You care about online privacy. We do, too.

This year, we did a research among people who use Opera for computers. We found out that users are looking for enhanced privacy protection. But, they either don’t know how to add advanced privacy tools available, or they find them too complex to use. So, we are doing something about that.

What is a VPN?

The web consists of millions of public networks. You share and receive data with these networks to visit websites, send email or watch movies. Between you and the public network, there might be some snoops, malicious software or advertisers you would like to avoid. A VPN is a tool that reduces this distance between you and the service you use, making your connection private.

A VPN service allows you to create a private, encrypted connection between your computer and the service you visit. You can use it to guard a Wi-Fi network, to change an IP address, or to work remotely within a corporate network.

What is SurfEasy VPN?

SurfEasy VPN is a VPN service that brings you all these benefits. It encrypts all internet traffic coming in and out of your computer.

You can try SurfEasy VPN by downloading the free version with monthly data limits, or you can choose the full, paid version. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, so you can use it on both desktop and smartphone.

SurfEasy is now part of the Opera family and there are more privacy advances to come from this new addition.

Privacy and synchronization options in Opera 32

surveys opera browser desktop vpn security

Today, we released Opera 32. This latest version of Opera for computers not only brings you password synchronization and animated themes, but also a new privacy option.

When you open a private window, or click a security badge in the address field, you will find a download link for SurfEasy VPN.

If you want to protect your Wi-Fi hotspot, keep hackers and snoops away from your information or simply surf the web more safely, privately and anonymously, then SurfEasy is something you’ll want to check out.

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  • catup

    AD for surfeasy? Why not integrate it in the current opera browser?

    • Slawomir Sochaj

      We’re looking into more privacy opportunities within the browser now that SurfEasy has joined Opera.

    • Slawek Sochaj

      We’re looking into more privacy opportunities within the browser now that SurfEasy has joined Opera.

  • unreachable in mainland china 🙁

    • catup

      No, I was going to use it for checking emails when I went back to China. But, it was blocked. So, it is a meaningless AD for Chinese users again.

  • I’m waiting for the Linux version.

  • mudi1

    hello team opera,, i hv a genuine suggestion.
    plz give opera max to desktop version of opera coz many users hv limited data plan nd opera max is really good to save data even on youtube.

    so plz give us opera max on desktop opera.

  • How do Surf Easy integrated with Opera Max, because I have both in Android and can only use one of the services at a time, not both together as it seems.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Carlos, as far as I know most Android’s can only use one VPN service at a time which is probably what is going on here

      • And again, the question is: as both software apps are from Opera, is Opera going to integrate the Opera Turbo compression of data into the SurfEasy Privacy VPN?

  • Samuel Lawson

    My Opera browser complains that the SSL cert for was signed by an untrusted issuer… seems like a major fail for a security company.

  • Enneandria

    i’m currently unable to download a vpn. i’d like to know why it’s not included with the browser by default.

  • Elgatoloco

    Worst scam ever. Works fine for one month, then when it needs to renew the MB’s just disappear within seconds and it says 30 days to renew, tried few different emails with same outcome…