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Opera Wherever, Whenever

From Indonesia to Nigeria to Paris – we asked Opera users to post their photos on Twitter while browsing online, wherever and whenever.

@sandalian is chilling with friends in Indonesia's Kilometer Zero, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.
@godwin_am combines searching and relaxing at Badagry Beach in Lagos, Nigeria.
@IanFraser04 takes a break from his hectic schedule as a medical student in Cape Town, South Africa.
@opera_fr checks flight schedules while lounging at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Here, we share the photos of Opera users who stay connected all the time – whether at home, at work, on vacation, or just on the go.


On the bus, in the park, while hiking – are you online wherever you are?

We'd love to see just how connected you are.

Inspire us with a photo of yourself while browsing online.
Follow us on Twitter – @opera, and hashtag your Twitter picture with #OperaWherever.
#OperaWherever will be underway from July 23, 2013 -17:00 CEST to July 30, 2013 – 17:00 CEST.
Please don't use the hashtag #OperaWherever unless contributing to this topic.

We will randomly choose 25 submissions. We will give out "Opera Browser, Made to Discover" special edition Field Notes to those whose pictures have been selected.
Please remember that by submitting to #OperaWherever, you allow Opera to use and share your photo in our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Some very important notes!
1. Do not create multiple Twitter accounts just so you could submit several times to #OperaWherever.
2. Do not post the same tweet repeatedly.
3. Be sure to include the hashtag #OperaWherever and tweet to @opera when sharing your photo.

Opera Next 16 is out

A brand-new version of Opera Next was released last Friday. Opera Next is an experimental version of Opera that gives you a sneak preview of what's to come.
Let's take a look at some of the new features and improvements in Opera Next 16. If you write opera:flags in the the address bar you get a list of experimental features that you may enable or disable. As the title of the page says, "Careful, these experiments may bite." Due to the probability of crashes and bugs, Opera Next is only for advanced users who like to tinker with the latest technology. 

Support for W3C Geolocation API

The Geolocation API lets you share your location with trusted websites. This enables websites to do cool things like finding local restaurants or your location on a map.

Form Filler

This handy feature can fill online forms with a click of a button. Simply fill out the forms in your "Privacy &  Security" settings, and let Autofill  boost your productivity like never before.

Other noteworthy features:

  • Presentation mode is now available also on Mac. This means that the top-bar will not be visible when you enter presentation mode.

  • Opera 16 is based on Chromium 29.

  • Support for jump-lists on Windows 7/8.

For more information, you can read the full change log.
Keep in mind, Opera Next doesn't overwrite the stable release. Both browsers can co-exist and can be used simultaneously.  Opera Next 16 will also automatically update itself so you'll always have the latest build. 

Opera Next 16 can be downloaded here

Browser test

Austin Evans, a technology video producer on Youtube, recently compared Opera 15, Firefox 22, Chrome 27 and IE 10. He tested the browsers' speed, security and performance in a variety of ways. 

Peacekeeper and Octane

The first test Evans used was Peacekeeper. This is a very general test find which browser offers the best performance for your desktop. 
Peacekeeper stress-tests the browser's ability to handle common Javascript functions. Since Javascript is a programming language used to make web applications, it is almost everywhere you go online. That makes it an ideal way to measure a browser's performance. 

In this test, Opera 15 got the best score, closely followed by Chrome 27. 

The Octane test also measures a browser's Javascript performance. Here again Opera 15 got the top score.

While the Peacekeeper and Octane tests give an overall view of the web browsers performance, the next tests focus on specific areas on the web browser. 


The HTML5 test indicates how a browser supports the HTML5 standard. HTML5 is designed to give you everything you want to do online without needing to install additional software, such as playing videos or games and listening to music.

In this test, Chrome 27 got the best score while Opera 15 was close behind. Supporting the HTML5 standard means that the browser is future-proofed for the next generation of web applications.

Memory Usage

When it comes to memory usage, the key is to test how quick the browser operates on your desktop. Simply put, the more memory a browser uses, the slower it will run. 

Here, Firefox got the top score while Opera also got a decent score.

Lastly, Evans tested the browser's security with Browserscope. This test measures if the browser blocks harmful interactions between sites. Chrome 27 ended up on top with Opera very close behind. 

Measured across all of Evans' tests, Opera 15 got the best scores. The review showed that Opera was the fastest web browser,  closely followed by Chrome 27. Opera 15 also got solid scores in the other single tests, which resulted in the browser getting the top overall score. You can check out the full video below.

Taking the Leap with Opera

One of Opera’s most popular features is Off-Road mode. It’s designed to keep your mobile device online anywhere, anytime – even under extreme conditions.

