but switch to loading page #13 if there’s a second key-down (CTRL + 3) within, say, 500 milliseconds. Don’t switch to displaying the loading page until either 500 milliseconds after the last key-press, you register release of the CTRL key, or key-down of ENTER (including CTRL+ENTER).

        For folders, open the folder, but not until the point where you would have switched to displaying the loading web-page if it had been a page. Once the folder is opened, further CTRL+# codes apply to the items in the folder.

        So, to open web-page #13, press CTRL, press and release 1, press and release 3, release CTRL.

        To open element #3 of folder #1, press CTRL, press and release 1, release CTRL, press CTRL, press and release 3, release CTRL, or alternatively, press CTRL, press and release 1, press and release ENTER, press and release 3.

        Oh, and have CTRL+0 (on its own) always go to the root of the SpeedDial and CTRL-BACKSPACE go up one folder.

  • Charlie Sanchez

    Why windows installer file isn’t marked with version but just with some strange NI? (some kind Knights of Ni reference? ;])

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It stands for network installer, which isn’t supposed to be related to any particular Opera version. It just pulls in the latest available Opera.

      • Charlie Sanchez

        Thanks. This means now I can just launch this one installer to update to the latest version? (assuming autoupdate turned off)
        Also, how to get some older version? (in case latest version is broken).

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yes, but I’d recommend downloading it when needed, instead of keeping it on the disk. It’s still rather young, it can be updated, though less frequently than the browser.

          The archive of all versions is here.

  • Vladimir

    Fix Google and Yandex Image Search ???

    • oic

      google change the way image search work. Only work in chrome, but not opera?

  • Onaj Tamo

    I wonder how is html5 and css3 support progressing?
    I haven’t heard anything about that lately.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik Opera supports html5 or a major part of it at least. You can check at http://html5test.com

      • Onaj Tamo

        yeah i know it does that,but I would like it to be on this blog like this:
        ‘As of this patch we support the new html5 tag and the css3 declaration xxxx’.

        Html5 and css3 are big things and they should be treated as such.Especially because opera together with mozilla was the one that proposed the original draft for those standards.

    • bruce lawson

      for details of web standards support, and tutorials, see our developer-facing blog http://dev.opera.com

    • Sidney Moraes

      Look here too: http://css3test.com

  • =Skor_Pion=

    Only here a little unclear, Google Chrome latest version 34.0.1847.131 Stable, while in Opera shows that Chrome has been updated to version 34.0.1847.132 Stable …

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe they’ve copied the build number of the linux version?

  • Herr Pietrus

    Why after update to 21 my all my passwords have disappeared from version 20?! I’cant use the any more… but they appear in version 21

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Are you using separate install of Opera 20 and 21? If you’ve update your Opera 20 then it was replaced by the new Opera 21.

      • Herr Pietrus

        But Opera 20 remains in respective subfolder.
        Fortunately after installing Opera 12 and again and upgrading it to 20 I was able to restore my passwords 🙂

        But You have to do something with outlook.com. Old password manager worked with it.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Here if i try to open Opera 20 using the Opera.exe at that subfolder, i get Opera 21 opened.

          And afaik Opera 12 can’t be upfraded to Opera 20. How did you do that?

          The strange thing i sthat the passwords are stored in a palce in common for both 20 and 21 so unless there was some kind of change inthe way they are stored, they should be working for both.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Of course I mean installing 20 after installing 12 and then importing user data e.g. passwords which are automatically transferred to new version and new password manager 🙂

  • A. R.

    Will Opera 23 finally be the version that meets the requirements of Opera 12 users?

    We Opera 12 users can’t wait another 6 months for features that seems that aren’t ever going to make it.

    The deadline is nearing up.

    • Maybe O43, sincerely I gave up requesting things and can only dream now.

      Feelings of impotence surged a year ago, but at the end I understood it’s all beyond me.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I think it would depend on what the requirements are. For me it is clear since months ago that they most probably won’t add lots of features on Opera Blink.

      Btw, i’m an Opera 12 user and i’m satisfied with Opera Blink. I miss some features? Yes, i do, but i think Opera Blink is good and fits my needs.

  • rm

    Still no fucking linux release.

    • bgh251f2

      There are 7 “fucking linux” releases, they are called Opera Next..

      A linux release will come. This year, the next one or maybe before my grandson dies of old age but it will come.

      • rm

        can you ‘fucking’ please give me a link 😉

      • Onaj Tamo

        Seriously,explain yourself on what you meant by:

        There are 7 “fucking linux” releases, they are called Opera Next.

