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Become a better browser

Do you use Opera on a computer? Would you like to get more out of the time you spend online? Then you can take our first-ever survey of browsing habits.

We are doing this survey to find out three things:

  • What our users want to accomplish online
  • The obstacles to achieving those goals
  • How the browser itself can help our users to be both more productive and satisfied with the time they spend on the web

The survey has two parts: in the first, you’ll identify your main objectives and issues around browsing. In the second part, you’ll get a much more detailed picture of how you are spending your time online, by keeping a browsing diary. (You can use the web timer extension to make this part easier – it will keep track of your time for you.)

All the information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the survey. That means we won’t sell it or pass it on to anyone else. We are only collecting it in an aggregated, anonymous form to help us make future versions of Opera a better tool for browsing.

We can’t do it without you! So even if you only have time to do the first part of the survey, it would be much appreciated.

Take the survey here.

And thanks for helping us make Opera a better browser!


300 million Opera users and counting

300 million Opera users

Today we reached 300 million monthly Opera users across all our browser products on phones, tablets, TVs and computers. That is a lot of people using Opera on a monthly basis, and we're excited to bring the news that you will be seeing new and cool updates from Opera this year. The first look at what we are bringing to the smartphone game will be shown at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with a preview of our upcoming browser for Android.

We would like to thank all of you for supporting and using Opera over the years, and we're excited to show you very soon what we've been working on.

Opera browser update: out of the crash loop

Yesterday we released a quick fix to the crash loop experienced in Opera 12.13. Today we have an even better solution than downgrading – the new Opera 12.14. Not a lot of features to mention, but I think everyone would be happy to notice that we no longer experience the crash loop found in 12.13.

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped test the Release Candidate yesterday. For everyone who didn’t understand all these numbers: New version of Opera is out – it’s just as fast, but infinitely more stable.

Download updated Opera browser right here – right now!

Security and stability update for Opera Desktop

Our first desktop upgrade of 2013, the appropriately named Opera 12.13 is an important security and stability update. There are some major fixes in this version. For one thing, that pesky internal communication error on Facebook is now fixed. It should also now be possible once again to start Opera offline and then go online without any hiccups.

This update is available through auto-update, but if you want it straight from our servers, download Opera 12.13 with security and stability updates!

Since 12.13 had some major issues with crashes we recommend downloading Opera 12.12 here!