Hooray! Today, we are turning 20 years old. 🙂

The web looked very different in 1995, and Opera did, too. Did you know that the first Opera browser was originally called MultiTorg Opera? It was available on floppy disk, and you had to pay for it after an initial, free trial period.

20th anniversary: History of Opera

It all started in Norway in the minds of two computer engineers, Jon and Geir. They started to develop browsing software as a project for Telenor. Before long, they founded their own company, Opera Software, and continued working on the browser, which would soon be called Opera.

The cross-platform vision

From the beginning, Opera’s vision was to bring the best internet experience to any device, regardless of network conditions or location.

With that in mind, the Opera Mini browser was born in 2005 and quickly became one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers, as it enabled users of even the most basic mobile phones to access the web.

By 2006, Opera Mini had 1 million users, and two years later almost 11 million. Today, there are over 269 million people around the globe surfing the web with Opera Mini. We are happy to see so many people enjoying our browser and our goal is to keep on bringing you the features that will make browsing with Opera Mini even smoother and more fun.

In 2012, we were extremely busy at Opera, launching three completely new browsers. First came Opera for Android for smartphones, swiftly followed by the new Opera for computers. Then, later that year, our revolutionary browser for iOS, Opera Coast, arrived on the scene. With each product’s release, we have maintained our philosophy for providing a superior web experience for users.

Fun facts

The Opera browser for computers was the first to bring features like tabbed browsing and Speed Dial, now common in other browsers. In 2009, we even attempted to take mouse gestures to the next level with face gestures – but, it proved too advanced for the time. 🙂

Speed has also been a constant focus for Opera. Thanks to Opera’s compression technology, we’ve been able to help users around the world to get online and speed through the worst connections. Check out how fast Opera was in this world record speed test a while ago. 

In the past years, we’ve been also busy creating a browser for cats, answering misaddressed mail to Oprah, and reading your tweets aloud to keep improving the Opera browser. 

What’s next?

Today, we have over 350 million users all over the world and what an amazing journey it has been! We keep growing the Opera family of products and will keep working on making your internet experience better. Thank you, Opera fans, for your support and making it all possible. 🙂

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  • Happy anniversary, Opera. Godspeed!

  • Hadley Zedras

    Face gestures surely an April fools

  • Sebastián Leo

    The best browser ever! (que buena que esta Nora….!)

  • Nekomajin43

    Happy 20th!

  • Nekomajin43

    What event is attached to this date?

  • Happy anniversary, Opera! 😀
    the first browser useless in old phone 😀 is opera 😀 an so powerfull 😀 thanks opera from Lasida 😀

  • olleperson66

    Well happy to hear about the progress of Opera and sorry about Geir great guy. We were close to buy part of it 1997 and have that happened things would have been different in www world..one of the portal it should support could have been this one http://www.dreamhouses.com/

  • I remember when those videos were posted on MyOpera

    “In memory of Geir Ivarsøy.” (Has been on the Opera about page for years)

  • Old days.

  • qudratol

    The best browser with unique features

    • LamiaLove

      Are you talking about Vivaldi browser?

      • qudratol

        No. Opera.

        • LamiaLove

          Hmmm… Does Opera have web panels? Vivaldi sure does.

  • Emmanuel FG

    me gustaba antes de que se basaran en chromium, ahora no es mas que la copia de google chrome y es muy pesado

    • u99

      O sea para ti un hermano es copia de su otro hermano sólo porque tiene la misma madre? Ni que fueran todos gemelos. Mira, me acabo de cambiar desde Chrome, que en un principio era liviano y rápido pero que en el último tiempo es un fastidio. Hasta ahora en Opera ha sido todo impecable, con una apariencia mucho más pulida que Chrome, funcionalidades muy similares al igual que los menús, pero con un mucho mejor funcionamiento, por lejos.

