This year, the SurfEasy team joined the Opera family to bring more privacy to your online experience.

Today, we’re happy to announce that you can download the SurfEasy Proxy extension from the Opera add-ons catalog. You just need to sign up with your email address and create a password.

What the SurfEasy Proxy extension does for you

The SurfEasy Proxy extension connects you to a server that shields your Opera browser to increase your privacy online.

When you surf the web, your personal information passes through thousands and thousands of public networks, some you may not even know. For example, making online payments may expose you to hackers.

Proxy browsing using a tool like the SurfEasy Proxy extension encrypts this information. Encrypting data keeps you safe from corrupt online systems. It’s like putting your private information in a steel box.

Is proxy browsing the same as using a VPN?

In short, it’s similar. To safeguard your privacy online, you can choose to use a proxy service or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and both will encrypt your browser traffic. The differences are extremely technical, so we’ll boil it down to a very basic distinction for SurfEasy services:

The SurfEasy Proxy extension creates a place for your browser to connect through, like Opera for computers.

A VPN client is typically installed on your device, not just the browser, and helps protect the web traffic consumed by all your apps. SurfEasy also has VPN services which you can learn more about here.

Choosing between using a proxy server and VPN depends on how much protection you want. If you’re looking for a lightweight (and free!) way to protect what you do in the browser, then the SurfEasy Proxy extension is the way to go.

Try the SurfEasy Proxy extension for Opera for computers today and be safe online.

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  • hammeroclock

    But wouldn’t the traffic just pass “through thousands and thousands of public networks, some you may not even know. For example, making online payments may expose you to hackers.” once it leaves the SurfEasy nodes?

    Sure it may hide your location but I’m not seeing how it protects the traffic any more so than it leaving your own router. Am I wrong?

    • If said site is a http site, the proxy will make it much harder for anyone on your local network to man in the middle you. Or if you’re sitting at a coffee shop, like people often are, then it’s very simple to listen in on your traffic without using a proxy (or VPN) that hinders that.

    • Agha Zain

      Our extension makes sure that all the traffic from the Opera browser is encrypted from your computer to the Internet. This protects against issues like unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots or local networks that are logging your usage.

      Also, while the traffic from SurfEasy to a website may not be encrypted (if it’s http), anyone who looks at it will not be able to attribute it back to you (the original user).

      Regarding online payments, they should be done via secure Https regardless. You should never share CC on a site that doesn’t offer https encryption on that payment page.

  • Hadley Zedras

    Will not pass ‘Securing Your Connection’ screen since install ?

    • Agha Zain

      Hadley, could you please email our support with your login username at ?

      We’ll work with you to see what’s happening, thank you!

      • Hadley Zedras

        On it 🙂 ‘Thank’You’ Agha 🙂

  • I am not a speed addict. Everything on Opera is fine. 😀

  • jahid3538

    opera is very nice…..

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