Link to get Opera VPN, free and unlimited VPN app for iOs, in AppStore
We’re thrilled to announce the launch of
Opera VPN, a free VPN app for iOS that will let you enjoy more of your favorite apps and of the internet. It allows you to change your virtual location by connecting you to one of five regions and borrowing an IP address from that area. You can choose among the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands.

The Opera VPN app also removes ad-tracking cookies that follow you around the web.
New Opera VPN app from the SurfEasy team

Also, allow us to introduce you to Olaf, our Opera VPN mascot.

Get more privacy online with Opera VPN

Opera VPN comes from our SurfEasy team. This new VPN app creates a secure tunnel between you and SurfEasy’s VPN servers, making it more difficult for sites to track you.
Opera VPN app allows you to change your virtual location.
We’re very excited to welcome this new addition to our family. You an also read more about Opera VPN from the SurfEasy team blog.

Try Opera VPN free today. Come drop us a line or two on Twitter and tell us what you think about our new VPN app for iOS … or about Olaf. 🙂

This blogpost is written by Agha Zain, Product Lead of Opera VPN and our SurfEasy team. You can also ping him through his Twitter profile, @AghaZain.

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  • Great! Waiting for an Android app…

    • bqpd

      There has been a VPN app for Android for quite some time. They called it Opera Max for some reason, so it did not get so much attention. The only thing it doesn’t yet do is let you switch countries of the exit node.
      They should really add this feature and rename Opera Max to Opera VPN on Android too.

      • Opera Max compresses the data, it’s not the same as Opera VPN.

        • bqpd

          If you disable the compression, which you can do easily in the settings, it is exactly the same. A free and fast VPN.

          • Kit Yam Tse

            No, Although Opera Max is a VPN, it doesn’t offer full protection. Only unencrypted connections will go though Opera servers, the encrypted connections will be establish between your phone and the server directly. Moreover, opera do log your traffic via Opera Max. So Opera Max is not the same as Opera VPN.

          • bqpd

            Nope, you are mixing two things up:

            YES, only unencrypted data can go thru the “Opera servers” when it is about data-compression, the feature of “Opera Max” which is advertized as its main-feature.

            But the entire connection itself is a VPN connection. Hook it up to your home network and monitor it with your router (given you have a router that offers close monitoring of connections). No matter what I do with my hooked up Android device with Opera Max on, it ALL goes thru the VPN to one and only one server, the Opera server. When I turn Opera Max off and do the same stuff, I get all sorts of different connections at the same time.

            And everything else would be extremely odd too, just look for that little key sign on your Android device when you turn “Opera Max” on. It indicates you are connected to a VPN. As far as I know, Android itself isn’t even capable of doing a differentiation as you indicated, e. g. “send all unencrypted data over the VPN, the encrypted data shall bypass the VPN” and even if this was possible by altering Androids core functionalities somehow, a simple App out of the Google Play Store for sure can’t do such a hack to the system.

            So unless you really prove me wrong you should give it a second look. As I said, don’t mix the two things up: the whole VPN connection itself on the one hand and the compression-feature on the other hand. These are TWO DIFFERENT things to look at. If you only look for a VPN to secure your connection while you hook up to a public wifi, which is “by setup” never giving you an encrypted connection, “Opera Max” is what you want.

          • Kit Yam Tse
          • bqpd

            Sorry, but you interpret alot of things into a short tweet. Concerning “Opera Max” and the servers people usually talk about the compression feature, not about the connection itself. Please explain to me, how Android data – Android itself allows either all data via VPN or no data via VPN – is somehow partially sent via the VPN connection with Opera and some are not. Explain to me, how my router’s traffic monitor shows exactly what I told you.

            I don’t care about the data compression feature of Opera Max, the app always establishes a VPN connection and while this is activated, everything is going thru that VPN. Whether compressed or not – ofcourse Opera can’t compress encrypted connections, since they can’t even read them.

