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Share your bookmarks with the new version of Opera for Android


I’m glad to announce that we’ve updated Opera for Android. We worked on many stabilization fixes and improvements under the hood. But, let me show you a few visible changes including a sharing bookmarks feature. Share your favorites Whether you are preparing a trip with your friends, collecting design materials for your latest project or...

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New bookmarks in the updated Opera for Android

A lot of our time is spent looking for how to improve the day just a tad more, how to make it just a tiny bit brighter. Likewise, Opera is shaping the way we use the web. Little by little, we innovate and improve, one version at a time. Organize the web your way Have...

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Opera for Android: Revamped Discover feature

Today, we have a new version of Opera for Android with a lot of improvements and fixes. It’s free and ready for you to download now. Have you been annoyed that your logins and passwords have not been properly stored? Sorry about that; but, rest assured that the problem is fixed now. To uncover the...

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Swipe your way and Discover a new beta!

Time for a new beta version of Opera for Android. It comes with a fresh engine and lots of fixes and improvements, but also a big change to the Discover feature. Once you’ve clicked an article in Discover, you can move to the next article just by swiping right. With the Discover feature, we offer a...

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Fine-tuning the Opera for Android browser

Today, Opera for Android gets an update. Among other work behind the scenes, we’ve fixed these issues: Empty tab manager thumbnails Passwords sometimes not stored Speaker phone always turned on Common crash when playing video on specific sites Issue with loading spinner after a session restore Your report and feedback from our previous release has...

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Opera for Android: Super comfy browsing

Opera for Android got an update today. We think you’ll find that this is now a better browser for your phone. Here are some reasons why:  You can do this: It works flawlessly. Video chatting is quick and easy with Opera browser’s WebRTC support. Sites like are great examples for this technology, if you...

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