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  • Nekomajin42

    It’s a shame, that currently Opera is not the best browser. It was, and I hope it will be, but now… It’s shiny, but dumb.

  • Leonardo Neves

    For Mobile is the only Opera, for me on mobile, is the only Opera 4.22 ru dogwood πŸ˜€ for PC is Seamonkey Moded by me! Others? May they be good some milennium after! πŸ˜€

  • Voted Opera! πŸ™‚

  • Shawny_Shawn

    I was going to vote for Opera. But then I realized that I can’t even run the new versions of Opera on my Linux desktop. So I started up Firefox, and voted for it, since it actually runs for me. Maybe next year, Opera? Maybe?

  • Hunk

    Voted for Firefox.

  • Anonym

    Opera 12

  • kxp

    Opera 12.x (Opera 20.x just doesn’t cut it, too much missing…)

  • Sidney Moraes

    I voted for Opera, I’m using the new opera by the last few months and I have nothing to complain about :). Opera is going to the right way!

    • zlop

      Part of the dumbing down agenda.
      Simple interface for simpletons. Grunt and Touch.

  • Sylvia Rohge

    Opera 12 is the best Browser, but i have Problems now with a few Functions in other Websites.
    I hate the Design of Opera 19, and the Functionality is terrible.
    I Brows with 2 Browsersites(in this 2 Instances are over 40 Tabs -_-), i cant integrate this in Opera 19…
    And the handling… omfg cruel.
    I need the Tabbar on the Top, and not a simple Icon and only 30% of the old Functions.
    For the new Websites i must install Firefox to browse in this =/ .

    • tteksystems

      I totally agree with, and share in, your frustrations with new Opera versions. Version 12.16 is indeed one of the best ideas Opera ever had. You are probably one who has used this version to it;s potential because so many who claim to love the new Opera are insisting on giving it so much praise, when in fact, they have abandoned those of us who rely on very key functions from the old User Interface.

      What I think is that all of those praising the new Opera are trolls. They might even be Opera employees. Because if anyone who has followed versions of Opera leading up to and including version 12.16, could not possibly admit they are happy about the new Opera. Inconceivable.

      But, they also might be using Opera for the first time because it has been widely acclaimed as a competitive choice for the mobile market, which could in turn cause many to want to see what the buzz is about on the Windows platform. Almost all MAC users who used Opera as an alternative to safari will not accept the new Opera. Almost everyone who knows anything about version 12.16 and it’s powerful interface, have also rejected this new platform. Chromium browsers are known to be fast, but they are without a doubt the worst choice due to their insistent lack of consideration to our privacy. It’s a fact, chromium browsers give your personal information to everyone. Google started this crap and since it turns into big dollars for them, it benefits alot of people, especially those who want to earn a profit in the affiliated marketing scene.

      Opera, all I can say to you is that you pretty much screwed up. You now have earned a bad rap and you show alot of arrogance because you did not even care to present key options for migration and you neglected to hear our plea when asking for a few simple features that DO matter. All of the end users that agree with this will out-number any new user-base you could ever hope for. It could have been different but as an integrator who knows better than to use chromium based browsers, I would say you have only one hope of gaining a lasting user-base. stop trying to play around with your 3 new toys you call NEXT and DEVELOPER and you actually think you earned the right to use the title “STABLE” as you latest offering to the end user? Not according to the experts. webkit and Chromium might work well from a developers perspective but until you show some interest in the user interface, you are basically telling us you do not give a damm about the perspective of the end user.

      Anyone who wants to try and say Opera Stable rivals Opera 12.16 when comparing the user interface and it’s functionality, then you are no doubt a newborn to this scene. How can load the settings and use the entire page when changing our options? Are you kidding me? Chromium takes you away from the current session when accessing any of the setting instead of using simple pull down menus. If anyone likes to be taken away from the page view in order to access your options and settings, then you obviously do not have enough experience to make good use of the many options available in a browser. Because if you did, you would find this to be so annoying. When do you think Opera will actually admit they know it is a step backwards for anyone to consider an interface like Opera Stable, especially if the option to use an interface similar to 12.16 exists.

      I really am looking for those who are in agreement about Opera’s choice to abandon a good thing. If they at least would provide migration from 12,16 and integration of the useful User Interface we had, I could respect them. But they have been arrogant about this. Telling people to embrace change and learn to adapt. Adapt to a platform that is not well received should tell you something. Anyone try to open Windows task manager when running about 5 or 6 or more tabs in the new Opera? Yea I know. It runs another instance of the browser for every tab. And run alot of tabs then it gives out of memory messages a computer with 16GB of memory with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit running only a web browser. That has got to be the most inadequate platform available. Chrome is known for it and so are all chromium browsers. They tell us we can group tabs and install another extension to manage this. Well, let me tell you something.

      We should NOT have to make all these adjustments to compensate for the screwed up platform that was inadequate from the start. For anyone to support this stupid platform is like rolling over and saying “HIT ME AGAIN IKE… AND PUT SOME STANK ON IT!!!” I’m not going to be rolling on this river man. I want user functions more than faster page loads. I want security and privacy more than I want out of memory messages from such a poor inefficient browser. Someone told me if I don’t like the new Opera, then go someplace else. He said it works for him just fine because all his bookmarks are nicey nice and now some of the pages he could not load are loading just fine.

      Well, i just came from a site voting for the best Browser. The choices were all the top names we all hear about. Chrome Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari. Well, I wanted to vote Opera 12.16 but I was in the new Opera and the page wouldn’t load. I wanted to vote Firefox and couldn’t put a check mark in the box because I was using Chrome. I find that quite funny. And tells me that I am right about chromium. I always control cookies on all browsers. But when I do it in chromium based browsers, it likes to lock me out of sites because they cannot get their advertising revenues. If anyone cant see why Opera wants to use chromium then lets take a look at what might be the obvious. Google makes Billion because of how Chromium allows them to integrate their questionable advertisement system that violates every pretty much to the point of rape. I think I’ve said enough..

      BTW Sylvia, sorry for replying to you and then injecting what was on my mind. I just had to let it out. But I do identify with you regarding the new Opera

      • zlop

        For whatever reason, instead of improving, Opera threw in the towel.

  • Cryio

    The best browser would be an Opera 12.2 (O12.1 layout, O15+ design language and underlaying core)

  • Max Bichl

    Opera 12

  • James Douglas

    Opera Blink version 19.0.1326.63

  • Opera is working fine and it’s simple to use.

  • zlop

    There was even a version with select, right click and search in background. As it is, why call it the recent baby versions, Opera? “Moshi Monsters – Lady Goo Goo’s song – YouTube”

  • Cherif Ayad

    How to show and enable the extensions button in Opera browser because I cannot use the extensions.
    Is there any solution to fix this problem.
    I hope Opera add the Chrome Extensions Wrench Button in the next versions.
    Best Regards

  • Opera 12 is the best Browser, but i have Problems now with a few Functions in other Websites.

  • Cherif Ayad

    How do I enable chrome extensions button in Opera browser contact me on

  • Ebay bcav

    Opera 12 is the best opera Browser. Opera 23 has no features. It is a Chrome clone But Firefox is still king of all browsers for versatility and support.
    The speed difference between the fastest and slowest browser is under one second. So Speed is not an issue. Chrome’s only advantage is that it uses less memory then most.

  • trampoo