Celebrating #Opera50m with #share2celebrate contest

It’s a proven fact that the best way to multiply happiness is to share it with others. And, we’re eagerly sharing our happiness overdose with you folks!

Why are we so joyous? Well, we recently surpassed 50 million users in India and have risen to become the country’s 3rd largest app. And, what better way to celebrate than a dramatic Bollywood flashmob in all its grandeur! Our global CEO was sporting enough to take part in the fun and surprised us all by joining in the flashmob! It was indeed an overwhelming moment for everyone of us at Opera.

But, we didn’t want to leave you allout of this frenzy, so we wanted to figure out a way for our loyal users to be a part of this hoopla too. That’s how #ShareToCelebrate happened!

We asked to our fans to film a video of themselves dancing to the groovy song “Rang de Basanti” and show off their cool and unique moves.

Those with two left feet could simply take a selfie with anything that reminded them of our famous, red “O” logo. 

We received so many extremely interesting entries that we were at our wit’s end when it came to choosing the winners. As hard as it was, we finally made our decisions. Here are  the winners of our #Share2Celebrate contest:

1)     Maitreni Mishra is now the proud owner of a brand new iPhone 6.

2)     Ina Khubchandani & Rachna Sharma have won themselves each a fully packed HP Slate Voice Tab.

3)     Luv Kumar, Sameer Patel & Bhagyesh Rane are now each equipped with the powerful Micromax Canvas 2.

And here are the winners of some cool Opera goodies:

Adhyan Singh
Akash Patwari
Akash Waghela
Amara Sreedevi
Anant Agarwal
Aparna Sant
Arti Jaidka
Aryan Fernandes
Aryan Rath
Asha Pandwal
Atanu Dass
Ayan Roy
Bansari Rathod
Bhushan Dilip Mhatre
Chandan Nilkanthbhai Chaudhari
Chandresh Jain
Chinglenthoi Khundrakpam
D Gnanasingh Arputhadas
Dew Cool
Digna Bhansali
Dimple Sharma
Divya Misra
Dr Shilpa Murlidhar
Ekta Vaswani
Eub Tani
Giriraj Kumawat
Gurjeet Chhabra
Hardik Patil
Harigovind Saoomal
Harpal Singh
Hema Singh Thakur
Hitesh Harigovind
Jayesh Mehta
Jaymala Jain
Jhanavi Bhosale
Jimit Rathod
Jitendra Gupta
Kamlesh Maru
Kanchan Negi
Kausar Hafizi
Krish Das
Krrishna Solanki
Krunal Parmar
Lovelesh Maheshwari
Luv Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Namrata Shah
Neelima Pahwa
Nidhi Square
Nikhil Chawla
Nila Murli
Nisha Verma
Niti Sharma Kapil
Nitya Chopra
Parag S Solanki
Poonam Raisinghani
Pralay Simha Yedida
Pramila Hari
Prateek Dang
Praveen Kandwal
Preeti Kumari
Priyanka Patwari
Puneet Patil
Rachna Sharma
Rahul Ghosh
Rahul Ludhani
Rakesh Verma
Reena Jain
Rinki Ghosh
Riya Suri
Sahil Raina
Salma Arif
Sathish Kumar
Satyajit Majumder
Shashank Naidu
Shashank Raj
Shefali Gautam
Shilpa Gulabani
Shrabanti Dandapat
Shraddha Patil
Shubham Kashyap
Snehalata Jain
Sonia Bedi
Sonia Bindra
Sugandha Dixit
Sunil Rathod
Sunita Katyal
Surendra Singh
Tarun Wadhwani
Tej Sukhadia
Tushar Daftuar
Visal Khanna
Vishal Gupta
Yachana Jain

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter and watch out for more fun & exciting contests.Hearty congratulations to all the winners, we will get back to you soon on mail. Thank you for making it a thoroughly enjoyable affair!

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