Link to get Opera Mini browser for Android in Google Play
Today’s launch of Opera Mini for Android brings a user interface overhaul for a brand new look and ad-blocking additions. The new version lets you add personality to your browser with six fun color themes, and see just how many unwanted ads you’re blocking on your Android phone.
Block ads in Android - New Ad blocker counter in Opera Mini

Block ads and see stats on your Android phone

If you’ve enabled our free built-in feature to block ads on Opera Mini for Android, you can probably tell that you’re surfing the internet much faster. Our tests show that you load webpages 40% faster with Opera’s technology to block ads. Loading fewer ads means you’re saving on data, too.

Now, there are two new features to show you just how hard the ad-blocking technology is working for you.

  1. The live counter of blocked ads
    When you enable ad blocker, a small shield icon appears above the “O” menu. As soon as the browser starts blocking ads on a webpage, this icon flashes the number of ads blocked.
  1. Summary of total blocked ads

You can now check the total number of blocked ads since you enabled ad blocker on your Android phone. All you need to do is check the number under “Ad blocking” in the “O” menu.

How to enable ad blocker

To activate ad blocking, tap the “O” menu and then “ad blocking”. You can also tap the “O” menu, go into “data savings” and toggle “block ads” to on. If you also want to block ads on Wi-Fi, toggle on “data savings on Wi-Fi”.

Personalize Opera Mini with a touch of color

You can now also add a personal touch to Opera Mini by picking your preferred color scheme. The color of your choice will be visible over the top bar, “data savings” menu and tabs area background. Give your browser a makeover!

Block ads on Android phonesHow to change themes in Opera Mini

When you install the new Opera Mini on your Android phone you will be prompted to choose your preferred color scheme. Once the app is installed, you can switch between color schemes easily. Go to “settings” under the “O” menu, tap “theme” and select a different color scheme from the palette.

But wait, there’s more

  • There’s a new revamped “data savings” summary that’s super easy to understand. Check it out from the “O” menu.
  • The “Add to homescreen” feature is now live. You can add any site to your home screen. You will get a prompt to add Facebook.
  • Video boost has been optimised and more videos can now be boosted on the new Opera Mini for Android.

Download the new Opera Mini on your Android phone here and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Just Wow!… (:

    • zlauder

      Glad you like the new version. Happy browsing!

  • Diogo T.

    I just downloaded it and fell in love immediately 🙂 I’d like to know if using Facebook with Extreme Savings (or High Savings) on Opera mini uses less battery (and data) than Facebook Lite. Great job you guys are doing!

    • zlauder

      Hi! We haven’t measured that comparison specifically, but we’d love to hear your experience with it.

      • Diogo T.

        No, Facebook Lite is still better (they cast some kind of magic with that app, nobody can beat its battery and data use).

  • cemal

    i’ve downloaded but there is some problem still . when i open web sites some of places looking different then other web browser .

    • zlauder

      Are you browsing with Extreme data savings mode enabled? Adding more data savings can cause some websites to look different.

  • saraboulos

    I love Mini. It’s great on my shitty connection.

  • i like this ,,

  • Connect with world smoothly… Thanks Opera!!

    • zlauder

      That’s what we love to do!

  • ShintoPlasm

    Pretty! I really do think adblocking should be made available independent from data saving mode. Otherwise, thanks for the improvements!

    • zlauder

      Great to hear your feedback! Ad blocker in Opera is a data savings feature, which happens through our servers just like the compression does, so that’s why it’s under data savings mode.

  • Michał

    When can i change default search engine for other like duckduckgo, yandex, yahoo or bing. In this version in Poland is impossible. Please add this option, especially add duckduckgo.

    Ps. I love opera mini, i use opera mini even to youtube.

    • zlauder

      Thanks for getting in touch! We appreciate the feedback and we’re looking to review the search engine options this year.

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  • Yro

    It would be really nice if You decide to implement the ad-blocker as an resource of Opera Mini and not relying on Opera Cloud. If an user wants to use the ad-block built in Opera Mini on Android, the user NEEDs to activate the option to use less data. I would like to not use this feature as its a problem in my environment, but I would like to use the ad-blocker only..

    • zlauder

      Thank you for your feedback. I’ll note that one and pass it on to the product team.

  • ReklamNetwork

    It was a very good practice .

  • looks attractive and easy to use.

    • zlauder

      Great to hear!

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  • Dimitri Mouflard

    Is there a way to change default search engine for Duckduckgo ?

    • zlauder

      Not at this stage. We’re looking to review the search engine options this year.

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  • Eko End

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  • Botond Sulyok

    It would be great if you added the original gray color theme or more color.

    • zlauder

      Noted, we’ll pass that feedback on that we should extend our rainbow. 🙂

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  • アアン タミム

    I do not agree that there is an innate adblock feature, because the webmaster revenue will drop.

  • Paulo

    Hi. What about the changing colors options for the normal app?

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