Heather, Social Media Manager and Editor at SurfEasy, guest blogs about security for Opera. SurfEasy joins Opera to bring more privacy to your online experience.


As the United States wraps up its National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s a great time to talk about your internet privacy and to properly introduce SurfEasy, one of the newest members of the Opera family.

This month, alongside the USA’s initiative and in the spirit of keeping you #CyberAware, we launched the SurfEasy Proxy extension to encrypt your browsing data and keep you safe. Take the first step in maintaining your privacy and download the SurfEasy Proxy for Opera for computers.

Why you need to be #CyberAware

Hackers, spies and snoops want to track you on the web. If they can, they’ll follow you online, waiting to steal your information and sell your data whenever they get the chance. But, you can fight them by being #CyberAware and taking some basic steps to keep them in the dark. Around the world, engineers work hard day and night to track improve online security. There are different groups who create programs to educate people about online safety

These people and organizations are doing great work and SurfEasy is among them. Here’s a little about how our team helps with online security:

SurfEasy’s VPN and the SurfEasy’s Proxy extension help you stay safe and hidden while you surf the web. We make sure your personal information is secure with our bank-grade encryption that hides your IP address while you’re online.

We let you to “borrow” an IP address from one of 13 regions so you can access region-specific content from all over the world.

We at SurfEasy listen to our customers and report this feedback to our development team. It helps steer our efforts in the right direction. And, more than anything else, we hard to ensure that the message of online security is heard loud and clear.

We aren’t just a tech company; we’re passionate about your rights, and we want to help you protect them. We’re proud to help solve a real problem – one that’s often overlooked.

Stay tuned to see exactly what SurfEasy and Opera achieve together. If you want to try out what we’re working on right now, download the free SurfEasy Proxy extension for your Opera desktop browser and let us know what you think in the comments.

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