Author: Espen Thoresen

Opera bookmarks – My way to organize the web

I like our new Opera bookmarks. I like the way I can organize my sites. And, I’m not just writing this because I work for Opera.

First, I like that I can add images to bookmarks, because it allows me to organize them in a new way. It has reinvigorated my urge to collect things. I find myself organizing pages with the same passion I had as a kid. I used to collect old sports cards. They were all put into folders. I had a folder dedicated to each team – Tottenham was my favorite. I had another for guys with mullets

What matters to me, and the reason why I like our new bookmarks feature, is that I get to choose how I organize things.

Bookmark pages in Opera
It’s simple. I go to a page I like and click on the heart icon. Then, I can choose an image and put it in a folder. That’s it. Just like this:

blogg 1

Visual bookmarks in Opera 25

Organize pages in the bookmark manager
It’s easy for me to open the bookmark manager and see my favorite sites presented as images. I can rearrange them by dragging and dropping, placing the important ones first, if I want. It’s my choice. I can also delete a bookmark or turn one into a Speed Dial entry.

Opera bookmark manager

Opera bookmark manager

Edit bookmarks
I can add my own description to a bookmark, allowing me to personalize my bookmarks. I love that because I can search later to find them again. I never remember the original page title, but I know what I named it.

Edit Opera bookmarks

Edit Opera bookmarks

Keep it neat … or messy
The way we organize is unique. What I think is messy, might be neat to you – and, vice versa. Now, I can view bookmarks either as a list or as a gallery of images. And I can organize them into folders – however I want. My bookmarks, my choice.

Opera bookmarks in list

Opera bookmarks in list

I hope you enjoy the new Opera bookmarks. Give it a try and download it here today!

Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch gets its first full web browser

The internet is something we are used to accessing wherever we are and on practically every device we use. But, for some reason, the smartwatch has been stripped of an internet browser – until today. We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini has become the first web browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch, the new Samsung Gear S.

Opera Mini web browser powers Samsung Gear S

An experience designed for watch faces
Opera Mini includes many touch-friendly features that become extra handy on a smartwatch. For example, the website shortcuts on Opera Mini’s Speed Dial appear as large buttons, enabling Gear S users to reach their favorite sites in a single tap.

You can easily navigate the web on your Samsung Gear S. To zoom, double-tap with a finger, or, to get a more precise view, just pinch to zoom. A gentle swipe with your finger will take you forward and back.

Features that make smart watches a go-to device
The Smart Page feature displays links based on the sites you visit most frequently; a number of suggested links are also displayed by category. You can even add your social-media networks to the Smart Page, for more convenient access to your newsfeeds.

You can easily save webpages for offline reading, too, which is perfect for maps that you might need for a hike or run in an area with sketchy internet coverage.

Data savings for life on the go
Opera Mini is a internet browser designed to run smoothly, even where internet access is slow and coverage is poor. It employs data-saving technology that shrinks the size of webpages to as little as 10%, helping to load image-heavy pages in a snap. So, if you’re working out in a crowded gym or running in the foothills where mobile coverage is weak, you can still enjoy a full-web browsing experience that’s faster and more data-efficient, right from your wrist.

The Samsung Gear S runs Opera Mini version 7.5, with all its features and functionality. Samsung Gear S owners will be able to download Opera Mini from Samsung Gear Apps for free.

Adding smiles and badges to the discussions in Opera forums

Finally, you can add a smile, a banana or an alien to the discussions. In the past weeks, we’ve been busy re-designing and adding a lot of new features to the Opera forums. We wanted to make discussions more fun and meaningful, and our latest changes are definitely in the category of FUN.

large server monkey

Watch out! Opera Forums users with the “server monkey” badge are the true veterans on the forum.

How to add emoticons
When writing a comment or starting a new discussion, you can now easily add smileys/emoticons by clicking the smiley-face icon in the top-right of the text area.

How to add a badges
Badges are not only fun, but also useful and serve a purpose. In the new release you’ll find 6 different types of badges. Most of them are driven by user activity, which is helpful when you are in a heated forum discussion with other forum members. Rule of thumb – always listen to the Server monkey ones, as well as those with a 10,000 posts badge.

           small server monkey  small trophy  moderator  birthday  Opera employee

Server monkey: Watch out! This user is a veteran in Opera Forums and was active in the forums 6 months prior to the move there.

Milestone badges: We all know that quality is more important that quantity, but, this series of badges indicate how active a user has been. Users get badges for every 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 posts.

Happy birthday: If you see this badge on your profile. It’s your birthday! In other words, this sticker will make sure you never forget your own birthday.

Moderator: You should definitely listen to these folks – they are moderators of the Opera Forums – or the gatekeepers as some call them.

Opera employee: A really nice breed of people; they work at Opera.

 So go ahead, and join the discussions at  the Opera Forums. You might get lucky and  strike a discussion with a server monkey ;-)

Opera Max lands in Turkey for Android users

opera max red

We continue to roll out Opera Max to new countries. This time, Turkish Android users no longer have to worry about exceeding their data plans before the end of the month. Opera Max, the new, free data-savings app for Android that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on your phone, is now available in Turkey.

