I did not know how to start this post. So I wrote a limerick instead:

Oslo is cold, windy, and covered in snow
We are working on getting the bug count low
We are always working on fixing some more
Continuous improvements are what we aim for
Much stabilization, Opera Next will undergo

As you may have seen from the build number, this is fast moving towards becoming the new Opera Next. The change will happen as soon as we have worked out some keyboard issues and the extension pop-out window issue have been fixed. Opera Developer 21 will be released shortly after that.

The binary for the network installer have been updated. Please re-download it to get the latest fixes. It contains all the change log entries mentioning it since we did our initial release of the network installer. (Scan the changelog since we last updated the network installer to see what has changed.)


  • Updated network installer
  • Fixed onbeforeunload dialogs
  • Various site-compatibility problems on secure sites resolved

Known issues

  • Various keyboard issues
  • Extension pop-out windows are [still] empty


Full changelog.

(Closing my limerick with half a doge-meme and yoda speak? Okay, so I am no Edward Lear.)

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  • x a


    And hooray for ”DNA-15211 Deleting all private data does should have option to delete autofill data“, btw.

  • Vux777

    Known issues
    Extension pop-out windows are [still] empty

    … c’mon…the main bug in 20 build still persist (through 3 last builds)
    guys that’s lame

    • icetom

      the network installer seems to take all their developing-energy.
      In the rest, they use their time to be poethic writing limericks instead, that explains a lot.

      • Cryio

        Don’t be mean. Opera devs are awesome.

        • icetom

          Im not mean, I just stopped beeing an Opera fanboy and begin to apply the expectations I apply to every product I use.
          With much of the team changed, and that dazzle effect with having a party about 60 releases last year (which almost everybody here laughs about), I stopped calling them awesome. Just because I am not adoring them, does not mean I am mean (pun not intended).

        • Vux777

          well, they were!! awesome
          …but not so much lately

  • Habl

    Please take option autohide bookmarks bar after click on addres field. Thanks.

  • asdffdsa

    Are the nicknames on bookmarks going to be implemented soon? Is the feature I’m waiting to leave chrome behind.

    • Add the string you want as nickname to the bookmark name. Install the Chrome “Search bookmarks” extension. Use the “bm” keyword to search your bookmarks.

    • senna_4ever

      nicknames, description, a real bookmark manager..

  • Aoyagi

    So when are we getting Presto source?

    • There are not currently any plans to release the Presto source code. It is still being used in other Opera products.

      • I’m already on 19.

      • minj

        How about a binary linux build for now?

        • Евгений

          I’ve heard somewhere that porting Opera on Linux is stopped.

      • Aoyagi

        Firstly I’d like to thank you for answer, however, I have to ask – how does the fact that Presto is currently being used in the amputated variant of M2 (and possibly Mobile/Mini) prevent you from opensourcing it? All security flaws would most likely be fixed very soon by the community valuing Opera’s heritage and it wouldn’t pose as a competition, because you’ve already ditched the whole engine for some Google-infested Chromium mutation without showing a hint of interest in using or developing Presto further.

        But of course nobody can force anyone to release source of their product, but I’m merely asking a question, hopefully politely enough.

        • Vux777

          they using presto for some tv sets browsers I think…

          • ayespy

            And other embedded products.

    • Pfff… hahahaha!!!

  • Nice limerick 🙂

  • iG0Lka

    Extension pop-out windows are [still] empty
    довай досвидания

  • pajousek

    What are the various keyboard issues? Should I be afraid of updating Opera? 🙁

    • Cryio

      You signed for “not afraid of anything” by using Developer Builds.

      If you afraid, there is always Next.

      • pajousek

        Yeah, but I still need the browser in semi-useable state. If it will ignore keystrokes or something, then it is really non-useable and IMHO should not even be released.

        And Next is, AFAIK, behind as hell (lacking even more stuff than Dev is lacking).