          • Ruth_opera

            Hey 🙂 it’s a tricky one to define sometimes but officially Opera Max is not a full VPN service and Opera doesn’t describe it as such. It uses a “VPN-like” system to drive the compression but does not offer full protection, as Kit Yam mentioned earlier. That’s not to say in the future it won’t 😉

      • @chan

        Opera max is different from Opera VPN. Although I connect to opera max , some IP address checking site can still see my real IP address and physical address

  • altechi

    Awesome, installed it, and it really is hassle free (just failed to connect once, but after that works). I just hope that “free” is not Hola “free”

    • bqpd

      The way I see it, with new browsers that integrate free unlimited VPN and an adblocker and services like this for mobile, Opera wants you to use their stuff across all platforms and subsidizes this VPN in order to make you a fan. They make money by getting paid for search engine requests and the Opera browser has not done so well in the browser war the last few years.

      This is part of a new strategy I assume – and I love it (already worked on me I suppose).

      • Ruth_opera

        Appreciate your support!

  • hl2run

    Thank you for releasing this for free!!

    Just two questions.

    What data do you log?
    Why did you choose IPSec instead of IKEv2?


  • Testing it

    • Ruth_opera

      How’s it going for you Chas?

      • Might have found an iOS 9.3.1 bug as many apps are crashing on launch with the VPN profile (crash reports sent to Apple), Opera Mini is fine (phones uptime is 41 days) trying a phone restart

        edit: phone restart seems to have fixed the crashes

  • Is it work fast? Thanks for free, But first i will see, In how much countries, its VPN free.

    • Ruth_opera

      Give it a try and let us know what you think 🙂

  • Jaycee Hart

    Should I DL opera VPN? But how? From App Store?

    • Ruth_opera

      Follow this link to download:

      • Jaycee Hart

        Thank you Ruth FYI, unfortunately it isn’t available in my region yet, even my IPad is.

        • Ruth_opera

          Where are you based Jaycee?

  • Jaycee Hart

    I’m new to Opera VPN, can somebody tell me ?

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Jaycee, it’s a free app that basically changes your IP address (your device/connection location) which means you can access content that was previously blocked for your region and help you stay more private and secure online. If you have any other questions let me know

  • Flavoi

    Nice news! Does it block ads within any web browser or with Safari only?

    • Ruth_opera

      Should be any browser but we’re still getting in the results here. Let me know your experience 🙂

      • Flavoi

        Ads are blocked on Safari, but still displayed on Opera Mini for iOS 🙁

  • Niklas Poslovski

    Will there be an Blackberry OS App?I don’t have an iPhone.

    • Flavoi

      Get out of that system man, it’s so painful to use and not supported anymore 🙁

      • burritolikethesun

        In what universe is BB10 “painful” to use? What a contemptuous comment without any basis in logic whatsoever. I’m an infrastructure admin at a software company, and I use BB10. I guess my brain just has more connections going on.

        • Flavoi

          I use BB10 for work too. Your experience may be different of course, but in my opinion BB10 lacks the following:
          1) A proper app store with the most recent apps
          2) Support for OS extensios like custom keyboards, themes and content blockers
          3) Support and security updates from its own company
          4) A proper set of APIs for developers
          Bonus handicap: BB10 devices are expensive.
          What’s the best feature your BlackBerry has that an iPhone cannot offer you as well?

    • Ruth_opera

      Sorry Niklas, nothing planned for that platform at the moment 🙁

  • Yiğit Doğru

    it doesn’t block ads btw. vpn is working fine but blocking ads is not.

    i tried it for opera mini, firefox and safari.

    • Flavoi

      Ads are blocked on Safari.

      • Yiğit Doğru

        not in my ipod touch 6g with ios 9.3.1.

        • Flavoi

          I had to enable the blocking feature within the Opera VPN app. Any luck with that?

  • Enuff

    The Opera VPN app does not show in the App Store for iOS.
    How do I get this app on an iPhone?

    • Ruth_opera

      Aplogies Enuff, there is a bug in their store which means it isn’t showing properly in some places. You can follow this link 🙂

      • Enuff

        Thank you for the quick response and helpful information. Unfortunately I have not had luck with iTunes on my PC. Is there a time frame for resolving this issue with the App Store?

