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  • Wow, congratulations for that deal. More people will know about Opera now. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of the segmentation Microsoft/Nokia created with this fork of the (outdated) Android 4.1.2 though.

    • Frenzie

      I was actually surprised and somewhat excited to hear that a third-party browser was made the default on a Windows Phone again, like how Opera used to be the default browser on HTC Windows Mobile. To hear that it’s just Android puts a damper on it.

    • senna_4ever

      i didn’t like it too.

  • Nekomajin42

    Will Max also be preinstalled when it will be stable?

  • Adonis Lindt

    could I try? ( as a tester ) :p 😉 ( smileys not supported :/ )

  • Razvan Dragos

    Opera browser for Windows Phone 8?