        • SQL

          I guess he meant those releases “fuck” linux. Like you know?

    • bgh251f2

      That’s funny your comment using a curse word was kept and mine that used the exactly same word was deleted…

  • niks2456

    Anyone else getting old checkboxes ,radiobuttons etc on websites and settings page ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean by old checkboxes and radiobuttons?

      • niks2456

        Also opera menu size has decreased .

  • please help every couple of seconds this site keeps popping up on opera in a new tab http://bidr.trellian.com/ please fix this its annoying!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Looks like malware. Check for Trellian ToolbarBrowser among the programs installed and opera://plugins.

  • zakius

    well, I’m goin’ firefox I guess, better compat than on presto and longer support guaranted

  • kemo

    Where the hell is Sync? Where is linux release? Bloody firefox have sync too OMG….where is problem? This is really annoying. have work PC, home PC, android smartphone and netbook with ubuntu…realy need that bloody sync…

    • bruce lawson

      Sync, Linux are coming.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Bruce, “Eisenstein prime Aura” please 😉

      • This is the best reply I’ve seen ever 🙂

  • Attention, all the issues I posted in the screenshots below are caused by two flags:

    GPU Rasterization.
    impl-side painting.

    Direct3D 11 and the others are fine, but DO NOT enable these two under any circumstance.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      The only glitch I’ve got, blinking of Facebook comment section, persists here even with the default values for Map-image rasterizer (zero-copy) and Impl-side painting.

      Edit: Oh hell… With Map-image, random letters in text are not drawn… :

      • And GPU rasterization is disabled too?

        Map-image rasterizer never gave me any problem.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Hm… Now I don’t get it at all: now GPU resterization, Impl-side painting, and Direct 3D are enabled, and no glitches at all: this blog’s pages, FB functionality – everything looks good.

          Okay, maybe it has to do with graphics card… I’ve got a simple onboard Intel GMA 4500, 4 Series Internal Chipset.

          • GPU rasterization requires impl-side painting, so I won’t look for more trouble on the stable channel, will check on O22 and see if anything is different there.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I’ve found another thing: GPU rasterisation off, impl-side on: On opera:flags, any flag’s combobox opens an empty drop-down and the tab reports that it has crashed. To restore, I had to manually edit Local State, removing impl-size from enabled_labs_experiments

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I remember that this flags wasn’t working well on developer 21.

  • Krasen Ivanov

    Can anyone confirm is the status bar missing in this version ?
    I am used to look before clicking on a link and now its not showing any adress.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      There’s no static status bar. But when you hover the mouse pointer on a link, its url is shown in a tooltip-like floating bar in the status area.

      • Krasen Ivanov

        Yes I had that in 20.0 now in 21.0 Its missing, or how to display it again ?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Indeed, I’ve just seen it missing here in 21.0.1432.57. I’ve been doing some cleanup after my recent experiments, and now that I’ve disabled impl-side painting, the status bar is shown properly. I’m not completely sure that’s the real reason, though.

    • Not missing at all.

  • icetom

    I just opened a youtube video, clicked on new tab and the video itself was carried over to the new emtpy tab, right in the middle of it. Dont know if i can reproduce it, but it seems a bug comparable to what I have seen in previous versions where youtube titles were carried over to other youtube videos.

    • could you please provide more info since it is definitely a bug, and we should fix it?

      • SQL

        Go search the comments of previous blogs, they’re full of info about this bug and how to reproduce it.. I’m pretty sure some of your guys are aware of this but with no intention to try and fix it, some of the more active Opera workers here 100% know that this bug exists. In a nutshell: Open youtube video – right as it’s starting, switch to another tab – you now have the video either flash in the middle of the new tab or then stay there until you change back to the youtube tab.

        This seems to happen more likely when the browser has been running for quite some time and is consuming monstrous amounts of memory. And no, my computer’s not a low spec one.

      • icetom

        Ok it just happened again.

        how it happened: had speeddial open, no tab. I clicked on youtube, went to this video


        and opened a tab very shortly after (i think before the video started). The video itself was carried over to the next tab. the white spaces are only censored sites 😉 also dont mind the menu, i clicked on it afterwards

        Windows 7 x64, 8gb ram, Newest Flash 13×32 (foce flash on html5 videos).

        screenshot :


  • Thor Mentor

    “Good news everyone!” Opera released the Opera 12.17.

    This is a good news, not this post. Perhaps it would be better news: Opera 21 have now all the features of Opera 12.x.

    Sorry man! I’ll keep using Opera 12.x until it’s possible and when the moment comes, I’ll probably switch to Firefox.