  • I just realized when I update Speed Dial thumbnails, they have ads, but I have AdBlock Plus, and I don’t get those ads when I click and open the site, try any site you want.

    Do they go trought a different server?

    I always wondered why it takes so long to update thumbnails and then you open the site in that same moment, it loads it again all over.

    • I imagine speed dials are created by the engine without any extensions being enabled, then a screenshot is taken. This would mean the ads would not be blocked.

      • And the point of doing so is…

        BTW, Presto version had the same problem.

        • Emanuele

          Opera-Presto has a nice feature called “urlfilter.ini” … smart people use that and not quite useless resource eater extensions like ABP 😉

          • Have you seen the number of urls that are blocked by ghostery/adblock/etc.? It would be a nightmare to have to add those to the file, one by one.

          • Emanuele


            haven’t you any text editor (notepad, kate, gedit) on your system? … guys maybe you don’t say it, but there was a time when people didn’t fear to have their hands a bit dirty (if copy/paste a text file in another could be named in that way)… in change they got what they wanted, when they wanted and how they wanted… and their CPUs and Ram were used for more serious stuff

          • I know, I’m just saying that editing a text file isn’t for everyone. You can’t just call someone not smart because they don’t want to edit a text file.
            Incidentally, as I recall you didn’t need to edit the file directly, you could just use the right click > block element instead.

          • Vux777

            there was no need to edit txt filters manually in old Opera
            One would just download pre-made filters (the same that extensions use ) and place it in profile folder

            …that’s it

          • I was not aware such things as these existed.

          • If you do some search on old forum or other fan sites you would find them, I had created my list from multiple lists and some lines I added by myself.

            The lack of an user friendly interface and auto-update is not that bad, I have not edited this file in years and still blocks everything, even in-video YouTube ads are blocked with my list.

          • Is this not the UI for blocking stuff?


          • Yes, I forgot about it. Anyway there is no auto-update.

          • Carson Coyote
          • That doesn’t work for Speed Dial.

    • Most thumbnails are generated on your own system. Only the pre-installed partners have pre-rendered thumbnails that are loaded through our servers.

      • Thank you, what I mean is it happens both ways.

        1. Load the site first and then update the thumbnail, it takes forever. Seriously the data is already there, I can take a screenshot of it, copy it to Paint, crop any part I want, save and do it faster than Opera generating a thumbnail. And if it is generated in my system, where does the ad come from? it is supposed to be blocked.

        2. Update the thumbnail first and then load the site. You already gathered the info you need to generate the thumbnail, why not save it to cache and use it to load the site in case I click it in that moment? Would save tons of time.

        Either way generating the thumbnail takes too long, and I’m on Quad-core, both at my work and at home. And either way I get ads.

        • icetom

          It is really bad, that ad-filtering does not work on speed dial. And that has been bothering me also. As Daniel explains that our machine creates the thumbnail, they should enable adblocker in Opera speeddial.

          • Yeah, and the Presto version allowed you to reload all thumbnails at once, which also could cause you choked your connection and had to kill and restart Opera.

            I did that once.

    • Carson Coyote

      I have this problem in Developer, but not in Stable.

    • Extensions don’t work in internal pages such as Speed Dial. AdBlock won’t touch the thumbnails, independently of which server they go through.

  • LINUX??

    • pekikuubik

      The prospects of a Linux build don’t look too promising. It’s probably a better idea to just move on and use a different browser.

  • When are we going to have persistent searches?

    Press CTRL+F and retype for every tab is no joke, and not funny at all.

    I know I can copy and paste, but still a hasle, sometimes there’s precious info in the clipboard I don’t want to lose just yet.

    • Sierra

      They can put “find in page” in address bar. Who needs a half meter long address field?

      • Vux777

        that’s very nice idea…if made correctly

  • Chas4

    Having to do command q twice to quit does not line up with the standard for OS X apps, should have a dialog asking if you want to quit (have an option to disable it by the user)

    The GPU FPS graph breaks the settings in dev tools as it covers the x for the close the settings for the dev tools

    OS X 10.9.1

    • You can disable the option to prevent accidental quitting if you do not like you. PS: You can also hold the shortcut instead of doing it twice.

