Do you still remember your first mobile phone? Not your first smartphone. Well, for many of us it might have been a smartphone. But for the rest, it was a basic phone with a keypad. Was it the size of a brick? Did it have a camera?

Before the world started rushing into smartphones with more developed operating systems, basic feature phones were the coolest things ever to have in your pocket. So long as you had that little color screen and were able to connect to the internet on a 2G network,you were the happiest person on Earth.

Here’s the Opera team sharing memories of their first phones:

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    Nokia 3310 xD Nokia 3510i was the second)

  • hector admini
  • I do remember the flip phone, the data plan was bad, you paid by the MB (there was no such thing as a mobile site and what was there for mobile was not useable)

  • Don Joe

    Sony-Ericsson K750i was my last feature phone and I think my first phone I started browsing the web with, using, of course, Opera Mini. 🙂

  • martomaster

    My first phone was a Siemens C75.It was a cheaper lookalike to the most amazing phone of the time- Sony Ericsson K700 wich had 41!megabytes of internal memory! WOW 😀

  • Mi first phone was a Nokia 5190. Do you remember? The one with the “navikey”. Then I got a Sony Ericsson T68i and it was the first time I installed Opera

  • James Xlash

    My First Phone was a Nokia 3310 that is very heavy