  • Jaroslav Majera

    In this version, download button doesn’t disappear when download is finished.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It never did. It will disappear when you clean the download list.

      • Jaroslav Majera

        I think in version 20 version it disappeared when download was complete, but I don’t know now, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me :).

        • Rafael Luik

          That would be bad, it stays there as a quick shortcut to open file/location of the latest downloaded files.

          • Jaroslav Majera

            Yeah that sounds reasonable.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i really don’t remember Opera ddoing it. However i almost never use the stable versions, so…

    • Olli

      On OS X there is this bug since Opera 15. The button stays there after download and sometimes when you click on it nothing happens (so the list is not being shown and thus can not be cleared). It’s a really old bug but nobody seems to care.

  • vue33

    this is support my acer w1 touchscreen ? Old version, no.

  • Tommy

    I guess 25 tabs is just too much for the new Opera version. This is just sad.

    • klasnic

      The Google Gods have decided for you that apparently you need to have over 8 GB in your PC to use an internet browser…. And the sheeps have followed them.

      The Google Gods even created an OS (ChromeOS) that saves everything on cloud and is a web browser. Google Gods believe that the PC is needed only for browsing…

      Google Gods are always right.

      • Joana Silva

        It’s sad but true, The browsers Chromium/Webikit-based are prevailing/monopolizing and becoming the standard for the internet, often ignoring flagrantly the standards of W3C(Apple or Google’s influence and yours power on the Web?). Firefox is still clinging to its ethical principles, perhaps one of the only ones. Sad, very sad…

  • LoverOfLife

    Is there any way to change a speed dial thumbnail with a custom image ? I’m doubt about it, but who knows ? 🙂

    • klasnic

      It was asked before to have at least an option to display the logos or the upper section of the sites instead of only the thumbnail previews, but I don’t remember if there was a confirmation of doing that. This is needed especially when you got hundreds of items in Speed Dial and you get dizzy looking at that chaos.

      • LoverOfLife

        Thanks for reply and info, maybe someday let’s hope so 🙂

        • Wraith

          At least for Opera 12 there was an Application to do that.

          • LoverOfLife

            True, i remember that app, i don’t have it anymore, it’s useless now for 15+

      • Rafael Luik

        I think there’s no way ATM.
        It’s weird because quite a number of pages are mostly a white background with text and it’s difficult to differentiate between pages even from different sites.

      • Yes, we see the issue exactly the same. It should be automated, because it is really difficult to make all of them manually. Opera Coast shows how well it works.

        Still, difficult to prioritize it, since we have a lot of bigger and more awaiting things to be done.

  • meecka

    Is there a 64-bit version of Opera for Windows?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, there is no 64 bit version of Opera Blink.

    • Only Prestopera had one, a bit unstable tough.

  • Rob Wheatley

    Where is the wand? I want my wand back!!! No Sync, no wand, no sidebar notes – this just isn’t Opera any more. Shame version 12 now just seems to choke every time I load it…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think wand will be back.

    • Put that old calendar of yours in the trash can already, this is 2014.

  • Tomek Duda

    I think I found a bug (at least for me its a bug): while in text area (editing a text), Ctrl+Backspace doesn’t delete word preceding cursor. It works as going back in history. (Win7 x64, Opera 21.0.1432.57) It’s very inconvenient.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Tomek, to get rid of this issue, you can simply remap the keyboard shortcut for the “ParentDirectory”, to “Ctrl+Shift+Backspace” as follows:
      1. Close the Opera, and go to the Opera’s profile directory
      (you can find the path in: O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Profile),
      2. Open the “Preferences” file in your text editor, and edit it as below:{
      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "ParentDirectory": [ "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" ]
      "Settings": {
      "AdvancedEnabled": true
      3. Save the changes, relaunch the Opera.

      • Tomek Duda

        Thanks a lot @L33t4opera:disqus! BTW. I remember that some time ago I was looking how to change keybindings in new (post-12) Opera and I coulnd’t find it.

        Do you know if the Preferences file is documented anywhere?

        • L33t4opera

          You’re welcome 😉 As far as I know it’s not, but you can find the default key bindings in the “opera.pak” file (search for ‘ “Keybindings” ‘), which is located in a subdir of the root directory of the Opera’s installation – for the latest Opera stable, it’s located in the “21.0.1432.57” subdirectory.

    • Rafael Luik
  • Patriĉk Bateman

    After update, mouse gesures are not working sometimes. They can work smoothly for hour, before failure. And can stop working after 10 minutes. Closing/opening opera helps.

