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Opera Coast in the Big Apple

What a whirlwind week it’s been launching Opera Coast! We had a great time kicking things off with some of New York’s finest at the West Village’s hot spot Decoy.

A small gathering of media, friends and Opera team members celebrated with food, custom cocktails, Opera Coast goodie bags and an iPhone giveaway, while receiving a hands-on look at the browser with its creator, Huib Kleinhout.

Check out some pictures from the celebration below and make sure you download the app. We hope you enjoy using Opera Coast on your iPhone and iPad! Coast_NYC_1 Coast_NYC_0046 Coast_NYC_5 Coast_NYC_0003

Top 5 questions about Opera Max


Opera Max beta has now been out since December 2013. Last week, we rolled Opera Max out to the CIS countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Below are some answers to a few common questions we’ve received:

“Does my data get stored?”

We take privacy very seriously. The Opera Max service has to process data such as your IP address to work. We can not link any Opera Max data logs to individual persons, and no data is used before it is further anonymized and aggregated. To know more about our privacy policy, go here.

“Does Opera Max affect my phones battery life?”

Our tests show that the battery consumption when Opera Max is enabled is almost identical as that without Opera Max. In fact, you will actually reduce battery usage when watching videos, because the CPU uses a lot less power than data transmission processes. So, high-traffic savings will actually positively affect battery usage.


“Can I disable one of the notifications?”

You’ll get  two notifications on your status bar when using Opera Max. If you want to, you can disable the “M” icon in the Opera Max Preferences -> Status notification setting. The other notification, however, can’t be disabled, since it’s controlled by Android. 

“Why is Opera Max not available in my country/region?”

We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible when using Opera Max beta. That’s why we’re rolling out the service to a few regions at the time, so we can make sure that our servers can handle the load. If it is not available in your region, you can sign up on our waiting list here. As soon as it’s ready for your area, we’ll let you know.

“My phone says that Opera Max has consumed more traffic than it has saved.”

The data counter on Android assigns all traffic to Opera Max when it’s enabled. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that Opera Max is using a lot of data. It only means that the compressed data you used from apps get assigned to Opera Max.

We hope these answers clarify some of your questions. If you want to learn more, here’s a neat video we made showing how the app works. If you need any further assistance or help with Opera Max, see our full FAQ-page or email us at

Download Opera Max beta

Opera Coast: Fresh, fast, and easy-to-use browser

Made for touch
Opera Coast‘s home screen gives you fast access to your usual suspects list of time-killing sites. Add your favorite sites as tiles on your home screen. Think of them as your personal web apps. Every aspect of Opera Coast helps keep you updated, entertained or enlightened in those small timeouts in life.

The perfect pixel
You’ll enjoy Opera Coast‘s design so much that you’ll start wondering why you haven’t had a browser like this before.

Visual search
Why should we search the web the same way in 2014 as we did in 2004? When you search the web with Opera Coast, we’ll suggest some sites for you. This helps you find new, popular content easily.

iPad and iPhone syncing
If you already have Opera Coast on your iPad, your home-screen tiles will be synced in your iPhone. You can do this by using the automatic iCloud sync of site tiles in Opera Coast.

Install it, try it out, and tell us what you think about it. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Opera Max beta rolls out in Russia, Ukraine and other regions


Today, we’re happy to announce that Opera Max beta will be available in more regions:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Opera Max is our new data-savings app that compresses videos, photos and text across most of your phone’s apps. This gives you a lot more mobile data for free, as well as better control over how your phone’s apps consume data.

Since the app is in beta, we’re slowly rolling out the Opera Max service to a few countries at a time to make that our servers have enough capacity for all of you.

If you are in a country that is not yet supported by Opera Max, sign up here to be notified as soon as it becomes available in your area.

Download Opera Max

Easter fun at Opera

To welcome the coming Easter Sunday, here are some eggs from our global headquarters.
We ate some of them, by the way.


And, then there’s that one egg that cracked from our Ultimate Egg Drop Challenge:
Happy Easter, everyone!

