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  • eDameXxX

    OK, nice but maybe it’s time to think about Windows Phone… 😉

  • https://christoph142.wordpress.com/ Christoph142

    I’m loving it <3 😉

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve been waiting for so long & it’s super awesome :)

  • Flavoi

    It feels so fluid! Nice job :)

  • https://vivaldi.net/unity/profile/chas4/6-blog Chas4

    Interesting, will check it out (been wondering if iOS Opera Mini was getting an update)

  • fsp

    Search using Chinese will cause messy result.

    • Alexander Remen

      Hey, thanks for reporting this. We’ll have a look at this issue, but in the mean time you can try another Chinese keyboard. Traditional Chinese and handwriting should work. Alternatively you can add a space after typing your request.

      • fsp

        Adding a space works. Thanks.

  • http://flavors.me/unlessjames JamesRafael

    It’s nice, great app. But, man, we really need a update for opera mini on iOS

  • http://blogykid.com/ blogykid.com

    love it to use!

  • http://eveningdress.biz.tr Yusuf Demiz

    Opera 12 is the best Browser, but i have Problems now with a few Functions in other Websites. http://emirpalet.net

  • Th0mas

    Do you have plans to bring Coast to different platforms?

    • gregoryw33

      Thanks for showing interest in Coast, right now we are concentrating on IOS. What platform would you like to see it on?

      • Th0mas

        Windows 8.1
        I’m using a tablet with win8.1 and the only touch-friendly browser is IE11. It works ok, but I like Coast far better :-)

        • gregoryw33

          I apologize we have not gotten to the Windows 8.1 system yet! Glad you are looking forward to Coast however, you’re awesome!

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