Through YouTube, we get instant access to a variety of content, from short movies to pranks to our favorite music videos. In this post, we will share 3 tips to enhance your next YouTube experience. 🙂

YouTube Videos Add-on: Magic Action Magic Actions for YouTube™

The first amazing feature is the Magic Actions video app. When using this app, you can not only switch to theater mode, creating a nice theatrical background, but you can also add filters to change the dynamic of videos and adjust the quality of the YouTube videos. Want to read more about the app? Make sure to click here.

Video pop out feature in Opera

Are you working on an important presentation but you still want to watch the YouTube videos everybody has been talking about at work? Last Wednesday, we introduced a new feature to our stable version that makes this kind of multitasking possible.
Link to Download Opera for computers
Some of you might have tested it already, but for all the newbies: With this
video pop out feature, you can move the video box wherever you want on the screen. Give it a try!
Watch YouTube video with the video pop out

Popping out a video is super easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Step: Go to your video.
  2. Step: Click on the icon appearing in the middle of the top border.
  3. Place your video wherever you want to on the screen.

Loop your YouTube videos  Looper for YouTube Videos

There are some videos we enjoy watching again and again. With this looper extension, you will can watch your favorite videos on repeat, how many times you like.  You can enable a loop using the Keyboard shortcut P.  Also, you can decide which part of the video you want to loop.How to loop your YouTube videos

Were these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to share them with your friends! 🙂


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  • Thank you, useful for me.

  • youtube videos embedded within webpages, do not work that well with Opera, this page here always has some issues

  • AvianGuy

    Funny. I already use both addons – Looper and Magic Actions. But the feature of popuping video is useless. Better buy second monitor. It works perfectly. And everyone who do multitasking SHOULD have dual screen system. It’s too useful to not have it. I reccomend it for everyone. To home and work use. It’s easier to do everything on computer.

    • rykellim

      I personally find the “popup mini youtube” feature seldom used, BUT imho, more is better, so better to have this function than not. Cheers!

      • SnakeLikeABoss

        Yeah, some people may find this feature useful. I have 2 screens, so If I want to watch in bg, I can drag video on one of the screen and do sth on another.

  • Diogo T.

    I guess is my computer hardware, but every time I’m on YouTube with Opera, the videos kinda freeze, and don’t play smoothly even when it’s on 144p. There’s some feature or flags on Opera I can enable/disable so YouTube gets back to normal?

  • phong

    Gel titanchính hãng giúp tăng kích thước dương vật tự nhiên

  • Brummbär

    Thanks ! Awesome work from Opera again 😀

  • oic

    youtube center is the best youtube extension, not magic. I don’t understand why people prefer magic to be honest

  • Jonathan Quick

    You can already loop by right clicking the video and checking loop.