      • yrwenkuw

        You’re not saying this is a feature, are you?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yes, it is, i guess.

        • As already explained before this is done so you don’t accidentally quit Opera when trying to hit W (which is just beside Q).

          • yrwenkuw

            Yeah, I meant the no dialog part.

          • You want to confirm the exit twice?

          • yrwenkuw

            I don’t. When I press Cmd+Q I would like Opera to show a dialog asking me if I would like to quit.

          • There’s no need for a dialog. Simply press Q again while holding Cmd, this is the way to confirm the quit.

          • yrwenkuw

            I’d argue that a simple dialog with OK and Cancel buttons is a more proven and user friendly way to handle this. How would you know that you need to press Cmd+Q a second time to confirm? Is this common?

            I’d suggest a confirm dialog that can be confirmed by pressing Cmd+Q as well as Enter or clicking OK, but I imagine you wouldn’t like anything to be displayed if you’d pressed Cmd+Q accidentally?

      • “… if you do not like you” 😉

      • Nekomajin42

        Will you implement this feature in Windows and the window control close button? I’ve already asked this three times, and noone answered.

      • Chas4

        Opera Presto shows a dialog asking if they would like to quit (like the other OS X apps)

      • Chas4

        Interesting, I am just used to the way Opera has had it on OS X for years, I started around 9.x 🙂

  • Im parter

    Sorry, I don’t see any “cutting edge”. But using the new Opera leaves me bleeding.
    Now the fake bookmarks dance while trying to click on them – I had to stuff lots and lots in folders pinned on the fake bookmarks bar, because you hate bookmarks so much you won’t add them… But now the long lists auto-scroll up and down, it’s an unfunny Whac-a-mole game trying to go where I need to go. Because, you know, you hate bookmarks so much that the address bar doesn’t know I have fake bookmarks and does not auto-fill the addresses stored in my fake bookmarks.

    So… why do you hate bookmarks so much?

    • Carson Coyote

      Yeah, the Whac-A-Mole thing is driving me crazy!

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Please, can someone explain me why my Opera loads the page but i dont see almost nothing loaded? Only when i hit “stop” button Opera show me the so far loaded content? it seems my Opera do this absolutely random. Sometimes it’s OK, sometimes not… :/

    • Mathieu

      I’m having the same problem. Working in Chromium and inconsistently on random pages. Sometimes ‘stop’ doesn’t solve this either and restart is necessary.

      • Tomáš Pavlík

        Exactly. Issue persits in Opera Stable, Next and Dev so far..

  • shane

    When I add google calendar or google maps to my speed dial I just get a blue icon with “Google”. It only happens on one system, on other systems I get an actual thumbnail of the site. It is impossible to tell them apart.

    Is there any way of fixing this?

    • yes! Sounds like you are adding a google.com/someurl url as the speed dial. This results in opera thinking you’re using the google homepage. You should use the direct link instead.

      For example: Adding maps.
      Instead of http://google.com/maps/, try adding http://maps.google.com/

      • shane

        Great thanks. That should fix it. I wish there was a way to choose between thumbnail or site imageimage like you could in opera 12

  • oic

    I select synchronize, sync with opera, sign in with opera, and picked my opera account, then I get message that say “Something went wrong. You can not sign in using this service”

    How do I synchronize now? Am I to use facebook, twitter or google when signing up? Sign in with Opera don’t work?

    • ayespy

      Keep trying. The servers are not 100% right now, and sometimes it takes SEVERAL attempts to sign in.

  • Pier O

    Free Opera 11.64 please!

