Do you love watching video? New features landing in the Opera browsers now make it easier than ever to enjoy online video. Opera is tapping into the huge popularity of online video, and into user demand for high-quality video that is as flexible and affordable as possible.

Keep calm and binge on: the latest for watching online video

Many features for enhanced video viewing have newly launched in the Opera mobile and desktop browsers.

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Multitasking with online video: In the newest version of Opera for computers, we’ve upped the ante with a video pop out feature. It uniquely enables you to move a video out of the browser tab and into a standalone frame, which can be moved around the screen. That way, you can continue browsing – or even using other programs – while watching your favorite clips or series. Video pop out works in many video sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix and Vimeo.

Downloading video: Our latest update of Opera Mini for Android allows you to download videos to your phone’s internal storage or SD card. The new video-download feature handles downloading natively, so you don’t have to spend time finding and installing a third-party app. It works on social media and video websites without their own built-in media players. It offers hassle-free downloading and repeat viewing – without using up more data, even if you go offline.

Reduce buffering delays: Stalled videos can cause frustration and waste time, and watching from a mobile or tablet can quickly chew through your data plan. Unstable or congested networks also cause a poor, choppy video viewing experience. The video boost feature in Opera’s mobile browsers reduces the size of video data before it lands on your phone. Video boost cuts down video loading time and combats buffering delays, plus extends the life of your mobile data plan.

Video boost in Opera Mini for iOS

Managing data: Our data-savings app Opera Max lets you reduce and manage your data consumption, including video. The tool shrinks video data to as little as half its original size – not just in the browser, but across most apps on your Android phone, including YouTube, Netflix, MX Player and VivaVideo. Opera Max also lets you restrict certain apps to using Wi-Fi only, so that you don’t start chewing through mobile data when you step away from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Data savings on video apps with Opera Max

Breaking down barriers: It’s not only the browsers getting new video features. May and August saw the release of Opera VPN, an app for iOS and Android that gives you a virtual private network. As well as enhancing online privacy, the app helps users access restricted video-streaming websites, like on campus and workplace networks. Opera VPN lets you choose one out of five virtual locations for region switching: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands. Opera’s desktop browser has also previewed an integrated VPN feature, the first major browser to do so.

What are your favorite features in the Opera apps and browsers for watching online video? Tell us in the comments!

Zara Lauder

Senior Communications Manager at Opera, handling the PR for our mobile browsers. Representing from Opera HQ in Oslo, Norway.

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  • hassanraza

    opera max slow downs my internet.

    • Peko Wan

      Hi, could you provide more detail on this? ex. which app you were using with Opera Max resulted in lowering your internet speed?

      • hassanraza
        • Peko Wan

          Hi Hassanraza, thanks for providing the screenshot. Our engineers weren’t able to replicate your findings. It could probably a known issue on Android 4.x with the VPN services. Generally speaking, Opera Max cannot interfere the speed while the test does not go through Opera Max data saving server. Hope this help.

      • Faheem Ahmed

        @opera all we need os coast browser on android
        and pc too if possible….everything is possinle

  • Adad Joseph

    My favorite is the pop out video feature which i find very useful

    • zlauder

      Glad to hear it! Yep, it’s really handy for keeping video at the ready.

  • It’s really nice to see that opera is doing very hard work.
    Thats why i love opera team and i am using all of its products like on pc i am using opera browser and on my mobile opera mini and opera max and now also opera vpn.I think now opera has shown us a lot of good things in innovation.I really like its adblocker feautre.
    Thanks opera love you a lot.

    • zlauder

      Hi Manhar! So great to hear that you’re trying out all the Opera apps and that you’re really enjoying the innovations and features. That comment brought a smile to my face and I’ll be sure to pass it onto the team. We love you guys, too!

    • Faheem Ahmed

      @opera all we need os coast browser on android

      and pc too if possible….everything is possinlejhjjkh

  • jedy123

    Any news on an Opera Mini iOS update?

    • zlauder

      Our elves are working on something, stay tuned to the blog for news!

  • Stan

    Would it be possible to add download video/mp3 function to desktop Opera version? Also you should think about reading mode like it is in Internet Explorer and it would be great if desktop Opera on Windows tablet could after double tap on anywhere on the page zoom it to fill the screen with text (for example on this site there are on the right side search options etc. so to read comfortably I have to zoom it by pinching, instead it would be better to tap on screen twice and it would zoom automatically). Btw. you’ve done great job with this browser. I don’t know why people are still using Chrome :/

  • Saxon14

    FYI: I’m testing out Opera on Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon and videos on Twitter and Tumblr will not play, only show the image file.

    • Anon

      I have the same problem on Twitter, but I am using Windows XP (but it is on version 36 but for Win 7 they are on version 39).

  • Faheem Ahmed

    @opera all we need os coast browser on android

    and pc too if possible….everything is possinle