The tree is lit up, the gifts you’ve amassed are piled underneath, and you’re surrounded by family, friends and pets. This Christmas, after two years of the pandemic, is going to be more special than usual. With vaccination and booster shots available, we can finally spend Christmas with our families and friends safely. Now is the perfect time to start looking for unique and personal gifts, and Opera Browser for mobile is designed to help you do it!

Your perfect online companion

You’re sitting in your favorite armchair, wrapped in a soft blanket, while warm milk and cookies that smell like cardamom, clove, and cinnamon wait on the table next to you. Dozens of open tabs, endless lists of ideas, discount-hunting sites, and perfect gift examples are spread out in your browser. It’s quite a lot to manage, but the right browser makes it easy. Opera Browser for mobile devices has the built-in features you need to organize your shopping and tame the Christmas chaos.

Opera has tons of features built right in, and you’re the one who gets to customize your browser and choose exactly what you need. Perhaps you’re planning surprise gifts that you want to keep secret from your loved ones, or you need to efficiently organize your gift list and easily transfer it from your computer to your phone. In either case, Opera’s got something just for you.

Create it together

It’s wonderful when everyone can participate in the holiday organization, and to make the holiday evening magical for everyone involved, you can use Pinboards to do just that. Create virtual boards and add holiday ideas – images, links, videos, text… whatever you want! Send it to family and friends so they can add reactions and vote on their favorite ideas. They don’t even have to use Opera Browser to see your boards.

Keep your gifts a secret

Remember that feeling of excitement mixed with the warmth of happiness when you receive a gift? You can make others feel that magic too. To make your presents a real surprise, shop in Opera’s private mode – just open the private tab to activate it. Your browsing and search history is erased from your device once you close the tabs, so no one but you will know what you’ve put under the Christmas tree or in their Christmas stocking. Want to go back to your ideas later without erasing search history? Use Workspaces in your desktop browser and easily switch between sets of open tabs to keep them safe from prying eyes. It’s all about the pleasant surprise!

Organize your shopping lists

Found some great gift ideas while browsing on your computer, but know they won’t arrive in time? Not a problem, this Christmas will still be perfect – full of warmth and joyful squeals when opening the perfect gifts. Easily send those gift ideas to your phone via Flow – either as text, links, images, or even small files. That way you can conveniently refer to them while you’re at physical shops, and make sure you’re getting exactly what they want, at the price you want. No more stuffing your pockets with paper shopping lists.

Stay in touch

Prefer to discuss gifts with friends instead of keeping them a secret? No problem! You know how your perfect Christmas should be. Popular messengers are built into the desktop Opera Browser (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, VK, Twitter, Telegram), allowing you to create groups efficiently and easily stay in touch to discuss shared presents, glorious food and fancy decorations. You can also browse your favorite creators’ posts on Instagram and buy things from them directly to make the shopping process even smoother.

Use it wherever you need

Find a few moments to relax, unwind, and soak up the atmosphere livened by the holiday decorations and festive lights. Even if you’re shopping for last-minute gifts, you can count on Opera Browser for top speed, smooth webpage loading, and data-saving with its built-in Ad-blocker. Order gifts easily without leaving home or even do your Christmas shopping on the train or tram. 

Stay safe online while shopping

During Christmas, you should only need to focus on decorating your house, trimming your Christmas tree, and arranging your gifts before people arrive, not about online threats. Opera’s Ad-blocker not only reduces data usage, but also blocks malvertising, making your device much more secure. Decide for yourself if you want to block all ads or perhaps allow Acceptable Ads™. On top of that, Opera for Android offers Free VPN, enhanced cryptojacking protection, as well as a tracker-blocker (coming soon), to ensure you’re always safe while shopping online.

Focus on what matters most

Opera Browser for Mobile, your perfect online companion, is here to help you during the pre-holiday rush. You can easily customize it, organize your shopping lists, keep them on hand, and buy gifts wherever you are. And all of this comes with enhanced protection for your device so that your holiday shopping is easy, fast, & fun, and you can enjoy what matters most – the time you spend with your loved ones.

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