Protect yourself from the Heartbleed bug

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.43.37

A major vulnerability called the Heartbleed bug has been discovered in OpenSSL software that’s used on many of the web’s most popular sites. OpenSSL is the system built to encrypt passwords and other sensitive information on websites. The Heartbleed bug can reveal the contents of a server’s memory, where the most sensitive of data is stored.  This bug has affected many popular websites, including Twitter, Yahoo!, Gmail and Facebook. The bug was identified by a security firm called Codenomicon, which published its details online.

“Your popular social site, your company’s site, commerce site, hobby site, site you install software from or even sites run by your government might be using vulnerable OpenSSL,” reads the webpage devoted to explaining the bug.

If you change your password before a site puts up a patch, then you need to change it again afterwards. Mashable put up a list of popular websites that are affected by this, and the ones who have patched it up. You can also use this tool to check if a website is affected. Besides checking to make sure websites are secure, you should also keep an eye out for statements from your most visited websites. Some security experts also recommend that you should wait a few days before visiting websites that hold sensitive information, such as logging into your banking accounts.

Two of the most used password in the world are “123456″ and “password”. If you do this, then you are just asking to get hacked. Here are a few tips on creating new, better passwords:

  • Avoid using the same password for multiple websites.

  • Make your passwords at least 8 characters, using a mix of numbers and letters.

  • Avoid complete words.

  • Change your password often, ideally several times a year.

There’s a little trick you can use, too. Pick a short sentence that’s easy for you to remember – for example something that describes you. Then, pick the first letter from every word in that phrase to create your unique passwords. For example, if the sentence is: “I became the Rock Paper Scissors world champion in 2005″. The password would then be “IbtRPSwci2″.

A good way to manage your passwords is with the LastPass extension. This tool gives you the ability to record all your passwords in a single, strongly encrypted location. After you’ve set it all up, you only need to remember a single password. You can download LastPass here.

Help Opera Coast get a Webby

We just cast our vote!

Opera Coast is nominated for Best User Experience in the Mobile and Apps category for the “Oscars of the Internet” the Annual Webby Awards.

Join us in helping Opera Coast get a Webby by casting your vote.

And, here’s a shout-out to those who’ve let their internet voice be heard:

Have you voted for Opera Coast, too? Give us a poke and we’ll add your tweet in this feed.

The Making of Supervention: Episode 1 and 2

Last week we shared the trailer of the documentary Supervention. Today, we’ll be sharing the first two episodes for season 2 of The Making of Supervention. In these episodes you’ll be following Field Productions while they travel around the world shooting the documentary.

Let them know what you think of the series. You can follow Field Production on Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook.

More episodes will be shared in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy!

Episode 1:  All Good Things

Episode 2: Walls to the Balls


Introducing Cats by Opera

From the makers of Coast by Opera, comes a first-of-its-kind browser carefully crafted for domestic felines. Introducing Cats by Opera, the browser that is tail-or made for your cats.

Huib Kleinhout, Head of the Coast team at Opera, had this to say about Opera’s latest innovative project:

“So much of the stuff on the internet is based around cats, but there is no browser for cats to experience this. We realized we had to fix this. We make browsers for a living, and cuddle with our cats in the evening. They have tiny paws, so accuracy can be a real problem for them. We haven’t just scaled an interface and thrown some features into the browser, but we’ve really tried to think how the perfect browser for cats would look. I think we’ve got it right, and, today, the result is in the Cat Store.”

Cats by Opera brings more innovation through the internet cat-flap door:

* TongueTouch® interface: Optimized to respond to the slightest of screen licks, for easy scrolling.
* PawPredict® feature: Intelligent interpretation of internet adresses and searches as entered by our feline friends, translating adresses such as “34lkr34tottttt4<<<….uuuu” into “” when walking across the iPad keyboard.
* Catified Speed Dial: Cats by Opera features easy-to click Speed Dial entries, an Opera Software innovation, with quick access to selected cat content or for easy shortcuts to your cats’ own favorite sites.

We’re implementing a strict cat-only avatar policy in our forums.
We’re also looking into expanding Cats by Opera on desktop devices. This is how it might look like:

Cats by Opera for desktop

Cats by Opera is not yet available in the App Store, but ask if your local Cat Store has one.