  • Alex Parker

    Opera 21 has an issue with some buttons on some sites. Even here – try to log in with Facebook and click on the bottom or the middle of the “Log In” button – it will not work. The button works only if you click on top of it. I’ve seen this on the other sites and other buttons too. Please fix buttons.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’m not facing this issue here.

  • Akash

    yaa nice thanks.. it is as per http://www.filmystatus.com

  • Krzysiek

    This new engine is slower then previous one… Im using an old laptop (Celeron M, Intel 945GM, WinXp) and Opera 20 was 2x faster then Opera 21, no settings changed.

    Da sie cofnac do poprzedniej wersji czy bedzie to naprawione w przyszlosci?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try disabling hardware acceleration on settings.

      • Rafael Luik

        I’d try disabling plug-ins in opera:plugins before anything else…

        Running with the launcher shortcut with the command line switch –single-process may also help (decreases RAM usage). @disqus_xEYhH081BH:disqus

    • Another thing to try is to disable animations and effects for the OS, they can hurt performance, most of all on older hardware

      For XP https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/display_change_visual_effects.mspx?mfr=true

      • Krzysiek

        I already have disabled animations on windows and on opera. Thing is, even with disabled hardware acceleration its better but still speed dial tab is loading slower then it was. For me whole Opera loads at start for about 12 sec, when other browsers (even IE) loads in 4-5 seconds….

  • Sky

    When will you fix the thumbnail-missing-speed-dial issue? I got a reply telling me it is “internally fixed”, whatever that means, but nothing changed for me. Oh, I could see ONE thumbnail of a NEW addition, but that, disappeared too, after relaunch. If it would have stayed, I MIGHT have opted out to opening each of my 300+ links, undoing/redoing them, but since they return to blank, this is no option (yet) either. So, please fix this, “externally” now, whatever THAT means, so that we the users can finally benefit from your secret work, too. (Actually, no benefit, just righting what you did wrong, unnecessarily so, in the first place!) Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. Never heard of this?

    • internally would be a test build with a fix, the fix will work its way into a future build

      • Sky

        Ok, then, when can we expect that upgrade to be made public? Do I have to put up with my speeddial until then? Should I start posting on every social site I am in, “Do not upgrade to Opera 21, keep what you got and downgrade, if they forced you to upgrade automatically, because it is broken/corrupt/disfunctional/…” whatever? Why is Opera becoming from best to worst over time? Nobody even apologizes for what they have done to a perfectly working browser. Why are the fonts in the context and main menu so tiny now? Will you fix that too???

      • Sky


  • eXzentrik

    – Please add an option to open all pop-ups in a new tab instead of a small window.

    – Please add the possibility to delete elements such as the cache and the download history on exit.

    – Please add a download dialogue which shows the file size of the download.

    – Still can’t set the portable version of Opera as the default browser under Windows 8.1 Update x64. External links won’t open in Opera.

  • Calypso

    How to disable Ctrl-F to be the shortcut for find? It messes with Ctrl-F used by Google Docs/Sheets. I cannot search in documents anymore. Note that I’m using Amazon Workspaces virtual desktop.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You can edit the file Preferences, assigning another key combination for the action Find under the Keybindings.Basic node, instead of Ctrl+F. Close Opera and backup the file first!

      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "Find": ["Ctrl+F"]

      • Calypso

        I don’t see that options under file ‘Preferences’. Do I need to add it or is it supposed to be in there?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yes, you can add the entire Keybindings section after the opening root-level “{“. Don’t forget about commas where needed.

          • Calypso

            I think I got it working! Thanks! 🙂

  • Win98

    Opera 21 can’t install on Windows XP. Crash on Installation.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik you need to have SP3 installed. I sthis the case?
      Also it no longer supports cpus without sse2.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Maybe it’s time to write somewhere on opera.com minimal and recommended requirements both for Opera 20 or older and Opera 21 or higher?

        • Rafael Luik

          +1 info needs to be updated to say XP SP3 and SSE2 processor and the content of opera.com/download/requirements/ could be stripped down (just minimum reqs and no mention of previous now unsupported versions) and pumped to the main download page. cc/ @zhenisbeisekov:disqus

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Oh, thx for the link 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I think that page should be more visible or, at least, its contents. And also the requirements should be informed here if something has changed.

            Currently people can download Opera without being informed of those requirements.

          • Tho it is needed (maybe under a details), lots of modern OSes are dropping support for older hardware, software is doing the same, older hardware has less power and features

      • Win98

        SP3 SSE 1 Procesor very good -,-. Please Support it…

      • Win98

        :/. Opera please make for SSE1.