        • Ruth_opera

          Ah it’s only set up for iPhones I’m afraid. However, our desktop browser is soon coming with inbuilt VPN (already in developer version) and has inbuilt ad blocking also, if that’s any use to you

          • Enuff

            Yes, I know. I have an iPhone running the latest iOS.
            I just want to know when the Opera VPN app might show up in the Apple App Store as I have trouble with iTunes on PC.

          • Flavoi

            Ehi Enuff, you could install Opera VPN just following this link from your iPhone:

          • Enuff

            Thanks! I finally got the link to work, but you have to use Safari to download the app. FYI, you can’t DL through Chrome on iOS.

  • Radek

    Hello, when will you add more countries to the ones available? Thanks

    • Paul


  • sross

    Is there going to be an Android version?


    Is there a speed limit for Opera VPN IOS?

  • I was paying for VPN services more than 100 USD per year, because some websites for bodybuilding like are protected and now opera saves this money for me. Great idea, hope to continue improving it.

    Thanks for saving my money so i can invest them in bodybuilding.

  • how about android?

  • madison

    but cannot find at app store in china

  • Muhunden

    App installed fine. But when trying to turn on the vpn, it says ‘Opera vpn couldnt connect’. Also I dont have the option to choose country (doesnt show a list of available countries) . Would be great if you would be able to fix this.

  • Amazing article Krystian. I changed from Chrome to Opera created due to the VPN, and am content with it.

    With respect to: like you called attention to, the advertisement business botched up. So the onus is certainly on them to concoct a worldview that is satisfactory to both sides. You can work with them, however it is their essential obligation to settle this. On the off chance that they continue crying about the injustice, nothing will change and they will go under. Of course, shoppers would in the end not have free substance any longer, but rather the promoting business will fail miserably first. It is their future that is essentially @ stake so they ought to get on their bicycle and begin work. Furthermore, for hell’s sake, THEY SHOULD STOP WHINING.

  • Enis Burak Demirci

    Best features. Thank you.

  • Vincent Lam

    Is the free VPN availability based on location? I am in Canada and on Windows 7. The “Enable VPN” option says “coming soon”

  • Tamim Al Eter

    Opera vpn its not working on iphone ( its not installing profile )
    Even if we go setting and click on reinstall vpn profile its showing nothing like not active .
    So pls can you provide us the vpn profile to install it manually

  • Fake Name

    VPN used to work in private window. Now does not

  • slamet

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  • saraboulos

    When will the app be available in Europe (Lithuania) ? Or to be precise in China? Had to use other chinese vpns.

  • sguyx

    Not connecting any server… “This is embarrassing.. Try to connect another server.”

    “Server not responding.”

  • cyber

    When will we have Opera VPN for Android?

  • Snow Board

    It worked great on my iPad until I updated to iOS 9.3.4 and now I can’t connect to the VPN. Any suggestions?

    • cyber

      This is interesting. So I see that Opera VPN is on iOS but still not on Android

  • dlindman

    I can’t get the opera vpn to work on my iphone 6s with ios 10 installed. Just won’t connect to any server…according to the message that pops up.

  • John Czarnik

    Opera VPN will not allow me to select a region or even turn it on install on my iPad Pro running iOS 10.0.1 Anyone else?

    • TLC

      Me too. Was using AdBlocket and it hasn’t worked for a week. Tried Opera and won’t work, either. Neither will stay connected to the server. Opera won’t even let me find it. Am running iOS 10.0.2 on a brand new iPad Pro. Just had to delete the app so I can get my wifi back.

  • Aero Windwalker

    Opera VPN can connect just fine, and it will show a vpn logo on the top. But once the vpn is connected, there is no internet access.

  • Thana

    Hi, the Opera VPN on Android works for Fox Now & NBC apps but not for ABC app. Please help. Thanks.

  • Lisa Levine k

    Apart of above mentioned detail, I have got some other useful information here and that make’s it more worthy