We love online shopping. Not only is it convenient, but it gives you access to Black Friday deals on Amazon, eBay and Booking.com. Plus, the same tech you use to browse the web can also make it easier to grab the best deals and manage your spending. Before you start however, take a look through our tips for Black Friday shopping and how to use your browser to your advantage while doing so.

1. Set a budget

All of those special deals and price drops can make shoppers a bit light-headed, and also make your wallet lighter than you may have intended. To avoid this, set a spending limit and stock up on willpower.

2. Make a list

Having a shopping list on Black Friday is one of the best shopping tips. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” A list will keep you from going over your budget—which you’ve already set, right?

3. Compare prices

Your list and budget can save you even more money if you use it to compare prices from store to store. Comparing prices across retailers (like checking Amazon) can be very revealing.

4. Check return policies

It’s not a deal if you can’t use it. That’s why it’s important to note any return policy restrictions on items you buy during this time. It’s also a good idea to check price-matching offers to stack up even more savings. Oh, and don’t forget gift receipts, just in case. 

5. Collect coupons and promo codes

Many shops and sites have already begun their promotion campaigns for Black Friday, which include giving out promo codes and coupons. Some of these won’t be found later, so start collecting them now and save them for the big day.

6. Make sure you’re really getting a deal

The price you pay is more important than the price you save. Sometimes a discount is nothing more than a gimmick. Be mindful of your budget and try not to get distracted from how much you’re spending. 

7. Abandon your online cart

Many online retailers will send you a discount code if you show up, sign in, load up your cart and… leave. That’s because they want to convert you into a customer, not just a (browser) window-shopper. To do this, they’ll look at the abandoned cart and offer a small incentive to get you to purchase it.

8. Shop early

Big retailers, like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Booking.com, have been known to leak ads with deals in early November, so if you do a little online searching you’ll find some deals and shopping tips. 

9. Use in-store assistant and chat systems

Stores and sites often reserve special promo codes for these in-store systems. These codes are used to compensate and incentivize customers when there are issues, but sometimes you can get them just by using the systems and asking.

10. Black Friday deals

Save some of your budget for Black Friday. It’s tempting to take advantage of the deals in front of you at the moment, but some of the best sales will be on Black Friday itself. So try not to go overboard during your preparation if your goal is to get the steepest discounts.

11. Use gift cards or reward-based cards

During Black Friday, you can often find discounted gift cards for specific retailers and use them right away. It’s sort of like a discount you buy up front. Credit cards that offer points based on how much you spend can also be used to get rewards, just be careful that you’re not spending too much on the interest.

We hope that you will use these tips well and find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy online shopping everyone! 

Do you have any other Black Friday shopping tips? Add them to the comments below.

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