Author: Gregory Wang

Give your browser a personal touch with themes

Everyone is different, and their browser should reflect this. If you want to use an image you have on your computer as a theme, you can use the theme manager to create your own.

  1. Select View > Show Themes.
  2. Click Create your theme on the sidebar.
  3. Type a name, select an image, and choose the image’s alignment and font treatment for how you’d like your theme to display.
  4. Click Create.

Bam! Your image is now your browser’s theme. Use a picture that takes you down memory lane or one that just makes you laugh.

We used an image of a couple people BASE jumping off the side of a mountain in Kjerag, Norway. If you haven’t seen the epic video that we made during the photoshoot, check it out here.


Use one of our favorite themes
Don’t care to add your own image? We have plenty of images that you can use instead. From our default themes, we’ve chosen an awesome picture of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.34.26 PM

To change background themes, all you need to do is click View→Show themes. Then click Get more themes and pick and choose from a list of images we love. This updates the background theme to your choice on everything from your speed dial, to your preferences page.

Can’t get enough? Check out the Opera add-ons catalog for more sweet themes.

Download Opera for Windows and Mac.

Behind the scenes of Opera Mini’s new “On the wall” video

We’ve tested Opera Mini in the most extreme situations – so you don’t have to. Our newest video “On the wall” shows that you can take Opera Mini anywhere and go online, even when your internet connection is bad. Featured in the video is Christian Koch, a Norwegian rock-climber, who is in a tent suspended off the side of a mountain wall in Kjerag, Norway, making sure Opera Mini still works.
The Opera team and Antimedia team
Christian Koch, our Creative Director Arnfinn Hushovd, and Brand Director Espen Øverdahl, give us a look into how the idea came about and how it was executed.

People normally don’t associate extreme sports with IT companies. How did you get the idea, and why did you decide to push through with it?
AntiMedia, a small production company that we have worked with previously on our “Discover our best browser for Android” product video, came to us with the idea. They knew a rock climber with an epic beard and an itch to do something cool. To them, Opera was the browser that gets you online in all sorts of conditions. If it can work in a remote place such as the Norwegian fjords, it should be able to work almost anywhere.
In a hanging tent in Kjerag, Norway

Christian, how did you feel while you were inside that hanging tent?
It was quite surreal, but many years of climbing has made me used to heights. Sitting in the tent and drinking coffee actually felt quite natural. But, getting the perfect shot was not done in a second. Hour after hour was spent waiting in the tent, and being in the middle of a 1000-meter wall is definitely a lonely place. I was inside the tent when Tom Erik and Kjersti base jumped for Off the wall with Opera and seeing that was spectacular. Everything was well organized. Working with the Opera team and AntiMedia was a great experience. I already knew the AntiMedia crew, but getting to know Espen and Arnfinn from Opera was great.
Testing Opera Mini in extreme conditions

What was the most difficult part of shooting the “On the wall” video?
The most difficult part was getting the dramatic effects without staging anything. When you see that tent on the side of the mountain, it’s really there – no CGI or other manipulation was used. Luckily, we had the help of a Norwegian climbing legend, Robert Caspersen, whose team made it look easy – even though it was anything but. In this image, that tiny red speck is the tent. The helicopter is hovering to get the perfect shot.
Tiny red speck on the wall

How do you decide what goes into Opera videos?
We want videos that are hopefully both entertaining and educational. Our aim is to feature our products, while keeping Opera’s distinct, playful personality in the frame.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video:

5 reasons to download the new Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad

Your favorite mobile browser is back, and it’s better than ever. Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad has dramatic feature improvements that make browsing the internet even easier, and, as always, save you data. Update your current Opera Mini iOS installation, or try it for the first time here.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 killer features that might help:


1. Save data: Opera Mini makes pages lighter by compressing data, helping to speed up slow connections and saving you money on data. Switch between “Opera Mini” for extreme savings, and “Opera Turbo” for speed and savings. It’s great for travel!


2. Get content: Stay informed with current events with our Discover feature. It’s your one-stop shop for any news, sports, and entertainment content, always keeping you in the know. You can easily switch between countries and interests to get the most relevant stories for you.

mini43. Save pages: Organize your favorite pages just like you organize your apps. Traveling abroad? Save travel info and pages offline, so you can access them later, without needing Wi-Fi.


4. Browse privately: If you were worried about anyone being able to track your activity online, your worries are over. With private browsing, you can safely surf the internet as you please.


5. Get a fresh look: Simply tap on the background to change the background theme to match your iPhone, or choose from one of our many cool background pictures.

So what are you waiting for? Download it here!

Get your browser ready for Brazil 2014!

You have been waiting four years for this: the world’s biggest football event. Don’t want to miss out on news and updates? Get your browser ready by downloading this Opera add-on, submitted by alexisjacson. 


Whether you’re supporting your hometown team, your favorite player or just a team you picked out a hat at your office pool, stay up to date with the standings for each group.
Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.42.44 PM

It also includes analysis on each group. Check if your team is the favorite to win!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re traveling to Brazil or just enjoying some football time at home, make sure you stay updated. Enjoy! 

Did you catch Opera on HBO’s “Silicon Valley”?

Data compression. Sound familiar? “Silicon Valley” follows the sudden rise of a startup called “Pied Piper”. Originally created to test if a musician has infringed on any copyrights, the app stumbles upon a revolutionary data compression algorithm. Pictured below Jared presents the app at a TechCrunch conference. What do they do? Compression. Like us. When the final episode of the first season aired last week, we saw a familiar logo:

Silicon Valley

 Why is our logo there? Because we were at TechCrunch Disrupt to launch Opera Coast. While that browser does not have compression, Opera Mini and Opera Max do. They use data compression to give you more for less. Just like PiedPiper.

Facebook joins Opera in initiative to bring Internet to the next billion users

Facebook, one of Opera’s global partners in the initiative, has joined us in working to bring the next billion internet users online. Since 2012, Opera Web Pass has been deployed in multiple countries on 3 continents to provide users with alternatives to the complex data bundle.

UntitledWith their recent purchase of Pryte, a Finnish company that aims to empower mobile users in developing countries through the use of internet apps, Facebook is helping to validate Opera’s concept of allowing users to buy simple, low-cost, time- and content-based data packages  – rather than the complex data bundles that are often unaffordable or incomprehensible to new mobile data users.

Opera Web pass users can simply purchase “1 day of data” or “1 hour of Facebook”, which also provide flexibility to operators to distribute data packages that make sense locally. Currently, Opera Web Pass is live in eight countries – with many more currently in deployment.

We are looking forward to continued innovation with Facebook and our other partner companies to help bring the next billion users online.

Find out more about Opera’s Web Pass here.