Just how extreme?

We put our mobile browsers in the hands of two of the world’s top BASE jumpers, Tom Erik Heimen and Kjersti Eide, on their latest excursion to the 1000-meter high granite cliffs of Kjerag, in southwestern Norway. We spoke to Tom Erik and Kjersti about their experience using Opera in Kjerag, as well as their passion for BASE jumping.

Tom Erik Heimen, aptly nicknamed BASEheimen, calls his wing suit his “fighter plane.” The 37-year-old from Molde, Norway has over 1000 jumps under his belt, and has been featured as one of “The Birdmen” on CBS News to round up a list of the world’s most daring flyers. He puts high value on quality gear.

“Second best is not good enough for me. Quality helps me perform better in whatever I am doing.”

Kjersti Eide is a nurse by profession; but when not at work, she skydives and BASE jumps. She stands out among other BASE jumpers with her personalized wing suits, which are white with red butterflies. Kjersti confesses to being constantly restless, always challenging herself both physically and mentally.

“On the exit, I always get a little bit stressed. But when I get my wings on, I get more focused about my flight and think to myself, This is something I know how to do, I can fly.”

The Kjerag mountain range is in Lysefjorden. This is where the world-famous Kjeragbolten is located, visited by many hikers especially during the summer.

Tom and Kjersti recount their Kjerag experience below:

Why do you BASE jump?

TEH: I really like to fly! Plus I always learn something new in this sport. BASE jumping takes me to spectacular places around the world. Also, I BASE jump to spend time out in nature. To jump in my “fighter plane” is an awesome experience.

KE: BASE jumping is more about getting away from the drop zone and still being able to fly. I have also built a good network of friends from the BASE community.

What do you do before a jump?

TEH: I always look at the trees, water, and other elements around me as wind indicators. Off-Road in Opera is also a great tool when I have bad reception, for times when I have to check weather forecasts online.

KE: I have this punamu kiwi-greenstone I got from a friend from New Zealand. It belongs around my neck – always. I forgot it once on a BASE trip that was going last for two weeks, and I had to get someone to send it to me.

What plays in your head at that exact moment you jump?

TEH: I check my gear. In the moment, I focus on my line and technique. In flight, I just enjoy the moment.

KE: On the exit point my head is kind of “empty,” ready to really feel and be in the moment. During and after a jump, I feel and remember every split second. I have never tried meditation, but maybe this is a little bit like that, the ability to empty your thoughts and stay focused.

How would you describe jumping off Kjerag?

TEH: It is a sweet spot for jumpers. I like the feeling of standing on the cliff and looking straight into the fjord. Landing beside the fjord is wonderful; everybody should experience this one time in their lives.

KE: Kjerag is a beautiful place. It’s the area where I practice my aerials, and where I first tried my wing suit. There are a lot of different exit points, and a lot of opportunities to conquer different levels of challenges in BASE jumping.

Here, we let you experience Kjerag through a raw cut of the jump using a camera attached to Tom Erik’s helmet.

How Tom and Kjersti found their next adventure using Opera

Opera features two of the world's most experienced BASE jumpers, Tom Erik Heimen and Kjersti Eide.

"Off the wall with Opera browser"

lets you experience a thrilling BASE jump from one of Norway's most daring heights. How did Tom and Kjersti end up here?

This product video explains how Opera 15 is used to make the adventure happen.

We start with Speed Dial. This feature was first introduced in 2007 and has been continuously improved for easier access of preferred websites. This film shows how folders work in Speed Dial; in this instance, a "social" folder has been made to display how Opera 15 seamlessly organises websites.

The Discover feature finds up-to-date content. Here, finding destinations happens with just a few clicks. Users can choose content category and country category. Discover curates the web and delivers the best content for you to enjoy.

Stash then helps log accumulated websites for further readings. This means that you don't need tons of opened tabs when browsing. In this case, Stash gives a vertical overview of the websites that is needed to make the next adventure happen. It provides an easily adjustable page view, from view to plain text view of the website addresses when collapsed.

Opera 15 for desktop is solid, fast, and made for consumers who want a solid foundation to innovate from.

Download Opera 15 here

Discover more with Opera 15

With Opera 15 for computers, finding the newest content around the world no longer needs time-consuming browsing.

Opera has always provided a browser that acts as the user's partner in discovering new things. And with Opera 15, finding interesting web content is easier with Discover.

The Discover feature is a curated list of top websites in a range of languages and subjects. Choose your fields of interest and country, and let Discover do the legwork of bringing you the latest news in those categories. The list is updated constantly to verify the quality of sites and content; so that stories that come up on top of the page changes in order to show you the hottest and newest content in real time.

