Opera Developer 24: Changes to tab preview and HTML5 H.264 video support

Today, we have a couple of interesting updates in this Developer build. We tweaked how the browser previews tabs, so the UI works better, feel faster and is less likely to get in the way. Additionally, this build enables H.264 support for Windows (further work will be needed before it is available for the other desktop platforms).

Why we introduced the large previews

The primary advantages of a large tab preview are to help visually locate a specific tab and quickly check on a dynamically updating tab’s contents (e.g., Gmail or Twitter), without losing track of the page you are currently viewing.

These benefits are really for users working with large numbers of unorganized tabs. You, like many of us at Opera, might have a ton of tabs open for any number of reasons: opening multiple articles from the same website site, comparing pricing from several online stores, and the like. We hope that our preview changes will allow you to handle greater numbers of tabs effectively.

On the flip side, we realize that with very few tabs, the titles and positions are enough for most people to locate quickly and switch between their open tabs. This can also hold true for users with quite a few tabs, if the person is always well structured and keeps their tabs well organized.

With our previews, we hope to assist those who work with many, many open tabs, without intruding on the experience of those who don’t. The previews should not get in the way or be distracting when working with well-structured or limited numbers of tabs. It’s an experiment, so be sure to let us know what you think.

Changes to the previews

We decided to turn off previews for tabs when using keyboard shortcuts. In our current implementation, the preview does not assist in locating tabs or checking on them, since you are committed to the change on release of the control key.

We tweaked the timing, too. The timing for the initial display of preview (600 milliseconds) will not begin until the cursor comes to a complete stop. We no longer restart this timer when mousing over the active tab or when closing a tab and another moves into its place. We also sped up some of the animations.

Finally, we added two settings to the Preferences page: a general control that allows you to disable the entire preview feature and a power-user setting that allows you to tweak the initial timeout to a value of your choice.

If you do tweak the timeout value, please give us feedback as to why you felt it needed changing, what you changed it to and if you use a mouse or a touchpad.

H.264 video support

This build introduces support for H.264 video playback on Windows. H.264 video is widely used on the internet, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of this content. If you know of sites that use H.264 video and you use the Windows platform, please try Opera on those sites and let us know how it performs.

Occasionally, YouTube sends H.264 video content to its users, particularly so if they have opted in via www.youtube.com/html5. However, not all YouTube videos use the H.264 codec. You can check this by right-clicking on the video and (if available) looking at “Stats for Nerds” menu item. This will allow you to see which codec you are using.


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Opera Next 23.0.1522.43 sunshine update

Here’s another Opera Next update, straight from sunny (finally!) Oslo this time. As you can see from the changelog we’ve fixed a few more bugs and tweaked the heart design slightly (now with an added hover effect). We have also updated to Chromium 36.0.1985.103.

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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Opera Next 23.0.1522.28 update

Let’s start the new week with the fresh Opera Next build. It’s not as exciting as the last week updates on our Developer channel, but it brings several fixes that will increase the stability of our browser. Among changes there are some crashers fixed and improved translations. For the detailed list of issues head on to the changelog. Have fun testing!

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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Opera Developer 24: Tab preview

You already got a sneak peek (pun intended) of the feature I’ll be announcing in this blog post. However, along with Mac support here is the official feature introduction.

Remember the survey about tab improvements we asked you to fill out? Thank you for participating. With Opera Developer 24 we now introduce tab preview.

Tab preview

Too many tabs opened? Tab preview helps you open the tab you’re looking for because it gives you a peek into each page, making it easier for you to switch from tab to tab.

It also helps you manage your browsing time better. You can, for example, look at the preview of your Google Mail or Facebook wall without actually switching to that tab.

You activate it by hovering over a tab or by switching tabs using the keyboard. Try it, we think using it feels natural. Does it get in the way? When and how? If it does, please tell us! Please include details on your input device (mouse, trackpad, etc.)

High DPI support

We’re also happy to announce that Opera now looks nice and crisp on high DPI (low physical dimensions, high resolution) displays. Updated visuals are enabled by default if you happen to own such display device. Don’t forget to report any visual/usability issues you may encounter!

Known issues:

  • Freeze on some Adobe Flash videos with HiDPI enabled
  • Printing broken on Windows


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Opera Next 23.0.1522.24 update

Good day!
I hope you were as excited as us from yesterday’s announcement.
After yesterday’s Opera for Linux release, here’s a quick update to the Opera Next stream for Windows and Mac. Opera 23 is getting closer and closer to going stable and here is our latest build with stability fixes.


  • Translated strings for Opera 23
  • Opera crashes on disabling extensions
  • Fixed an issue with Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac
(Linux available from version 24 and newer.)

