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Spookify your browser


At Opera, we celebrate many events, but there’s one that we especially love, Halloween, because then we get to wear costumes. I’m currently dressed up as a “young person with daddy issues”. I want to share some tips to get you into the right Halloween mood. Trick or treat Add a Halloween theme to your...

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Faster internet with Opera Turbo

This has probably happened to you: you’re on vacation, on a business trip or even just outside your own home, and your internet connection is slow. The flashback to 90’s dial-up overtakes you, and you find yourself at a loss. Well, you can speed up your browsing experience with Opera Turbo. Get faster internet with...

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Extensions – How to get the best out of your browser

So, you’ve downloaded Opera for desktop, and life is great; still, you want more. That’s where extensions come in. Extensions are like superheroes or vitamins if you are into that. They perform magic on your browser and give it new capabilities. 3 easy steps to activate extensions Extensions are made to satisfy and serve special...

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Avatars, vote up function and more in Opera forums

If you want to join discussions or even start a discussion about Opera products, head on over to We know that sometimes going to a forum can seem like going into the wilderness; you’re surrounded by questions and answers in different languages. Don’t worry. Opera forums are easy to use. Here’s why: We’ve categorized...

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