Share your bookmarks in Opera beta 26

When we released Opera 25, we brought back bookmarks in a new visually-orientated way. With the beta release of Opera 26, we made it easy to share your bookmark collections with friends and family, even if they don’t have Opera.

Opera 26 comes with many more new features, including:

  • A built-in print preview
  • Options to import bookmarks and settings from your old browser
  • Updates to better integrate Opera with the latest Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Share bookmarks

Opera 26 adds a new Share button inside bookmark folders. Click it and you can share the contents of the folder.

Bookmarks sharing in Opera 26 Developer

Have you amassed a collection of sites related to your favourite sport or hobby? Create a share link and pass the collection to your friends.

Did you plan the week’s dinners using recipes from various sites? Bookmark them and share the menu with your partner.

Better yet, bookmark all the things you want for your birthday and share them with everyone!

Ruari's birthday wishlist - Bookmarks sharing in Opera 26 Developer

The links you share show a visual representation of your bookmark collections and can be viewed in any browser. If the person you share with is using Opera, the collection can be imported to their Opera browser by clicking the Add to my bookmarks button.

Add to Bookmarks button - Bookmarks sharing in Opera 26 Developer

Start sharing content with your friends and let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below.

Preview pages before you print

We added a built-in print previewer, so you can see how a page will look before wasting paper.

Print preview in Opera - Bookmarks sharing in Opera 26 Developer

Import bookmarks and settings

In Opera settings, we now have a range of options to easily transition from another browser and retain all your old data.

User import Screen - Importing bookmarks to Opera

Get a more native Mac experience

The excitement surrounding Mac OS X Yosemite didn’t escape the Mac team here at Opera. We have started to make our product more visually appealing in the new operating system.

First, we updated all our popover dialogs. They have a new “native” animation, make better use of screen real estate and look fantastically vibrant.

Download dialog, Opera for Mac

We also added support for Apple’s Handoff feature. So, if you started browsing a website on your iPhone or iPad and want to continue on your Mac, it is now as simple as walking up to it and handing off the page.

Thanks for the feedback

We greatly appreciate the feedback we get from this blog. We listened to what you said about our tab preview feature and have disabled it by default.

You can enable previews in the browser’s preferences, and we still believe it is a great way for those using many tabs to find their way around. However, if you only work with a few tabs, we understand that you may not need it.


The full list of fixes is available in changelog.

Opera stable updated to 25.0.1614.63


Today we’re updating our Opera stable stream with some of the latest fixes. The biggest change in this version is that we bring back the 32-bit version for MacOS.

It also contains a fix for a crash when trying to open a skype connection and other crash fixes along with fixes for minor glitches when using some specific languages in Network Installer.

All the fixes can be found here:
Full changelog

Opera Stable for Windows
Opera Stable offline package for Windows
Opera Stable for Mac

Update to Opera developer 26.0.1656.5

Today, we released another update to Opera 26 on our development stream. The biggest change is an update to Chromium (39.0.2171.2). On the UI side, there are no major changes. We are applying the finishing touches to move version 26 to the beta stream. This also means that 27 is on its way!

The Chromium update may have a knock-on effect for some Linux users who wish to play patent-encumbered HTML5 audio and video (MP3/H.264). If you need some help getting these working, these notes should assist you.

Known issue

  • Mac makes unwanted noises when starting to play H.264 videos on Yosemite (this is unrelated to the FFmpeg update in Chromium).

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

Tab preview revisited

It has been a few weeks since we released our new tab-preview functionality. Initially, this feature was created to satisfy the needs of very advanced users, like those of you who read our blog. We would like to revisit how we preview tabs and how the feature is performing. To do so, we are collecting your feedback now that you’ve had some time to test it all out.

Please participate in our anonymous tab preview survey.
Please participate in our fully anonymous survey.


List tabs, preview printed pages in this Opera developer update

Today, we have an interesting new build for those of you following the developer stream. New features include: a tab list menu, print previews, and more data import options.

View your tabs as a list

Tab Menu

Our tab menu provides an alternative way to view your tabs, showing them as a list to the right of your screen. If you keep many tabs open, this should help you find the tab you’re looking for or decide where you want to go next.


  • Page titles are easier to read when many tabs are open.
  • The tab menu is keyboard-accessible. For instance, use Ctrl+K (⌘+K on Mac) to open the menu, the arrow keys to highlight an entry, and Enter to focus a tab. Esc will close the menu.
  • The list works in conjunction with the tab-preview option, providing a tab cycler that can be used with your mouse or keyboard.
  • The list is accessible via fullscreen mode (a.k.a. presentation mode for the Mac users out there) to make tab switching and selection easier for those who like minimal UI.