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          Well, I think Opera Software can’t do anything with that. For me, technology must go on higher level, not stay on the current level. Sad, but true. Just look at games, for example NFS: Rivals. Older games from NFS series didn’t want a super computer, except Rivals. Am I wrong?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          The support was removed by Chromium and i don’t think Opera can do anything about it.

          Anyway, the support for old hardware and or systems needs to be dropped one time or another because they may start causing trouble.

          • Rafael Luik

            Opera has full control over the source code. They can do anything they want… But I think it’d take a little bit more effort to maintain such modifications in sync with upstream, it’d be more of a Chromium fork than it is now. The number of people using Pentium III and older probably isn’t worth all the effort.
            cc/ @Piter432:disqus

  • Valentin Saveliev

    Encoding of pages when???

    • Flags are now the way to go for Opera, and there’s one in this build for encoding.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Enable opera://flags/#encoding-menu. It will be enabled by default on Opera 22.

  • Juliano

    Opera 21 discovery feed screen is blinking on my windows 8.1 pro 64 bit. I didn’t have this problem with older versions. Maybe i should try doing a clean install.

    • Wando Schneider

      i have experienced the same issue.

  • vwestlife .

    I abandoned Opera after version 12 due to the disappearance of the menu bar, bookmarks, and full URLs. Now that full URLs are back, can we get a real menu bar (File / Edit / etc.) — with a bookmarks menu — back too? It still exists in the Mac version (due to Apple’s UI requirements), so it should be easy to copy over to the Windows version as well.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I guess the full horizontal menu was removed intentionally as part of usability improvement. Which items do you need the full menu for? Most of the main menu items are accessible using hotkeys and bookmarks can be shown by either Bookmark Bar or an extension, for example, Neater Bookmarks. By the way, it remembers the current position and which folders are expanded/collapsed, unlike a regular menu.

      • vwestlife .

        How is it a “usability improvement” to remove the industry standard File / Edit / etc. menu bar that people have been using across all applications and nearly all operating systems for the past 20 years? It is “muscle memory” to click on tasks like File->Print or Edit->Copy because everyone has been using the same commands in all their programs for so many years. Removing the menu bar (and not giving any option to display it) breaks this familiarity and interrupts your workflow.

        Like I said, the traditional menu bar is still in the Mac version of Opera (and even Google Chrome), because Apple requires all Mac OS applications to have it. Therefore it would take very little work to add it back to the PC version as well. (And please, don’t call it a “NEW FEATURE” when you’re just bringing back an option that you previously removed!)

        • Dmitry Kirin

          The idea is that in browsers, user normally clicks mostly within pages, on tab headers (switching tabs), and extension action buttons. The most popular editing functions—cut, copy, paste, and zooming—are so well-known as hotkeys that we can easily remove them at all, and bundle others into a single left-top-corner application button. If only Opera spent some time to heed my words, re-arrange the main menu, and remove even more items from it…

          Just for an insight: The above is valid for browsers, not for, say, Word. There, you use such a multitude of functions that the menu has even had to grow bigger and take the form of ribbon. When it was introduced in Office 2007, I remember how many people yelled they couldn’t get what’s where. Luckily, the muscle memory can be re-trained.

          As for ‘just bringing back,’ it’s not possible here, simply because O15+ is a totally new product, started from scratch instead of having been imported from O12.

          • vwestlife .

            It is certainly possible to bring the menu bar back to the PC version, because like I have already said several times, it still exists in the Mac version because Apple requires all Mac OS applications to have a menu bar! So, the code for the menu bar in Opera 21/22/etc. already exists — they just need to port it over from the Mac version to the Windows version.

  • shani

    How do I turn off this Aura crap?
    Since the last update Youtube doesn’t work properly! Most of the time it shows a black screen (while the audio is playing), sometimes the video is visible for a short moment. In Chrome it works fine.
    Besides, my speed-dial builds up much slower than before, so that’s a mayor setback!

    @Opera Team: Why don’t you offer the previous versions on your website, but only the newest one? I’d like to go back to the version before 21.0.1432.57… 🙁

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Here is Opera Stable 20.0.1387.91. On the first run, it’ll try and autoupdate to 21.0.1432.57, so you’ll have to prevent it by deleting opera_autoupdate.exe (I’ve just read about that, never tried it myself).

    • Don’t run Opera or for that matter anything based on Chrome 34 and upwards, or stick to Opera 20.

    • Try checking to see if you have the current Flash Player http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

      Most of the videos are played using flash player (a few can be played with HTML5 video codecs) Have you tried other sites with flash player content? The other thing is you might have a corrupted cache file

  • kaaleth

    How can I run Aura environment in Opera 21? Can’t find…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Juts run Opera 21. Aura is a backend and not something you play with.

