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Android Authority gives Opera for Android a thumbs up!

We’ve recently released the new Opera browser for Android. It’s our best browser for Android tablet yet. While keeping Opera’s best-loved features like Off-Road mode, the new Opera for Android comes with a new interface designed for tablet devices. It also includes a tab bar and a button to switch between normal and private windows. 

To quote Joe Hindy of Android Authority, “Overall, we liked this new UI improvement. It really takes advantage of the space provided by tablets while maintaining a user friendly interface by putting essential functions within the reach of a thumb.

If you don’t have Opera on your Android tablet yet, go ahead and give it a try.
Download for free in Google Play.

Opera helps underprivileged students in Indonesia

Indonesia’s YCAB Foundation has, since 1999, helped the country’s youth with several programs which include education for the underprivileged. YCAB (Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa) is a well established non-profit organisation that aims to enable underprivileged youth to be independent through education, entrepreneurship, and economic assistance. Their goal is to transform the lives of five million people by 2015 and we are proud to be part of this mission.

Browse for Change with Opera and YCAB Foundation involves two steps.

First, we give the chance to Indonesians to help YCAB by downloading Opera Mini. Every download is free, but we will donate 10 cents per download to the foundation. A major part of the donation will go to the YCAB community learning centers. Community learning centers in Indonesian is Rumah Belajar. If you are in Indonesia, you can join Browse for Change by downloading Opera Mini for free from

Second, we go hands-on and teach in the foundation’s community learning center. Some of our colleagues are now in Jakarta and are teaching over 200 students about today’s online technology. The students learned a lot about the Internet from our Creative Director Espen Andre Øverdahl, one of our QA engineers for Opera Mini Greg Di Stefano, and Skyfire QA engineer Albert Sutojo. They visited four Rumah Belajar – in Manggarai, Dorkas, Cipinang and Duri Kepa.

Espen talked about Norway and Opera Software products, Greg discussed the Mobile Phone History, and Albert spoke about the importance of the Internet towards education and shared his experiences as an Indonesian living in the U.S.

Helping and encouraging students to reach higher education and achieve their dreams is truly an inspiration to us at Opera.

bfc_operastaff_studentsAlbert Sutojo, Greg Di Stefano, and Espen Øverdahl with some of the students.
Students participate in a discussion about Opera Mini and data compression technology.
150 students at Rumah Belajar Duri Kepa learn more about social media.

Opera 18 for your Android tablet

Today, we’re releasing Opera 18 for Android. Opera 18 for mobile will have bug fixes and various stabilisation and performance improvements. 

In Opera 18 for Android, we’re introducing the browser to large tablet devices. The browser will have a brand new interface specifically designed for tablet devices. Along with that, the browser will have all the features you see in the mobile version, including: 

Off-Road mode

If you are often on-the-go with your tablet, then Off-Road mode is for you. Off-Road mode compresses websites images and text, helping you stay online when your connection slows down.



With Discover, you get the latest stories right in the browser from the world’s leading magazines and newspapers. You can choose your favourite topics, or view websites available in your selected country.


Speed Dial

Personalise your Speed Dial by adding your favourite sites to it. Sites will appear as large, square buttons, making them easily accessible from your tablet device.


Download Opera 18 for Android

Opera 18, our latest browser for desktop, comes out today!

Opera 18 is out today. When you turn 18 years old in Norway, you are finally allowed to drink beer and wine, but since it’s Tuesday, we’ll wait with the wine until Friday.

More importantly, here are the new features of Opera 18.

Camera and microphone

Support for WebRTC (camera/microphone API). This means that you can use your desktop’s camera and microphone in HTML5 applications and games. Want to try it out now? Go and see how it works!

Move tabs between windows

Now you can drag and drop tabs betweens windows. If you drag a tab out of browser, it will turn into a brand new window.


Customize your browser with themes

Customize your Opera internet browser. Find a theme that suits your personality at, or make your own. Here, we are using Ship by zahek.


Custom search engines

Simply right click on a search engine and add it to your list of custom search engines. For example, you can add so you can easily access a dictionary right from your address bar.


