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Halloween is in the air!

That time of the year when we get an excuse to wear costumes and binge on candies. Getting spooky and fun here at Opera’s Oslo hq.

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Photos by high school students Kristin Fagerli and Anniken Bolstad. image (4)In line with the Norwegian project “Operasjon Dagsverk,” Kristin and Anniken works with us for one day. The money they earn goes to Save the Children.


The top 10 most downloaded apps in Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store now has over 140 thousand apps. You can access Opera Mobile store by going to on your phone.

We are also happy to announce that over the past year, Opera Mobile Store has hit 75 million monthly users.

We’ve taken a look at the top 10 apps based on monthly downloads. Have you also downloaded any of these?

1. Facebook app by Facebook (Java)
2. TubeMate YouTube Downloader by Devian Studio (Android)
3. Download Manager for Android by FDDM
4. Chat for Facebook PRO by Mail-Bit LTD (multi-platform)
5. NewsHunt by Eterno Infotech (Java)
6. Frim by Ardetiel Services Limited (multi-platform)
7. Angry Birds Rio by Rovio Entertainment Ltd (Android)
8. eBuddy Messenger by eBuddy (multi-platform)
9. WeChat by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (multi-platform)
10. Overdrive by (multi-platform)

We’re starting a list of sites with responsive web design. Join in!

A website’s design and the device we’re using dictate the experience we have online.

Here is a list of some sites with responsive web design (RWD). We’ve tried them out on our browsers – Opera 17, Opera for Android, and Coast by Opera. The sites give the same experience on all devices, and we are loving them.

We intend to grow this list, so tell us other sites you know by commenting on this post.

World Wild Life
We salute World Wild Life‘s efforts in protecting nature.
And their RWD shows that they take the importance of adapting to users’ needs online.

Art of the Title
This site puts the spotlight on title sequence design in the video industry.
Art of the Title also features discussions and interviews with the designers themselves.

Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh
For parents in Pittsburgh, a visit to the website of Children’s Museum is a breeze.
The overview of activities for kids and calendar of events is easy with the site’s RWD.

This news aggregation site carries stories and headlines that are direct to the point.
Upworthy also makes it very easy for readers to share content on social media.

Distance to Mars
“If the Earth were 100 pixels wide…” and if the universe can be navigated on your desktop or mobile device,
how many pixels away is Mars? Just scroll down and you’ll find out.

Do you have any favorite sites that works well on all devices? Tell us about it by commenting.
We will add your suggested sites to this list.

Download Opera browser for free.

Thanks to your feedback and reports, Coast is constantly updated.

It's been a month since we launched Coast by Opera. The Coast team thought outside the box and started a new movement in web browsing technology.

Thanks to your feedback and reports, Coast is constantly updated. Coast is now in version 1.12 and is available for free in the App Store.

Our Coast developers are more than happy to hear from you. This helps in fixing bugs and in integrating user suggestions. Get the discussion rolling. You can talk to the Coast team via Twitter, through the Bug Report Wizard, or on Facebook. You can also stay in the loop with the Coast blog, from Coast news to the team's quirks.

Download Coast by Opera

Doubling our team in Silicon Valley

Over the past year, we’ve doubled our team and tripled the space in our Silicon Valley offices.

We have offices in San Francisco, San Mateo and Mountain View.
Here’s a peek into the expansion of our San Mateo office.

Image play.
Some buildings and greenery reflected in our San Mateo building.

Yelena Grinberg, Opera Mediaworks’ Campaign Manager, is deep at work with her phone while sinking deep on this bean bag.

Jose Mateos, Director of Product Marketing and Sales Planning at Mobile Theory, takes Yelena’s lead and gets comfy.

Foosball. Game on.

Or not. Lunch first.

Somebody’s binging on snacks.

And understandably so, if the day has loads of meetings like this one.

Opera 17 for desktop moves from the Next stream to stable

We're rolling out Opera 17 for desktop today. To double-check if your Opera is updated, go to About Opera and see the Version information – it should now reflect Version 17.0.1241.45.

You can also download Opera 17 here.

In Startup settings, you can now choose to:
- Continue where I left off
- Opera the Start Page
- Open a specific page or set of pages (Set Pages)
Opera starts with your last session by default, but we're giving you the option to start with the above choices.

Opera 17 comes with Pinned tabs. Never accidentally lose your important tabs again.

You can now customize your searches. Change the keyword to each customized search engine to one-letter shortcuts to search faster. You can use "d" for DuckDuckGo, for example. Searching via DuckDuckGo would then only require you to type "d and your search words" in the combined URL and search bar.

You can view the full changelog for Opera 17 here.

Download Opera 17 for desktop