New Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry

We have a new version of Opera Mini for Java and BlackBerry phones (BlackBerry OS). We’ve been working on this one for a long time. The last time we had a blog post about Opera Mini was for version 4.5 and we got chocolate cake then. Still not sure how we’ll celebrate this one, but marzipan cake is very popular here in Norway. Enough talk about sweets. Here are the real treats:

New look and feel
Yup, Opera Mini 8 comes with a brand-new design. We think it looks pretty good.

Private browsing
Select private browsing if you want to be private.gfx1_private-browsing-good_NEW 

Night mode
Staying up late? Turn on night mode to dim your phone’s display. We’ve listened to your requests — now, you have a better way to browse at night. This is especially helpful for those with devices that don’t support automatic dimming.

Accessing tabs on phones with keypads Tab access has also improved for phones with keypads. Try it out: push the arrow up button to get a new tab. Here are other shortcuts that you can use in Opera Mini: Opera Mini quick tips: # 0 to reload a page. # 2 to search Google. # 3 to find text on a page. # 5 to access your bookmarks. # * to activate Night Mode.

Last, but not least: Opera Mini gives you a lot of data savings We call Opera Mini the “King of Compression”. Our browser can help you save up to 90% of your data usage. The data usage overview has also been given a facelift, with more details how we save you data. Take a look:


Opera for Android: Super comfy browsing

Opera for Android got an update today. We think you’ll find that this is now a better browser for your phone. Here are some reasons why: 

You can do this:
It works flawlessly. Video chatting is quick and easy with Opera browser’s WebRTC support. Sites like are great examples for this technology, if you want to test it out.

Or, this:
It’s up to you. Choose phone, classic or tablet view and change how your Opera browser looks.

And we’re guessing you would want to do this:
Group the websites you visit the most into Speed Dial folders.

Install Opera Android for free on Google Play.

Opera 20 for computers: bookmarks bar and Speed Dial customization

Opera for Windows and Mac makes browsing the web beautiful, efficient and fast.  We’ve now come to version 20. You can update Opera automatically, or download it.

Here are the highlights of features that we’re introducing with this version of Opera:

Drag and drop Speed Dial entries to the bookmarks bar

See? Just pick it up, drag it and drop it. Just like that. On the bookmarks bar. That way you can access the site even when you’re not on the start page.

Drag and drop a website to your Speed Dial or bookmarks bar

It also works the other way around. You can drag a website and drop it as a bookmark or as a Speed Dial entry.

More menu items

We added shortcuts from the main menu to Speed Dial, Stash and Discover. That way you can go directly to any of them without opening a new tab.

More Speed Dial customization

We added a new feature to the advanced settings. Today, Opera uses quite large thumbnails to display Speed Dial entries. You can disable this and get a much smaller size. This feature is for the minimalists out there, or those with a lot of Speed Dial entries. Note that we are still enhancing advanced settings, you can find more already in developer stream.

This is how your Speed Dial can look like with small thumbnails:

There are a host of other improvements to make browsing safer and snappier:

  • Improved screenshots for Stash – goodbye blurry images!
  • Performance improvements for loading themes.
  • An advanced setting to confirm exit when using Command–Q on Mac.
  • A broken padlock badge in the URL bar, if the site’s certificate is not valid. This is a “proceed with caution” indicator rather than an red alert.
  • Inline installation of extensions. This makes it easy to install security-vetted extensions hosted in the Opera add-ons store, but without leaving its associated site, thereby reducing friction.

If you want more technical detail, grab the full changelog.

Download Opera

Opera at Mobile World Congress 2014

Every year, a bunch of people go to Barcelona. No, it’s not for tapas, Camp Nou or to take pictures of La Sagrada Família, but for Mobile World Congress. It’s a crazy four-day event where people from the tech industry come to talk about things like: How can a texting app be worth $19 billion dollars? How can we make that app? What is that big screen over there?

Anyway, we had a blast this year as well. We posted a ton of press releases. If you’re interested, you can go here to read them.

We also had a stand this year. No, it’s more like a two-storey house inside a big convention center. This year is also a little extra special for us. That’s because we rolled out the beta version of Opera Max. People were excited about this news, and we showed it off to a lot of guys and girls. Here’s what some of them said:

1. Fredic Lardinois of TechCrunch wrote: “I’ve been testing the app for the last week and it’s a pretty seamless experience. You install it once and just forget about it from then on. It just works.”

Yup. That’s how we want it to work.

2. Stan Shroeder of Mashable wrote: “The app is extremely simple to use. Start it up, and it lingers in the background, saving your data.”

Simple. Easy to use? Me like.

3. Kaylene Hong of The Next Web wrote: “If you’ve ever been frustrated by exceeding your data plan on a monthly basis, browser-maker Opera may just have a solution for you.”

Oh yes, we’ve been very frustrated. That’s why we made the app.

And here, a quick look at the Opera stand for Mobile World Congress 2014:
2014-02-24 16.07.21
A lot of guys in suits. Classic Mobile World Congress picture.

2014-02-24 16.05.52
Opera Web Pass makes it super easy for people to access the internet.

2014-02-24 17.33.25
Our latest product: Opera Max.