If you have any feedback that you want our Desktop Team to read, head over to the comment section in our Desktop Blog. They would love to hear your feedback!

Download Opera 18 for Mac
Download Opera 18 for Windows

Lend a helping hand. Help the Filipino children affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Millions of Filipinos have lost their homes and family members from Super Typhoon Haiyan. Not the least affected are over 4 million children who need immediate help amid hunger and health risks.

UNICEF has intensified its efforts in helping the Filipino children.
“UNICEF is working around the clock to provide clean water, sanitation and shelter to the 4.6 million children that are affected by this humanitarian disaster. We are also working to give protection to the many children who have been separated from their families or lost their parents during the typhoon. We know from experience that these kids are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and violence,” says Bernt Apeland, Executive Director, UNICEF Norway

We’ve helped out in our own little way through UNICEF.

You can do the same. Join others across the globe in lending a helping hand by donating here. Every donation UNICEF receives can go a long way.
A mother carries her daughter as they walk in Tacloban, LeyteA family affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan
Tacloban City, Philippines. Images from UNICEF/ Jeoffrey Maitem

Skyfire named best cloud platform at BBTM

Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer, a mobile video-optimization solution, has won this year’s “Best Solution for Traffic Management” award at the Global Broadband Traffic Management Congress (BBTM). BBTM is an event that gathers industry leaders to discuss and draft strategies for end-to-end traffic solutions.

Skyfire has also been named Best in Show for the “Cost-Saving Innovation” category and has won in the category of Cloud Services from Fierce Telecom’s Fierce Innovation Awards.

Congratulations to the Skyfire team!
If you want to connect with Skyfire, follow them on Twitter or hit them up on Google+.

Opera 17 voted as fastest web browser by MacWorld UK

MacWorld, EU’s number one Apple portal, put Opera 17 up for review this week. We’re very excited to see that our desktop browser got a 5-star rating. Opera 17 got the Editors-Choice stamp.

They took a look at Opera’s key features, but also benchmarked the browser with the Peacekeeper test. Here, Opera outperformed all other browsers for Mac.

Congratulations to our Desktop team!

Download Opera browser for Mac free.

A total hat trick for Coast!

Our Coast team had quite a night last night.

Coast by Opera, our browser for the iPad, bagged three awards in one night. Among other nominees, Coast won “Best Utility App” and “App of the Year” in Norway’s GulltastenIn WebIT Congress 2013, Coast also got “Best Software” award.

We want to thank you for the helpful feedback we have received since the launch. If you want to know more about our Coast team, you can also go to Twitter or Facebook.

More and more Bangladeshis prefer Opera Mini as their mobile browser

Our State of the Mobile Web reports give insights on, among others, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile usage across the globe.

We’ve recently focused on Bangladesh.

“Factors such as 3G infrastructure-readiness of mobile operators in the country, availability of affordable smartphones and the curiosity among users to explore the web are bound to strengthen the mobile-internet revolution in Bangladesh,” says Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia, Opera Software.

“Opera Mini works across platforms, sails through fluctuations in network speeds and provides a smart interface for the best browsing experience from mobile devices. We have observed an increase in the usage of mobile internet in the country, and I’m confident that the growth will double up with the introduction of 3G services,” adds Kamath.

The number of Opera Mini users in Bangladesh has increased by 129% over the last year. In addition, a whooping increase of 220% of Opera Mini users on smartphones has been recorded in the same period. Android is the second most popular mobile OS after Java.

Those on smartphones browser more online compared to basic phone users.

If you’re curious, here are the top 10 websites in Bangladesh:

Haven’t tried Opera Mini yet? Download now and enjoy faster browsing and data savings. You can download free from

75 million monthly visitors on Opera Mobile Store

Over the past year, the Opera Mobile Store daily visitors has grown from 1 million to 2.6 million. It ranks as the fifth largest mobile store in the world.

Opera Mobile Store has over 140,000 apps. The apps work on most most platforms, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java and Symbian. We recently listed the top 10 most downloaded apps, with Facebook sitting on top of the list.

Visit on your phone and enjoy apps ranging from Entertainment, Health, Utilities, Themes and Skins, Games, and so much more!