      • Emmanuel FG

        Pues tal vez no son copia pero si muuuy parecidos y tienen que serlo pues son “hijos de la misma madre”. Tal vez tu nunca habias usado opera antes pero yo si y era mi navegador favorito de toda la vida tenia mas de 5 años usandolo solo opera, era el mas rapido, y ligero sobre todo, y ademas contaba con notas y cliente de correo electronico super util, eso era cuando Opera era original con su propio motor, pero lo descontinuaron, aun puedes descargar la version 12.17 con motor Presto pero ya no han mandado mas actualizaciones creo, solo para la version 15 que esta basado en blink y pues si se parece tanto a chrome en ese caso pues mejor descargar chrome que tiene menos problemas de compatibildad, en versiones anteriores de opera tenia la opcion de hacerse pasar por otro navegador, era simplemente genial.

        • carlos casares

          En que versión opcion de hacerse pasar por otro navegador?, nunca escuche eso, me parece muy bueno!

      • Emmanuel FG

        por cierto elimina el historial de chrome y te funcionara mejor

    • Walter Zagal

      Para mi no es pesado y eso que lo uso en una PC bastante limitada.

      • Emmanuel FG

        si, de echo consume menos recursos que el chrome pero me refiero a diferencia de sus versiones anteriores, de la version 12.xxx hacia atras consumia maximo 200 megas de ram, y ahora abre no se cuantos procesos y cada uno de 100 megas o mas pero en fin….

  • jewel

    all site good love opera To you know more Click this link

  • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

    And you forgot that you’ve removed 90% of useful features (some of them are much improved in Vivaldi :]) developed in Opera browser for 17 years and still adding useless things like animating backgrounds for ChrOpera’s native sites 🙂

    Meanwhile, you’re tring to sold your company to someone else 🙂

    • LamiaLove

      I really hope Vivaldi becomes the new Opera, because Opera is sure not Opera anymore.

      • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

        Will be a true Opera successor, but we need to wait. Or join to help them with developing (it’s my dream work :P) 🙂

      • Piotr Żółtowski (Piter432)

        LOOOOOOOOOOL! 😀 They deleted my comment, because I wrote truth about them 😀

        • LamiaLove

          They deleted one of my own as well. :))

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  • u99

    Nora, sabes si en un futuro se dejará como default la opción de ocultar la barrita de Google en el acceso rápido? Pregunto porque tuve que apretar un montón de teclitas para hacer aparecer un menú oculto (de usuario avanzado parece), sería más fácil si saliera en el menú de configuración “común y corriente”, me dió algo de miedo la advertencia de que se podría arruinar el navegador al acceder a ese menú “fantasma”. Lo otro, presioné por error la “x” de borrar en un ícono del acceso rápido y no se fue a la papelera por lo que tuve que agregarlo nuevamente, podrían arreglar eso. En inglés se me hace difícil explicarlo todo, espero que hables español :P. Gracias

  • Paulinho

    Sad story.

  • Yeah… Opera was good browser until moving on webkit. I moved to firefox, new version unusable.

  • Happy birthday Opera! 😀

  • uçak bileti : From the beginning, Opera’s vision was to bring the best internet experience to any device, regardless of network conditions or location.

  • navya rani
  • navya rani
  • LamiaLove

    Wow, 20 commenters! GG Opera! How many hits did you get for this post? 100? 200?
    You screwed all your fans and now you are left with mostly accidental visits.
    This is the 20th anniversary. If you wouldn’t have forced all your fans to go away, there would be thousands of comments here.

  • Thank you Opera.. Always loved your worked and inventions.

  • thomas

    Congratulation Read Here to know How To Increase Battery Life of Your Android

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  • Philip

    https everywhere blogs.opera.
    Opera web browser I stayed with 12.16, which is very customisable and is still available. I change the user agent depending on the threat. The first time I ever used Opera it was sponsored by advertising up towards the address bar. That was in the days when there wasn’t so many adverts and the ads didn’t spread malware. I also used to have a blog on the Opera website. Now I have my own server running multiple environments Windows Linux and so on. I remember when the Opera website was hacked. Opera 12.16 is doing well I use it everyday.

  • Bagoes Castle Age

    Happy aniversary Opera

  • D_ko-86

    Happy birthday

  • Afonso Guedes

    Considero o Opera excelente.

  • Walter Siedschlag

    I use an love Opera since the 90s … a big thank you from Brazil!

  • unacomn

    Happy Birthday Opera. I’m going to miss you. You’ve made working on the web a joy for so many years.

  • Güzel opera 20. yıl hayırlı olsun http://www.spotesyalar.net