Fight high cost of mobile data with these simple tips

Using mobile data when camping

You may have noticed recently how mobile data costs have nearly doubled over the last few weeks. At the same time, there is always so much that we want to do on the ‘net – whether it’s for fun or work. It can seems like a no-win situation: we either pay more or we reduce...

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Building an Opera browser that’s ready for Windows 10

Windows 10: We are prepping the Opera browser for Windows for Microsoft's new platform.

Are you excited about the arrival of Windows 10? So are we. Our team in Warsaw, Poland, is hard at work these days making the final tweaks to Opera browser for Windows in preparation for this new platform which will be released on July 29. Here’s what it looks like at the moment: After some...

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Speed up navigation in Opera with mouse gestures

Mouse Gestures 1

Did you know that the first computer mouse created in the 60s was made of wood? Here’s another interesting fact about this device: it can do more than your habitual pointing, clicking and scrolling. You can navigate your browser faster by giving it common commands through simple mouse movements. If you want to save time...

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What factors affect your internet speed?

If webpages open slower than usually or downloads seem to last for ages, it’s not necessarily caused by your colleague’s illicit gaming at fault. Here are some other factors that can affect your internet speed. Hardware Your internet speed heavily depends on your network equipment, such as the router or cable). For example, an ethernet...

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Windows 10 preview from the Opera team

Millions already enjoy Opera for Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Opera Mini for Windows Phone, and we are looking forward to welcoming the latest baby in the Windows family. We’ve taken a look at the publicly-released build. Here’s our Windows 10 preview. Get the Windows 10 preview build Microsoft has already released...

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5 steps to save your water-damaged phone

We all fear a sudden downpour drenching our smartphones or that inevitable spill of coffee over our beloved gadget, no matter how careful we are with it. Although there are many water-resistant smartphones available these days, that extra protection comes along with a hefty price tag. Has your smartphone decided to go for a swim?...

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