  • disqus_eaBm3OPd9I
  • Leonardo Gomes

    Can we have a comment system with a block/mute/ignore/whatever feature? It would be very useful.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Maybe should send a proposition for that to Disqus developers?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        May be a good idea.

    • There is a collapse button.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It can be an alternative. But it would hide the whole discussion, isn’t it? And sometimes i may not want to do it.

  • orange741

    I don’t know if i’m the only one with this issue but the smooth scrolling is not working on websites , i have it enabled from opera flags and no difference. = the scrolling is just horrible compared to other browsers “firefox , chrome” =(

    Also would like to see custom search engines soon.

    Thanks for your hard work guys 🙂

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Smooth scrolling is’nt avaiable in Opera 21 because it’s not compatible with Aura feature made by Google and Chromium community.

    • Smooth Scrolling was removed from O21, no flag for it you could’ve found.

      • orange741

        I had it enabled since opera 18 or something and it wasn’t working since and with each update i would get hopeful that it starts working. Anyway that is a shame that it got removed =

        Thanks for your reply.

        • That’s weird, it worked great until O20 for me.

          And it was removed, not by Opera, but Google, Aura is a Google product and they ditched it.

  • J Mercado

    Suggested for “to do” in near future: ability to backup – or export – speed dial and bookmarks, as with Opera 12.x, in the unlikely Opera 2x. “stable” crashes.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can backup Opera’s profile folder by yourself. There is no need to rely on the software itself for backups.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      In the Help of Opera 21 or higher/lower there’s a solution about backup some important files. You look carefully 😛

  • Emoji semi working on OS X 10.9.2 In Opera 21, the tooltip it shows tho not on the on the page itself

    Yo can test it here:

  • Is it possible to use Chrome extensions with Opera 21 without having to install Chrome as well? I’m interested in this nice little add-on which would enable to play your whole Xbox Music library in shuffle mode:


  • jokant

    So I tried opera 21 and besides mentioning the lack of bookmarks management and the awesome customization and that the configuration is a bit better than before. I couldn’t find these things:
    – Notes: where is it? I like notes very much.
    – Tab arrangement: you know cascading, vertical and horizontal tiles. couldn’t find that option anywhere
    – List of closed tabs: as far as I could see, it only saves the last closed tab. Is it possible to have a list of all (if not all, the last 10 are fine) the tabs that were closed?
    On a side note, is it possible to view the browsing history by site instead of chronological? I would like to be able to see at a glance the sites I visited, then go in detail for each site instead of a big huge list in chronological order.

    • ayespy

      A list of closed tabs is under OMenu/Recently Closed

    • Leonardo Gomes

      On a side note, is it possible to view the browsing history by site instead of chronological?

      The (history) search may help in this case i think.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Notes will not come back.

      Not possible to arrange tabs atm and there’s no indication that it will be possible in the future. Maybe tabbar palcement can be changed someday but it’s not something that can be said for sure.

      • jokant

        aw man! I loved those notes 🙁

  • Hi, does not work in Opera 21 (and even in the last DEV version 22) play videos on vine.co. For example: https://vine.co/u/930690523663056896

    In other browsers, it’s ok. It has to do with HTML5, or is the problem elsewhere?


  • Patriĉk Bateman

    Something is seriously wrong with mouse gestures. Very annoying. Is it possible to issue some sort of hotfix? I guess problem is known, as it was there, when 21 was still in developer stage.

  • Carlos Henrique

    Give us more freedom to choose default search engine.
    And someone please develop an extension in the parameters of the Force Soon to speed dial.

  • Vux777

    new NEXT

  • OldHickory30

    Still no reply as to why Opera is the “ONLY” browser I cannot set a custom search engine with as default, and why I must have the Google bar on the start page? Several months back it was do a ‘security” issue, am i to assume it’s the same story?

  • ayespy

    So I can load and comment on this blog entry, but the “Opera 22 moves on to Next” comment section entry will not load AT ALL, in any of my browsers.

    Really? We have to use a blog platform that is kind of crummy, until it doesn’t work at all?

    • Vux777

      I also had problems loading disqus comments… on all blogs, not just new one
      f%&$## disqus

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Same here. I thought it was something with my PC…

      • ayespy

        Yet, the comment count continues to rise – so someone somewhere is able to load that page. I just have no idea who or where.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yeah, it means someone’s got it working. Here, it loads comments, it just does not re-arrange and stylise them. If I click reload and then quickly stop it, I see the comments, from first to latest.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      I also had the problem with Disqus but only with that (“Opera 22 moves on to Next […]” news) post. I mean, the comments didn’t load. Strange.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Same here

  • Still horrible. Still no FULL bookmarks or Opera Link. I fill like I’m using a striped down version of Chrome…Oh wait, I am! What happened to Presto?
    Still very disappointed with this browser!

