Most of us spend a few hours on the web every day, either for work or fun. It is a habit. Whether you get online to read the latest news, check updates on your social networks or find some info you need, you most likely expect a convenient experience.

Opera prioritizes giving you a quick and smooth web browsing experience. Millions of people worldwide choose Opera’s free browser to explore the internet from their computers. If you’re not using Opera for computers yet, here are a few reasons to download it– why it could be the best browser for you.

Why Opera can be the best browser for you

Get a head start

Opera is intuitive. No matter what previous experiences you’ve had with browsers, there’s no need to learn. Just install Opera, open it up and get the best of it right away!

Save time

Opera is a fast browser. Even if your connection to the web is sluggish, we’ve got your back. The Opera Turbo feature will boost the web for you. It makes sites load faster.

Find content quickly and remember it

Searching for info you need is a breeze in Opera. And, you can always find your way back to an interesting page. Simply add it to Speed Dial or Opera bookmarks. Opera displays bookmarks as a gallery. You won’t find that in any other browser.

Match your style

The Opera browser can be as advanced as you need. Choose from more than 1,000 extensions to add some new functionality and customize the browser. Change browser themes, set your favorite search engine – all of this adjusts Opera to your habits.

Stay safe online

Focus on surfing, and Opera makes sure you are protected from web threats. Opera is a secure browser that warns you about any malware or suspicious sites.

We don’t know if Opera is the best browser for you, but it is worth a try. Download Opera for free right now and see it for yourself. We are excited to hear what you think.


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  • Ann O’Minus

    I’ve used Opera since 2001. I suggest you start using it too. “Eyes open; no fear. Be safe everyone.” S0

    • Anonimo

      If you used it for so long, did you realize that it’s not the same browser? How is it different to Chrome? Stating “be safe”, is not very convincing, because Opera is one chromium version behind respectively to Chrome. Is there any other reason to use Opera? Bookmarks manager is really kinky, thumbs in dial page were ditched (they were nice), syncing does not work with google account (this actually might be a good thing), a lot of chrome extensions does not work, and so on… Oh and Opera will ditch Npapi as well as chrome will. So really I don’t know… Opera 12 was so rich in features and now it’s just an another chromium clone…

      • Jedy

        A ‘chromium clone’ with a rendering engine far more capable than with the old Opera. No amount of features made up up for Opera’s woefull page rendering of the past!

        • Ann O’Minus

          Yes that’s why I’ve learned to embrace Next. But I still run old versions of Opera for comfort. I really liked the integrated mail & bookmarks & notes. Switching to Next has allowed me to use cHrome extensions which made me rely more on Evernote w/ Clearly.

      • Ann O’Minus

        Have you tried “Vivaldi” beta ?
        It’s a spin-off from some of the original Opera folks.

  • GM

    Opera is best browser!

  • I’ve been using Opera since version 9.2x

  • Opera mini used to be the best browser on Windows mobile! Now it’s available for Windows 8.x, unfortunately, this version is so old school !!! Almost the same browser as the Windows Mobile era.

  • The desktop version and Android version are great!!! I like them!!

  • Opera has not kept up with speed improvements and 100% standards based browsing. It needs a modern fresh overhaul

  • I found few useful extensions to Opera. However, one of the most useful items is being able to create many search options in the URL bar. That is a huge time saver, and that alone may keep me using Opera for a long time.

  • Florian Schafsweide

    I keep on using Opera12, because Opera without integrated mail-client isn’t Opera!

  • Опера мини очень крутой браузер, с ним не поспоришь!))))

  • Mỹ Huyền Võ Thị
  • blueblack

    As a Firefox user I was reluctant to try another browser.I was pleasantly surprised at Opera’s speed and stability.The key word here is STABILITY. Firefox is constantly crashing for the mere reason of several windows open.On sites like Pinterest Firefox is hopeless and is unable to do it’s job. Granted that Firefox has many useful features but not enough to keep me a fan.I now love Opera as much!