Today, we wanted to share with you memories from the good ol’ days of dial-up internet. Ever heard of it? To most of us, dial-up is a thing of the past, although to this day there are still some people that have chosen to stick – or are stuck – with it.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, dial-up access requires a computer, a landline phone and a modem. Connecting could be a long, tedious process and dropping the connection was a frequent issue.

Whether you’ve heard of dial-up or it’s new to you, this video by Richie Rich may make you nostalgic for the past. I especially love the “lap computer” used in the video.  While you’re watching, make sure to check out the awesome Norwegian fjord!

Share your memories of using dial-up, we’d love to hear them!

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  • Hadley Zedras

    lol ‘GOLD’ i actually remember that show ‘Beyond 2000’ what a pissa 😛

  • johnxcassidy

    That video does not demonstrate dial up internet. It demonstrates peer to peer communication over a phone line. That had nothing to do with the internet.

    • Hadley Zedras

      There would be no Internet without peer to peer, found from its original form from those Days, it had everything to do with it……

  • Junaid Ahmed

    How can I forget? It’s the only option in 95% of our country.

  • merrybosa

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  • Yeah You have remembered me these hectic days.
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    Now a days in India we are using 4G it is so fast we can make online calls.

  • navya rani
  • P2P connection! Such a good memories.

  • isha

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  • Ankit Das

    Yes. Those were long days back. Now a days we have Facetime on PC. Technology develops with time in huge aspects.

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  • Somnath Roy

    Yes I very much remember. Even I used to use it in those days. Now technology has advanced so much,we are using internet facility on our phones like iOS 10 ,let alone desktops and laptops. Time has changed so much.