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Opera News car winner – Meet Sphindile from South Africa

Opera: Can you tell me your name, age and what you do for a living?
Sphindile:  My name is  Sphindile Shangase but I prefer Phindile. I’m working as a Conveyancing Paralegal at MP Mkumbeni Inc Attorneys. I’m done with my national diploma in law studying in TUT and I am also studying towards my LLB in Unisa Pretoria.

Opera: Can you explain more in detail what you do at your job?
Sphindile: I’m Conveyancing Paralegal at MP Mkumbeni Inc Attorneys. It’s a law firm and we deal with transfer of Immovable property divorce matters, and drafting of wills. We are lawyers so I’m working in a law firm. I’ve been studying to be a lawyer.

Opera: Can you tell me since when are you using Opera News?
Sphindile: It’s not a long time ago, it was during the World Cup. I wanted to download it so that I can watch the news and everything. It’s a nice app to use. Luckily I saw this competition so I entered and I was shaking, shaking, shaking my phone an hour everyday actually, and I got together this puzzle of nine pieces. Then I saw I won a car! A Kwid by Renault which is a nice car actually. I can also say that with Opera News, you can download news from everywhere even if you are offline. It’s a nice app.

Opera: Were your friends and family asking you what you were doing with your phone?
Sphindile: Actually, I downloaded the app and I saw this competition (Shake) and I was so impressed with it, so I referred some of my friends and some of my colleagues and they downloaded the app as well and they enjoyed it. I’ve even shared this app on Facebook, I have a lot of friends in Facebook, so most of them downloaded the app. Even when I ran out of shakes, I shared the app on Facebook and I got new shakes again so I could shake and shake and shake.

Opera: Did you ever imagine becoming the winner of the car?
Sphindile: To be honest, I didn’t know that I could win, so the day I won it, I was shocked. I was happy, I was confused, I didn’t know what to do! I was confused and I couldn’t believe it. I saw these other guys from Nigeria that really won so I became happier and happier.


Opera: You saw the news in Nigeria about the winners?
Sphindile: Yes, I saw this guy from Nigeria and we even communicated via Facebook. His name is Omayola. Because we are both using the Opera News Shake we saw each other on the Facebook page. I saw him, then we communicated and he was so excited as well.

Opera: Feels like Opera is building a community then…
Sphindile: A lot of people were asking me, and a lot of friends are inboxing me and they are asking me “Is this true? Is it true or not?” And I say yes to them, this is true and I won the car so keep on shaking and shaking and you will win. I’m still shaking even now.

Opera: What are you plans with the car? What do you want to do with it?
Sphindile: Actually, this is my first car. I’ve never owned a car before so that’s why I’m so excited. I want to drive my car for myself. I’m going to drive it. I will use my car to go to work. When I’m driving it from Pretoria to Durban because I’m originally from Kwazulu Natal. I will use my car to go home. It’s not a long distance but I was using public transport, so I feel that now it’s an opportunity to use my own transport.

Opera: Did you talk with your family that you were the winner?
Sphindile: Yes, they are so happy I think they are happier than me because I’m in the first place. I didn’t believe it, but they are the ones believing in me more than myself. They are so happy, all of them. Even my daughter, she is always asking me “When are we getting the car? When are we getting it, mom?” When I get it she will be here with me.

Opera: Is there something you would like to add?
Sphindile: What I can say is that Opera News is a nice app and people should download it. There is a lot there. Besides winning, winning is a blessing, but you can get everything you need there. Just download the app.

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