  • netmain

    hey guys, thanks for the new builds ! but it’s really hard to test it when the extensions bug isn’t fixed yet !!!

    but I have a little something for you, if you install one of the last 2 or 3 builds, and you want to go back to an older one, let’s say : Opera 20.0.1346.0 which I use right now, opera will start frozen ! and won’t work, until you delete the “Web Data, and Web Data-journal” from opera’s profile folder ! and restart the browser ! which means losing all custom search engines !

    waiting for opera 21 🙂

  • ryofurue

    The 3rd and 4th lines of a limerick is usually shorter (typically six or so syllables each, I think) with a different rhyme from the 1st, 2nd, and 5th lines. So, here’s my feeble attempt at amendment:

    Oslo is cold, windy, and covered in snow
    We are working on getting the bug count low
    which is at least our aim
    if it remains the same
    Much stabilization, Opera Next will undergo

    I’m not a native speaker of English. I hope somebody will fix it.

  • John Barnett

    I am confused, how do I get my bookmarks into opera 20.0.1387.9 ? I have tried Bookmark importer but it is grayed out! How am I supposed to evaluate this release?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Bookmarks from where?

      • John Barnett

        From opera 1216 build 1860

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Warning: This will reset your Opera Developer profile

          Start Opera with the command “–presto-small-prefs-dir=ROAMING_PROFILE_DIR” (check the correct path at Help>About on Opera 12.16).

          Then use the bookmark importer.

          Or install Opera Stable (19), import the bookmarks into it and then copy favorites*.* from Opera Stable profile folder into Opera Developer’s profile folder.

      • John Barnett

        I have solved the problem, Installed Opera V 19.0.1326.47 bookmarks were imported automatically,

  • Tarulia

    Is there any ETA when the Extension Window and/or Windows Taskbar issue(s) will be fixed? :/

    I can more or less live with the taskbar issue (as I can just tempfix it by not using the autohide feature), but not being able to use most Extensions is somewhat weird 🙁

    The rest looks pretty solid so far, but yeah… those two issues 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No ETA. However, based on what was said on this abd on the Opera 18 Stable posts, i would say that there’s some hope of seeing it fixed within two weeks.

  • Vit

    When we will get fully functional (as in O12) bookmarks? Could anyone tell me the roadmap? Do you have it in the plan at all? I really disappointed by ALL new Operas and I feel that if we do get clear answers to these question it is time to switch.

  • biteme@spamherelots.com

    With this version of Opera, Windows 7 SP1 x64, Opera will not load anything fromimgur.com it says it is not responding. Details:

    – Other computers in the house work fine, though they are on the release version of Opera not DEV.
    – On this computer other browsers work fine.
    – On this computer putting opera into off road mode works fine.
    – Opera Dev on my work computer on the work network works fine.

    Any ideas why I need to be in off road mode to get IMGUR to work?

    • blackcoder

      No problem with Opera Developer either. 🙂

      Are the installs of Opera Developer identically on this computer and the work computer? Maybe you have some extensions installed, which cause trouble?

      Windows 8.1 x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve tested with a few links on that site and all opened without problems.

      Any extensions, adblockers, etc?

  • When I have lots of sites listed in the “recently closed tabs” menu, it seems to start automatically scrolling through them if I mouse over it. I need to navigate using the keyboard arrows to make it work. Anyone else? [Win8.1/x64]

    • Vux777

      yes, same here

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s happening here too.

    • IllusionMH

      Confirmed. Win7 SP1 x64

  • IllusionMH

    Looks like bug with manual page encoding selection.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Create any html page (in my case in root of local site local.test/test.html)
    2) Add any content
    3) Open file in browser
    4) Update file and refresh page – new content is available
    5) Manually change page encoding throught Omenu
    6) Update file and refresh page – contest isn’t changed.

    The only way to get updated version is to remove site data for thi domain.

    Any confirmations?

    Win7 SP1 x64

  • I can’t access the taskbar on Windows 8 when auto-hide is turned on and Opera is maximized. Can someone else confirm?

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera Developer 20.0.1387.16.

    • Vux777

      extension popup fixed 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Yep, and therefore we can be happy again 🙂