The Discover tab comes up right away in the welcome screen. Story category can be selected on the left – from Top Stories, to Health, Sports, Arts, and many others. Country and language category can be chosen on the right.

Let's try the Science section, with Global – English in the language category.

A news article about Acute Oak Decline from is on the top page. Here, you learn that symptoms of Acute Oak Decline can be seen when a dark fluid oozes out from tree trunks. This disease can lead to the death of trees, and is feared to be spreading widely in the Midlands and South East of England. A morning update to start the day.

An hour or two later, the top story on the same category would be from about America wanting to build a theme park on the moon. A bill has been entered in the House of Representatives of the U.S., detailing a proposal on building what they would call the "Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park" on the moon.

How do you use Discover?
Share with us what new things you have learned.
Download Opera 15 here.

Which browser is best for your Android device?

Opera offers a variety of browsers for Android. In Google Play there are currently five Opera browsers available for Android devices: Opera Browser, Opera Browser beta, Opera Mobile Classic, Opera Mini, and Opera Mini Next. Only advanced users should install Opera Browser beta and Opera Mini Next, since those are experimental versions of Opera.

For regular users, the main choice is between Opera Mini, Opera Mobile Classic and Opera Browser. Which one suits your Android device? Let's take a look at each one in turn and see what makes them different.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini uses advanced compression technology, reducing the amount of data required to load a web page. Simply put, it helps you browse faster than ever – especially on basic phones or slow or congested networks. The technology also allows you to reduce data costs by up to 90%! Examples of phones we recommend for use with Opera Mini include Nokia C3, LG, BlackBerry 8520 and Nokia 5130.

Opera Mobile Classic

Opera Mobile Classic gives you a full-featured browser on your Android device, giving you more ways to enjoy the color, style and interactive features of your favorite websites. We recommend Opera Mobile Classic for tablet users, for example Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser (current version is also known as Opera 15) has a light and sleek interface that looks great on the latest Android smartphones. It has also has lots of useful features, including Discover, Off-Road Mode, Download Manager and more! If you have an Android device version 3 (Honeycomb) and above, we recommend you check it out. Want to know more? Check out our earlier blogpost explaining everything you need to know about the browser.

Only one?

We know that some of you love Opera so much you have multiple versions installed on your phone. But unless you have a super fast and powerful device, we recommend picking just one and sticking with that. It will make the version of Opera you have the fastest and best!

Opera 15 for Android

Now that's snappy! Only a few weeks after the release of the all-new Opera 14 for Android comes its swift-footed successor, Opera 15.

Running on Chromium 28, the latest version of Opera for Android is faster and more nimble than ever before. Sprint around the web on your mobile phone without ever breaking a sweat.

New and improved

What's better in Opera 15? The list is a long one! Here are our 'editor's picks' from the changelog:

  • Improved startup-time
  • Improved tab-UI animations
  • New "open in private tab" context menu
  • Improvements and bugfixes to fullscreen web pages
  • Updated translations
  • Opening files from external SD card now possible
  • Improved wingsuit capabilities
  • Discover improvements
  • Smaller .apk file
  • Cookie clearing mechanism improved

Control your downloads

In addition to all the improvements listed above, we've also upgraded the download manager. Now you can download video files that can be played in Opera, either by pressing the download button over the video, or long-clicking for download. Also, you can now set the location where you want the files to download on your phone. The download section even has a shiny new look!

Faster and better

This version of Opera also includes lots of other tweaks and fixes. From black screens to grey thumbnails, spontaneous uninstalls to disappearing Speed Dials, we've listened to your comments and concerns and worked hard to correct the peskiest problems you were experiencing in the last release. Our goal is for you to get more out of your Android device (with less data) when you use Opera.

Download Opera 15 for Android from Google Play or from

Shop smarter with Stash

Among the many new features that Opera 15 has to offer, Stash allows you to take a screenshot of the page you are visiting. Having loads of tabs open makes it difficult to keep track of what's where. Stash however allows you to efficiently manage multiple tabs. Simply hit the heart icon to save the page in to the Stash area.

Take online shopping for example. It is not unusual to end up having tons of tabs open whenever you are making an online purchase.

By saving the products you are evaluating onto your Stash, you can easily compare price and other information about the products without any hassle. This can be a neat tool with the summer sales that are just around the corner.

Haven't booked a summer vacation yet? Stash makes it a breeze to compare airline ticket prices. There are also other ways Stash can help plan your next trip. Have you found a cool Italian restaurant located right next to your hotel? Stash it!

Try it out the next time you need to do some online shopping. It might end up saving you some money