Monthly Archives: September 2013

Download Opera Mini from GetJar

Did you know that you can download Opera Mini 7 in GetJar app store? Go to on your phone and select "Quick Download" at the bottom of the page. Enter the code "3334" and you will get Opera Mini straight into your phone.

Founded in 2004, GetJar is a veteran in the mobile application store industry. Today, it has over 70,000 mobile applications.

Opera Mini is also available in Ovi Store and Blackberry World

For Android users, we recommend you to download from Google Play.


Opera 16 for Android is released

Fall is upon us here in Oslo HQ. This means unpredictable weather, heavy wind, and yellow leaves. But that doesn’t mean we’re not busy cranking out new releases.

Our fastest browser for Android has now been updated to Opera 16. This update includes Chromium 29 and a new “instant back” feature. When you click Back, Opera shows the page from the cache, so the “Back” action happens instantly.

Head over to Google Play or go to on your phone for download.

Download Opera browser for free.

Coast by Opera – the browser that should have come with the iPad

The iPad is a great device. You can touch everything, and it has a big screen. There are many great apps for iPad, but no great browsers for it. It did not feel right, we were left using desktop browsers scaled down or phone browsers scaled up to fit the iPad. This was not good enough, so we wanted to build something new, something that was tailored for the iPad.

We pulled together a bunch of talented people and set up shop in a conference room at Opera. We have no idea how many pizzas and gallons of coffee it took. There were times we thought it might just stay as an idea, but today the result is in the App Store.

We call it Coast by Opera. This is the browser we wanted for the iPad. We hope you'll like it.

Download Coast by Opera free at the App Store.