When it comes to Jugaad, we Indians really know how to find a solution for any knotty issue.

Who knows why we’reso good at this? There is justsomething that gives us the knack for thinking differently and coming up with solutions (however bizarre ;)) that signify creativity and quick, on-your-feet thinking.

We decided to put this theory to the test with our  #JugaadWithOpera contest. We asked our fans to put on their thinking caps and come up with unique ways for a quick fix and to share them on Facebook and Twitter, for a shot at glory and winning the contest.

Here are some of your ingenious jugaads that made the cut!

1. Wi-Fi range extension? Now, that’s one jugaad we all could use.

2. Guess what!? You can now pimp your ride with your very own creativity.

3. This delightful, green Jugaad!

4. This one just looks magical, doesn’t it?

5. This fix for a broken computer is particularly inspired. 

6. Now, that’s some dedication to Tollywood cinema – but please, drive safely!

7. Some people complain about the heat, not this fellow. His practical hack addresses the problem head-on!

8. How about a little daring fun at the construction site. 😉

We enjoyed reviewing your spontaneous, innovative entries.

As hard as it was for us to choose, we finally managed to zero in on the cream of the crop .

Here are the winners of our #JugaadWithOpera contest:
Contest Update winner1 copy (A) (1)

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