Author: Erland Karlsen

Faster internet with Opera Turbo

This has probably happened to you: you’re on vacation, on a business trip or even just outside your own home, and your internet connection is slow. The flashback to 90’s dial-up overtakes you, and you find yourself at a loss. Well, you can speed up your browsing experience with Opera Turbo.

Get faster internet with Opera Turbo

All you need is the Opera browser, and you can turn on Opera Turbo. It’s easy and available for both Mac and Windows. Simply click on Opera in the top-left corner and select Opera Turbo.

Faster internet with Opera Turbo

How to turn on Opera Turbo

What does Opera Turbo do?

“So, what does this do?” you ask yourself, as you pet your cat ever so gently. Well, my cat-loving friend, Opera Turbo saves data by compressing the pages you view.

Let’s give you an analogy of how we do this. Every character you see on the screen has a name. Say that the letter E is named “01000101”. E is one of the most common letters in the English language, so we change its name to “0101”, assigning it a shorter code. Now, displaying the letter E takes up half the data.

How does data compression help you get faster internet?

Data compression

We do our best to cut away unneeded data that a page tries to send you. Whether that’s in pictures, videos or text, we discard data that humans can’t see or hear and won’t miss.

Less data = faster loading times!

Thanks to Opera Turbo, there’s no more gradual loading of an image – line by line – or waiting for a spinning wheel. Get what you need, right away.

Get Opera for computers and start to experience faster internet.

Extensions – How to get the best out of your browser

So, you’ve downloaded Opera for desktop, and life is great; still, you want more. That’s where extensions come in. Extensions are like superheroes or vitamins if you are into that. They perform magic on your browser and give it new capabilities.

3 easy steps to activate extensions
Extensions are made to satisfy and serve special needs that are important to you while surfing the internet. It could be making articles more readable, translating webpages automatically and much, much more. How to download extensions? Just follow these easy steps:

1.    Select Extensions from the main menu in your Opera browser.
2.    Click on the Get more extensions link, and – boom – you can search in a list of a lot of extensions for your browser.
3.    Pick the extension you want for your browser and click Add to Opera.

Once installed, the extensions, in most cases, appear by default at the right side of the combined address and search bar. Click the extension’s button to interact with it, or right-click it to change its options or view more options in the extension manager.

See how easy it is
Let’s show you how easy it is to install an extension. Say you want to save an article to read later or on another device. For this, I would suggest using the Pocket extension.

Now that you’re on the extensions page, you’ll want to choose Pocket. Check out how easy it is to install and use:

There you have it – you now have an extension that makes saving articles, videos and pictures you love easy…

Awesome, right?
Now, go out there and get some extensions.

Avatars, vote up function and more in Opera forums

If you want to join discussions or even start a discussion about Opera products, head on over to

We know that sometimes going to a forum can seem like going into the wilderness; you’re surrounded by questions and answers in different languages. Don’t worry. Opera forums are easy to use.

Here’s why:

We’ve categorized the discussion threads by our products so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

But that’s not all. We’ve also made it possible for you to choose your own language. There are two language options:
1. Choose which language to use in the discussion thread.
2. Choose which language will show.

We’ve also added a voting feature. You can now vote comments up or down. Use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons on the right:

And, you can sort comments based on the votes.

Now for all you prima donnas out there, it’s easier to choose a new avatar, either by using your own or choosing one of the 15 predefined avatars.

Enjoy the new Opera forums experience!