Great news for all of you S60 folks: there’s a freshly updated version of Opera Mini just for you!

As always in our releases, there were lots of little improvements, but the main focus in the new Opera Mini 7.1 was improving the download manager. From saving and resuming files when a download is interrupted to having dedicated folders for the music, movies and other files you download most, it’s easier than ever before to get your favorite online content.

So go ahead and download the updated Opera Mini for Symbian for your phone now, right from here.

And let us know what you think!

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  • Ibrahimoulili

    في المرة الثانية قلت هذا شي سري المحيا ولايحق لي الاطلاع عليه. عليك ان تسمع من الجميع وان لا تعطي الثقة المفرطة في من حولك بن محيا . أناطالب خريج رقابة مالية.قابلتك مرتين المرة الاولى وعدتني بان
    أرى تقييمي ودرجاتي.وقلت هذا حقك لك بن محياء

  • Ibrahimoulili

    thank you for this information


    دانلود فیلم

  • We welcome all to launching in the end of may 2015