Download Opera Max for free and start saving data!
Opera Max not yet available in your country? Try the test version of Opera Max now!

Read more about the latest release of Opera Max.

Saves up to 50% dataScreenshot_01_Today
Thanks to Opera Max’s unique compression technology, Turkish users can now extend the life of their data plans by up to 50%. The app adds even more value for users with pre-paid data plans, paying per megabyte of use, or roaming internationally, as they will be able to watch more video, browse more sites and simply make the most of their limited plans, all for free.

Through Opera Max’s timeline of app usage and savings, users can get more control over the data they consume, keep track of their savings and even block particular apps from using mobile data, restricting them to Wi-Fi only.

This is how Opera Max works
Once a user installs Opera Max, the app starts rerouting all data traffic on the mobile device to the Opera data-savings cloud, using a virtual private network (VPN). All non-encrypted data requests (excluding websites and apps with HTTPS connections) are sent through Opera’s servers, which compress video, images and websites to use less data.

Opera Max is available as a free download on Google Play for smartphones running Android 4.0 or above.Download it today and start saving data!

Tell us your travel story, and we can help you tell it to the world!

cab_1600.jpgWe’re interested in travel, big or small. Whether you are going on a safari through the Serengeti, running with the bulls in Pamplona or just taking the metro to the outskirts of your hometown, we want to hear about it!

We’ve started this travel blog, which features the adventures of some of the best travel bloggers around the world. Everything in this travel blog will also be featured on our Facebook page with over 7 million fans.

For a chance to join in the fun and share your story, fill out this submission form.

Travelling with Opera Mini
We have this great product made for browsing on the go – Opera Mini. And, we just overhauled the the iPhone version, with a fresh look and new features. Check it out.

Opera Mini improves life on the road in two ways: it keeps you connected no matter how bad your connection is, and it reduces data-roaming costs by squeezing webpages and other content down to as little as 10% of their original size.

Use Opera Mini on your next adventure while travelling and write a story or two about your adventure. Who knows, you might be our next featured travel blogger. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Opera becomes the new default browser on Nokia X

Today, Microsoft added a new member to its family of Nokia X smartphones – the Nokia X2. At the same time, we’re super excited to announce that Opera will become the new default browser to the Nokia X platform. What a great family this is turning out to be.


From now on, all Nokia X users will enjoy one of the world’s most popular web browsers and save a ton of data while surfing away on their mobile phones – all thanks to the Opera Turbo compression service embedded in the Opera browser.

Download Opera browser for Android for free!

Top 3 featuresx2-nokia
If you’re not completely familiar with Opera for Android, I have made a short list of the top 3 features to get you started:

1) Opera Turbo is a cost and time-saving feature that compresses data before it reaches the user’s mobile device. By switching on compression with Opera Turbo, webpages are compressed by Opera servers, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the amount of data transferred. For users on a pay-as-you-go data plan, or roaming while traveling, the savings can be significant.

2) The Discover feature is a novel way of finding content that users find interesting. Gathered from hundreds of websites all over the world, the content offered by Discover feature is always fresh and the cream of the crop. The feature is customizable, with easy-to-set preferences – the list can be sorted by country and topic – so users can enjoy thousands of articles, all at a thumb’s reach.

3) Speed Dial, an Opera Software innovation, has been perfected for the smartphone world. By letting the user save, move and organize Speed Dial entries into folders, Opera for Android lets users keep better track of sites they find interesting – and get to them faster.

Have a look at this video and you see what a treat we have in store for you!

See the interview with Opera’s Lars Boilesen from Bloomberg TV

Last week, Lars Boilesen – our CEO – went on Bloomberg. He talked about what Opera are doing these days, how we see the future of mobile phones and the importance of internet access in the world.


If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the interview right here.

How we are connecting people to the web
Our technology is based on connecting people to the internet. We believe that everyone should be able to access information online. What we see, is that many can’t afford to access the web, or don’t have the technology to participate. In the U.S., about 60% run out of data on their mobile subscriptions every month. And many are worried about the cost of going online because of expensive data plans.

Powerful compression
We have made powerful compression technology that will help people to connect and stay online. We make browsers that are standards compliant, and we work with a lot of companies to make internet access more affordable.

This is our current line-up of products that you can install and use to support our cause:
Opera browser: A browser for Windows and Mac, also available for Android
Opera Mini: A fast and powerful mobile browser, works on nearly any device
Opera Max beta: Our latest and greatest data-savings app for Android
Opera Coast: A browser that looks great and uses all the touch features of iPhone or iPad


Rubik’s Cube turns 40 – this is how we solve it at Opera

Challenges are fun, – especially intellectual ones. And, Rubik’s Cube is a big challenge enjoyed by many people around the world. It’s been 40 years since Erno Rubik created the first prototype of the Rubik’s Cube. Little did he know that it would become the one of the highest selling toys in the world.

Terje, one of Opera’s server guys, has been playing with the cube since 1981. He says he’s out of practice, and therefore he can only solve it in 60 seconds. But, he managed to solve it in only 40 seconds! Wow. Check out how he does it:

Can you do it better than Terje?