  • thebluefootednewt

    Why you removed Chrome Desktop Notifications from Opera? This is only thing which keep from using new Opera.
    P.S. Opera updating not working, it always failing to check new update, so I need every time reinstall Opera to update it.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Check your firewall, if you have one. Try creating explicit rules and adding autoupdate.opera.com to filtering exceptions. I know it’s sort of a strange advise, but in my case, surprisingly, it turned out to be the firewall that blocked opera_autoupdate.exe’s http requests. I’m still in the process of communication with the firewall tech support on that.

      • thebluefootednewt

        Thanks for advice, but i have no third-party firewalls. I tried to disable Windows Firewall, but still get checking updates error.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Try with a clean standalone install. And what about AVs?

          • thebluefootednewt

            I’m using Avast! 2014 Free antivirus. But it seems it has no firewall.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            AVs can mess things up themselves, specially if they are slow in checking the files.

          • thebluefootednewt

            I also tryed to check for updates with disabled AV, but still the same result.

        • thanks for share this post

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Why you removed Chrome Desktop Notifications from Opera?

      Opera never had it.

      • thebluefootednewt

        So, will be this feature in future release?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t know, maybe if they think it would be interesting.

  • Евгений Смирнов

    On slow computer hardware acceleration slowers UI then it was in Opera 20.Can I disable it?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Go to Settings > System and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
      Enable advanced settings first.

      • Евгений Смирнов

        Thank you!

  • Douglas Leonard

    I really don’t understand just throwing all of the useful features people who actually used Opera depended on. I’ve been using Opera since version 3. I paid for at least 4 different versions over the years until it went free. I depend on it as my primary browser on Linux, OS-X, and Windows and depend on the bookmark synchronization for both work and my personal life. I additionally depend on the customizability of the main bar, address bar, and tab bar. I live in the 3 pane world with the sidebar turned on all of the time. Heck, on OS-X I’m still stuck on version 11 since you removed one of the bars I need in version 12.

    This new Opera is utterly worthless to me without those features. What’s the point of Opera without the features that separate it from Firefox or Chrome?

  • UMaster 7

    please fix flickering on Discover. @ W8.1×64

  • viqw

    Watching videos in youtube the CPU goes to 50%. Dont crash, but the battery…

  • invilator

    Not open http://www.puppleszew.pl . I want to download index.php

  • invilator

    Not open puppleszew.pl . I want to download index.php

  • What about the linux version?

  • invilator

    Not open puppleszew . pl . I want to download index. php

  • Vojtech

    Hi. Knows someone anything about the mouse gestures in the new opera? Will there be someday the “open link in new tab” mouse gesture or at least right mouse click option to open link in new FOREGROUND tab? Thanks.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’m not a big fan of mouse gestures, so I’m only using a simple extension, Yet Another Drag and Go. It can be configured to open hyperlinks in back/front tab upon drag right with the left mouse button.

      • Vojtech

        And it is possible to install it in Opera? How?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Install Download Chrome Extension first, then you’ll be able to install extensions from the Chrome store.

          • Vojtech

            Its perfect. I missed this feature so much and now it is even better. Thank you. Hope they put this in the new opera.

  • Please, the linux version! 🙂

  • I just want to know… If I copy the URL with HTTP portion hidden… Does Opera now copy the entire proper URL or it still misses the protocol? Because it was happening the last time I played with this PoC and it was a major nuisance.

    • x a

      Is it asking too much to just try it? Opera 15 always was supposed to silently copy protocol, if selection started in front of the first character of the displayed name, ie the host name.

      You probably know, you can opt for showing full url in address bar via ”power user“ settings…

  • Aramus

    The font is way too small on the main drop down menu, the bookmarks bar, and on the tabs. It was bad before, but now this release makes Opera close to unusable. It really seems like you guys are trying to chase people away to other browsers. I find myself using IE more and more since the 21 update as I’m really tired of having to squint to pick choices on the menu.

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera stable: 21.0.1432.67.

  • Calypso

    Opera doesn’t seem to work with Google Docs at all. Most basic commands are not working like Ctrl-B for bolding text in Google Docs, Ctrl-Enter or Alt-Enter to add new line inside a cell in Google Sheets, etc.

