Everyone is different, and we all have our own web surfing style. Would you like to add a personal touch to your browser? You can personalize Opera by changing browser themes. If you want to use an image you have on your computer as a theme, you can use the theme manager to create your own. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select View > Show Themes.
  2. Click Create your theme on the sidebar.
  3. Type a name, select an image, and choose the image’s alignment and font treatment for how you’d like your theme to display.
  4. Click Create.

Bam! Your image is now your browser’s theme. Use a picture that takes you down memory lane or one that just makes you laugh.

We used an image of a couple people BASE jumping off the side of a mountain in Kjerag, Norway. If you haven’t seen the epic video that we made during the photoshoot, check it out here.

Personalize Opera by changing browser themes

Use one of our favorite themes
Don’t care to add your own image? We have plenty of images that you can use instead. From our default themes, we’ve chosen an awesome picture of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.34.26 PM

To change background themes, all you need to do is click View→Show themes. Then click Get more themes and pick and choose from a list of images we love. This updates the background theme to your choice on everything from your speed dial, to your preferences page.

Can’t get enough? Check out our add-ons catalog for more sweet themes that you can use to personalize Opera.

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  • Ra-Mon

    I’d prefer to be able to customize default search engine, toolbars and side panel, keyboard/mouse shortcuts, MIME types and protocols, boomarks and sync settings 😀
    But thanks for your new noob users :-d

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      It’s normal for company, which now is controlled by Google.

  • Hunk

    Compare to themes from Opera Presto this is just images.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Comparing to Chrome the ChrOpera is a skin for Chrome.

  • Sidney Moraes


  • Vytis Girdžijauskas

    You call this “themes”? Go home Opera, You are drunk.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Why? They are Chromed now and for this “company” it’s normal.

  • Vorpal

    Changeable backgrounds of speed dial is now called “themes”. Ohh. My dear Opera, please check this link to figure out what is a themes.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      They don’t need to. They are Chromed, so they don’t care about advanced users of OPERA. They care only about noob internet users.

  • You’re doing great job Opera team. I am using opera since five years. It’s really a great browser for bloggers like me. I always prefer to use opera on my mobile phone for comfortable browsing. And do you know more than 63% of my blog visitors using opera. And i tested my responsive theme using opera mini only. This is really great browser ever. My site is http://www.funloud.com. Also wish a very happy independence day to all Indian and Pakistan opera users.

  • hmmmm
    please click wisata Indonesia

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    [noob internet user mode on]

    Great! This news learned me how to change theme. Thanks!

    [noob internet user mode off]

  • senna_4ever

    themes is cool, but skins are better

  • Peter Šnobel

    Opera has “theme support” from version 5.10 in 2001. There was possibility change background of UI and background of TABs. http://bin.mypage.sk/FILES/Opera5theme.jpg

  • Cool

  • dipper

    Fucking developers – u turned opera into fucking sucks shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HATE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dipper

    I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STUPID ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    Awesome article!

  • Jademarisa

    Chrome themes, not Opera themes. When you have real Opera themes and skins, we’ll be talking of customization. What you are doing now is offering Chrome uniforms to dress Opera like Chrome.

  • Namma

    These aren’t themes or skins. This is LAZY. Even in Chrome I can get a theme that changes the color of the title bar, etc. Opera BORROWS from the OS. Lazy, lazy lazy and stupid. You should have left a way for USERS to customize their experience and not play “god” and decide we didn’t need it. And oh yes, not everyone is using browsers on phones – only the stupid ones. The rest of us are waiting for decent tablets, etc., and WILL want customization you lazy buzztards.

  • Colin Rid

    I hate the new tiles in speed dial, can i change them back to the old type ?

  • Colin Rid

    P.S. tried opera//flag…but didn`t work I shall go back to IE browser if I can`t get this fixed ..I just hate them

  • Batman

    These are just browser backgrounds. A theme has miscellaneous components that you tie the looks together to form a theme. I want Black Chrome tabs and dark tool bar along with a dark browser background which is a theme in the normal browser world not the standard light gray and blue.

  • Joseph Salley

    I have to agree with the other posters on this one, a background doesn’t equal a theme.

    This would be like saying if I have painted my house yellow but everything inside it is Victorian, that the paint color has made the theme of my home yellow.

    Now it would be considered a theme on Opera if someone wanted a Space theme and the background image had something to do with space, and maybe the mouse cursor went from being an arrow to maybe a spaceship.

  • Gregory Hannigan

    Does Opera have a them that allows you to play a slides show from your own pictures?

  • Gregory Hannigan

    Sorry theme that will play a slide show from your own photos on your computer

  • Eli Walls

    When I change anything on my speed dial (background, delete tiles, etc.), it will only keep my changes as long as I have the browser open. If I close it and reenter nothing has been saved. Any ideas how to fix this?