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Featured Extension: Photo Tagger

More and more of what we do online these days involves images. Whether we're just browsing through Tumblr or Flickr, checking out creative portfolios on Dribbble or behance, or getting our daily dose of inspiration from Uncrate, The Cool Hunter or The Sartorialist, it's easy to lose track of the photos we like the most.

Enter the Photo Tagger extension in Opera. If you're using Opera on a computer, this add-on will collect the images from around the web you mark as your favorites, and add them to a gallery that appears in your Speed Dial.

From there, you can simply enjoy looking at your pictures, or share them to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, or Vkontakte.

Try it for yourself today!

Opera for Android (beta) updated

Last week we had a minor update to the new Opera browser for Android. And although it's still in beta for now, the latest fixes should make it feel smoother, more stable, and closer-to-final all the time. Here are some of the highlighted improvements:

  • Better translations!
  • Smaller initial installation file
  • Enhancements to Discover mode
  • Fast scrolling fixed
  • Right-click menu corrections

Have you tried out the latest version of Opera for Android?

Browsing Survey Results

A few weeks ago, we invited you to participate in our first-ever browsing survey. Lots of you responded at that time, and the answers keep coming in. As we sift through the data, we'd like to share a few of the patterns that are starting to emerge:

The need to know

More than 60% of you said that your primary goal in going online is to be informed, whether that's through keeping up with news and events in the world or what's happening in your field of work or study.

Being entertained came in a very distant second. Only 17% of you turn to the internet to watch videos, play games, or indulge in other forms of fun (also known as procrastination).

Work, socializing and shopping rounded up the list of activities you pursue on the web.

Time vs productivity

We didn't ask you how much time you spend online in minutes or hours, but we did ask you to decide if the amount of time you spent felt right to you. Here there was an almost even split between those who felt they spent too much online and those who felt they spent just about the right amount of time. Those who felt they didn't spend enough time were a very small minority.

Focus vs distraction

In doing this survey, one of our larger goals is to find out how the browser can help you achieve more of your goals. While many of you have said that the internet is a distraction, some of you manage to use it effectively. If you have any tips on staying focused while you're online, please share them in the comments!

Opera. Made for Android.

Today, we released a beta version of the new Opera for Android. We have a whole set of new and improved features we’re excited about. In particular, we’d like you to try out and give your feedback on the following:

Tabs. Better than ever.

From a thumbnail view of tabs to private browsing, Tabs on Android is made for the way you browse the mobile web. It’s also even easier to mark tabs as favorites, right in the address field.

Discover. Stay one step ahead.

Get news, the latest cool content and other suggestions with the Discover feature.

Off-Road Mode. All-conditions browsing.

Formerly known as Opera Turbo, Off-Road compresses web pages so you can stay online even when your connection slows down or you’re outside your regular network . Off-Road Mode also saves you money on data.

Download Manager. Made better.

With the ability to start, pause, resume and rename files, you can download and keep the movies, music and other media files you want at your convenience.

Discover Opera for Android on Google Play.