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18 years of Opera

We turn 18 years old today.

Opera started in 1994 as a research project in Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications company. A year later, on August 30, 1995, the project branched out as a separate company. Today, Opera continues to improve the way we access the web.

A lot has happened this year.
We began with our fast release cycle for our desktop browser. At the start of the summer we put out Opera 15, and have now moved to Opera 16. The start of our Developer stream has also made it possible for users to have a closer look on our development cycle. We've also released a brand new browser for Android. In addition, 2013 marks the beginning of, a partnership between Opera and other technology leaders aiming to connect the next 5 billion people around the world.

Since the very beginning, we've worked in shaping an open, connected world. We serve over 350 million users, the majority of which enjoying cheaper and faster internet access with Opera Mini's unique data compression technology.

This is a milestone we share with you. We want to thank you all for the support.

Today, Opera 15 has been updated to Opera 16


Jump lists are now supported on Windows. Jump lists allow quicker navigation from the task bar, like getting an overview of your Speed Dial.


The geolocation API lets you share your location with trusted websites. When you visit a location-aware website, like foursquare, the browser will ask you to share your location. If you accept, Opera can tell the website where you are located.

Presentation mode for Mac

Browse the web with presentation mode to get a full-screen experience. Quick tip: you can go straight to presentation mode by pressing shift+CMD+F

Form Filler

Save time with the form filler. Simply input your information in the settings and then use to it to auto-fill forms on the web.

Opera 16 has better performance and improved support for HTML5. This release is also based on Chromium 29.

If you are a web extension developer and you want to keep on track with our fast release cycle, remember our Developer stream is available for download.


Download Opera 16 for Windows
Download Opera 16 for Mac

Opera helps connect the next 5 billion online

Today, only 2.7 billion people are connected to the internet. The cost of getting online is one of the biggest challenges for users worldwide. We want to help get the next five billion online.

For the last 17 years, we have built products and services to get people online. We believe in the power of sharing ideas. Opera Mini is our mobile browser that uses compression technology to save you time and money. Operators around the world have embraced Opera Mini and Opera Web Pass as the best choice for their users to get online.

We have partnered with Facebook to get the next 5 billion online

Meet – a partnership between Facebook, Opera, and other technology companies. This is a global effort that will also involve help from local communities, non-profit organisations and experts across the world. We are proud to contribute to the project with our competence in Internet technology.

We want to hear from you

Are you among the few in your country who has access to the internet? Tell us how you spend your time online. How has the internet helped you? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

“Today, more than 300 million people use Opera every month to access the Internet.

Tomorrow, we have a chance to serve the next 5 billion people connecting on mobile devices in developing countries. It’s in Opera’s DNA to save people time, money and data, and through we think we can help advance these goals.”

– Lars Boilesen, CEO Opera Software.

Get him to the geek

We're thrilled over YouTube's first ever Geek Week!

We followed through Geek Week's daily highlights – Blockbuster Sunday, Global Geekery Monday, Brainiac Tuesday, Super Wednesday, Gaming Thursday, and Fan Friday.

Our Oslo headquarter houses a lot of them geeky and nerdy bunch. Want to know what geek videos or channels they play on loop?

Do you watch some of these videos, too?
1. Dire Dire Docks Acapella – Super Mario 64 by SmoothMcGroove
2. JavaZone 2013: Javapocalypse by JavaZoneNo
3. Temp0 – WHEN I'M GRANDMASTER (Wavin' Flag SC Parody) by TempOStarcraft
4. Churn Ice Cream Using Dry Ice and a Stand Mixer • ChefSteps by chefsteps
5. AK-47 Bacon Sundae by FPSRussia
6. After Ever After – DISNEY Parody by Paint

Go ahead and have a geeky videos marathon!

And while you're at it, try this YouTube trick — type "/ geekweek" in YouTube's search bar and see what happens :D

Opera 17 Developer stream is out

Only a few weeks since the release of Opera Next 16, the Opera 17 developer stream is out. As with Next, Opera Developer is prone to bugs and crashes. Use with caution!

The difference between Opera Developer and Opera Next is that the Next stream gives you a peak of what's to come in the next stable version of Opera, while the Developer stream is much more experimental. Here we test out a bunch of new features, which may or may not end up in the stable release.

Speaking of those new features, let's take a look at what Opera Developer 17 has to offer:

Start up mode:

Do you want your favorite website to pop up when you start up Opera? Now you can! You will be able to set up your browser startup preferences with these three choices:

"Open to Speed Dial"

"Continue where I left off"

"Open a specific page"

Pinned tabs

One of our most beloved features is back! When a tab is pinned, it will be pushed to the left of the tab bar and only the favicon of the website will appear. This way, you can easily access your favorite tabs.

Search Engine Manager

You can now customize your searches with one character shortcuts. For example, if you type "b" before your search, you will use the Bing search engine. You can also add your own shortcut, like "o" for DuckDuckGo.

Rocker gestures

A rocker gesture requires you to hold down one mouse button while clicking the other. This will let you move forward or backward in your browser. Simple yet powerful, Rocker gestures will speed up your browsing experience like never before!

There are more features coming for Opera Developer 17, like being able to use themes from Opera 12, but they are currently turned off.

The full change log is available here.

Download Opera Developer 17 for Mac
Download Opera Developer 17 for Windows

What is a browser?

There are some who actually get it mixed up somehow. No, it’s not a search engine. It’s not a website either. Not very surprising, though. The Internet can sometimes be very confusing.‘s 60-second videos helps sharpen our internet skills. What is a web browser?

Extend your browsing

Extensions optimize your time online.
They let you customize your browser just the way you want it.

Our Add-ons Catalog for Opera 15 is growing fast. There are over 250 extensions to choose from, with new ones being added everyday.

“You’ll find extensions by Pocket, Evernote, Pinterest, Feedly, Disconnect, WOT, and many more already in the catalog, in addition to a number of our own extensions,” says Andreas Bovens, our Extensions Product Manager.

He also notes that external developers are busy porting their Opera 12 extensions to work in Opera 15, and they're submitting a lot of new extensions as well.

Check out what we have in our Add-ons Catalog. There’s something for almost everyone.

If you’re addicted to Twitter, you’ll love the TweetRight extension. It allows you to highlight a line you want to share, right click, and post directly to Twitter.
Want to save the photos you find online? Do it faster with Photo Tagger . It saves all your favorite finds in one Speed Dial folder. All you need to do is click on the star on the left corner of the photo.

Enhance your browser to fit your needs, and dip your toe into something new too.

And if you’re a developer with a cool idea for functions and features to add to the browser, why not get started on building your own extensions?