You are never too old to travel the world! And, if you have the opportunity to travel to an unknown continent, country, city or even if you are just planning on traveling to the town you’ve been going to for family vacation for as long as you can remember, traveling can open up your mind and be a great joy in your life.

Nevertheless, no one can deny that travel can get quite boring at times without a good internet connection – especially if you are on a long flight or train journey. And, even if you have a good connection, then you have to worry about roaming. Personally, I always try to save as much money on roaming costs as I can.

If you are like me, the following tips will help you save entertaining content for a long trip and prevent your vacation from starting off on a boring note. 🙂

Image: save for offline reading

How to save webpages for offline reading on Opera Mini

Opera Mini is not only a great help when you want to travel cheaply (read more on this here), but it allows you to save content to your mobile phone for offline reading.

Link to get Opera Mini browser for Android in Google Play

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to any website you want to save for later.Image: save for offline readingClick on the + next to your search/address bar, and a dropdown menu will appear with the option to Save for offline.Image: save for offline reading
  • To open the pages later, go to your home screen, click on “Saved pages” and you are good to go! 🙂                       

Image: how to save for offline readingimage: safe for offline reading

FYI: You can also save your pages to Opera for Android – it works the same way.

Or, save it to your homescreen.

Found an article you’d like to read later? With Opera Mini, you can simply add pages to your home screen. Just click + and choose Add to home screen.

Whether you want to learn more about your destination or read  some of our latest travel tips, make sure to download Opera Mini not only to save on roaming costs, but also start your vacation off the right way. 🙂 Have a nice trip!


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    En güzel en yeni oyunlarin adresi Ayrıca sitemiz çok iyi araba oyunları ve kız oyunları bulunmaktadır.

  • Pelcom

    When in IOS? X(

    • Rosi Opera

      Hi 🙂 Opera Mini is already available for IOS devices. To save webpages for offline reading, you simply click on the star next to your adressbar. 🙂

  • ReklamNetwork

    Opera application was very good and beautiful.

    • Rosi Opera

      Hi, it’s really great to hear that you are enjoying the app 🙂 I hope you continue having fun with it!

  • İbrahim Çoban

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  • antalyatransfer

    Opera application as been very good.

  • Yes its beautiful. Let Opera Compare Phone here.

  • Firdaus Petra

    i kinda wait for addons implementation on the android version of web browser and themes too it would be killer feature

  • You’ve just got to love opera browser. Been a fan since the era of java to Symbian to android to windows.

    Keep up the good work opera team.

  • As a longtime user of Google Chrome, I’m loving the Opera browser more and more…

    • Rosi Opera

      Whoop Whoop 🙂 Hope you continue enjoying it 🙂

  • Puspo Rani

    Your post is really interesting . i read it.and thinking about it.your point covered on this post is good.and related conclusion is awesome

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  • This feature is awesome even Chrome App don’t offer this facility. Now I am Lovin Opera. I have blog
    and sometimes i need to save pages when no Wi-Fi out there. Opera has solved my problem. Thanks

    • Rosi Opera

      Hi, thanks so much! We’re glad to hear that this feature helps you throughout the day 🙂 Cheers!

  • Pham Dang
  • Max

    Opera Mini is the best browser out there for smartphone. I have a Nokia E63 (Symbian S60) using OM v7.1.32 browser. Also, have an android device that uses OM. Can the OM developers ensure that the next version allows users to save their offline pages to an SD Card.

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