    And it’s supposed to be based on Chromium. Come on guys, plain and stupid Chrome doesn’t have these issues. Resolve this ASAP!

  • Patriĉk Bateman

    so, is it possible to do something with non-working gestures?

  • David Addams

    How about something very basic, like an “Open File” option.

    I have done a little web design, and there are times you want to check how the HTML code looks on an actual browser. That requires opening a file on my computer.

    How do I do that with the new version of Opera? (Granted, I can do the “Go to File and Right Click” routine, but I shouldn’t have to.)

    • Vux777


  • Disqusting Creature

    I’ll have to stay with 12.17 for now. No Bookmark Sidebar, No Menu Bar, No Private Tab etc. makes me hate this version. Installed 21 and then uninstalled it after a few hours.

  • Евгений Смирнов

    On slow computer when I create new tab and try to immediately type URL in address bar, sometimes “about:blank” text in address still present, so my URL terminates with “about:blank”. For example, I type “google.com” and I get “google.comabout:blank” in addressbar. I tryed hardware accelereation setting both enabled and disabled. Opera 20 and older are free of this bug.

    • Rafael Luik

      Known issue. Reported via the forum and the bug tracker already. 😉

      • Евгений Смирнов

        Thanks! Waiting mode: on 🙂

      • Евгений Смирнов

        Thank you!

  • ROB

    Have Turbo and the status bar gone in the latest Opera? Searched high and low and can’t find anything!

    • Vux777

      Turbo is on O menu (in some previous versions it’s called Off-Road)
      status bar is gone…

  • Roman Di

    Please return ‘Image properties’ menu when right-click on image.

  • sh4dow83

    “smoother, snappier animations” – meh. What if I DON’T want ANY animations?
    Use another browser, I suppose?
    Except that it seems all of them have crappy, badly designed UIs (I don’t need stuff to be tucked away on a display that has a resolution of at least full HD) these days.

  • Fedup

    I got my bookmarks from opera 12 nicely but went immedietly back to that one because this 21 has fucked up bookmarks bar. No icons on bookmarks and not all of them fit in the bar so there is a drop down menu (why the fuck) i like all of my bookmarks to be in the bar at once and just the icon is enough for me, but opera 21 gives me neither.

  • Bomaeira Stone

    how long will it take to implement the missing features from Opera 12 to Opera 21+ ?

    I don’t think that I’m the only one who misses a lot of features which makes the different between Opera an the other browsers… currently Opera is only “yet another chromium browser – with less features than the other ones…” how can this be acceptable for the developers?

    many main features are still missing:
    – synchronisation between devices and pcs …
    – Ctrl+(shift)+TAB switches between USED tabs – different behaviour is useless!!
    – panel to search favourites in filtered/good order
    – favourite bar: text below the icon?! how to switch?
    – configurable size of “Schnellwahl” (how is it called in English? “fast choice”)
    – CTRL+ENTER to insert user/password without start typing into the text field
    – missing mouse gesture to duplicate tabs? why not implemented? cannot be so difficult…
    – why is the “block contend from this page” feature missing? I build an very clean web environment in the last year for the websites I use most – now alls in gone and I have to look for an addon for opera and be depending on this addon
    – stack tabs together -> great feature which none of the other browsers have

    these all are strong features and the reason why I always stayed with Opera all the years but currently it seems that I have to switch to a better implemented chromium browser (but with missing features I love from opera)

    you are loosing the (not really big, but faithful) community that love Opera for all the new inventions that all other browsers copied after YOU invented it. now you release a browser without your great inventions :-/

    • Bomaeira Stone

      btw: Opera 12 is almost not usable with e.g. Facebook any more so I have to choose another browser … not nice

      • Veger

        Yes… Using O12 breaks more and more sites… Hopefully the Linux version is coming soon, or I’d have to switch browsers as well 🙁

  • Ista Pee

    Any chance to see tab stacking back? Also, just like everyone mentioned billion times in the past, please bring back the bookmarks and ability to sync them a-la Opera Link.

  • Aneesh786

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  • Slacker Jones

    Where’s the Bookmark sidebar and where’s the Menu bar I had in Opera 12?
    ….. Forget it. I’ll find another browser.

  • Caitlin McCauley

    I would like opera to have a home button and would like the address and search bars be separated. Not combined, too much like Chrome.

  • Samuel Alshager

    With version 22, Opera has now successfully removed EVERYTHING that made Opera my favourite browser. Bookmarks, notes, Link and a customizable interface – all gone! And who came up with the ridiculous idea of “Themes” – which effectively is just a speed dial background picture. What is the point of developing new versions with ever less useful functionality?

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