At Opera, we celebrate many events, but there’s one that we especially love, Halloween, because then we get to wear costumes. I’m currently dressed up as a “young person with daddy issues”. I want to share some tips to get you into the right Halloween mood.

Trick or treat
Add a Halloween theme to your browser. Simply go to Opera extensions for Halloween themes and take your pick.

Add our favorite themes
If you want to use an image you found online or that you made yourself – and, if you did, we would love to see it – then open the image, right-click and choose “Use Image as Theme”.


As I mentioned, we love Halloween at Opera.  Here’s our lobby today:



We hope you have a great  – or should I say: spooooky – Halloween!

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  • Saeed

    Hi! Plz add an option for opera for remove Synch icon form address bar. tnx

  • Mr.R

    I am seriously saying you must try sync. Its amazing feature.

  • Goog Nice 🙂

  • Quang Bảo Xe Nâng

    giao diện trình duyệt của Opera thật là đẹp. Bạn có thể tư vấn cho website của Tôi không? đây là website của Tôi