Our forums just got a makeover!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 15.59.25Today, we are happy to introduce the new Opera forums. The forums is now running on a different platform and have a brand-new interface that we think looks great. We’ve also made a few changes to the forum structure to make navigation easier. The main focus of the new design is to provide a clear, open and simple layout to make the content more readable.

Your My Opera account has become your Opera account, which you can use for the new forums. Simply sign in and get started! If you don’t have an account, you can create one here. Your user avatar can be changed via GravatarAlso, we’ve imported the last six months of threads from our old forums, so you can continue your discussion right where you left off.

We’ve started a category where you can tell us what you think about the new forum and leave suggestions for us.

See you in our new forums!

The line is moving – we’re now opening up Opera Max beta

Opera Max

First of all, we’re sorry that you had to wait in line. But now, we’re ready for you! We hope you are ready to start saving data, too. This is what’s gonna happen: We’ll let all of you in, gradually – starting right now. You still have to wait in line for a little bit, depending on your position in the queue, but you’ll start to see the number ahead of you decrease. Don’t worry. You don’t need to watch the line to see when you are in it. We’ll notify you directly on your phone when it’s your time to try out Opera Max. So sit back, relax. You’ll be surfing the web and save data in no time.

So how does Opera Max work again?

If you don’t know what Opera Max is all about, it’s our new, free data-savings app for your phone that helps you get the most out of your limited data plan. Opera Max compresses videos, photos and text across most of your phone’s apps giving you a lot more mobile data for free. It also gives you better control over how your phone’s apps consume data.

The real kicker is that we save you heaps of data on those heavy videos you watch. So now, by using Opera Max, all the fun videos from Vine, YouTube or any of these other apps will load faster, more efficiently, and eat up less of your data plan. In other words: No more of that annoying buffering stuff. We’ve made a video to show you how Opera Max works and what it can do for you.

No other piece of technology can do this for you today. And, if you also get an Opera browser for your phone, you’ll have the ultimate savings kit.

Give us your feedback

We’d love to hear what you have to say, especially since Opera Max is still in beta. You can give it to us here.

Download Opera Max right now from the Google Play Store. Happy savings!

Get it on Google Play

Opera Max beta crunches together a ton of mobile data on your phone, so you get more out of your plan and view content like video, images and text much faster. We hope. That’s why we’re doing a beta.

Get in line for the Opera Max beta – soon available in the U.S. and Europe

In December last year, we opened up Opera Max to a limited number of Android beta testers in the USA to see how you enjoy our new data-savings app.

Opera Max iconWell, it seems like many of you like it, and now we want more testers. Starting today, we’re rolling out pre-registration of a public beta version of Opera Max to Android users in the United States and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will not be able to beta test Opera Max, for now. But we’re working to include this region soon.

If you don’t know what Opera Max is all about, it’s our new, free data-savings app for your phone that helps you get the most out of your limited data plan.

Opera Max compresses videos, photos and text across most of your phone’s apps giving you a lot more mobile data for free. It also gives you better control over how your phone’s apps consume data.

We’ve always compressed data, on desktop and mobile browsers. We started in 2005; and, today, we’re happy to extend our data-saving ideas beyond browsers to help you save on all your phone’s apps, too.

With the help of our new family at Skyfire, we were able to bring out the first app of its kind that can shrink down mobile video. That means more Instagram and Vine without having to upgrade your data plan.

We want to make sure our servers have enough capacity for all of you, so access to our beta will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. If you are one of the early US beta testers (and have already installed Opera Max), you do not need to join the queue. We’ll auto-update you.

Follow these steps:

1. Follow
this link to Google Play to get in line for the Opera Max beta. (Note: Android 4.0 or higher required for users in the United States and countries in the European Union, as well as Norway)
2. Install and launch the Opera Max app. The app will place you in the queue to get into the beta.
3.   Be patient. We’ll unlock the app as soon as we know that our servers can handle the load. You’ll start to see your progress in the queue shortly and you’ll be saving data in no time. Please stay tuned. To get notification of when the line has started moving, join us on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook.

Get in line to get Opera Max beta

Opera Max for Android


Follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Sports online

The 2014 Winter Sports in Sochi is well into its fourth day now. If you’re like most of us here at Opera — winter sports fanatics but does not have the luxury of following the updates at home, then have a game plan ready. Here’s some tips on how you can follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Sports from your browser.

Social media

If you want instant Sochi updates, then we suggest you follow this year’s Winter Sports on social media. They post updates for everything you need to know on Twitter, Facebook and G+.

We especially recommend you to check out the official Flickr account where the Sochi experience is captured through photos.

Also, NBC Sports provides an excellent program guide. You can also just Google “sochi 2014” or just plain “sochi” and the schedules appear as the first search result.

Watch the live stream

If you want to watch the events live from your browser, visit the official Sochi TV guide. Please note that you will most likely need a cable television subscription to watch the live stream. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Sochi’s official Youtube account to catch all of the highlights.

Some interesting stories

Did you notice which group went to the opening in shorts and flip-flops? Also, did you know that while Canada, Russia and the U.S. have more than 100 athletes, there are five countries sending only one athlete? And how about that inspiring story of the Jamaican bobsled team getting support from online funding?

What other Sochi stories would you like to share?