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Follow the big matches of this week Premier League with Free Browsing in Opera Mini

The Premier League is back in a double game week with big matches ahead that can define the league leaders. 

The most anticipated match for this week is without a doubt Manchester United facing Liverpool. Currently the Red Devils are leading the league with 36 points and Liverpool following with 33. A victory from Liverpool could complicate Manchester United’s aspirations of becoming league champions and cut the good momentum of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s team. However, Manchester United defeated Burnley in a midweek game while Liverpool overpowered Aston Villa 4-1 during the latest round of the FA Cup. 

Both teams are showing great form, setting the match to be one of the most exciting games of the season so far. 

Other major teams like Tottenham can also take advantage of this week’s fixtures as they are playing Sheffield United away. Currently, Sheffield United stands at the bottom of the league table with only five points after 18 played matches. On the other hand, The Spurs currently have 30 points after 18 weeks and are only six points away from the league leaders, Manchester United. 

Follow your teams with Opera Mini and Free Browsing!

You can follow the results of every match from Premier League by visiting Livescore with Opera Mini. This is the easiest way for you to follow your favorite teams, stay updated on all the results and have a great overview of the standings on the league table. 

Access to Livescore with Opera Mini comes with no data cost if you live in Nigeria, Kenya, or Zambia. Check out the table below and see if you have access to free data with your local network when using Opera Mini. 

Country Carrier Free Browsing with Opera Mini
NigeriaMTN Yes
Nigeria Airtel Yes
Zambia MTN Yes
Kenya Safaricom Yes 
Kenya Airtel Yes 

Use Free Browsing to set up your Fantasy Premier League team!

If you are a Fantasy Premier League player (as I am) you can also access their website through Opera Mini and use free browsing for editing your team. Check the latest points your players are making, their coming fixtures, and most importantly remember to make your transfers on time! My tips and recommendations for this week are to use your Bench Boost chip and bring to the pitch those players having double fixtures! What’s your plan for this week?

You’re all set to enjoy Free Browsing while following all the results of Premier League in real time with Opera Mini. Do you think Liverpool can overcome Manchester United? Or will it be Tottenham climbing up the ladder to tie things up even more? We’d love to hear your predictions, so leave your comments below!

Happy browsing!

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