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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Opera 24 for Linux released on the Developer stream

We’ve said many times that when a Linux version is ready, we’d let you know. Today, we’re delighted to announce our first Chromium-based Linux version is ready for download on our Developer stream. Go ahead and download Opera Developer 24 for Linux.

Opera 24 Linux

Many of us at Opera use Linux as our primary platform. It’s great to be able to try out the newest developments of Opera on Linux once again.

Adding Linux to our browser line fulfills an important part of Opera’s vision to shape an open, connected world. We want everyone to have fast and safe access to the web. Adding Linux opens up that possibility to more machines running the open-source operating system.

Linux is highly secure and performs well, even on machines with limited memory or suboptimal hardware. Not all of us can afford the latest Mac or Windows machines, not all of us want proprietary operating systems, and some of us simply love using Linux. But, everyone agrees that they should have access to a beautiful browser.

Now, Linux users around the globe can get the newest Opera features, including:

- Discover
- Stash
- A wide selection of extensions and themes

… not to mention the vastly improved Speed Dial and Opera Turbo.

To provide the highest quality, we’ve been testing on one particular platform right now – Ubuntu Linux 64-bit with Unity or Gnome Shell. It may work on other platforms, but that’s not guaranteed. As our development progresses, we’ll look into other potential platforms to support.

Releasing to the Developer stream means that all the usual considerations regarding Developer builds also apply to this one. With all that said, many of us have been using Opera for Linux as our default browser, and find it to be pretty robust.

Take it for a spin and tell us if anything breaks. We hope you enjoy using it.


- All of us on the Desktop team

P.S.: You may notice changes to how tabs behave on Windows and Linux. We’ll post more details about this tab improvement soon, along with Mac support information. For now, let’s keep the discussion about Linux.

Known issues

  • Linux start-up crash if Google Chrome, Chromium, or derivatives is the user’s default browser


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Opera 22 pre-summer update (22.0.1471.70)

Just as the summer calendar is about to commence in Oslo, we are releasing an update for our hot flagship desktop browser.

The modernized Opera contains stabilization and security fixes. We have also worked hard to keep you up-to-date with the fresh version of Chromium engine.


Opera Stable for Windows
Opera Stable for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:

Opera Stable offline package for windows

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Opera Developer 24: Pepper Flash is coming to Opera

Today we move the developer stream to 24.0.1534.0. We have several interesting changes for this version lined up, which we will announce over the coming weeks. To kickstart 24, our first big change is support for automatic loading of Pepper (PPAPI) Flash.

Introducing Pepper Flash

Pepper Flash allows for a more stable method of running Flash, since each plugin is sandboxed. Opera has been working with Adobe to provide a PPAPI-based Flash solution for Opera users. This effort is not yet complete. Further work will be needed from both Opera and Adobe before Pepper Flash will be available to all, out of the box.

Testing the Flash 14 Beta

If you would like to try the work in progress, head over to Adobe Labs Downloads and grab the appropriate Flash 14 Beta package. Currently, Pepper Flash is only available for Windows but the code is in place for this to work on Mac as well.

Private Mode

One small visual change you might notice on Windows is that the main window is darker when running Windows in private mode.


As always with a new release, we have updated our rendering Engine. Please make sure you give this careful testing on your favorite sites and let us know if you find any issues.

Known issues

You do not need to report any of the following:

  • Icon problems with Geolocation, Microphone and Camera on Mac
  • Version 24.0.1534.2 on Mac (the changelog remains identical)
  • Search suggestions are cropped on Windows
  • There is no indicator to show which search engine is selected on Windows


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Opera Next is now 23!

Hello Opera Users!

It’s high summer here in Norway and Poland, and our coding elves have been sunbathing so much that they’re practically smoking, so we’ve summoned them back to their computers. (As you may know, smoking is bad for your elf.)

So today, we’re releasing Opera 23 Next. The biggest UI change is that we have tidied the combined search and address bar to contain just a single heart. The heart now triggers a sub-menu where you can choose to add a site to Speed Dial, to Stash for later use, or to the bookmarks bar.
Heart Menu
We have also added UI elements to unblock insecure content in an otherwise secure session, and we’ve added search functionality to opera:extensions and opera:themes.

Now that the elves are back at their desks, expect something very interesting next week.

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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Opera Developer update 23.0.1522.10

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.45.40 PMWe are updating Opera Developer to 23.0.1522.10. You can find a couple of bug fixes inside.

We’ve fixed a few bugs which were causing Opera crashes in some situations. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us!

Opera 23 Developer would soon move to the Next stream, so stay tuned!


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