Opera Max beta has now been out since December 2013. Last week, we rolled Opera Max out to the CIS countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Below are some answers to a few common questions we’ve received:

“Does my data get stored?”

We take privacy very seriously. The Opera Max service has to process data such as your IP address to work. We can not link any Opera Max data logs to individual persons, and no data is used before it is further anonymized and aggregated. To know more about our privacy policy, go here.

“Does Opera Max affect my phones battery life?”

Our tests show that the battery consumption when Opera Max is enabled is almost identical as that without Opera Max. In fact, you will actually reduce battery usage when watching videos, because the CPU uses a lot less power than data transmission processes. So, high-traffic savings will actually positively affect battery usage.


“Can I disable one of the notifications?”

You’ll get  two notifications on your status bar when using Opera Max. If you want to, you can disable the “M” icon in the Opera Max Preferences -> Status notification setting. The other notification, however, can’t be disabled, since it’s controlled by Android. 

“Why is Opera Max not available in my country/region?”

We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible when using Opera Max beta. That’s why we’re rolling out the service to a few regions at the time, so we can make sure that our servers can handle the load. If it is not available in your region, you can sign up on our waiting list here. As soon as it’s ready for your area, we’ll let you know.

“My phone says that Opera Max has consumed more traffic than it has saved.”

The data counter on Android assigns all traffic to Opera Max when it’s enabled. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that Opera Max is using a lot of data. It only means that the compressed data you used from apps get assigned to Opera Max.

We hope these answers clarify some of your questions. If you want to learn more, here’s a neat video we made showing how the app works. If you need any further assistance or help with Opera Max, see our full FAQ-page or email us at max-feedback@opera.com.

Download Opera Max beta

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  • I think it is a good explanation for worrying Opera Max. Maybe one another info can be added into about if Max is serving any VPN service…of course I know the reply but for others can be necessary.

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