Preview pages before you print

Opera now includes a built-in print previewer, so you can see how a page will look before wasting paper.

Print Preview

Import browser data silently consciously

Some time ago, we decided to add silent import to assist our new users. After feedback from this blog, we never introduced the feature into the Opera beta or stable streams. Rather, we gave it a second look. Today, we are bringing the feature back as part of the installation process, but it’s not silent anymore.

You can decide what you like. Just select proper check-box in the installer:


In addition, we have moved two questions from the main application to the installer to avoid overwhelming users with too many sliding toolbars:

  • Make Opera the default browser
  • Share usage data to help improve Opera

Import bookmarks and settings

In the previous blog post, I neglected to mention our new importing options. Be sure to check them out if you are switching from another browser and want to retain your old data.

User import Screen

Known issue

  • Rapidly moving around in the tab menu can cause high CPU and a crash

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

Visual bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers

When I think back on moments, I can see them. That’s my way to remember. It’s the same for how I find things on the internet. All those videos, pictures or songs that I’ve discovered are visual memories for me.

Today, we introduce a new feature to Opera. A feature I’m personally very excited about. It’s bookmarks, but with a twist.

Here’s the twist: Visual bookmarks
Bookmarks in other browsers save website addresses – you can organize them in folders, and you can edit the titles. That’s easy. But, making it look good too is what we do at Opera. And, this is how it looks:
You can now start using bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers.

Using Opera bookmarks
Click the heart to bookmark a site. Take a look at how it works:

We hope you are as excited as we are with the new visual bookmarks in Opera for Windows and Mac. Thanks to everyone who tried the bookmarks in the beta channel and gave us their feedback. And, please remember that Opera for Linux is available in a beta version.

We’d love to hear from you about this new feature. Join in the discussion, below!

Download Opera 25:
Opera 25 for Windows
Opera 25 for Mac
Opera beta 25 for Linux

You can also take a look at the Opera 25 changelog.

BTW, we also fixed the poodle, take a look at the security group’s post for more details.

FAQ about Opera syncing

We have no release today. Instead, here is a quick follow up to previous developer release, which prompted quite a few questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is synced data stored?

All synced data is stored on Opera-controlled servers.

What data is synced?

At this stage we are only syncing bookmarks. In the future, it is likely that we will sync further information. As many of you have already noticed, we have a flag to synchronize open tabs (currently disabled by default).

Are my synced bookmarks encrypted?

Everything is encrypted in transit between client and server. However, non-login data is not stored encrypted on the servers. If we later decide to sync sensitive private data, such as passwords, we will encrypt that as well.

How do synced bookmarks relate to bookmarks saved via Opera Link?

Any data you have synchronized in Opera 12 is still available on the Opera Link web interface. Additionally, bookmarks from Opera 12 installations can be imported locally via our bookmark import tool.

Can the accounts button be hidden?

The accounts button allows you to access our new syncing feature. There’s more in store for syncing data in Opera, so stay tuned for future releases.

How does this new feature relate to the previous syncing experiment?

The previous experiment (introduced in Opera Developer 19.0.1324.0) has been discontinued and replaced with this new implementation.

Update to Opera beta 25.0.1614.35

We are updating Opera beta to version 25.0.1614.35. We’ve implemented a couple of bug fixes and new Chromium (38.0.2125.101).

Some messages which were cut off in Mac network installer for some languages are now displayed properly. In addition, a couple of issues related to playing videos on Mac have been fixed.

We’ve also resolved performance problems which appeared when there were a lot of bookmarks created in Opera or imported from older version.

The full list of fixes is available in changelog.


Opera developer now includes bookmark syncing and native Mac popover dialogs

Today marks the start of the return of syncing between Opera browsers. With the latest Opera developer release, you’ll be able to keep track of your bookmarks between computers. In addition, we have made improvements to popover dialogs on Mac.

Synced bookmarks

Syncing has been a long-requested feature from readers of this blog; and, today, we’re happy to announce the first instalment of syncing your Opera browsers. We have enabled the syncing of bookmarks. To start syncing your bookmarks, click on the account icon to the right of the address field, and sign in using your Opera account.

Mac improvements

Our various popover dialogs had started to look a little dated on recent versions of Mac OS, so we have been updating them in the run up to the Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) release. They are now positioned by the OS, which means a ton of positioning kinks have been worked out and you get to see those fancy Mac animations. In Yosemite, they look fantastically “vibrant”. ;)

Known issues

  • Mac crashes when the download dialog is accessed from multiple windows

Changelog and download links

Full changelog